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ProtonVPN server list may not seem very impressive at first look, with only around 2500+ and a server network across 95 locations in 67 countries around the world, which is fewer than some other Best VPN in comparison like the ExpressVPN or Surfshark – both of them are considered to be the industry benchmarks.

ProtonVPN is known for offering the best speeds and can handle the download of large files and provide HD streaming of videos online, and the service works with the Netflix US version to provide uninterrupted streaming fun. The tables below provide a breakdown of the ProtonVPN server’s name and ProtonVPN server location by region, country, and city.

Complete ProtonVPN Server List

The following part demonstrates the present number of ProtonVPN servers, classified according to their location, country, and city. In case a particular site provides any of the specified server categories, they are denoted accordingly. Let’s have a look at the ProtonVPN server list!

ProtonVPN Server in North America

There are 898 ProtonVPN servers in North America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Canada Double VPN


Canada Montreal P2P 48
Canada Toronto 28
Canada Vancouver 16
Canada Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Canada Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Mexico Double VPN 17
Mexico Mexico City 16
Mexico Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
United States Double VPN/Free/P2P/Tor 782
United States Ashburn, VA 12
United States Atlanta, GA 24
United States Chicago, IL 66
United States Dallas, TX P2P 42
United States Denver, CO 20
United States Los Angeles, CA P2P 189
United States Miami, FL P2P 147
United States New York, NY P2P 168
United States Phoenix, AZ P2P 12
United States Salt Lake City, UT 16
United States San Jose, CA 32
United States Seattle, WA 24
United States Secaucus, NJ 4
United States Washington DC P2P 12
United States Double VPN (Iceland) 1
United States Double VPN (Sweden) 1
United States Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
United States Free 9
United States Tor 2

I’ve taken a closer look at ProtonVPN’s presence in North America and it’s quite substantial. I’m particularly impressed with the diversity of server types available, including Double VPNP2P, and even Tor servers.

ProtonVPN Server in Central America

ProtonVPN has 42 servers in Central America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Costa Rica Double VPN 9
Costa Rica San Jose 8
Costa Rica Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
El Salvador San Salvador P2P 24

Users in Central America can benefit from the security and privacy that ProtonVPN provides, with servers located in Costa Rica and El Salvador. These locations offer P2P support, and for those seeking an extra layer of security, Costa Rica also features Double VPN capabilities.

ProtonVPN Server in South America

There are currently  67 ProtonVPN servers in South America.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Argentina Double VPN 9
Argentina Buenos Aires 8
Argentina Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Brazil Double VPN 22
Brazil Sao Paulo 20
Brazil Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Brazil Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Chile Double VPN 9
Chile Santiago 8
Chile Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Colombia Double VPN 9
Colombia Bogota 8
Colombia Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Ecuador Double VPN 9
Ecuador Quito 8
Ecuador Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Peru Double VPN 9
Peru Lima 8
Peru Double VPN (Iceland) 1

In South America, it is present across several countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. All these countries have P2P-enabled servers, while some also offer Double VPN options. This is a noteworthy expansion, providing users in South America with ample choices for secure and private internet access.

ProtonVPN servers in Europe

There are a massive 1158  ProtonVPN servers in Europe.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Austria Double VPN 17
Austria Vienna 16
Austria Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Belgium Double VPN


Belgium Brussels P2P 32
Belgium Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Belgium Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Bulgaria Double VPN 9
Bulgaria Sofia 8
Bulgaria Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Croatia Double VPN 9
Croatia Zagreb 8
Croatia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Cyprus Double VPN 5
Cyprus Limassol 4
Cyprus Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Czech Republic Double VPN 34
Czech Republic Prague 32
Czech Republic Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Czech Republic Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Denmark Double VPN


Denmark Copenhagen P2P 32
Denmark Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Estonia Double VPN 10
Estonia Tallinn 8
Estonia Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Estonia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Finland Double VPN 14
Finland Helsinki 12
Finland Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Finland Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
France Double VPN



