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PureVPN is the newest member in the trusted list of Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition). The news is a great one for VPN users as it added another respected VPN subscriber in the trusted list ascertaining user data privacy.

The issue of declining user privacy calls for anti-privacy laws due to the high incidents of cyber threats. The Top VPN is the only solution for protecting user privacy and data theft prevention in these dire scenarios.

What is the Internet Infrastructure Coalition? 

The Internet Infrastructure Coalition is the presence of the unit that is crucial for the Internet, including data center, foundational Internet enterprise, VPN providers, and domain registrars. 

The i2Coalition ascertains that the critical Internet infrastructure has a voice in public policy. The organization was founded in 2011, and the members joined forces to prevent PIPA and SOPA from becoming US law.


i2Coaliatio is focused on educating the lawmaker regarding Internet Infrastructure, engagement on the issue associated with the Internet’s success, and advocating the policies that support Internet growth, fair, and equal access to the Internet.

What is VPN Trust Initiative?

The VPN Trust Initiative or VTI is led by industry members, including VPN business leaders focused on providing digital security to the VPN user. The members work to improve the users’ understanding, minimize the risk factor, and promote a safe and secure VPN service.

As VPN services add a secure layer among the users and cyber threats, these services have become crucial to protect user security and safety. 

The VTI is dedicated to bringing a positive change in the internet arena by reaching out to key groups, including consumers, technologists, and legislators. The collaboration can help facilitate the VPN discourse via policy validation, creation, and advocating ethical practices.

What does PureVPN inclusion mean for VPN users?

The inclusion of PureVPN means that another trusted and reliable VPN provides focused on the necessary change along with advocating the need for feasible policy. With the addition of this new voice, the demands of the VTI can be heard.

With the inclusion of PureVPN in VTI, i2Coaliation can try to overcome the following challenges. 

  • Defining the best VPN practices to the policymaker and consumers. 
  • Providing relevant and accurate information to the policymaker and government officials. 
  • Educating the legislators regarding the need for change.
  • Promoting industry-specific regulations.
  • Revamping the industry standards. 


The inclusion of another trusted VPN provider such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Surfshark, Ivacy, and VyprVPN ensures that user privacy’s shared goal is the focus on the VPN provider. The newly built trust among the consumer and VPN provider can highlight the faced issues and solve this issue. 

With this good news, we hope for a positive change in the Internet Infrastructure and VPN arena; till then, surf safely!