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Can I watch HBO Max on Chromecast? Yes, it is compatible with various third-party devices, including Chromecast which allows you to upgrade your streaming experience.

HBO Max has been the go-to destination for watching ancillary content, including movies, TV series, and anime. It has an enormous archive of many box office smashes like The Last of Us, Velma, and Succession Season 4. Besides, Max is the new name for the combined forces of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, offering an expanded catalog of shows, movies, and documentaries.

However, as it imposes geo-restrictions, the only way to get HBO Max outside the US on Chromecast is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

By subscribing to a reputable VPN like ExpressVPN, you will resolve any Chromecast connecting issues which occur while casting HBO Max on Chromecast.

How to set up HBO Max Chromecast from your Phone?

Wondering how to cast HBO max to tv from android? Follow these steps to set up HBO Max on Chromecast on your television from your smartphone.

  • If using outside the US, subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Get the HBO Max App from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Launch the app on your mobile device and log in. Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Look for the Cast icon in the upper right corner of your mobile device’s screen and press it.
  • Choose your Chromecast device from the drop-down menu.

Note: These same steps are used for HBO Max Chromecast iPhone if you’re looking for how to cast HBO Max to tv from iPhone.

How to cast HBO Max to a TV from your PC?

PC users can now Chromecast HBO Max by following the steps: First, you must ensure that your computer and your television are linked to the same wireless network.

  • Connect to a US server with ExpressVPN.
  • Use Google Chrome and navigate to their site.
  • Set the channel from your TV screen (HDMI 1, HDMI 2,…).
  • Enter your HBO Max login information on the website (You should have an HBO Max Subscription).
  • Pick an episode from a show you’re interested in and press play.
  • Select Cast from the menu. Chrome’s menu bar may be accessed via the browser’s main menu (three-dotted option on the top right).
  • Stream your favourite movie from HBO Max on your computer to your TV screen!

After completing all the steps, you can enjoy HBO Max movies and shows from anywhere outside the US on Chromecast.

How to Set Up HBO Max Chromecast on TV?

Here’s how to cast HBO max from phone to TV. Don’t forget to link up with the New York server of ExpressVPN if connecting outside of the USA.

  • Attach your Chromecast device to your TV via HDMI cable.
  • A “Welcome to Chromecast” sign with a number will show on your screen.
  • Download the Google Home app on your mobile device and connect to your Google account.
  • Choose the Chromecast number that shows on your TV screen
  • Voila! Your TV is now ready to Chromecast your favourite shows.

Now, here’s how you may cast HBO Max on TV from your mobile device:

  • Launch the HBO Max app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the movie/show you want to watch and press the play button.
  • Tap the Google cast icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choose your TV from the list of connected devices and start casting!

HBO Max Chromecast Not Connecting Probable Issues

Several connectivity problems might arise due to which HBO Max Chromecast not working. However, you can quickly fix it by trying these tried and tested solutions:

1. Check if HBO Max servers aren’t down

Downdetector is a third-party website reporting on the HBO Max servers and any troubles they may have had. Since you can’t do anything to address this issue, changing settings on your end won’t improve HBO max casting.

2. Clear Data and Cache

If your Chromecast isn’t working, try clearing the cache and data using the Chromecast App on the TV screen. You’ll have to reboot your TV and reconnect your streaming device to watch HBO Max on Windows devices.

3. Try Updating Your HBO Max App

Chromecasting HBO Max from your mobile device to your TV may stop working if an upgrade awaits your approval. Check for an update by going to the Google Play Store if you use an Android device.

If you’re using iOS, you may upgrade HBO Max on the App Store by selecting it from your profile.

4. Rename your Chromecast device for easy detection

Due to the presence of special characters or symbols in the name of your Chromecast device, HBO Max may fail to recognize it. Ensure no special characters such as emojis, apostrophes, or spaces are present to resolve this issue.

5. Connect to a VPN

There is currently no HBO Max app for users outside the US. Consequently, a Virtual Private Network connection is required.

With a reliable HBO Max VPN, like ExpressVPN, at your disposal, you can use HBO Max on Chromecast and watch it on your smart TV without any problems.

Has HBO Max rebranded itself in 2023? HBO Max and Discovery Plus merger answered

Yes, HBO Max has taken a bold step forward in 2023 by rebranding itself as Max, offering an enhanced and immersive entertainment experience.

HBO Max on Chromecast: FAQs

If your HBO Max on Chromecast is not working, it might not be compatible with your device. The compatibility may be verified on the Chromecast support page. Screencasting may also have to be turned on in the settings of your Chromecast device.

To cast to your TV, all that is required is access to your Home Wi-Fi network, a feature available to everybody. This makes portable media players with Chromecast a fantastic option for sharing movies with pals. Make your home Wi-Fi network password-protected, and share the key only with those you trust to stop others from casting to your TV.

Yes! Chromecast for Android and AirPlay on iOS allows mobile users to cast HBO Max. The only condition is that all devices are connected to the same wireless network.

The only option to provide authorization is to enable screencasting in Chromecast’s settings. You may enable the “Screencasting” option in your device’s settings by navigating to “Cast” and then selecting “Enable Screencasting.” Once enabled, you can send media from your phone to your Chromecast.

Max replaces HBO Max to signify a strategic alignment of the platforms, blending the unique offerings of both services into a single destination for premium entertainment.


If you’ve made it this far, perhaps you have a firm grasp on how to set up HBO Max on Chromecast. If accessing it outside the US, you will need a VPN service like ExpressVPN.

Prepare refreshments, turn down the lights, and settle in to enjoy HBO programming on the big screen. Other than Chromecast, you can also access HBO Max on Xbox.