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The leading-edge social networking platform requires no formal introduction and stands next to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Instagram was initially launched in 2010, and soon became popular among masses due to ground-breaking photo editing and sharing features. The social networking site has reached about 600 million active users and is continuously expanding. The mainstream media sharing platform is however banned in various nations including the China and North Korea, thus, requires a VPN to be unblocked.

In this guide, we will provide solution to your queries regarding how to unblock on Instagram, how to unblock Instagram with VPN that works in school or how to unblock my Instagram account. Also, we will show you how to access Instagram from anywhere within few seconds.

How To Unblock On Instagram – How To Unblock My Instagram Account?

A lot of subscribers have inquired on different forums that how to unblock on Instagram? Generally, Instagram blocks users who promote spamming. If you’ve been banned due to spamming through software or manually, then you should wait for few days till the site lifts off ban. Also, some users have reported about getting unblocked after logging into their account from another device.

In case, you have been blocked by another user, then sadly there’s no way to get unblocked unless that person changes his/her mind. But, if the social network blocks your account, then following method will help you to get yourself unblocked.

Where Is The Block List On Instagram?

Checking list of users who you have blocked is quite tricky. We have created this simple three-step guide to help users in finding block list on Instagram. Here’s how to locate your block list:

Log into your account

Access settings of your account by clicking on gear icon on top-right corner of the screen

Finally, scroll down until you see an option of “Blocked Users”, click on it and you will see block list

How To Unblock Instagram At School and Work

Instagram is one of the mainstream media sharing and social media site. However, like various social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, Instagram faces a ban in schools, colleges, universities and libraries. This is due to distracting nature of site. But, students find it against cyber freedom laws when they are unable to access social network. To bypass the blockage and unblock social site, VPN offers one-touch access to Instagram from within schools, libraries, and different institutions.

Interestingly, ban on Instagram isn’t limited to educational institutions only and thus netizens face blockage on social media site in workplaces, coffee shops, offices and airports as well. When counting the reason behind blockage, employers claim social site as a distraction tool causing lack of productivity among employees. But, in reality, it’s frustrating to find social media site under restrictions when you are on a break at the workplace. To evade from restrictions on site, a VPN or proxy service specified here will allow you to access social network app in offices, workplaces and almost anywhere in the world.

How to Unblock Instagram in China

People’s Republic of China uses most aggressive censorship techniques to block tons of sites and services. Due to a blockade, users are unable to access favorite entertainment and social media sites from within China and are eventually left in mere distress. To access the blocked sites, Chinese and North Korean users have fortunately found VPN as the safest and quickest tool.

Following VPN services offers top-grade privacy, countless servers spread in various countries, robust encryption protocols and super economic package plans. Thus, we recommend users to use one of the following VPN services, access Instagram safely and enjoy sharing happiest moments with friends and family:

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Unblock Instagram Proxy – A Simple Approach

Apart from VPN services, there’re alternates methods available to access social media site. Unblock Instagram proxy service allows you to access the social network instantly without requiring any formal installations. But, not to forget that proxy services offer no encryption or security when compared to VPN services. This means, your ISP may see your online activities and browsing history. If you still want to access social site through proxy service, then here’s an exclusive proxy service by VPNRanks that will give you access to social site from anywhere in the world:

How to Unblock Someone On Instagram If You Forgot Their Username

If you want to get a user unblocked on Instagram whose username you don’t remember, then you need to search that user and then follow these steps:

iPhone & iPad Users:

  • Search for a blocked user and visit his/her profile
  • Click on the icon with an arrow leaving a box
  • You will be presented with an option to unblock user.
  • Click on unblock user and you’re done

Android Users:

  • Search a user who you have blocked, and visit his/her profile
  • Click on the
  • Tap on an icon with three dots
  • If that is blocked then you will see an option to unblock
  • Finally, unblock that specific person


What Happens When You Unblock Someone On Instagram?

If you’ve blocked any person on Instagram and wondering about what will happen if you unblock him/her, then that person will be able to see all your posts including pictures. Also, that person will be able to follow/unfollow you. In addition, the person will be able to comment on your posts. Interestingly, that person will be able to send you direct messages too. We hope this information will help you.


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Final Words

We hereby end this guide here and hope that the provided information will help you into unblocking Instagram from school, libraries, airports and almost any place in the world. If you still have any query, feel free to comment below.