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PIA VPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

If you want to know the real user experience regarding Private Internet Access (PIA) Reddit is the place to be. With over millions of users, you will find some of the most genuine app reviews about Reddit and what users are loving about this VPN service. PIA is no doubt one of the premium VPN services according to Reddit, featuring the largest server network of 35,500 servers across the globe.

I have scoured multiple Reddit threads to see what users are saying about PIA and what they love and hate about the service. Let’s see what users are saying about this best Reddit VPN.

  • Torrent server vm

    I am.currently running a lightweight instance of Ubuntu core that has qbitorrent and private internet access client running on it. I have been using this setup to ensure all traffic going through the qbitorrent client stays inside the PIA VPN connection. This is crazy wasteful of resources and I wanted to see how this can be done via Dockers. I know there are torrent dockers and vpn Dockers but how do I ensure traffic is being routed just for the one torrent docker through another vpn docker?... ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • How much do you spend on subscriptions/memberships a month?

    I didn’t think I had many subscriptions until I went and looked and this is what I found: iCloud Storage: $1.29/mo Spotify Student: $4.99/mo Dashlane Premium: $3.99/mo (USD) Amazon Prime Student: $3.99/mo YouTube Premium Family Plan: $2.38/mo Netflix: $14.99/mo Disney: $11.99/mo PIA VPN: $3.33 (bought 1 year plan) Gym Membership: $26.99/bi-weekly Boxing Gym Membership: $40/mo Total: ~$140.93 before tax I don’t think that is a lot. Most of that is my gym memberships. Curious to... ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • Has anybody successfully used the Private Internet Access Smart DNS service?

    I tried to follow their tutorials, but they made no sense. It says: "You must first register your IP address on the PIA VPN website in order to utilize PIA’s Smart DNS properly. This enables PIA VPN to detect your IP address and provide PIA’s Smart DNS access to your device." Then it goes on to say, "On the PIA VPN website, register your IP address. Navigate to the PIA VPN DNS configuration page. Enter your PIA VPN credentials if asked, then click Sign In. " I cannot for the life of me find... ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • How to setup Private Internet Access VPN on Synology DSM

    Posting this here for posterity to help others since the various places I searched had either incomplete or incorrect information. These instructions are for getting the PIA VPN working with Synology DSM 6.X (I have not tested with DSM 7.X because I'm not stupid enough to upgrade to it yet). ​ Preparation: Download the OpenVPN files from here: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/openvpn/openvpn.zip Extract the .zip file and find your countries relevant .ovpn file. Open [your countries... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 mth ago

Final Words

As you can see, users are happy with PIA’s overall performance as it is super compatible with a wide range of devices as well. Private Internet Access offers impressive features, support for torrenting, and a great value VPN with affordable pricing. It offers the right balance between usability and in-app features making it a popular choice for torrenting lovers and privacy-focused individuals. If paid VPNs are not your thing, you can check out some free VPNs vouched by Redditors.

You can learn more about this VPN service in our PIA VPN review.

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