Best Free Android Antivirus for Complete Virus Protection

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Android is an open platform Operating System, which is why Android phones are highly susceptible to viruses. Using an Android without an Antivirus makes you a sitting duck and you are vulnerable to hacking, phishing and malware attacks.


Antivirus Security by AVG

Antivirus Security has been developed by the makers of AVG Antivirus. The free version of the app is available for instant download. It allows the user to scan files and includes a built-in task manager to help tasks that drain the Smartphone’s processing power. The best part is that the app monitors data usage, which is an excellent feature to help keep track of the use of the monthly data plan limit.

The app also performs a system-wide scan to identify security weaknesses that can be fixed by tweaking the Android Operating System’s custom settings.

There are countless Antivirus apps available online, but these are the most reliable apps and have risen above the rest as a result of customer reviews and feedback across the internet. These are stable apps that are well beyond the beta-testing stage. They don’t take up a lot of space and are very easy to use; which is why they are ideal for new and veteran Android users alike.

The paid feature of the app is out of this world! It is available for a 1 time cost and takes complete responsibility of your Smartphone’s security. For instance, if somebody enters in the wrong password thrice, the app uses the device camera to secretly take a picture of the user holding your phone at the time. In addition, the paid version of the app also provides SIM security, which locks the device when somebody takes out your SIM card and puts in another SIM card.


Norton Security and Antivirus by Norton Mobile

Norton Security and Antivirus has been developed by the people who made Norton Antivirus, Symantec. It is one of the latest additions to the portfolio of Antivirus produced by Symantec under the Norton flag.

The Norton Security and Antivirus app is an anti-malware and anti-theft tool that comes packed with internet protection features.

The app identifies any attempt to leak/steal data and advises the user to customize their settings to ensure data security. The app scans your downloads and prompts you to cancel the download if it finds any malware and phishing threats.

In addition, the Norton Security and Antivirus app also warns the user against visiting websites that have been red-flagged for malicious content. The option to continue to the website is always available of course.

The best part is that the app allows you to remotely lock your Smartphone if it gets stolen or misplaced. The app goes a step ahead of other antivirus apps for Android by allowing Geo-location tracking of the device through a map if it is stolen or misplaced.


Free Antivirus & Security by McAfee

The award winning Free Antivirus & Security app by McAfee is loaded with effective features and functions. In addition to the high quality antivirus and web protection functions (that McAfee products are known for), these include anti-theft and privacy protection features.

The app is a complete solution for your Android powered device.

The app has a large number of theft prevention and reaction features. It will lock your phone if 10 unlock attempts have failed due to wrong password entry, and also allows you to lock it remotely if it has been lost/stolen.

The data backup feature is the most useful feature of the app and comes with syncing ability to help restore/move contacts.

It scans the Android device’s primary and secondary memory to find and delete virus threats. The Free Antivirus & Security app checks installed apps to identify those that drain the battery and those that take up the device’s processing power.

In addition, the app also alerts the user if an unsecured WiFi is found and blocks risky (possibly malicious) websites.

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