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Onavo Protect Review 2019: VPN that Violates Your Privacy

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Onavo is the award winning mobile analytics company and a subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. Founded in 2010, Onavo primarily serves netizens with smartphone privacy needs.

The company is currently headquartered in Palp Alto, California, The United States, but also operates from Israel.

But there’s more to it.

Recently, it was discovered that Facebook was using Onavo VPN to snoop on the browsing habits of users.

After this, Apple removed the Onavo app from iTunes. The app was then widely condemned as Facebook’s data stealing tool.

VPN ProvidersPureVPNOnavo Protect
Servers2000+ in 140 countries1 Server
CompatibilityWindows, Mac. Android, iOS, Routers,
Browsing Extensions,

Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs
Android and iOS
JurisdictionHong KongUS
Logging PolicyZero Logkeeps logs
Customer SupportLive Chat, FAQs, Email, Setup Guides, Contact UsFAQs
Trust Pilot Score9.5


You should not lose all your hopes because you can go through our other VPN reviews that allow you to make a right decision about your privacy.

But it is still worth a look.

So, hold on tight, as I will delve deep into this Onavo Protect review and discover its hidden aspects.


  • No Bandwidth Caps
  • Freemium VPN Service
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
  • High-Speed Network Infrastructure
  • Logs Data
  • Limited Server Locations
  • Only offers IPSec Protocol
  • Used by Facebook as a Spying Tool
  • Not available on iTunes

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Facebook and Onavo

Back when Facebook launched, everyone was excited to get on this wonderful platform.

People made new friends and reconnected with old ones through this innovate website.

But over time, the site grew exponentially and so did the greed of its founder.

It is not a secret anymore that people behind Facebook have no issue in stealing user information.

The site has employed ingenious ways of prying on the Netizens.

Affiliating with Onavo was a part of this ploy. Through Onavo VPN, Facebook got a chance to monitor the user on every online app they used.

In fact, the data collected from Onavo helped Facebook in reaching a final decision about acquiring WhatsApp.


In short, the entire Onavo Facebook stunt was organized to give a competitive edge to Mark Zuckerberg.

Anyone who used the VPN was nothing but a pawn in a vile game.

Privacy Policy – Is Your Online Privacy Secure?

Privacy policy and data retention terms are the hidden in the privacy policy of a VPN services. Usually many users discover such details after subscription.

To present an impartial review of provider, I studied the privacy policy of service in this Onavo VPN review and unveiled surprising privacy guidelines.

Onavo’s privacy policy was always a bit problematic.

Here’s what they said in 2013.


Not only do they store your information, they share it with third parties and “affiliates”.

This is no surprise as Facebook itself has been in hot waters regarding its privacy procedures.

So, basically this VPN does an opposite of what a VPN is supposed to do.

It spies on your browsing activity and sells it so you may become a victim of targeted ads.


Encryption Protocols

Strong encryption tunneling protocols and additional privacy features like Internet Kill Switch are the bedrock of a reliable VPN service. However, as a free VPN service, Onavo VPN currently offers IPSec to subscribers.

This is another area of concern, especially if you are going use Onavo to secure your privacy. IPSec alone is a weak protocol for protection, but if it is layered with L2TP, then it forms a formidable security measure.

I could recommend that use Onavo for unblocking purposes only and look at some premium VPN services for online security and privacy.

How Onavo Protect Performs?

Being a free VPN, Onavo protect does not boast high speed.

I did not expect it to be one of the fastest VPN in the market. Still, its performance left me wanting more.

Ookla Speed Test without VPN:


Ookla Speed Test with Onavo VPN:


After connecting to Onavo VPN’s UK server, the download speed dropped to some quite a bit.

Simply put, this speed was not sufficient for browsing or streaming.

Server Locations

A VPN service is generally assessed on the number of servers and destinations it offers. However, being a free of cost service, Onavo Protect VPN is honored as an instant unblocker and data protection tool by smartphone geeks.

For this Onavo Protect review, I examined Onavo servers dispersion and figured out that Onavo Protect only offers servers in the UK.

This was a worrying point as a VPN should have wide server options and available in multiple regions. Likewise, I couldn’t find any information available on the website about the server spread of the VPN.

However, with Onavo Protect installed on device, subscribers get an opportunity to unblock thousands of blocked and geo-restricted sites from UK.