France Paris P2P 124
France Double VPN (Sweden) 1
France Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
France Tor 1
Germany Double VPN



Germany Berlin 24
Germany Frankfurt P2P 60
Germany Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Germany Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Germany Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Germany Tor 2
Greece Double VPN 9
Greece Athens 8
Greece Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Hungary Double VPN


Hungary Budapest P2P 24
Hungary Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Iceland P2P


Iceland Reykjavik P2P 8
Iceland Tor 1
Ireland Double VPN 17
Ireland Dublin 16
Ireland Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Italy Double VPN


Italy Milan P2P 36
Italy Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Latvia Double VPN 9
Latvia Riga 8
Latvia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Lithuania Double VPN 10
Lithuania Siauliai 8
Lithuania Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Lithuania Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Luxembourg Double VPN 14
Luxembourg Luxembourg City 12
Luxembourg Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Luxembourg Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Malta Double VPN 9
Malta Valletta 8
Malta Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Moldova Double VPN 9
Moldova Chisinau 8
Moldova Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Netherlands Double VPN



Netherlands Amsterdam P2P 72
Netherlands Rotterdam 8
Netherlands Steenbergen 16
Netherlands Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Netherlands Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Netherlands Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Netherlands Free 18
Norway Double VPN 39
Norway Oslo 36
Norway Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Norway Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Norway Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Poland Double VPN


Poland Warsaw P2P 48
Poland Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Poland Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Portugal Double VPN 10
Portugal Lisbon 8
Portugal Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Portugal Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Romania Double VPN


Romania Bucharest P2P 10
Romania Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Russia Double VPN 18
Russia Saint Petersburg 16
Russia Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Russia Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Serbia Double VPN 9
Serbia Belgrade 8
Serbia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Slovakia Double VPN 9
Slovakia Bratislava 8
Slovakia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Slovenia Double VPN 9
Slovenia Ljubljana 8
Slovenia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Spain Double VPN


Spain Madrid P2P 21
Spain Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Spain Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Sweden P2P


Sweden Stockholm P2P 20
Sweden Tor 1
Switzerland P2P


Switzerland Zurich P2P 48
Switzerland Tor 1
Turkey Double VPN 9
Turkey Istanbul 8
Turkey Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Ukraine Double VPN 9
Ukraine Kyiv 8
Ukraine Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
United Kingdom Double VPN


United Kingdom London P2P 82
United Kingdom Manchester 20
United Kingdom Double VPN (Iceland) 1
United Kingdom Double VPN (Sweden) 1
United Kingdom Double VPN (Switzerland) 1

Here, Double VPN, P2P, and Tor options are prevalent, providing users with enhanced security and privacy options.

ProtonVPN servers in Asia

The ProtonVPN server list in Asia currently stands at 277.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Cambodia Double VPN 9
Cambodia Phnom Penh 8
Cambodia Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Georgia Double VPN 9
Georgia Tbilisi 8
Georgia Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Hong Kong Double VPN



Hong Kong Hong Kong P2P 33
Hong Kong Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Hong Kong Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Hong Kong Tor 1
India Double VPN 17
India New Delhi 16
India Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Israel Double VPN 10
Israel Petah Tikva 8
Israel Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Israel Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Japan Double VPN


Japan Osaka 8
Japan Tokyo 31
Japan Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Japan Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Japan Free 1
Malaysia Double VPN 9
Malaysia Johor Bahru 8
Malaysia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Myanmar Double VPN 9
Myanmar Myanmar 8
Myanmar Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Philippines Double VPN 9
Philippines Manila 8
Philippines Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Singapore Double VPN


Singapore Singapore P2P 44
Singapore Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Singapore Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
South Korea Double VPN 9
South Korea Seoul 8
South Korea Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Taiwan Double VPN 18
Taiwan Taichung City 8
Taiwan Taipei 8
Taiwan Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Taiwan Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Thailand Double VPN 9
Thailand Bangkok 8
Thailand Double VPN (Iceland) 1
United Arab Emirates Double VPN 13
United Arab Emirates Dubai 12
United Arab Emirates Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
Vietnam Double VPN 9
Vietnam Hanoi 8
Vietnam Double VPN (Sweden) 1

The servers are equipped with Double VPN, P2P, and even Tor options in strategic locations such as Japan and Hong Kong.

