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Free-vpn-for-finland-For German Users

Finland ranks very highly on the human development index and is considered to be one of the most advanced and progressive countries in the world. But that doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect place by any means.

In fact, Finland has quite a problem when it comes to internet fraud and cybercrime. It is a significant occurrence all around the world and Finland is not alone in this. So, how do you make sure your private data is safe and secure? Well, the simple answer is a VPN.

So, if you’ve come here searching for a free VPN Finland For German Users, then you are in the right place. But first, let us explain. VPNs are our digital safeguards. And you can truly find good free VPNs if you really look for them. Though most VPNs require you to pay a premium, we’ve compiled a list for you consisting of three VPNs that don’t require you to pay anything.

And you will be able to use these VPNs freely without any issues like slow servers, failure to bypass geo-restrictions or dropping connections. With these risk-free VPNs, not only will you be able to protect yourself on the internet, but you will also be able to access sites and services previously unavailable to you.

In this blog, we will go through the top VPNs for Finland For German Users in detail Analysis. But below is a brief rundown of some of our recommendations.

Quick Overview: Best Risk-Free VPN Finland For German Users

Here are three of the best free VPNs for Finland For German Users that we could come up with after research. . These three names provided the best quality for free VPNs.

  1. Windscribe: Recommended Free VPN for Finland For German Users – Windscribe is your best choice if you are looking for a free VPN Finland For German Users. Windscribe is a Canadian-based VPN with a very impressive free plan that is sure to attract anyone looking for a good free VPN.
  2. Tunnelbear: 500 MB Data Bandwidth for Free Users in Finland – Tunnelbear is highly reviewed and considered to be one of the easiest-to-use and friendliest VPNs out there. Though it is modest, it performs quite well still.
  3. Speedify: Lightning Fast Free VPN for Finland – As the name suggests, Speedify is speedy. Whether it be for streaming, gaming or just general browsing, you can be sure of fast speeds with Speedify. For such a small-scale VPN, it is quite impressive.

For more details on these VPNs,
Click here for FAQs and here to find out how we choose these VPNs.

ExpressVPN – The Most Recommended VPN for Finland For German Users

Alternately, if you’re looking for a high-end VPN that can provide you with all the ones described above can and much more, check out ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN with a server in Finland and a 7-day free trial. You may click here to start a free ExpressVPN trial.

Why Is It Necessary For German Users To Use A Free VPN In Finland?

Finland is safe. But the internet is a dangerous place and you could encounter a hacker or a cybercriminal at any time. The reality is that it is necessary to use a free VPN in Finland because otherwise, you are not secure.

Your private data might not be private anymore or your access to a certain website, application or service might be blocked. Internet freedom is a right in this modern age and you deserve to have control over what you can and can’t access.

This is where VPNs come in. VPNs work by encryption your traffic and hiding your real-time location and IP address. This, in turn, ensures that you are hidden and anonymous on the internet. And if anyone tries to access your traffic, they are immediately blocked.

Without a VPN, if you try to access a certain website or let’s say a different Netflix region (the US, for example), you might encounter a problem. An error might pop up that says that you can’t access the website or service that you are trying to access because it isn’t available in Finland.

But if you connect to a VPN server (the US, for example), you can mimic a US-based location and bypass the geo-restrictions in place and access the site or service you want without any issues.

ExpressVPN is perfectly suited for the job. We highly recommend US and UK servers. Click here to begin your free trial.

3 Free VPNs for Finland For German Users – Detailed Analysis

It took us some time but after some searching, we found these three VPNs. Testing their capabilities led us to the conclusion that if you want a free VPN Finland For German Users, the choice comes down to these three. Take a look.

1. Windscribe: Recommended Free VPN for Finland For German Users

Key Features:

  • 500 servers in 60+ countries.
  • The free version is available in multiple regions not including Finland.
  • 65.21 Mbps download/35.01 Mbps upload speed.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for Ultra HD streaming
  • AES-256 encryption. Unlimited simultaneous connections.

Windscribe comes in top place on our list despite having a smaller server network owing to its excellent ratings and reputation. Speaking of the server network, it has a small scale, consisting of just over 500 servers dispersed throughout 60 nations worldwide. While there aren’t many alternate servers, there is a long list of regions to pick from.

Windscribe’s performance was excellent during our testing. It worked wonderfully and provided a secure and encrypted environment. Even the free plan had no problems or connection disruptions. It is a great VPN solution for Finland residents.

Only the US or UK servers may be used by Windscribe to unblock Netflix; other locations are not supported. Even for a free VPN, this is quite remarkable.

unblock-netflix-finland-windscribe-For German Users

The Windscribe speed test For German Users produced excellent results. We measured download and upload speeds of over 65.21 Mbps on a 34.75 Mbps connection. Yes, it is rather quick for such a small VPN.

speed-test-finland-windscribe-For German Users

Windscribe is only compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, and specific routers. However, even that level of compatibility is remarkable for a VPN of this size. Its mobile app is also fairly reliable.

Windscribe offers P2P torrenting capability, AES-256 encryption, split tunnelling, and an automated kill switch. It also has a rigorous no-logs policy and a live chat available 24/7 in case of problems.

Windscribe is undoubtedly free to use, but if you want access to its entire server network, you must pay $9 USD per month for premium access. Given that the 12-month bundle reduces the cost to just $4.08 USD each month, we do suggest it. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included by default.

