Cech Loses First Game at Home as Soon as He Joins Arsenal

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Oh dear Cech…

The magic of Arsene Wenger is in full flow. Peter Cech, renowned for his strong athleticism, failed to live up to his reputation but did successfully manage to play by Arsenal’s standard. Such foolish was his judgment of the ball throughout the game that it was nothing short of embarrassment to see him jumping around all over the place for the ball.

Perhaps it is Cech’s way of greeting the Arsenal fans officially. After playing 110 EPL games with zero defeats at home under Mourinho, Cech’s good run of zero home defeats came to an end and he was beaten by a team that did not even finish in the top 10 last year. How does that resonate with the fans that accuse other teams of playing boring football?

Most of the Arsenal fans can easy relate to this picture…


Arsenal’s Magic Working on Cech

Arsenal is a tough side to beat especially when they know the fourth spot in the Premier League table is at stake. But they were more complacent and paid the price since they knew they would get back their 4th spot from other teams. We are sharing the short clips of Peter Cech’s horrible (read: Magical if you are an Arsenal fan) performance against the West Ham United last night.

Hope you enjoy watching it.

Oh and we would absolutely love to hear from you if you are an Arsenal fan. Please enlighten us a bit more about with the impact of signing of the season and how he is going to win you the Premier League!

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