ProtonVPN servers in Oceania

The number of ProtonVPN servers in Oceania stands at 113.

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Australia Double VPN 75
Australia Adelaide 12
Australia Brisbane 12
Australia Melbourne 8
Australia Perth 16
Australia Sydney 24
Australia Double VPN (Iceland) 1
Australia Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Australia Double VPN (Switzerland) 1
New Zealand Double VPN 17
New Zealand Auckland 16
New Zealand Double VPN (Switzerland) 1

I’ve spent some time analyzing ProtonVPN’s server offerings in Oceania and found that users have access to servers, predominantly supporting P2P activities. This is particularly beneficial for users in Australia and New Zealand who are looking for reliable VPN connections for file sharing or streaming.

ProtonVPN servers in Africa

ProtonVPN has 28 servers in Africa. Here’s the breakdown of the servers in different African regions:

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Chad N’Djamena P2P 24
Egypt Double VPN 9
Egypt Cairo 8
Egypt Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Morocco Rabat P2P 12
Mauritania Nouakchott P2P 24
Mauritius Port Louis P2P 24
Nigeria Double VPN
Nigeria Abuja P2P 5
Nigeria Double VPN (Sweden) 1
Rwanda Kigali P2P 24
Senegal Dakar P2P 24
South Africa Double VPN 13
South Africa Johannesburg 12
South Africa Double VPN (Iceland) 1
South Sudan Juba P2P 24
Togo Lome P2P 24

This expansive coverage includes Algeria, Chad, Comoros, Egypt, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, and Togo.

Each country has P2P support and some, like Egypt, Nigeria, and South Africa, also provide Double VPN options. This broad range in Africa is significant for users who require a VPN for both security and performance.

ProtonVPN servers in The Caribbean

ProtonVPN has 18 servers in the Caribbean. Here’s the breakdown of its Caribbean servers:

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Puerto Rico Double VPN 9
Puerto Rico San Juan 8
Puerto Rico Double VPN (Iceland) 1

These servers offer both P2P and Double VPN options, ensuring that users in the Caribbean can enjoy ProtonVPN’s secure and private internet access. The availability of Double VPN servers in this region is particularly noteworthy for those who prioritize extra layers of encryption and security in their online activities.

ProtonVPN puts great emphasis on protecting the user’s online anonymity and advanced safety features, which are available for all the countries on the Proton VPN country list.

And contains a minimum of one SecureCore option on its server in each country, very unique to the company, and provides a DoubleVPN feature for maximum online anonymity and privacy.

ProtonVPN servers list also offers the option of different types of servers, including those that allow connecting the VPN with TOR usage, along with the P2P servers, although these special servers are not available in all countries listed on ProtonVPN and only reachable for users in 10 selected countries up till now.

For more information check out the ProtonVPN review. Now that you know Proton server locations let’s move to the specifications of different types of ProtonVPN Premium Servers.

Different Types Of ProtonVPN Servers Explained

To start with the selection of country and city for the ProtonVPN server list, it’s important to first understand the various levels of Premium servers and Proton VPN locations that are available depending on the subscription plan of your choice and preference.

  • Free servers: You can get various free servers in ProtonVPN free trial for its servers in different regions which you can check region-wise in the list provided above.
  • Basic Servers: The other option is the Basic Plan, which is the least expensive subscription plan at $/€ 4 per month. You will have access to 373 servers located in 40 different countries. While these servers do support P2P/BitTorrent, they do not support streaming services or Tor over VPN. To access those features, you would need to upgrade to the Plus Plan.
  • Plus Servers: With the Plus Servers Plan, which costs $/€ 8 per month, you will have access to a wider array of servers that exceeds 1000 and covers all 63 countries. Additionally, these servers support streaming services and Tor over VPN, making it the ideal plan if you want to access platforms such as Disney Plus, Netflix, and HBO Max.
  • Secure Core Servers: The Plus Plan also comes with 96 Secure Core servers located in all 63 countries. These servers are designed to provide enhanced privacy by routing traffic through intermediary countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, and Iceland, even though they have a Proton VPN IP address list in the target country. This routing process adds another layer of privacy and obfuscation to your connection, as data is transmitted through other countries, without any servers located in the target country.

