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Last night was the moment we have all been waiting for – The Mountain vs. The Viper. Game of Thrones is liable for the mini heart-attacks and increased level of anxiety endured by us all. Nevertheless, episode 8 of Game of Thrones caused an adrenaline boost like no other.

The episode contributed significantly to the plot where all characters played their roles outstandingly; yet, the only thing that I can recall from the episode is Clegane and Martell feud.

Game of Thrones Season 4- Episode #8 Preview by janika1011

Enraged by the death of his sister and her children, Obryen Martell decided to be Tyrion Lannister’s champion in his trial by combat. Cersie, on the other hand, was quite convinced of Tyrion’s involvement in Jeoffrey’s murder. Thus, she chose The Mountain (Ser Gregor Clegane) to do the dirty work for her.

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There are a very few Game of Thrones episodes that accompany a happy ending. Starting-off with the death of wicked King Jeoffrey, I believed this season would actually have a contented conclusion; but, then came the after-effects: Sansa blamed for plotting Jeoffrey’s murder, Tyrion imprisoned and Shae turning her back against Tyrion during her testimony for Tyrion’s trial.

Shae’s betrayal broke Tyrion’s heart into a million pieces. Blinded by emotions, Tyrion demanded a trial by combat. But who will be his champion? Bronn – a sell sword, he preferred his new bride over Tyrion. With his sword hand lost, even Jaime Lannister was no match for The Mountain.

This left only one option – for Tyrion to fight with The Mountain himself. Knowing how it would end up, Tyrion rots in the dungeons where he is approached by Oberyn Martell. I will be you champion – Martell’s voice still echoes in my head.

All of this led to an iconic battle between The Red Viper (Oberyn Martell) and The Mountain (Ser Gregor Clegane).

 game of thrones


Those who read the books knew how it was going to end. For those who did not; this episode took nail-biting experience to a whole new level.

And then it began – a fight we were all waiting for – Clegane’s sword vs. Martell’s spear. Martell, as we all know it, had advantage of speed and resilience. Clegane, on the other hand, was all about pure strength. Though for a guy that big, Clegane was quite flexible with his moves.

Red Viper danced around him. Dodged his every move efficiently, Martell waited for an opportune moment to strike. The battle had some intense moments like when Oberyn’s spear was split into half by Mountain’s powerful blow, and when Martell nearly missed Clegane’s swing of the sword.

Red Viper got the chance and he cashed it in every possible way. The Viper struck The Mountain with a viscous and deadly spear attack, sliced his knew and speared him in the chest. The Mountain was incapacitated and Martell’s words started to echo the battlefield:

Elia Martell – You raped her, you murdered her; you killed her children!

Same words he kept repeating time and again during his fight.

You’re dying. No, no, no, no, no… You can’t die yet; you haven’t confessed. You murdered her; on whose orders? – says Oberyn Martell pointing a finger at Tywin Lannister.

Elia Martell – I killed her children, and then I raped her and then… –The Mountain.

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