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The brand new season 2 of This Is Us kick-started on September 26, 2017. So fans get ready to grab more entertaining stuff this time around. Created by Don Fogelman, the series will be starring Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley. The new season story will mostly revolve around the puzzle of Jack’s death. To ensure that you don’t miss a single moment of the show, continue reading our guide, as we help you how to watch This Is Us season 2 from anywhere hassle-free.

NBC is an official broadcaster of the show, but will not offer an online streaming opportunity to its fan residing outside the US. This is because the channel strictly follows the notion of region blocking. Hence, you will need to use the best VPN service to circumvent the issue of geo-restrictions. Here are the steps to follow to unblock This is US outside the US.

  1. Sign-up to a VPN Service
  2. Download App on your device of use
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Visit NBC website and Enjoy the shows anywhere in the world

How Can I Watch This Is Us Season 2 in the UK

Fans living in the UK can access to the live streaming of the show through Amazon Prime Video. If you are a diehard fan of NBC and want to enjoy the coverage of the channel in the UK, you will have to use a VPN.

After connecting to the US server, you will be able to stream your favorite TV show straight away. However, if you prefer to watch the series on Amazon Prime Video, you will need to get a subscription first. You can avail the package after paying just $2.99 per month for the first six months. However, it might not be available in some regions. To fix that, A VPN can be used. Here are the lists of some best VPN for Amazon Prime.

How To Watch This Is US Season 2 in the UK

How Can I Access to the Streaming of This Is Us Season 2 on Kodi?

Fortunately, you can still access to your favorite TV show without any subscription. All you have to do is to download Kodi on your device. Kodi is an award-winning multi-media server that allows the users to watch their favorite video content from anywhere.

However, not all the things are rosy for Kodi. The platform uses third-party add-ons to provide streaming of TV shows and movies. These third-party add-ons follow the concept of BitTorrent protocol. Thus, you should always use a Kodi VPN before watching any show or movie on Kodi. This is how you can avoid the issue of copyright infringement in the form of copyright trolls.

how to watch This Is US Season 2 on Kodi

How Can I Watch This Is Us Season 2 on Popcorn Time?

Like Kodi, Popcorn Time is another multi-media platform that offers you an opportunity to enjoy your preferred video content. Through Popcorn time, you can enjoy watching TV shows and movies that belong to different genres instantly. Still, you should always connect to a Popcorn Time VPN to safeguard yourself from legal troubles.

The official website clearly indicates that the torrents fans should use the service at their own risk. This is because the service uses torrents to stream movies and TV shows. Hence, you must use a VPN at the time of watching video content on Popcorn Time to secure yourself.

how to Watch This Is US Season 2 on Popcorn Time

How Can I Stream This Is Us Season 2 on Netflix?

Netflix is one of the best streaming services you will ever find in town. Like Amazon Prime and Hulu, you need to pay if you want to avail the service. After subscribing to the service, you will have an opportunity to explore popular movies and TV shows of your choice. Unfortunately, Netflix fans will have to wait a little longer to watch This Is US Season 2.

Still, the Netflix fans can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of their favorite TV show This Is US Season 1 instantly. If you want to watch all the episodes of season 1, you should use a Netflix VPN to overcome the region blocking issue. This is how you can enjoy all the action of This Is US Season1 even if you live outside the US.

how to Stream This Is US Season 2 on Netflix

Is It Possible to enjoy This Is US Season 2 Streaming on Hulu?

Hulu is another amazing streaming option besides Netflix and Amazon Prime. With its 30 days trial feature, you can find out all the features of the service in detail. The service has an exclusive right to broadcast the show This Is US Season 2 within the US. However, you need to pay $7.99 every month after completing the trial period.

The fans residing in countries other than the US must use a Hulu VPN. The users will have to tackle the problem of region blocking if they try to access the service outside the US. This is because Hulu strictly follows the notion of geo-restrictions.

how to watch This Is US Season 2 Streaming on Hulu

Wrapping Up

We hope that you would have liked our detailed guide on How to Watch This Is US Season 2 Outside the US. If you have watched the first season of the show, you would realize the significance of the second season.

After exploring our guide, you can try streaming services like Hulu and Kodi to enjoy all the episodes through a VPN. Do not forget to provide your feedback about the show in the comments section below.