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AirVPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

AirVPN is not all that popular. However, on paper, It offers decent security features along with decent unblocking capabilities. We sort of like it, but what about most users? To find out, we checked out multiple Reddit threads to source out real Reddit comments about AirVPN. In this blog, we’ll see if AirVPN is really is the best Reddit VPN or not.

  • Two copyright notices all of a sudden

    Hey everyone, ​ Been torrenting for years, only gotten a notice once before. All of a sudden I get two, not even a week apart. Any guess on why and advice how on to avoid it? ​ I'm using qBit 4.4.1 and AirVPN (Eddie Client), with Windows 10. Torrents in question were a single episode of South Park and a show called 1883. ​ I haven't really been using the network lock on the VPN client, but short of updating the qbit I can't think of anything else to do. submitted by /u/Borbali to... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 day ago

  • Airvpn Review

    Hey! I need to use a fast vpn. Does anyone know if service AirVPN is reliable? Has anyone tried it? I would be grateful for all the reviews. submitted by /u/NeongogninscU to r/VPN_help ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • AirVPN on sale - Memorial Day

    AirVPN is currently on sale for 1, 2, or 3 years subs. They always do sales over various holidays. 2.20 euro per month on the 3 year sub. Excellent option if one wants to commit to more than month to month for a VPN. submitted by /u/AgsAreUs to r/VPNTorrents ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • The air to breathe the real Internet

    Unofficial subreddit for AirVPN, a privacy-centered VPN provider ~ Source: Reddit / 7 years ago

Final Words

So there you have it, these were the Reddit comments sourced by our team about AirVPN in 2022. We hope you can now make a decision about getting or ignoring AirVPN. If you don’t want to go for paid VPNs, you can check out some really good free VPNs suggested by Redditors.

You can learn more about this VPN service in our AirVPN review.

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