The Untold Story about Luis Suarez

The Untold Story about Luis Suarez

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While the world will remember him for biting another player during an international football match, here is the untold story of the man behind the football.

Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz was born in the Uruguan city of Salto to an unstable family in January 1987. His father was a porter by trade and the money was never enough to support the family.

According to Suarez:

“My parents did everything they could but they couldn’t buy us the things that we wanted, only what they could provide. But I was forever grateful for what they provided.”

A young Luis Suarez

Image: A young Luis Suarez


No Finishing School for Suarez

Suarez grew up in tough times and swept the streets of Montevideo during his childhood. It was in these streets that he found Football and it is all Suarez ever had and lived for ever since.

The first time he ever played in a proper football field was when his mother took him to the Urreta Futbol Club for try outs. He was kept as a substitute and scored three goals in a row when brought on.

Luis Suarez with his childhood football buddies

Image: Luis Suarez with his childhood football buddies (circa 1994)

At the time when he was taking first few steps towards a career at the Club Nacional de Football, Suarez’s family had broken apart and he had no energy left for studies with football practice draining him.


Luis Suarez’s First Love

He does not play for the money or the fame. He only plays for the game and for the goals. Football is one of his most carnal passions and nothing can change that. Threaten him or his game, and he will snap.

Luis Suarez’s goals in the Group D match on 19 June led Uruguay to knock England out of the race. Suarez broke down in tears on the field during an interview after the match when he realized that he had achieved a life-long dream. He is not proud, and he has worked very hard to get where he is.

Luis Suarez is not the Lance Armstrong of Football

He is not the most charming man in the world and he doesn’t have the best teeth if you compare him to the likes of other more marketable footballers. But that is because he is just like you and me.
People are busy exaggerating the living daylights out of the incident, pointing out that the bite can possibly kill Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, or that the incident is a human rights violation.

Luis Suarez is not the Lance Armstrong of Football. He did not dope, he did not break any in-game rules, and of course he denied everything at first and then apologized. Have you seen the state of law and order lately? A fan caught on camera sleeping during a Yankees game in the US just sued for defamation.

I ask you: When and where are we going to draw the line?!

Conclusion: Suarez is the Victim

Sportsman spirit seems to have boiled down to zero. A Red Card and a one month ban would have sufficed. But the four month ban and the media grilling is just pure barbarism.

Not even Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini is pressing charges and the fact of the matter is that the Suarez incident is being manipulated by marketers to generate hype and drum up business.

Football is a game that involves grown men locked in a field for 90 minutes kicking with all their might. Footballers kick and injure each other all the time. All Suarez did was to commit an act he couldn’t cover up by rolling on the floor and crying for mommy.

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  1. ross says:

    I am a rugby player and respect all forms of football but I have to make a point. In rugby if you commit a foul that would be a criminal offense then we call the police. If you do something that would get you charged off the pitch then you will be punished accordingly. Biting is an assault and Suarez belongs in a prison cell, not on a pitch. Four month ban? He belongs in a cell with some large heavy man named ”Bubba”. I have to believe that you are an over enthusiastic fan but tell me, if Suarez had bitten your son/brother/friend in a match would you not expect justice to be done? Sportsmen are not above the law.

    • VPNRanks says:

      You are right! No one is above the law.

      Thank you for your Valuable feedback.

      Best Regards,

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