AceVPN Review 2019: Does it Ace Our Tests?

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Established in 2009, AceVPN became visible in the online industry with the vision of providing online security to every individual user.

The service offers both free and premium VPN services to the users. In addition, the provider has Smart DNS service for the users.

With the best VPN providers taking over the market. Does this VPN stand a chance?

Read this exclusive AceVPN review to find out.

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  • Free Service
  • Free Smart DNS Feature
  • Netflix and Torrent Support
  • Works with Tor
  • Comprehensive Customer Support
  • The service provides slightly expensive Pricing Plans
  • The provider does not offer Live Chat Support feature to the users

 Strong Points of AceVPN

Every VPN has something good to offer. Here are few positive aspects of AceVPN that I have singled out.

Powerful Protocols and Encryption

Readers of this AceVPN review will be glad to learn that it offers OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2, PPTP and Stealth VPN protocols.

The OpenVPN protocol offers anonymity to the users through 256-bit military grade encryption.

Likewise, PPTP protocol is suitable for enhanced video streaming but does not provide required level of security. The L2TP uses IPsec protocol in combination that offers 256-bit encryption to the subscribers.

The tunneling protocol feature of AceVPN is extremely impressive.

Free Service

AceVPN does not provide free trial feature to the users.

It offers something better.

If you are a blogger or an influencer with your own website, AceVPN will provide you its service free of cost.

Of course, whatever you write will first have to be approved by the provider.

Once that’s done and dusted, you will be able to secure your internet without paying a dime.

Similarly, you can also get AceVPN free subscription if you refer it to a friend.

For every friend that will sign up with the VPN, you will get one month of costless VPN.

Free Smart DNS

Smart DNS empowers users to bypass geo-restriction without compromising on their speed.

It is a nifty without for anyone that aims to unblock streaming services.

Of course, Smart DNS does not anonymize your online identity. It mainly focused on geo-dodging than on online privacy.


Nowadays, Kill Switch is a given feature. It accompanies all VPN services that are worth their salt.

Still, privacy enthusiasts will understand that a custom kill-switch is no ordinary feature.

It prevents IP leaks in worst-case scenario when your VPN connection drops.

This could literally be a matter of life and death if you’re in an authoritarian country like China.

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Opens Netflix

Gone are the days when people use to sit with the remote in their hands and wait for their favorite shows.

Now, the entire goldmine of TV shows, movies and documentaries are available on Netflix.

But some get the better piece of the cake than others.

If you are a Netflix user outside USA, you would understand what I am referring to.

Those darn geo-restriction that makes life frustrating for binge-watcher.

But there’s a way out.

Get yourself a good VPN to access Netflix without any restrictions.

AceVPN is one of the providers that make Netflix fairer for everyone.

Works with TOR

The Onion Router (TOR) always swims in controversy. This is the reason many VPNs steer clear of this tool.

AceVPN is not one of those providers.

It embraces TOR, thus catering to Netizens who are simply not satisfied with just a VPN.

Supports Torrenting

Readers of this Ace VPN review will be glad that the provider supports the P2P activities without any Ifs and buts.

It means you can select any AceVPN server of your choice if you want to perform torrenting task from anywhere.

Just keep in mind that the free VPN service does not offer P2P/ torrenting activities of the subscribers.

You can explore our guide on best VPN for torrenting to know about the repercussions of torrenting.

Good Customer Support

Customer service of AceVPN is pretty well rounded with a FAQ, Knowledgebase, Contact Us features.

Similarly, there are sections like Blog and Redeem Voucher you can explore if you want to solve your queries in a timely manner. However, I was expecting that the provider would offer live chat feature for its users. Sadly, it was not the case with AceVPN.

The customer support function has all the ingredients that make any VPN service successful. The FAQ section allows you to get the answers of your questions related to billing and refund issues. Likewise, the knowledgebase category caters the issues of the subscribers that relate to technical support and installation processes.

The blog section provides relevant and updated information about digital privacy issues prevailing in the industry. Furthermore, you can go to redeem voucher section if you want to avail VPN or Smart DNS service. The users can go through different sections available on the official website if they want reliable solutions of their problems.

I hope that the service will include live chat feature on its official website in future. By doing so, AceVPN will be able to attract large customer base in coming years.

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 Areas of Improvement

Following are some areas that needs to be reformed if AceVPN plans of becoming a top VPN provider.

Ambiguous Privacy Policy

While researching for this Ace VPN review, I found the following claim by the provider.


Here, AceVPN states that it does not log any information. However, in their privacy policy would have you believe otherwise.


So to put things in perspective. AceVPN states that it does not keep session logs but does store the personal information of the user.

I found this privacy policy to be a bit ambiguous.

Jurisdiction: The United States

United States is the home of AceVPN.

However, this home is infested with cybersnoopers looking to steal the private information of the residents.

To make matters worse, 4 other countries have the keys to this home.

Analogies aside, any VPN located in the US is at a disadvantage.

