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Apple recently launched an update for its new product iOS7. The update labeled as iOS 7.0.6 is meant to fix security loopholes in the iOS 7 SSL. The update can be found in the ‘Software Update’ section of the native Settings application in iOS

While the update is not entirely unexpected it has certainly arrived sooner than expected.

iOS 7.0.6

The fact that the update has been rushed into launch before iOS 7.1 has left room for speculation that there may have been a major security risk in the iOS 7. Apple would not have rushed the update for independent launch before the iOS 7.1 release if there was no cause for worry.

Apple has refused to provide any specifics about the scope of the SSL security loophole so far. However, the mere fact that the update is not less than 16MB (and may be as heavy as 35MB in some cases), has people worried about the degree to which the SSL issue was severe.

This is not the first time Apple has taken the liberty of launching an update with a one-liner explanation and refrained from providing loyal customers any details. The iOS may be Apple’s crown jewel, but that has not helped ensure perfection. Here is a brief description of the iOS 7’s former updates (or patches as I like to consider them)

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iOS 7.0.5

Released January 29, 2014, the iOS 7.0.5 update was designed particularly for Chinese 5s and 5c iPhone models. The models were experiencing networking problems within a few days of being launched in the region.

iOS 7.0.4

Released November 14, 2013, the iOS 7.0.4 update was designed to fix errors in the Apple iPhone’s classic FaceTime application. Apparently, FaceTime calls kept disconnecting for iOS 7 users and the update was designed to fix the bug causing the problem.

iOS 7.0.3

Released October 22, 2013, the iOS 7.0.3 update was designed to fix a host of issues in the iOS 7. These included issues that iOS 7 users were experiencing with their iPhone/iPad’s Touch ID, Spotlight search, iMessage, system stability for iWork apps, accelerometer calibration, Lock screen pass-code
bug, Reduce Motion setting and device supervision during software updates; amongst others.

iOS 7.0.2

Released September 26, 2013, the iOS 7.0.2 was Apple’s first attempt at fixing the Lock screen pass-code bug (an infamous highlight of the iOS 7) that made it highly penetrable.

iOS 7.0.1

Released on September 19, 2013, around the time of the release of Apple’s iPhone 5, the iOS 7.0.1 was meant to fix bugs and deliver improvements for users with iOS 7 on their iPhone 5s and 5c devices.


There is really no information about what update Apple will launch next, what problems it will aim to fix, and what dangers the problems really posed. Apple’s updates continue to tweak the iOS’s functionality and security issues, while most issues don’t even become common knowledge until either Apple launches an update or news about a security breach goes public. Clearly Apple is still struggling with the iOS platform. Take a stand to protect your online security before it is too late.

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