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Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of international football as Sweden and Albania clash on 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4). This isn’t merely a game; it’s a quest for supremacy that has captivated fans worldwide.

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Watch Sweden vs Albania Outside USA on Fox Sports [Quick Steps]

Follow these easy steps to watch Sweden vs Albania outside USA on Fox Sports:

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN. I recommend it for its speed and reliability.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in the USA (Recommended server: New York).
  4. Visit Fox Sports‘ website or app.
  5. Stream the Sweden vs Albania match live on 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4)!
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Where to Watch Sweden vs Albania Outside USA?

Fox Sports is the go-to channel for catching the live action of the Sweden vs Albania match, a pivotal game that football enthusiasts worldwide shouldn’t miss.

However, for fans in areas where Fox Sports is geo-restricted, leveraging ExpressVPN offers a seamless solution to bypass these limitations, ensuring you can access this channel and immerse yourself in the excitement, no matter where you are.

While Fox Sports stands as the premier destination for this eagerly awaited match, viewers need to consider the cost of a Fox Sports subscription and explore the various Fox Sports subscription plans to find the best fit for their viewing needs.

Additionally, for those curious about the wide array of sports content available, delving into what to watch on Fox Sports can uncover more thrilling sports action to enjoy. you can also watch 2024 MLB outside USA on Fox Sports.

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Sweden vs Albania Outside USA on Fox Sports?

To watch Sweden vs Albania outside USA on Fox Sports, a VPN is essential due to the geo-restrictions imposed by content licensing agreements.

A VPN allows you to obtain a US IP Address, making it seem as though you are browsing from within the United States. This effectively bypasses the geo-blocks, granting access to the live broadcast of the match from anywhere around the globe.

While attempting to access Fox Sports with a VPN, you might encounter the issue of Fox Sports not working with VPN. This can happen if the streaming service detects and blocks the IP address provided by your VPN.

It’s a common challenge, but premium VPNs like ExpressVPN can overcome such obstacles with their advanced features and large server networks.

Using a free VPN for Fox Sports might seem tempting as a cost-saving measure. However, I advise caution against relying on free VPN services for several reasons. Free VPNs often have limited server options, slower speeds, and data caps that can severely impact your streaming experience.

More importantly, they may lack the robust security features of premium VPNs, potentially compromising your privacy and data.

Therefore, while free VPNs can offer a temporary solution, their limitations and risks make them less suitable for a seamless and secure sports streaming experience.

Sweden vs Albania: Date and Time

The eagerly awaited match between Sweden and Albania is scheduled for 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4).

Fans can catch the live action on Fox Sports, with the game set to kick off at 20:00 local time at the venue. For viewers outside USA, adjust the time according to your region to ensure you don’t miss this thrilling encounter.

For those in regions where Fox Sports is geo-restricted, using ExpressVPN is a reliable way to access the live stream and enjoy the game without interruptions.

Sweden vs Albania: Venue

The match will be held at the prestigious Friends Arena, offering fans a fantastic atmosphere to experience the game. This iconic location in Sweden will provide both teams with a stage to showcase their skills in front of a passionate crowd.

Viewers looking to watch the match live on TV or other devices can tune into Fox Sports. If you’re in a region where this channel is geo-blocked, consider using ExpressVPN to access the broadcast seamlessly.

What are International Soccer Friendlies?

International soccer friendlies are exhibition matches that allow team managers to test new players and strategies in a less competitive setting than official tournaments.

These games are crucial for evaluating the team’s depth and making final selections for upcoming competitions, providing valuable insights without the pressure of points or qualification at stake.

Sweden vs Albania Players:

Here are the players for the Sweden and Albania national football teams in 2024:

Sweden National Football Team 2024

Name Position Club
Oliver Dovin Goalkeeper Hammarby IF
Henrik Castegren Centre Back Sirius Uppsala
Samuel Dahl Left Back Djurgårdens IF
Anton Eriksson Centre Back IFK Norrköping
Sebastian Nanasi Attacking Midfielder Malmö FF
Nahir Besara Centre Midfielder Hammarby IF
Armin Gigović Centre Midfielder FC Midtjylland
Johan Karlsson Centre Midfielder Kalmar FF
Anton Salétros Centre Midfielder AIK Solna
Isaac Kiese Thelin Centre Forward Malmö FF
Taha Ali Right Winger Malmö FF

