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What Happened Last Summer? Return the Urn!

When the Poms toured Australia during the summer of 2013, cricket fans thought they might witness a repetition of the summer of 2010-2011. But what they witnessed, in return, was not only fearful; it truly reflected why the Aussies are known for their never-say-die attitude.

With Mitchel Johnson finally discovering the fast bowler demon that lived beneath him for years, Australia had finally got hold of a bowler who literally scared the opposition with mere glaring looks only. Such was his terror on the English batsmen that Jonathan Trott had to leave the tour due to his battles with depression and anxiety. Unsurprisingly, the urn was indeed returned and the Aussies whipped England with a 5-0 drubbing in the test series.


How to Watch The Ashes 2015

Since it is, arguably, the biggest cricketing rivalry, The Ashes appeals to the neutral fans as well. With England and Australia being the protagonists/antagonists of The Ashes, its transmission is not a major issue in areas where cricket is loved and played. However, its transmission remains an area of concern in the areas where cricket is not as popular as other sports hence the expats miss out the most anticipated test series.

However, you can still unblock channels like Star Sports, Sky Sports, Channel 9 and ESPN with a VPN service to watch it live. You will need to connect to a UK/Australia/India server to get access to The Ashes 2015 instantly. But please note that the channels might charge you separately, should you choose to stream the matches with their live streaming.

Live Streaming Broadcasters             Region                     Unblock Channels With
Sky SportsUnited KingdomIPVanish
Nine NetworkAustraliaExpressVPN
PTV SportsPakistanPureVPN
OSNMiddle EastibVPN
Star CricketIndiaHidemyass


What to Expect in The Ashes 2015?

Glenn McGrath thinks Johnson can still run through the English lineup because of the scars and mental damage he has inflicted on the English batsmen. Aussies, however, lost one of their key bowlers, Ryan Harris due to an injury, which forced him to even retire from the game. The mental games are already on, with Davie Warner opening up for the first time after he punched Joe Root in the face a couple of years ago.

Aussies have only been whipped by Pakistan ever since they beat England back in 2013-2014. England, on the other hand, has been struggling ever since that Ashes rout. They have lost their key batsman (KP) due to a controversial sacking. One of their key bowlers (Swann) has already retired while their middle order lacks batting experience. England, as often quoted by Andrew Strauss, is in rebuilding phase and it will take some time before it settles down.

Prediction Time

Considering the odds are stacked up against England, we think Australia will overcome England in a hard fought series. Mind you, Australia has lost The Ashes 2004-05, 2009-10 and 2012-13 in England and they will be eager to change the history this time. With both teams missing some of their key players, the teams are evenly matched with Aussies ahead just only marginally.

If you are an Australian fan, this is what you should be singing at this time of the year, “Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oii Oii Oii!”
Even the English fans can take some respite in singing their favorite song from The Ashes 2009, “He bowls to the left, he bowls to the right, that Mitch Johnson bowls sh*te”

Until then, enjoy watching this spectacular piece of art by Mitchel Johnson.