The not-so-beautiful Game Within the Beautiful Game

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In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know what happened in the last game of Italy vs Uruguay, well then we really can’t do anything about it but to show you.

The man who overreacted is Luis Suarez and if you don’t know who that is then you might as well browse away cuz’ this blog is not for you. We all know Luis Suarez is no stranger when it comes to overreacting just to get free kick (which he will probably mess up).

He bit Giorgio Chiellini and then faked an injury himself! That’s gotta be a new low, even for him! Mashable even covered a whole article about Luis Suarez’s overreactions in the world cup; here is the link if you missed it.

Just to be clear Luis Suarez isn’t the only one, there is a whole lot which likes to overreact and fake injuries including our very own Cristiano Ronaldo. We have compiled some Gifs which are bound to tick you off. Check em’ out below.

















If you are reading this then you are one of those people who didn’t break their computer screen. Hope you like this compilation of ours. Stick around our blog we got more on the way as the round of 16 commences.


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