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How to Delete Your Instagram Account on Android

When you delete your account, your profile, photographs, accountings, comments, likes and followers will be lost forever, you can also temporarily deactivate your account instead of deleting it all together.

After you delete your account, you can’t join again with the same username or add that username to another account, and you can’t reactivate deleted accounts.


Follow the Steps Below to Permanently Delete your Instagram Account

  1. Go to the Delete Your Account page. In case you’re not signed into Instagram on the web, you’ll be requested to sign in first. You can’t delete your account from inside the Instagram application.
    delete account image
  2. Select a reason starting from the drop down menu near to ‘Why are you deleting your account?’ also, re-enter your password. The choice to permanently delete your account will just show up after you’ve chosen a reason from the menu.
    permanently delete instagram profile
  3. Click or tap on permanently delete my account.

If you’d like to delete an alternative account, tap the username in the upper right of the Delete Your Account page, tap/tap on alongside username and select Log Out. Log back in as the account you need to delete and follow the steps above.


How to Delete an Instagram Account on iPhone Permanently

Stage 1: Go to “Instagram” on your iPhone and tap on the Profile symbol at the bottom of the screen.

Stage 2: Click the Settings symbol on the Profile page and after that scroll down to choose “Help Center”.

Stage 3: Tap on “Basics” and afterward click on “getting started”.

Stage 4: Select “Delete Your Account” among the choices.

Stage 5: Choose “How do I erase my account?” and tap the hyperlinked “go to this page”.

Stage 6: Enter your Instagram account data and select the purpose behind which you need to erase your Instagram account.

Stage 7: Type in your Instagram password again and click Permanently deactivate my account” and tap on “OK” to affirm. At this point your Instagram account will be deleted from your iPhone.


Still, if you’re using Instagram on your iPhone, I would suggest getting the top VPN for iOS to make yourself safe and anonymous while browsing.

How to Disable an Instagram Account Temporarily?

Stage 1: Go to

Stage 2: Enter your Instagram account data to sign in.

Stage 3: Tap on your username and pick “Edit Profile”.

Stage 4: Click “Temporarily disable my account” and select the reason.

Stage 5: Type in your Instagram password once more, pick “Temporarily Disable Account” and afterward click “ok” to affirm.



Downloading a Copy of Your Data on Instagram

In the event that you need a duplicate of all that you’ve shared on Instagram, you can ask for a download of your information in a machine coherent (JSON) format. You’ll require your Instagram account password to ask for this data. From Instagram on the Web:

  1. Go to your profile and snap
  2. Click Privacy and Security
  3. Scroll down to Data Download and snap Request Download
  4. Enter the email deliver where you’d like to get a connection to your information and enter your Instagram account secret word
  5. You’ll before long get an email titled Your Instagram Data with a connection to your information. Snap Download Data and adhere to the guidelines to wrap up your data.


From iOS or Android:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll down and tap Data Download
  4. Tap Request Download
  5. Enter the email address where you’d like to get a connection to your data and click Request Download
  6. Enter your Instagram account password
  7. You’ll receive an email titled Your Instagram Data with a link to your data.
  8. Click on Download Data and follow to the directions to wrap up your data.


How to Delete Instagram Account from Computer/PC

The method to delete an Instagram account is nearly same as we erase the account on iPhone.

Step #1. Open your browser and go to → Click on “Managing Your Account” option given on the left.

help page

Step #2. Again on the left menu, tap on “delete Your Account.”

How to Delete Instagram Account


How to Unlink Instagram from Facebook

Open up Instagram on iOS or Android, and click the settings symbol in the upper right of your profile. From that point, look down to Settings, and tap Linked Accounts.

How to Unlink Instagram from Facebook

There, you should see that Facebook is featured blue with a checkmark by it. Now tap the “Unlink Facebook” option.

Keeping the two records un-connected is a smart thought for security reasons. In the event that somebody at any point hacked your Instagram, for instance, any hacked postings would just live on Instagram (rather than being shared crosswise over the web).

Unlink Facebook


How to Link Instagram with Facebook?

Later on, if you choose to post your Instagram’s on Facebook, you can without much of a hassle link the two together again. Simply go to Linked Accounts in your application’s settings once more, and tap Facebook. The application will recollect your Facebook accreditation, and the two will be linked again immediately.


5 Ways to Keep your Instagram Profile Safe

There’s always a possibility of your Instagram Profile being hacked. Get to know these 5 steps to keep your Instagram Profile safe:

1. Try not to add your telephone number to your profile

While revealing this sort of data, toning it down would be best. As per Instagram’s Privacy Policy, despite the fact that your telephone number is set apart as private, it’s used by it’s used by the service to help you be “found” on the network

2. Keep Location off

It is very similar to posting on Facebook home will be empty for quite a long time while you’re in the midst of some fun, go easy on geo labeling your Instagram posts.

3. Mind those linked accounts

Ensure your security settings on your connected account coordinate according to you privacy need – do you need all your Instagram photographs posting as open on your generally companions just Facebook account?

4. Think about going Private, however nothing really is

You have the choice of setting your Instagram profile to Private – which implies your photographs and profile data are just accessible to individuals you exclusively give authorization.

5. Mind those dodgy links

Just in the event that it should be stated, any Instagram profile promising you loads of followers with a simple click in their profile… don’t.


Is Instagram Safe For Kids?

The sort of content your child can run over by means of a simple search on Instagram could expose your child to drug use, violence, pornography, extremely vicious pornography, weapon deals, sub-scultures that incorporate expo style beauty and ugly competitions, anorexic and self damage societies, sexual role playing, practically anything truly.

Children additionally share #hashtags for Instagram, and despite the fact that some steps have been taken down by Instagram on terms like #sex or #Boobs are prohibited by the site, however it is impossible to keep a check on the search terms.


Deleting Accounts on Other Social Platforms


Wrapping up!

There you have it, folks. If you have settled on the decision to venture out of the Instagram world, these are the means you have to pursue to delete your account.

A lot of personal stuff can get out to the public, including your co-workers and boss-(you don’t want them to see how wild you were at the Christmas party)

If you have any further queries, feel free to comment in the section below and we will be glad to respond.