How To Watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV [The Complete streaming Guide]

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Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of crime and watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV using ExpressVPN. Running from July 15, 2018, to August 19, 2018, the series has garnered widespread praise. With ExpressVPN, effortlessly bypass geographical restrictions and stream ITV in USA  to catch the series.

The storyline centers on the inquiry into the homicide of Hayley Reid. Detective Chief Inspector Cassie Stuart and her team take on the cold case after the unearthing of Hayley’s remains. The bones are excavated during construction activities on the central reservation of the M1 Motorway. To know where to watch the series, its cast, and other intriguing details, give this blog a read!

How to Watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV [5 Quick Steps]

To seamlessly watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV, adhere to the following steps:

  • Begin by registering for ExpressVPN’s premium plan.
  • Then, download ExpressVPN’s app on your device like a PC or Phone.
  • Connect ExpressVPNto a UK region server, ideally Docklands.
  • Open ITV’s website.
  • Look for Unforgotten Season 3, Tap the stream and enjoy on ITV in USA

Note: While you can stream Unforgotten Season 3 from anywhere for free on ITV, for an ad-free experience and additional premium features, it is advisable to subscribe and pay the ITV subscription cost in USA to unlock premium services!

Where to Watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA?

You can watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV! However, it’s essential to note a potential obstacle: the platform has content licensing restrictions. This implies that those attempting to view the best show on ITV in USA might encounter regional limitations.

But worry not! With ExpressVPN advanced unblocking features, you can smoothly navigate past these location barriers and choose what to watch in USA on ITV during the Christmas holidays without any interruptions!

Since now you know where you can stream Unforgotten Season 3 in USA, lets move on to the release date of the anticipated season.

What is the Release Date of Unforgotten Season 3 on ITV?

The third season of Unforgotten was originally aired on ITV from July 15, 2018, to August 19, 2018. Currently, the series is available for on-demand streaming on ITV. For viewers in USA, you can use ExpressVPN to access the series seamlessly in your region.

How to Watch  Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV without Ads?

You can watch Unforgotten Season 3 seamlessly with the ITV Hub free trial, offering an uninterrupted, ad-free viewing experience. This trial not only allows you to delve into the compelling narrative without interruptions from commercials but also provides the flexibility to access Unforgotten Season 3 on ITV without having to pay for ITV in USA.

For those tuning in from in USA, the process is straightforward. Connect to a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, to effortlessly overcome geographical restrictions and unlock the full potential of ITV.

If, after the trial period, you find the service less than satisfactory, you can cancel ITV subscription in USA through its website.

What is the Plot of Unforgotten season 3?

The synopsis of Unforgotten season 3 unfolds with the discovery of human remains near a London motorway, prompting Cassie (Nicola Walker) and Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) to investigate. Heir persistent efforts lead them to Hayley Reid, a 16-year-old girl who went missing on the eve of the millennium and whose unresolved case has profoundly affected her family.

Driven by compassion, Cassie is determined to rectify the mistakes made by the original investigating team, regardless of the personal cost. The key to unlocking the mystery lies with a tight-knit group of old school friends – Doctor Tim Finch, television host James Hollis, struggling salesman Pete Carr, and artist Chris Lowe.

As these four suspects come under scrutiny, their tight bond is tested, revealing concealed secrets from their pasts that have shattered their lives. None of them present exactly as they initially appear, leaving the lingering question: Is one of them capable of murder?

You can discover more interesting details about the plot when you head to ITV in USA with the help of ExpressVPN.

What is the Cast & Crew of Unforgotten Season 3?

Let’s take a look at the Unforgotten Series 3 cast and crew members:

Actor Name Role
Nicola Walker DCI Cassie Stuart
Sanjeev Bhaskar DS Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan
Carolina Main DC Fran Lingley
Jordan Long DS Murray Boulting
Lewis Reeves DC Jake Collier
Peter Egan Martin
Alastair Mackenzie John Bentley
Elliot Morris Asif
Tom Rhys Harries Elliot Hollis
Siobhan Redmond Derran Finch
Sara Stewart Mel Hollis
Kevin McNally James Hollis
Brid Brennan Suzanna Reid
James Fleet Chris Lowe
Indra Ové Maria Carr
Emma Fielding Amy Hollis
Gerald Kyd Adrian Mullery
Aasiya Shah Gemma Khan
Anoushka Chadha Aisha Khan
Andrew Neil Mr. Salthouse
India Ria Amarteifio Kaz

To see the cast in action on ITV, you must first access ITV  in USA which is possible with ExpressVPN.

