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The Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA basketball game is set for February 25th, 2024, at the Breslin Center in Michigan, promising an intense matchup between two prestigious programs. Fans can catch all the live action on CBS, ensuring a thrilling experience for college basketball enthusiasts. To bypass geo-restrictions and watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS, my recommendation (and have tested) is ExpressVPN. This VPN boasts an extensive network of US servers, enabling me to select a secure regional IP address whenever I connect, effectively bypassing geo-restrictions.

Accessing the Ohio State vs Michigan State live stream on CBS requires a VPN for uninterrupted viewing. Not only does it circumvent geo-blocks, but it also guarantees a safe streaming experience. I highly recommend ExpressVPN, which offers a seamless solution to watch CBS outside USA.

For those interested in watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball outside USA on CBS, it’s essential to connect via the ExpressVPN US server, preferably in New York. This ensures a smooth, buffer-free viewing experience, allowing you to enjoy all the live action without lagging issues.

Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA on CBS [Quick Steps]

Here are the quick steps to watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS:

  1. Choose a tested and trusted VPN (I vouch for ExpressVPN).
  2. Set up the VPN for your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the USA.
  4. Access CBS.
  5. Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS.

Where to Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA?

CBS is the go-to platform to watch the Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA basketball match outside USA. For ex-pats and fans beyond the United States, I suggest using ExpressVPN for seamless and secure streaming of CBS.

If you’re considering exploring CBS’s content, you can start with a CBS free trial, which gives you a taste of their extensive library without any upfront cost.

After the trial, you can choose a CBS subscription plan that suits your needs, with CBS cost varying based on your selected package.

Remember, if you find that the service doesn’t meet your expectations or if it’s no longer needed, you can easily cancel the subscription at any time through your account settings.

Yes, to all those asking, does CBS All Access Work With ExpressVPN?

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA on CBS?

To watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS, a VPN is needed due to geo-restrictions imposed by the network, limiting access to its content strictly within the United States.

Accessing games like Ohio State vs Michigan State on CBS can be challenging due to geo-restrictions, particularly for those outside USA. This is where the best VPN for CBS VPN becomes indispensable, overcoming digital barriers and delivering global sports content to your device.

ExpressVPN, renowned for its robust server network and consistent performance, emerges as the ideal solution for accessing CBS from anywhere outside USA. By masking your true location, it provides you with a US IP address, which is crucial for seamless streaming on CBS.

While ExpressVPN offers reliable service, individuals seeking a cost-free alternative may consider exploring a free VPN for CBS. However, it’s important to note that free VPNs may come with limitations in terms of speed and available servers.

What is NCAA Men’s Basketball?

NCAA Men’s Basketball refers to the college basketball competition governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States.

It encompasses Division I, II, and III levels, with Division I being the most prominent, featuring schools from across the country competing in a series of conferences.

What is the Format of NCAA Men’s Basketball?

The NCAA Men’s Basketball format includes a regular season, conference tournaments, and the national “March Madness” tournament.

  1. Regular Season: Teams play within and outside their conferences from November to early March, aiming for a strong record to qualify for the postseason.
  2. Conference Tournaments: Post-regular season, single-elimination tournaments where winners usually get automatic NCAA Tournament bids.
  3. NCAA Tournament: A 68-team, single-elimination tournament starting with the First Four, leading to a 64-team bracket divided into four regions, culminating in the Final Four and the national championship game. Teams are selected based on regular season and conference tournament performances, with seeding from 1 to 16 in each region.

When is Ohio State vs Michigan State?

The Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA Basketball game is scheduled for February 25, 2024, and will be broadcast on CBS.

What is Ohio State vs Michigan State Start Time?

The Ohio State vs Michigan start time is scheduled for 25th February 2024 at 16:00:00 (UTC-5), on February 25th, 2024.

What is the Ohio State vs Michigan State Venue?

The venue for the Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA Basketball game on February 25, 2024, is at Breslin Center in East Lansing, Michigan.