Onavo Customer Support System

A key consideration while selecting a VPN includes responsive customer support system. Usually, a subscriber seeks for an upright support channel like live tech chat support at times of technical issues.

But, being a freemium VPN provider, Onavo currently doesn’t offers live chat support.

Also, I found no email ticketing system that could solve detailed issues of users. The only support channel offered by Onavo is the FAQ section.

Onavo Protect offers a useful FAQ section that offers in-depth solution to most common queries of subscribers.

Users can get assistance with VPN installation process, general information about Onavo Protect and Onavo Extend, how does Onavo help to enhance overall online experience and much more.

Onavo Extend Review – Save More Achieve More

Onavo Extend is an app that helps in saving money while delivering more to smartphone users. There are both Onavo Extend APK and iOS versions available.


Once installed on your phone, the app compresses all your network traffic when using cellular data through 3G, EDGE or LTE. Onavo Extend also offers breakdown reports of data usage through cellular network.

An amazing feature of Onavo Extend turns it off when you connect to WiFi. For this Onavo Protect review, I found similar data saving app by Onavo for Android users.

Onavo Protect Android App

Onavo Protect APK App is an excellent in-house app that offers both VPN and Data Manager. With Onavo Protect on your Android device, you’re prompted with alerts when consuming large volume of data.


In addition, the VPN protects you against the prying eyes of cyber criminals, phishes, snoopers, identity thieves all but Facebook’s own surveillance team.

But I will reiterate in this Onavo review that this VPN cannot be trusted. Also, you can compare Onavo VPN with the best VPN Android of 2019.

Onavo Protect for iPhone

iPhone users can take benefit from Onavo Protect with it freemium VPN service and data saving utility. The powerful VPN keeps your online activities protected against hackers, phishes, snoopers and other cyber threats. Even you can compare the Onavo VPN service with the best VPN iPhone of 2019.


In this Onavo Protect review, I discovered an amazing advantage the service that offers top-grade protection to credit card and bank account numbers during an online transaction.

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Onavo for PC

The original purpose of this VPN was to provide online privacy to smartphone users.

It failed miserably to do that.

Hence, it is good that we do not have Onavo Protect for Mac or Windows.

Less platforms for Facebook to monitor, the better.

Netflix & Other Streaming Services Unblocking

you cannot opt Onavo VPN to unblock US Netflix media content library. The same goes for other video streaming providers like Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

Likewise, you cannot use Onavo Protect to watch any media stuff on Kodi hassle-free.

Thus, you will have to depend on best VPN for streaming Kodi to access your favorite TV shows and other content accordingly.

Onavo Protect Price and Plans

Packages are of prime consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable VPN service. Onavo Protect takes a step ahead and offers freemium account for Android and iOS users.

In addition, Onavo Protect requires no credit card information or any other confidential detail as this VPN is free. Netizens can install the app and use it for free.

This puts factors such as refund policy also out of equation.

Alternatives of Onavo

Onavo is not a VPN that you should use under any circumstances. Hence, you will be better off checking out the reviews of the following providers.

Onavo Twitter review

Twitter is filled with revelations about the unholy Onavo Facebook alliance. This thread lays out some important details.

Despite all this, some users are still using Onavo.

Onavo Reddit Review

Meanwhile, redditors never bought in on the free VPN by Facebook. They knew something was fishy with this service since the start.

Something seems ironic about Facebook, a company known for violating user privacy, offering a VPN service. This comment sums it all up.

Final Words

Onavo has been making exclusive apps for smartphones since 2010. And, Onavo Protect is their premier VPN service.

Before becoming its parent company, Facebook was an affiliate of Onavo.

This means that for years, these two companies stole user data and utilized it for different purposes.

Facebook used the VPN to monitor how much time users spent on its competing websites.

In doing so, it violated user trust and outright lied to the masses.

So, is Facebook still using this VPN to keep tabs on smartphone users or has it mended its ways?

No one knows.

But keeping everything into perspective, I would advise everyone reading this Onavo review to stay far away from this VPN.

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  1. Harry says:

    Probably you should give this a single star. Facebook is monitoring your data and using it for its own gain. See also recent articles of Wall Street Journal on this as well as the legal text for the usage of the app.
    Free is as usually to good to be true, you pay in just a different way, in this case your privacy. Which seems to me the primary reason to us such an app.

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