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Watch The Block Season 19 in USA On 9Now [Quick Steps]

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Where to Watch The Block Season 19?

The Block Season 19 live streaming can be watched on 9Now, an Australian streaming service. Curious about 9Now’s Available Countries and how much the 9Now Subscription is?9now is only available to stream in Australia and is free and easy to use. All The Block season 19 episodes will air on nine now.

Why We Need VPN to Watch The Block Season 19 in USA On 9Now?

To watch The Block Season 19 on 9Now in USA, you’ll need a VPN. You can connect to an Australian server with a VPN, giving you an Australian IP address. It tricks 9Now into thinking you are in Australia, allowing you to bypass the geo-restrictions and access the streaming service worldwide.

If you are in Australia, you can enjoy 9Now free trial; you need to create an account. However, fans in USA need to use ExpressVPN to access 9 Now; however, if you want to know how to cancel a 9now account, follow these simple steps.

Log in by clicking here. Once on the homepage, locate your username and click the dropdown arrow next to it. Then, select My Profile at the bottom of your profile details, and click Deactivate in red.

The Block 2023 (Season 19) Series Preview

The 19th season of The Block in 2023 showcases five varied Australian couples who are ready to breathe new life into 1950s houses located in Melbourne’s Hampton East.

These couples, which include personal assistants and firefighters, will deal with time restraints and unforeseen circumstances as they attempt to refurbish these properties.

This installment of The Block brings in the concept of secondary accommodations and presents more demanding challenges, setting the scene for a thrilling blend of renovation, dramatic moments, and innovative thinking with high stakes.

What kind of show is The Block Season 19?

The latest installment of The Block! Season 19 of this riveting Australian reality television series showcases the fierce competition between four or five ambitious couples.

Watch as they put their skills to the ultimate test, transforming houses or apartments into stunning masterpieces. Take advantage of this must-see series packed with drama, creativity, and talent! Their ultimate ambition is to secure the highest possible prices for their beautifully refurbished properties through auction.

What date does The Block start?

The block season 19 release date is Sunday, August 6, 2023, on Channel Nine at 7:00 pm!

How many seasons of The Block are there?

By August 2023, a total of 19 seasons of The Block have been broadcast. The inaugural season debuted in 2003, while the latest edition, The Block 2023, made its debut on August 6, 2023.

The Block has had the following number of seasons:

Season Year
Season 1 2003
Season 2 2004
Season 3 2005
Season 4 2006
Season 5 2007
Season 6 2008
Season 7 2009
Season 8 2010
Season 9 2011
Season 10 2012
Season 11 2013
Season 12 2014
Season 13 2015
Season 14 2016
Season 15 2017
Season 16 2018
Season 17 2019
Season 18 2022
Season 19 2023

Who are the contestants on The Block 2023?

The block season 19 contestants

  • Steph and Gian
  • Kristy and Brett
  • Leslie and Kyle
  • Leah and Ash
  • Eliza and Liberty

Who are the Judges on The Block 2023?

The panel of judges for The Block 2023 includes:

  • Shaynna Blaze, who serves as both an interior designer and television personality. She has been a fixture on The Block’s judging panel since season 6.
  • Darren Palmer, an interior designer and TV personality, who commenced his role as a judge on The Block from season 8.
  • Neale Whitaker, an authority on design and lifestyle matters, who has brought his expertise to The Block’s judging panel since season 10.
  • Making his debut as a judge on The Block in season 19 is Marty Fox, a prominent figure in the real estate industry.

Neale Whitaker will temporarily abdicate his judging duties for a few weeks during this season due to family obligations. Marty Fox will step in to serve as his stand-in while he is away.

Who will be in Rock the Block 2023?

The block season 19 cast includes:

House Couple Age Location Relationship Occupations
TBA Kristy & Brett Beams Both 34 Adelaide, SA Married Project Manager & Safety Adviser
TBA Steph & Gian Ottavio Both 27 Sydney, NSW Married Architect & Tech start-up worker
TBA Leah & Ash Milton 31 & 38 QLD Married with children First-aid trainer & Builder
TBA Kyle & Leslie Cottone 36 & 24 WA Married with a child Firefighter & Education Assistant
TBA Eliza and Liberty Paschke 37 & 34 Melbourne, VIC Sisters Personal Assistant & Integration Producer

Where is the next block, location 2023?

The next location for The Block in 2023 is Charming Street Hampton East, which is situated in the Melbourne Bayside area. This beautiful suburb will be the setting for five brick homes renovated and styled by the contestants for the upcoming season of The Block.

Who is leaving The Block?

Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull have decided to bid farewell to The Block. Although their departure may surprise them, it opens new opportunities for other contestants and adds an exciting twist to the show.

Tess and Luke are the block season 19 winners with an impressive profit. However, there were other teams to achieve success.

What Else Can I Watch on 9Now?

Here are some of the best and most popular content to view on 9Now:

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Yes, there will be season 19 of The Block. The Block Season 19 9now trailer release date is Sunday, August 6, 2023, on Channel Nine at 7:00 pm!

No, The Block Australia has not been canceled in 2023. Filming has begun, and contestants have been selected for its nineteenth season.

Yes, Keith Schleiger is on The Block 2023 as one of the formidable forepersons on site.


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