Albania National Football Team 2024

Name Position Club
Etrit Berisha Goalkeeper Empoli FC
Thomas Strakosha Goalkeeper Brentford FC
Arlind Ajeti Centre Back CFR Cluj
Iván Balliu Right Back Rayo Vallecano Madrid
Berat Djimsiti Centre Back Atalanta Bergamo
Elseid Hysaj Right Back Lazio Roma
Ardian Ismajli Centre Back Empoli FC
Marash Kumbulla Centre Back US Sassuolo
Kristjan Asllani Defensive Midfielder Inter Milano
Nedim Bajrami Attacking Midfielder US Sassuolo
Keidi Bare Attacking Midfielder Espanyol Barcelona

Sweden vs Albania Head-to-Head Stats:

Here’s the head-to-head statistics for Sweden vs Albania in football matches:

Date Match Result Score Competition
05 Nov 1988 Albania v Sweden W 1-2 FIFA World Cup
08 Oct 1989 Sweden v Albania W 3-1 FIFA World Cup
18 Feb 2004 Albania v Sweden L 2-1 International Friendly
06 Sep 2008 Albania v Sweden D 0-0 FIFA World Cup
14 Oct 2009 Sweden v Albania W 4-1 FIFA World Cup
  • Games won by Sweden: 3
  • Games drawn: 1
  • Games lost to Albania: 1

This table provides a concise overview of the matches played between Sweden and Albania, including the outcomes and scores for each game.

Where to Watch Sweden vs Albania Live Streaming?

The match between Sweden and Albania can be watched live on Fox Sports. This channel is the go-to source for fans wanting to catch every moment of the action as it unfolds.

For viewers outside USA, remember that accessing Fox Sports may require a VPN like ExpressVPN to overcome any geo-restrictions, ensuring you can enjoy the game from anywhere in the world.

Can I Watch Sweden vs Albania for Free?

Yes, you can indeed watch Sweden vs Albania for free, thanks to the free trial periods offered by various streaming platforms that carry Fox Sports.

Platforms such as Hulu+Live TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, and DirecTV Now include Fox Sports in their packages and often have free trials available for new users. To take advantage of a Fox Sports free trial, sign up on one of these platforms.

Just be sure to cancel the Fox Sports subscription before the trial period ends to avoid any subscription fees. This method provides a fantastic opportunity for fans outside standard broadcast areas to watch the match at no cost, ensuring you don’t miss this exciting international friendly.

What is the Ticket Price of Sweden vs Albania?

Here are the ticket prices for the Sweden Vs Albania match on 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4):

  • Lowest Ticket Price: $12 for Section 140, Row 5
  • Other Price Points:
    • $16 for Section 138, Row 8
    • $19 for Section 119, Row 19, and Section 120, Row 10
    • $24-$25 for various Lower Tier sections
    • $26 for Section 123 with under 15s accompanied by an adult
    • $32 for Section 137 and other sections
    • $35-$36 for Section 107 with under 15s accompanied by an adult

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on demand, seat location, and other factors.

It’s recommended to check the Viagogo website or other ticketing platforms for the most current pricing and availability.

What are the Predictions for Sweden vs Albania?

Predictions for the Sweden vs Albania match are largely based on expert analysis and the current form of both teams. Historically, Sweden has shown strong performance in international friendlies and qualifiers, which might tilt predictions in their favor. However, Albania’s resilience and tactical improvements make them a formidable opponent.

Who is the Best Team Among Sweden vs Albania?

Based on historical stats and recent performances, Sweden might be considered the stronger team when comparing the two. Their track record in international competitions and friendlies generally shows a higher success rate. However, football is unpredictable, and Albania’s team dynamics and strategy could surprise on the day of the match.

Men’s International Soccer Friendlies Fixtures:

Here are the fixtures for Men’s International Soccer Friendlies from March 21 to March 26, 2024:

