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VPN.ht Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

VPN.ht isn’t a VPN that you can trust. We don’t recommend that you guys get it. We have given it a pretty bad rating in our review of VPN.ht. But what about the Reddit community? Do they recommend VPN.ht? Should we add it to our list of recommended VPNs suggested by Redditors?

To find out, we compiled a list of the latest VPN.ht Reddit comments in a single easy-to-consume blog post. For the latest comments, keep visiting this page daily.

  • VPN.ht - Anonymous VPN Service

    VPN.ht - Anonymous VPN Service https://VPN.ht ~ Source: Reddit / 7 years ago

I hope you found our VPN.ht post informative. For a list of VPNs that we actually suggest free VPNs suggested by Redditors. Who knows, you might find something you really like.

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