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YouTube is the biggest platforms where you can share and watch videos. From movie trailers, music videos, latest news, funny clips, to curing your love for cats (or dogs),  YouTube offers billions of videos to stream online. Sadly, this is not the case in Germany.

There are many music videos on YouTube that are blocked in Germany. The main reason for this blockage is due to a dispute between Google and GEMA. Both the organizations have been at a disagreement since 2009 and because of which viewers can’t stream hundreds and thousands of YouTube music videos.

So, is there a way to watch music videos on YouTube in Germany?

With a VPN service for Germany, you can unblock any YouTube video in Germany with ease. Its expansive server spread and IP cloaking ability will help you bypass these restrictions on YouTube and stream your favorite music video in Germany.

Top 5 VPN to Unblock Music Videos on YouTube in Germany

Below listed are some of the VPN services you can use to watch YouTube videos in Germany. Each one of them have numerous servers located in major parts of the world and will allow you to stream music videos on YouTube in high quality.

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Once you have selected a VPN from above, just connect to a server based in United States and access YouTube. A VPN will cloak your IP address and change your virtual location to USA. This way, when you access YouTube in Germany, your IP address will be shown that of U.S and you will be able to watch unlimited music videos on YouTube without any restrictions.

What Happens If I Watch Videos on YouTube in Germany?

If you do try to access music videos on YouTube while residing in Germany, you will see an error message. The message reads: ‘Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA.’


YouTube Error Message in German 


YouTube Error Message in English

Why Are Music Video on YouTube Blocked in Germany?

As we mentioned earlier, a dispute between GEMA and Google since 2009 has led to various YouTube videos being blocked in Germany. The disagreement first occurred when a German court held YouTube liable for damages caused by hosting copyright videos without the consent of the copyright holder.

As a result, the major hit was taken by record labels and music companies. Various music videos are blocked on YouTube in Germany. One of the prime examples of this blockage is ‘Vevo’. There are millions of music videos available on the official YouTube channel of Vevo, but they are inaccessible in Germany.

Therefore, the use of VPN is necessary if you want to stream and listen to your favorite artists. Here’s one YouTube streamer in Germany trying to watch a music video, but was presented with an error message.

When Will Music Videos on YouTube Be Accessible in Germany?

It is very difficult to set an exact time and date on when will music videos and other blocked content on YouTube will be accessible in Germany. According to the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, Edgar Berger, GEMA’s policies against YouTube music videos have caused considerable loss to the company.

On a positive note, Google won a court ruling against GMEA in a state court of Munich on June 2015. Based on the ruling, YouTube (or Google) cannot be held liable for the damages caused by hosting music videos on YouTube. But, this hasn’t prevented GEMA from blocking YouTube videos.

So, a VPN is the best tool you can use to access various music videos on YouTube in Germany. Its ability to spoof your IP address and bypass these restrictions set by GEMA, you can easily stream all your favorite music videos on YouTube from Germany.