Limited Server Spread

Something that disappointed me while writing this AceVPN review was its server spread.

This is because the provider is offering 50+ server locations in 26+ countries all over the world.

These numbers can hardly match with the ones boasted by the likes of Ivacy VPN, which has thousands of servers.

AceVPN will have to cater the requirements of its subscribers by offering more server locations in future.

Speed Test

Every VPN cuts down your speed. Hence, one should be on the lookout for VPNs that do it the least.

Unfortunately, your search for the fastest VPN provider will not stop at AceVPN.

It is quite voracious when it comes to cutting down your speed.

Speed without AceVPN:


Speed with AceVPN:


Evidently, one would face trouble while performing activities that require fast connections. Ace VPN download speed spells trouble for torrenters and streamers alike.

Compatibility Review

One thing the readers of this AceVPN review will like is its compatibility.

The users can select AceVPN if they want to use the service on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone, Routers and Gaming Consoles.

It also works on Chromecast, Roku, Blu-Ray players and Kindle Fire TV.



Although this VPN does not have the dedicated client for Windows, it supports the platform through OpenVPN and L2TP.

So, installing AceVPN is bit complicated especially for the casual users.


People with Mac devices can use this VPN through the built-in L2TP support or the third-party Tunnelblick tool.

Although the process is a bit challenging, the payoff makes it worth the effort.

With AceVPN configured, Mac users can browse the internet without worrying about cyber thugs ruining their experience.


Android users walk every nook and corner of the earth.

This makes them the usual target of hackers who generally use public Wi-Fi as hunting grounds.

AceVPN could come to their rescue with its OpenVPN and PPTP support.


There are three ways to use AceVPN on iOS. It can be configured through OpenVPN, L2TP and IKEv2.

When you are done with that, AceVPN anonymize your identity, keeping you safe from cyber thugs.

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How to Install AceVPN on Kodi?

Kodi has become a one-stop solution that caters all the streaming needs of the users. Fortunately, you can install AceVPN on Kodi to enjoy anonymous streaming of your favorite video content from anywhere. Moreover, you can select a VPN for Kodi if you want to secure yourself from legal troubles like DMCA and copyright infringement notices.

Here is how you can setup AceVPN for Kodi on your desired devices straightaway.

  • Subscribe to AceVPN from its official website
  • Download and install the respective AceVPN on your device
  • Provide login details like username and password to activate AceVPN app
  • Open Kodi and begin watching your desired content anonymously

AceVPN Pricing & Plans

AceVPN has three distinctive pricing plans.

  • Premium VPN
  • Ultimate VPN
  • Unblock TV/ Smart DNS

The users of AceVPN can avail the premium VPN pricing plan at the cost of $3.89 on monthly basis.

It provides access to 20+ server locations that include US, UK and France. Likewise, the users can select ultimate VPN plan if they wish to avail 50+ VPN servers in 25+ countries worldwide.


Subscribers can pay $11.67 a month to avail service like P2P support and remote installation.

It also comes with free Smart DNS for better video streaming.

Fortunately, you can use another package that does not charge a single penny from the subscribers. Through Smart DNS/Unblock TV package, you are able to access region-blocked websites and services hassle-free.

Payment Methods

Privacy enthusiast reading this AceVPN review will be happy to learn that it offers a Bitcoin option.

Along with that, it includes some conventional methods.

Here are the ways in which you can pay AceVPN.

  • PayPal
  • BitCoin
  • Credit Card

In addition, the users can also make payments through cheque they can draw on US bank account.

AceVPN Refund Policy/Money Back Guarantee

Surprisingly, I learned while writing this AceVPN review that the service exclusively offers refund policy to the users.

If you have availed the service and it has not come up to the expectations of yours, you can claim for the refund. However, you can contact the customer support within seven days after the purchase.


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Alternatives of AceVPN

AceVPN lacks few things that would make up for a perfect VPN service. So if you’re in search of something else, scroll through the following reviews.

AceVPN Trustpilot Review

The internet is flooded with plethora of online products including VPN services. So to decide which one is efficient is a challenging task.

This is where Trustpilot reviews help the Netizens make the right choice. The site has this to say about AceVPN.


The praise does not end with the VPN service. Many users find the free Smart DNS service to be extremely useful.


AceVPN Twitter Review

As one of the most popular online platforms, Twitter allows millions to speak their mind.

AceVPN is recommended by some twitter users.

However, some subscribers take issue with how the VPN goes about its password procedure.

Final Thoughts

AceVPN is an interesting choice for those users who want to avail VPN and Smart DNS service under one package. Furthermore, the subscribers can use the service on their devices anywhere hassle-free. However, the provider needs to improve its performance in different areas like pricing, server locations, and live chat support.

While conducting this AceVPN review, I found the service quite exceptional in terms of compatibility, user-friendly installation guides and customer support. Therefore, you can opt the service if you wish to enjoy different benefits on multiple devices.

You can share your feedback with us about the provider in the comments section below.

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