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The year 2013, Anonymous strikes with all it has! But, this time, The Legion has a different agenda. Though, the initiation of this war against the intolerable happenings wasn’t contemporary.

This operation initiated way back when Israel threatened to shut down all communications and Internet in the so-called occupied territory in Palestine in 2012.


It was the first time when Israeli government received a warning from Anonymous to seize probable activities along with the genocide in Palestine.

War against Israeli Cyberspace

After repeated warnings, Israeli government ignored the ultimatum, and The Legion had to proceed as planned. Anonymous targeted approximately 10,000 websites in Israeli cyberspace; including those that represent the government.

Palestine vs israel

Anonymous declared a cyber-war against Israel. Within a few hours, 9000+ websites were down or defaced and 700+ websites critically affected along with several databases leaked or erased by the attack.

The Elite Squad

In 2013, an elite force of hackers attacked Israeli cyberspace with the intension to erase Israel from the face of the Internet. The participants in this digital protest were:

  • Anonymous
  • AnonGhost
  • Mauritania Hacker Team
  • Ajax Team
  • MLA
  • Moroccan Hackerz
  • Sector 404
  • Gaza Hacker Team
  • Gaza Security Team
  • Anonymous Syria
  • The Hacker Army
  • RedHack
  • PLF
  • Devil Zone Team
  • Moroccan Hackers
  • Algerian Hackers

Anonymous attacks israel

The Promise

The Legion was responsible for the hacks, defaces, ducks, hijacks, database leaks, admin takeovers and other attacks on Israeli cyberspace – a payback for their inhumane behavior and actions in Palestine.

As they say and I quote:

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. United as one; divided by zero. We do not FORGIVE! We do not FORGET! It’s too late to EXPECT us”.

The Response

Here’s media’s response to the digital protest hosted and participated in by Anonymous along with other hacktivists group around the globe.

Think Again!

You must be wondering that why am I telling you year old story? Well, because Gaza is under attack, AGAIN. When we were all consumed by FIFA World Cup 2014 fever; when we were chanting for our favorite players; when we were predicting the world cup winner, Israel continued its merciless activities in Palestine.

Gaza Under Attack

Yes! Gaza has been victimized again. Many have been killed in the recent attacks executed by Israel. Operation Israel V.01 and V.02 were a success – or were they? Version 1.0 was a fair warning to Israel. Whereas, version 2.0 represented the execution and consequences of Israeli government shunning repeated warnings by Anonymous.

#OpIsrael v.3.0

After a year, Israel is back on its killing spree. Shall we be seeing Operation Israel version 3.0 or something bigger than the previous happenings? Because, the squad is back in action; #OpIsrael and #OpSaveGaza are active. As a matter of fact, some of the former protestors have disclosed some newly hacked or defaced websites representing Israel or should I say Israhell as pronounced by Anonymous Arab. Israhell Are we looking at Operation Israel Version 3.0 here? Is it too late to expect – Anonymous?