Date Matchups Time Results
21/03/2024 Ethiopia vs Lesotho 15:00 Lesotho edges past Ethiopia, winning 2-1
21/03/2024 Russia vs Serbia 17:00 Russia dominates over Serbia, winning 4-0
21/03/2024 Cyprus vs Latvia 17:00 Cyprus and Latvia settle for a 1-1 draw
21/03/2024 Malta vs Slovenia 18:00 Malta and Slovenia ended in a 2-2 draw
21/03/2024 Belarus vs Montenegro 18:00 Belarus falls to Montenegro, 2-0
21/03/2024 Cabo Verde vs Guyana 19:00 Cabo Verde defeats Guyana, 1-0
21/03/2024 Guinea vs Vanuatu 19:00 Guinea overwhelms Vanuatu, 6-0
21/03/2024 Portugal vs Sweden 19:45 Portugal secures a 5-2 victory over Sweden
21/03/2024 Andorra vs South Africa 21:00 Andorra draws 1-1 against South Africa
21/03/2024 Venezuela vs Italy 21:00 Italy narrowly defeats Venezuela, 2-1.
22/03/2024 Ecuador vs Guatemala 00:30 Ecuador secures a 2-0 win over Guatemala
22/03/2024 Belize vs Puerto Rico 01:30 Belize and Puerto Rico ended in a 1-1 draw
22/03/2024 Central African Republic vs Bhutan 09:30 Central African Republic dominates Bhutan with a 6-0 victory
22/03/2024 Madagascar vs Burundi 10:00 Madagascar edges past Burundi with a 1-0 win
22/03/2024 Nigeria vs Ghana 13:00 Nigeria secures a narrow 2-1 victory over Ghana
22/03/2024 Burkina Faso vs Libya 13:00 Burkina Faso falls to Libya, losing 1-2
22/03/2024 Botswana vs Rwanda 13:00 Botswana and Rwanda draw 0-0
22/03/2024 Bulgaria vs Tanzania 13:00 Bulgaria narrowly beats Tanzania, 1-0
22/03/2024 Sri Lanka vs Papua New Guinea 15:15 Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka ended in a goalless draw
22/03/2024 Moldova vs North Macedonia 15:30 Moldova and North Macedonia draw 1-1
22/03/2024 Mongolia vs Azerbaijan 16:00 Mongolia falls to Azerbaijan, 0-1
22/03/2024 Armenia vs Kosovo 16:00 Kosovo narrowly defeats Armenia, 1-0
22/03/2024 Norway vs Czechia 17:00 Norway falls to Czechia, losing 1-2
22/03/2024 Liechtenstein vs Faroe Islands 17:00 Liechtenstein crushed by Faroe Islands, 0-4
22/03/2024 Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau 18:00 Sudan secures a narrow 1-0 victory over Guinea-Bissau
22/03/2024 Bermuda vs Brunei Darussalam 19:00 Bermuda triumphs over Brunei Darussalam, 2-0
22/03/2024 Morocco vs Angola 19:00 Morocco narrowly defeats Angola, winning 1-0
22/03/2024 Equatorial Guinea vs Cambodia 19:00 Equatorial Guinea defeats Cambodia, 2-0
22/03/2024 Senegal vs Gabon 19:30 Senegal secures a convincing 3-0 victory over Gabon.
22/03/2024 Albania vs Chile 19:45 Chile defeats Albania with a 3-0 win
22/03/2024 Romania vs Northern Ireland 19:45 Romania and Hungary draw 1-1
22/03/2024 Hungary vs Türkiye 19:45 Hungary edges past Turkey, 1-0.
22/03/2024 Netherlands vs Scotland 19:45 Netherlands dominates Scotland, winning 4-0
22/03/2024 Mauritania vs Mali 20:00 Mali secures a 2-0 victory over Mauritania
22/03/2024 Egypt vs New Zealand 20:00 Egypt secures a narrow 1-0 victory over New Zealand
22/03/2024 Tunisia vs Croatia 20:00 Tunisia and Croatia end in a goalless draw.
22/03/2024 Spain vs Colombia 20:30 Colombia narrowly defeats Spain, 1-0
22/03/2024 Niger vs Togo 21:00 Togo narrowly defeats Niger, 2-1
22/03/2024 Algeria vs Bolivia 21:00 Algeria edges past Bolivia with a 3-2 win
22/03/2024 Comoros vs Uganda 21:00 Comoros overwhelms Uganda with a 4-0 victory
23/03/2024 Argentina vs El Salvador 00:00 Argentina triumphs over El Salvador, winning 3-0
23/03/2024 Peru vs Nicaragua 01:30 Peru secures a 2-0 victory over Nicaragua
23/03/2024 Zambia vs Zimbabwe 12:00 Zambia and Zimbabwe draw 2-2
23/03/2024 Malawi vs Kenya 15:00 Kenya dominates over Malawi with a 4-0 victory
23/03/2024 Ivory Coast vs Benin 16:00 Ivory Coast draws 2-2 against Benin
23/03/2024 Republic of Ireland vs Belgium 17:00 Republic of Ireland and Belgium end in a goalless draw
23/03/2024 Slovakia vs Austria 17:00 Slovakia falls to Austria, losing 0-2.
23/03/2024 England vs Brazil 19:00 Brazil secures a narrow 1-0 victory over England
23/03/2024 Denmark vs Switzerland 19:00 Denmark and Switzerland end in a goalless draw
23/03/2024 French Guiana vs Haiti 20:00 French Guiana draws 1-1 against Haiti
23/03/2024 France vs Germany 20:00 Germany defeats France, winning 2-0
23/03/2024 Dominican Republic vs Aruba 22:00 Dominican Republic secures a 2-0 victory over Aruba
24/03/2024 Ethiopia vs Lesotho 15:00 Ethiopia narrowly defeats Lesotho, winning 2-1
24/03/2024 Suriname vs Martinique 17:30 Suriname ties Martinique, 1-1.
24/03/2024 San Marino vs Saint Kitts 19:45 St Kitts and Nevis Draw 0-0
24/03/2024 Italy vs Ecuador 20:00 Italy triumphs over Ecuador with 2-0
24/03/2024 Venezuela vs Guatemala 22:00 Venezuela and Guatemala tie, 0-0
25/03/2024 Belize vs Puerto Rico 00:00 Belize triumphs over Puerto Rico, 3-0
25/03/2024 Central African Republic vs Papua New Guinea 09:30 Central African Republic wins 4-0 against Papua New Guinea
25/03/2024 Burundi vs Botswana 10:00 Botswana and Burundi draw 0-0
25/03/2024 Rwanda vs Madagascar 13:00 Rwanda secures a 2-0 victory over Madagascar
25/03/2024 Tanzania vs Mongolia 13:00 Tanzania triumphs 3-0 against Mongolia
25/03/2024 Bhutan vs Sri Lanka 15:15 Bhutan beats Sri Lanka 2-0
25/03/2024 Azerbaijan vs Bulgaria 16:00 Azerbaijan and Bulgaria draw 1-1
25/03/2024 Cyprus vs Serbia 17:00 Serbia wins 1-0 against Cyprus
25/03/2024 Russia vs Paraguay 17:00 Russia’s match is postponed
25/03/2024 Montenegro vs North Macedonia 17:00 Montenegro clinches a 1-0 victory over North Macedonia
25/03/2024 Sweden vs Albania 18:00 Sweden wins 1-0 against Albania
25/03/2024 Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau 18:00
25/03/2024 Cabo Verde vs Equatorial Guinea 19:00 Cabo Verde defeats Equatorial Guinea 1-0
25/03/2024 Guinea vs Bermuda 19:00 Guinea triumphs over Bermuda with a 5-1 score
25/03/2024 Congo vs Gabon 19:30 Congo and Gabon draw 1-1
25/03/2024 Comoros vs Angola 21:00 Comoros and Angola end in a 0-0 tie
26/03/2024 Norway vs Slovakia 18:00
26/03/2024 Denmark vs Faroe Islands 19:15
26/03/2024 Austria vs Turkey 19:45
26/03/2024 England vs Belgium 19:45
26/03/2024 Germany vs Netherlands 19:45
26/03/2024 Rep of Ireland vs Switzerland 19:45
26/03/2024 Scotland vs Northern Ireland 19:45
26/03/2024 Slovenia vs Portugal 19:45
26/03/2024 France vs Chile 20:00
26/03/2024 Spain vs Brazil 20:30