Which ProtonVPN Servers Are Only Available On The Plus Plan?

For ease of use and clarity, let’s pull out the “Plus Plan” only servers from the full list above, and show them separately. The following ProtonVPN server locations are ONLY available if you subscribe to the more expensive ($/€ 8/month) Plus Plan on ProtonVPN.

Albania Algeria
Argentina Australia
Austria Azerbaijan
Bangladesh Belarus
Belgium Bhutan
Brazil Bulgaria
Cambodia Canada
Chad Chile
Colombia Comoros
Costa Rica Croatia
Cyprus Czechia
Denmark Ecuador
Egypt El Salvador
Estonia Finland
France Georgia
Germany Greece
Hong Kong Hungary
Iceland India
Indonesia Ireland
Israel Italy
Japan Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg
Malaysia Malta
Mauritania Mauritius
Mexico Moldova
Morocco Mozambique
Myanmar Nepal
Netherlands New Zealand
Nigeria Macedonia
Norway Pakistan
Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal
Puerto Rico Qatar
Romania Russia
Rwanda Senegal
Serbia Singapore
Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korea
South Sudan Spain
Sri Lanka Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan
Thailand Togo
Turkey Ukraine
USA Venezuela

Where Are ProtonVPN Free Servers Located?

ProtonVPN server list is primarily a Premium VPN service offering servers in around 60 countries, but there is also a ProtonVPN free servers list of their product that offers 134 servers in 5 countries. Let’s have a look at the Proton VPN free server locations.

  • USA (Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta) – 47 free servers
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam) – 79 free servers
  • Japan (Tokyo) – 8 free servers
  • Romania (Bucharest) – 22 free servers
  • Poland (Warsaw) – 36 free servers

ProtonVPN offers great privacy features and performance, particularly for users looking for a free VPN.

ProtonVPN Prominent Features

There are several ProtonVPN’s best server features and qualities. Let’s have a look at a list of prominent features provided by ProtonVPN

  • Pricing: The pricing plans offered by ProtonVPN are very reasonable and worth the value for money. The free plan of ProtonVPN also includes a reasonable amount of servers and further has the Basic Pricing Plan and the Pro Plus Pricing Plan.
  • Security & Privacy: The paid servers of ProtonVPN are guarded with advanced security features to protect your online privacy such as the kill switch, no logs policy, and much more.
  • Streaming  & Torrenting: ProtonVPN servers are suitable for streaming and torrenting and ProtonVPN works with Netflix and other popular streaming platforms without any issues.
  • Device Compatibility: Another prominent feature is the different number of devices ProtonVPN supports on its platform and is compatible with almost all devices.
  • Speed & Performance: On conducting the ProtonVPN speed test we confirmed that it provides fast speeds with excellent performance throughout its servers.
  • Advanced Protocols: Proton VPN includes advanced and updated protocols on its servers to ensure the protection of your online data and privacy and to tackle any sort of malware attacks.

Top VPN Servers list other than ProtonVPN

To compare and contrast the ProtonVPN server list with other top-performing VPNs in the industry we analyzed the list of the servers of the following VPNs.

ExpressVPN Server List

ExpressVPN provides an extensive server list spanning numerous countries, ensuring users have diverse options for secure and reliable connections.