How Many Episodes Unforgotten Season 3 Have?

Unforgotten Season 3 consists of a total of 6 episodes. All the episodes are accessible for on-demand streaming on ITV for premium members, and individuals in USA can watch it by utilizing ExpressVPN.

Here is a detailed overview of the season’s episodes:

Episode Title Release Date Synopsis
1 Episode 1 15 July 2018 Workmen discover human remains during M1 carriageway repairs, leading Cassie and the team to investigate. The victim, identified as Hayley Reid, went missing in 2000. The search for her identity begins with a titanium surgical plate from a Greek Cypriot company.
2 Episode 2 22 July 2018 Cassie and Sunny deliver the news of Hayley’s strangulation to her family. Reopening the case raises concerns in the town, impacting tourism. The investigation uncovers past mistakes, and former DCI John Bentley shares guilt over dismissing Hayley as a runaway.
3 Episode 3 29 July 2018 The team discovers that Jamie and friends shared a holiday rental near Hayley’s burial site. Troubled lives emerge as the investigation reveals their troubled pasts. Hayley’s diary becomes a focus, hinting at drug use and parties.
4 Episode 4 5 August 2018 Detectives unravel the lies of the four men and face media scrutiny. Revelations about the suspects’ pasts, blackmail attempts, and a tragic incident impact the investigation. Pete’s death puts Cassie’s career at risk.
5 Episode 5 12 August 2018 Barely surviving an attack, Pete’s death jeopardizes Cassie’s career. Tim reveals information about Eliot, and the investigation delves into Hayley’s diary for potential clues about drug use and parties. The suspects face increasing pressure, leading to arrests and shocking revelations.
6 Episode 6 19 August 2018 Tim’s dark secrets unravel as evidence connects him to another unsolved case. Confessions, remorseless revelations, and the exposure of a serial rapist and murderer shock the team. Chris rebuilds his life, and Cassie contemplates taking time off. Several months later, a memorial garden visit marks the conclusion of the intense investigation.

Is There Any Trailer of Unforgotten Season 3?

Yes, there is an official trailer for Unforgotten Season 3, showcasing how the investigation points to a close group of four old-school friends whose relationships face scrutiny when they become suspects.

Take a look:

For those intrigued by the trailer and eager to watch Unforgotten Season 3 on ITV while living in USA, simply use ExpressVPN to overcome any regional limitations in your location.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Unforgotten Season 3 UK on ITV

To watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV, it is crucial to opt for a reliable ITV VPN. ExpressVPN is the best ITV VPN in USA, offering impressive download speeds at 89.42 Mbps and effective unblocking capabilities reaching 82.22 Mbps. This guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

ExpressVPN’s distinction lies in its expansive network of 3000 servers spread across 105 countries, ensuring a robust presence in the UK. This, in turn, provides users with a dependable and high-speed connection on iPhone in USA, enabling them to indulge in Unforgotten Series 3 without any disruptions.


Watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV with ExpressVPN!

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In an effort to amplify its capabilities, ExpressVPN introduces the MediaStreamer DNS feature. This innovative addition empowers users to access Unforgotten Series 3 on devices that do not inherently support VPN connections.

This feature ensures uninterrupted streaming across a diverse array of platforms, such as Roku, PS4, Android, iOS, and Smart TVs, guaranteeing a flawlessly smooth viewing experience in USA.

ExpressVPN offers the convenience for subscribers to connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for families to enjoy Unforgotten Series 3 together.

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Furthermore, continuous customer support is available 24/7, ready to assist users with any potential challenges they may encounter while trying to access ITV on iPad in USA.

Unforgotten Season 3

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You can watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA for free by streaming it on ITV, which provides complimentary access to its content. However, for viewers in the USA, acquiring a subscription to ExpressVPN is essential to bypass the geo-restriction.

At the conclusion of the third series, Cassie took sick leave. Approaching the receipt of her police pension in a few months, she is now seeking medical retirement, expressing a sense of incapacity to handle a return to work.

Yes, Unforgotten Season 3 is available in USA on ITV. However, since the service is geographically restricted and not available in the USA, you will have to access Unforgotten season 3 with a VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Wrapping Up

ExpressVPN stands out as the premium choice for those looking to watch Unforgotten Season 3 in USA on ITV. With its ability to bypass geographical restrictions and offer fast connections, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless viewing experience .

Renowned for its robust security features, extensive compatibility with various devices, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, ExpressVPN is peerless in providing an elevated premium content experience on ITV in USA

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