Ohio State vs Michigan State Squad Lineup

The following players include the Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA Basketball squads:

Ohio State Basketball Squad

Player Name Number Position
Scotty Middleton 0 G
Roddy Gayle Jr. 1 G
Bruce Thornton 2 G
Taison Chatman 3 G
Dale Bonner 4 G
Jamison Battle 10 F
Evan Mahaffey 12 G
Bowen Hardman 15 G
Devin Royal 21 F
Zed Key 23 F
Kalen Etzler 24 F
Austin Parks 25 C
Felix Okpara 34 C
Colby Baumann 42 G

Michigan State Basketball Squad

Player Name Number Position
Jaxon Kohler 0 F
Jeremy Fears Jr. 1 G
Tyson Walker 2 G
Jaden Akins 3 G
Tre Holloman 5 G
Gehrig Normand 7 G
A.J. Hoggard 11 G
Steven Izzo 13 G
Davis Smith 14 G
Carson Cooper 15 C
Nick Sanders 20 G
Mady Sissoko 22 C
Malik Hall 25 F
Xavier Booker 34 F
Coen Carr 55 F

Where to Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Live Streaming? 

Tune in to CBS to watch the Ohio State vs Michigan State basketball live streaming. If you want to access CBS from outside USA, my top trusted tool for secure and lag-free access is ExpressVPN.

Ohio State vs Michigan State Head-to-Head Stats

Following is the overview of the Ohio State vs Michigan State head-to-head stats:

Statistic Michigan State Ohio State
Total Games Since 2017 12 12
Wins 8 4
Win Percentage 66.7% 33.3%
Points Per Game 71.0 67.6

What is the Ticket Price of Ohio State vs Michigan State?

The tickets range from $40 to $600 for the Ohio State vs Michigan State NCAA basketball game on February 25th, 2024, at Breslin Center.

What are the Predictions of Ohio State vs Michigan State?

Michigan State has a slight edge in terms of wins and win percentage. They have won 8 of their last 12 games, while Ohio State has only won 4. This suggests that Michigan State may be the more experienced and successful team.

Michigan State also has a higher-scoring offense. They average 71.0 points per game, compared to Ohio State’s 67.6 points. This could give Michigan State an advantage in putting up points and maintaining a lead.

However, Ohio State’s point differential is slightly smaller. This means that their scoring is closer to the average, which could indicate a more consistent offensive performance.

What is the Prize Money for NCAA Men’s Basketball Winner?

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament does not award prize money to winning teams directly.

Instead, the NCAA distributes funds through the Basketball Performance Fund to conferences based on tournament performance, which can then support the member institutions.

Who is the Best Team Among Ohio State vs Michigan State? 

Historically, both programs have been highly competitive within the Big Ten Conference and nationally, each having periods of dominance.

Michigan State has a storied basketball program under the leadership of Hall of Fame coach Tom Izzo, with multiple Final Four appearances and a national championship in 2000. The Spartans are known for their consistency in the NCAA Tournament and strong conference play.

Ohio State has also had significant success, with multiple Final Four appearances and a national championship in 1960. The Buckeyes have been competitive both in the Big Ten and on the national stage, producing numerous NBA talents.

What is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Schedule?