With over several thousand servers in 105 countries, ExpressVPN offers a vast network to cater to various needs, from browsing to streaming and gaming. Go through the complete servers list of ExpressVPN and connect to the server with the highest speed. Take a look at how ExpressVPN spreads servers worldwide:

  • The Americas = 16 countries
  • Europe = 47 countries
  • Asia Pacific = 26 countries
  • Middle East & Africa = 5 countries

NordVPN Server List

Surfshark offers a diverse server list spanning over 100 countries worldwide, ensuring users have a wide range of options for secure and private browsing.

With servers strategically located across the globe, Surfshark provides reliable and fast connections to meet the needs of its users, whether for accessing geo-restricted content or maintaining online anonymity. Go through the complete servers list of NordVPN and connect to the server with the highest speed. See how NordVPN’s servers cover the globe:

  • North America-based servers: 1804
  • Europe-based servers: 2011
  • Asia-based servers: 386
  • Oceania-based servers: 220
  • South America-based servers: 61
  • Middle East & Africa based servers: 81

PIA Server list:

The PIA (Private Internet Access) Server List provides users with a comprehensive selection of servers across numerous countries and cities, offering diverse options for optimizing speed, security, and accessibility.

With thousands of servers globally, PIA ensures reliable and secure connections for users worldwide, enhancing their online privacy and freedom. Go through the complete PIA servers list and connect to the server with the highest speed. Take a look at how PIA spreads servers worldwide:

  • Asia: 22 servers
  • Europe: 48 servers
  • North America: 33  servers
  • South America: 5 servers
  • Africa and Caribbean: 6 servers
  • Oceania: 6 servers

FAQs – ProtonVPN Server List

ProtonVPN has several servers available in different countries, Proton VPN countries are the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. You can check the ProtonVPN US server locations in detail on ProtonVPN’s website. These servers allow users to connect to the internet unrestricted.

ProtonVPN offers three plans: the free trial, Basic Plan, and the Pro Plus Plan. The free version of ProtonVPN has a limited number of servers and features; however, the paid version has a larger number of servers spread across different countries and advanced features.

ProtonVPN servers list currently includes 1,904 servers across 67 countries. While the company manages some of these servers directly, most of them are owned and operated by third-party Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) like M247 and Datacamp Limited. This approach allows ProtonVPN to expand its server network quickly and offer more diverse locations to its users.

However, it’s essential to note that relying on third-party servers may have some implications on the privacy and security of the VPN service, and it’s important to assess the trustworthiness of the ASN providers.

ProtonVPN free server locations are located only in the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan. ProtonVPN’s free service can be used to access the internet securely and privately from anywhere in the world. While users can still benefit from the security and privacy features of the VPN service, the limited number of server locations may result in slower connection speeds and less optimal performance compared to paid plans.

Nevertheless, the free servers can be a great option for users who need a VPN for occasional use or want to test out the service before committing to a subscription.

Yes, ProtonVPN supports P2P applications but only on certain servers. Check their server list for P2P-compatible options.

Yes, ProtonVPN has a free tier, it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee which can be considered a risk-free trial period for their premium plans.

ProtonVPN supports Linux, and you can access its servers using command-line tools provided by ProtonVPN or through third-party OpenVPN clients.


ProtonVPN is a reliable VPN service that offers great privacy features, making it an excellent choice, particularly for those searching for a free VPN. In our ProtonVPN review we analyzed the ProtonVPN server list, the VPN performed well in all of our speed tests and had a user-friendly interface.

We found that ProtonVPN has robust security measures, including SecureCore servers, 256-bit AES Encryption, a strict No-Logs Policy, and a Kill Switch, among other features, to safeguard user data. It also offers ten simultaneous connections on one account and has apps available for all popular platforms.

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    I’m having a bit of a second thought, thinking rather that Hulu’s security fix would be in regards to signing in from a home Wi-Fi location; at least for shared accounts. I’m unclear, other than sports, why the location would affect which shows are played. Is there a quick statement or so that may bring clarity to this area for myself? TIA


    P.S. long time Proton user, VPN and otherwise. Considering the premium but wondering the why pony up…

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