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Amp up football fans as one the most intense match of your lives is just around the corner. The quarter-final between Brazil vs Belgium is happening this week on Friday, 6th of July.

This could be the only opportunity for Belgium to get their hands on the World cup this year. Can the underdogs finally beat the Brazilian giants?  It’s a burning question that every die hard football fan is asking themselves.

I can’t wait for it and you can’t either. Keep your football games fresh and watch the match live online from anywhere by using the official broadcasters or alternate streaming services.


The Build-Up

As the teams progress into the quarterfinals, the matches are becoming more and more intense. Fans have cheered and sobbed for their teams over the last couple of weeks. We are now entering the quarterfinals and only the best among the rest have made it so far.

Brazil is 5 time World cup winners and will be going head to head with the Belgians this Friday. Belgian team has proved that they cannot be taken lightly, as seen in their recent victory against Japan. Now the only thing left for us to see is, will they be able to defeat the Brazilians and make their mark.

How to Watch Brazil vs Belgium World Cup Knockout Match Live Online

Football has one of the largest fan following than any other sports. Therefore, watching shouldn’t be a problem as most mainstream media outlets are covering it live. Although soccer is not that popular in America, you can still catch all the action of the World cup on Fubo TV or Fox Sports.

If you’re not in America and still want to catch the live action, you can simply use a VPN service. This allows you to spoof your original location and makes it appear as if you are living in an American city.

If you’re in the UK, you can watch the World Cup on two of the major broadcasters in the country. BBC iPlayer and iTV will be streaming Brazil vs Belgium match live online so you don’t have to worry about anything. As always if you’re living in a restricted region, simply use a VPN and never miss a thing.

Just a disclaimer, not all VPN services provide good speeds. Therefore, your transmission is going to lag and stutter. To address this issue we have arranged our top picks of VPN providers in the table below. These providers offer great service and are pocket-friendly.

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When & Where is the Match Happening?

The quarterfinals between Brazil and Belgium is happening on Friday, July 6 in the Russian city of Kazan. The match is going to start at 19:00 Moscow standard time in the Kazan Arena.


Rivalry & History of Brazil vs. Belgium

Brazilians and Belgians have come face to face numerous times in international matches. The Brazilians have an edge over Belgians by leading the score of 3-1. The only time Brazil lost to Belgium was back in 1963.

The first time Brazil and Belgium went head to head was in 1963. The match was an international friendly game in which miraculously Belgium defeated Brazil with a score of 5-1. They played again in 2002 and this time Brazil turned out victorious with a score of 2-0. We can now only speculate as to who will win the World cup this time around.


Brazil vs Belgium Winning Probability

I think we all know who has a clear advantage over the other. Brazil is a five-time World cup winner and overall a stronger team. However, Belgian fans must stay optimistic as they have been performing outstandingly well in the qualifying matches.

And who can forget Belgium’s recent victory against Japan, where Nacer Chadli scored the 3rd goal for the team late in the dying seconds of the match. This led the team to win the match with a score of 3-2. The overall probability of Belgians winning against Brazilians is probably low according to the WIN percentage, but don’t rule them out just yet.



We have now reached the quarterfinals of the football World cup and the hype around it couldn’t be any less. The stakes are high as any of the two teams turns out a winner, will ultimately knock out the other team form the world cup.

There’s no denying that this match is going to be very exciting and I for one don’t want to miss even a minute of Brazil vs Belgium match. If you’re like me then you can catch all the action by following our guide as mentioned in this blog. For any reason, failing to watch the match live in your area, use a VPN. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Who do you think is going to win? Will it be the goliath Brazil or the underdog Belgium? Let us know in the comments section below.

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