Date Match Date Match
January 20, 2024 San Diego State vs Boise State February 25, 2024 Creighton vs St Johns
January 21, 2024 Michigan State vs Maryland February 25, 2024 Purdue vs Michigan
February 2, 2024 Delaware vs William and Mary February 26, 2024 UNC vs Campbell
February 3, 2024 Navy vs Colgate February 27, 2024 Miami FL vs UNC
February 10, 2024 Illinois vs Michigan State February 27, 2024 Baylor vs TCU
February 10, 2024 Gonzaga vs Kentucky February 28, 2024 Davidson vs Dayton
February 12, 2024 Lehigh vs Bucknell February 28, 2024 Kentucky vs MS State
February 12, 2024 Elon vs Towson February 28, 2024 Cincinnati vs Houston
February 13, 2024 St. John’s vs Providence February 28, 2024 BYU vs Kansas
February 13, 2024 Colo St. vs San Diego St. February 28, 2024 Texas vs Texas Tech
February 13, 2024 New Mexico vs Nevada February 28, 2024 Nevada vs CO State
February 14, 2024 Xavier vs Seton Hall February 28, 2024 San Jose St vs San Diego St
February 14, 2024 UConn vs DePaul February 29, 2024 Missouri vs Florida
February 14, 2024 UNLV vs Fresno St. February 29, 2024 Auburn vs Tennessee
February 15, 2024 UTEP vs Kentucky February 29, 2024 Louisville vs Duke
February 15, 2024 Gonzaga vs LMU February 29, 2024 Providence vs Marquette
February 15, 2024 Pepperdine vs St Mary’s February 29, 2024 Oklahoma vs Iowa State
February 16, 2024 Villanova vs Georgetown February 29, 2024 South Carolina vs Texas A&M
February 17, 2024 Texas vs Houston February 29, 2024 Alabama vs Ole Miss
February 17, 2024 Fordham vs Dayton February 29, 2024 Minnesota vs Illinois
February 17, 2024 Davidson vs St. Bona. February 29, 2024 Seton Hall vs Creighton
February 17, 2024 Utah St. vs Colo. St. February 29, 2024 Arizona vs Arizona State
February 17, 2024 Fresno St. vs Boise St. March 1, 2024 USC vs WA State
February 18, 2024 Purdue vs Ohio State March 1, 2024 St Mary’s CA vs Pepperdine
February 18, 2024 Loyola Chi. Vs Rhode Island March 2, 2024 Dayton vs Loyola IL
February 18, 2024 Chattanooga vs Furman March 2, 2024 Kansas vs Baylor
February 19, 2024 Colgate vs Lafayette March 2, 2024 Illinois vs Wisconsin
February 19, 2024 William & Mary vs Charleston March 2, 2024 Arkansas vs Kentucky
February 20, 2024 VCU vs Massachusetts March 3, 2024 Oregon vs Arizona
February 20, 2024 San Diego St vs Utah St. March 3, 2024 Marquette vs Creighton
February 20, 2024 Wyoming vs Nevada March 3, 2024 Florida vs South Carolina
February 21, 2024 W. Carolina vs UNCG March 3, 2024 NC State vs UNC
February 21, 2024 Providence vs Xavier March 3, 2024 Iowa State vs UCF
February 21, 2024 Colo. St. vs New Mexico March 3, 2024 Wyoming vs CO State
February 22, 2024 Drexel vs Hofstra March 3, 2024 Virginia vs Duke
February 22, 2024 Sam Houston vs N. Mex. St. March 3, 2024 Texas Tech vs West Virginia
February 22, 2024 LMU vs Santa Clara March 3, 2024 UCLA vs WA State
February 23, 2024 Kent. St. vs Akron March 3, 2024 Houston vs Oklahoma
February 24, 2024 Charleston vs Towson March 3, 2024 MI State vs Purdue
February 24, 2024 Houston vs Baylor March 3, 2024 Tennessee vs Oklahoma
February 24, 2024 Washington vs Arizona March 3, 2024 TCU vs BYU
February 24, 2024 North Dakota vs N. Dak. St. March 3, 2024 Gonzaga vs St. Mary’s
February 24, 2024 Air Force vs New Mexico March 3, 2024 Seton Hall vs UConn
February 24, 2024 Alabama vs Kentucky March 5, 2024 Duke vs NC State
February 24, 2024 Georgetown vs DePaul March 5, 2024 Texas vs Baylor
February 24, 2024 Colo St. vs UNLV
February 25, 2024 Ohio State vs Michigan State

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA on CBS?

From my experience, ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for CBS to watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS due to its fast, reliable connections and extensive server network.

It effortlessly bypasses geo-restrictions, ensuring a smooth streaming experience without buffering, making it my top choice for accessing geo-blocked content.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA on CBS

As an avid fan of NCAA basketball, finding a reliable VPN to watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS was crucial for me.

That’s where ExpressVPN truly shines. Its high-speed servers provide a seamless streaming experience, crucial for live sports. The inclusion of Threat Manager is a game-changer, ensuring that my online activities remain safe from trackers and malicious sites.


Watch Ohio State vs Michigan State Outside USA on CBS with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server:New York

Moreover, ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature is outstanding, allowing me to watch games on devices that don’t natively support VPNs.

With its robust encryption and user-friendly interface, ExpressVPN has become my go-to for bypassing geo-restrictions and keeping my online presence secure while I enjoy my favorite basketball games.

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Ohio State vs Michigan State

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CBS Sports’ sports prediction games and contests may have restrictions for international participation.

In the Michigan–Ohio State men’s basketball rivalry, Ohio State leads the all-time series with 107 wins to Michigan’s 83.

Yes, this rivalry is part of the broader competition between the University of Michigan and Ohio State University that spans various sports and achievements.

CBS Sports could potentially explore international collaboration opportunities with local sports networks outside USA to create unique programming, leveraging global sports interests and expanding their audience reach.

Wrapping Up

From personal experience, ExpressVPN is a standout choice to watch Ohio State vs Michigan State outside USA on CBS.

Its fast speeds and reliable connections, combined with features like Threat Manager and MediaStreamer, make it my top recommendation for bypassing geo-restrictions effortlessly.

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