Social Media Buzz for Sweden vs Albania International Soccer Friendlies Match

The search for social media buzz around the Sweden vs Albania International Soccer Friendlies match scheduled for 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4) reveals a general anticipation and excitement among fans.

While specific social media posts or trends are not directly highlighted, the presence of various platforms discussing the match, including FOX Sports, YouTube,, and Eurosport, indicates a significant interest.

These platforms are likely sharing updates, team news, and fan reactions leading up to the game. Fans are encouraged to follow these outlets for live commentary, match statistics, and real-time engagement with other supporters, showcasing the global appeal and community spirit surrounding international friendlies.

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ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN for Fox Sports to watch Sweden vs Albania outside USA, thanks to its exceptional speed and reliability. With servers in 105 countries, including dozens of servers in the US, ExpressVPN offers a seamless streaming experience, minimizing buffering and ensuring high-quality video.

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Sweden vs Albania International Friendlies 2024

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Absolutely. With ExpressVPN, you can watch Sweden vs Albania live outside USA by connecting to a US server, giving you access to Fox Sports without geo-restrictions.

No, Sweden has never won the FIFA World Cup. They have reached the finals once and have been a strong competitor in the tournament, but the championship title has eluded them.

Using a VPN to watch content like the Euro 2024 Playoffs outside USA is not illegal; however, it may breach the terms of service of some streaming platforms. Always check the service’s terms and use VPNs responsibly.

Albania has never competed in the FIFA World Cup finals despite attempting to qualify multiple times.

Wrapping Up

As we look forward to the clash on 25th March 2024 at 14:00:00 (UTC-4), remember that you won’t have to miss a single play in the Sweden vs Albania match.

By utilizing ExpressVPN, geo-restrictions become a thing of the past, allowing you to stream the game live on Fox Sports from anywhere in the world. Make sure you’re ready to watch Sweden vs Albania outside USA on Fox Sports, and immerse yourself in the excitement of this international soccer friendly.

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