Get your Windscribe free trial For German Users today!

To learn more about this provider, check out our Windscribe review Germany.

  • Double hop feature.
  •  Completely free in Finland

  • Only US & UK Netflix is available.
  • Slower speeds on macOS.

2. TunnelBear: 500 MB Data Bandwidth for Free Users in Finland


Key Features:

  • 3000+ servers in 48 countries.
  • Unlimited Free Trial (Limited to 500 MBs per month)
  • 53.50 Mbps download/10.20 Mbps upload speed.
  • Limited bandwidth for free users.
  • AES-256 Bit encryption. Unlimited simultaneous connections

One of the few safe and cost-free VPNs on the market is TunnelBear. It has been thoroughly tested and has shown to be relatively secure. Additionally, it is highly portable and functions well on all devices. It is also quite reasonably priced, coming in at just $4.17 a month if you choose to upgrade from the free version.

It has a substantial server network with about 3000 servers spread across 38 countries. Although it isn’t as big, you do get more servers per area, which is useful if you want to explore alternatives in case one server goes down.

TunnelBear’s servers in other countries are quite beneficial for channels like Netflix and Starz. You can use the US server as we used, and unblock your favorite content for free.

unblock-starz-finland-tunnelbear-For German Users

Tunnelbear speed testing For German Users resulted in a moderate download speed of 55.27 Mbps and an underwhelming upload speed of 40.21 Mbps. It is adequate, however, it may cause problems if you do a lot of streaming or downloading. Tunnelbear’s bandwidth is also fairly constrained, with the free option only allowing 500 MBs per month.

tunnelbear-speed-test-For German Users

Tunnelbear also makes use of AES-256 encryption, putting it on par with the most secure VPNs. With its limitless simultaneous connections functionality, you can also connect as many devices as you wish to one account.

Other capabilities include a certified no-logs policy and 24/7 live chat assistance. On the free version, you will, however, have restricted bandwidth. However, if you purchase the paid version, you will be able to stream continuously.

It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and the majority of other devices. You can enjoy it worry-free thanks to its 30-day money-back promise and unlimited free trial.

Get your Tunnelbear subscripttion For German Users today!

To learn more about this provider, check out our TunnelBear review Germany.

  • No data logging.
  • DNS/IP Leak protection.

  • The free version has limited bandwidth.

3. Speedify: Lightning Fast Free VPN for Finland


Key Features:

  • 200+ servers in 38 countries.
  • Unlimited Free Trial (Limited to 2 GBs per month)
  • 80.40 Mbps download/65.31 Mbps upload speed.
  • Limited bandwidth for free users.
  • AES-256 Bit encryption. Up to five simultaneous connections.

When compared to ExpressVPN or even Tunnelbear, Speedify is a pretty modest VPN For German Users. It only has 200 servers in 38 countries.

Fortunately, Speedify is accessible on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and a variety of other platforms, demonstrating its versatility. It can also unblock several streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and others.

unblock-netflix-finland-speedify-For German Users

What it lacks in a number of servers is compensated for in speed. Speedify has some of the quickest VPN speeds we’ve measured. It is a speedy VPN, with download at 50.82 Mbps and upload speeds 0f 67.49 Mbps.

speed-test-finland-speedify-For German Users

An interesting feature for a VPN of Speedify’s size is that it has AES-256 encryption. It’s also quite secure, with a strict no-logs policy, a kill switch, and a slew of additional security precautions. Without upgrading to the commercial version, Speedify is also available for free indefinitely but with limited bandwidth.

Speedify supports P2P traffic via its Netherlands servers, and you can have up to five simultaneous connections. Unfortunately, with the free version, you are only permitted one simultaneous connection.

It is so inexpensive that it will only run you $4.17 USD every month. You also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as an unlimited free plan.

  • Incredible performance for such a small VPN.
  • Ridiculously fast speeds as well.

  • Servers can be crowded at times.

Get Speedify in Finland For German Users30-day money-back guarantee

How We Choose And Evaluated These Free VPNs For German Users

So, how did we come to the conclusion that these are the best free VPNs? Well, below we’ve outlined the methodology that we used to come to the conclusion that these three were the best options for free VPN Finland For German Users.

  • Encryption: An appropriate standard of encryption is a must. This is why we only chose VPNs with AES-256 encryption standards and other security protocols to ensure that your traffic is as secure as possible.
  • Unblocking Geo-Restricted Channels: We wanted to ensure that even though you are in Finland, you get access to just about every region or country possible. We also picked VPNs with server obfuscation just for that purpose.
  • Speed: Speed matters. And we made sure to pick VPNs that wouldn’t slow down right when it mattered. With these VPNs, you can get the most out of your connection.
  • Price: While we did pick free VPNs, we were also conscious about users wanting to upgrade to the premium version. Not wanting users to burn a hole in their pockets, we picked VPNs with pocket-friendly payment plans.

What are the risks of using a Free VPN in Finland For German Users?

You can never be sure of the quality of a free VPN, not until you test it out thoroughly. We did test them but if you were to pick any random free VPN, the reality is that you would probably be just as unsafe as you were before downloading that free VPN option.

Free VPNs have a multitude of issues, such as slow speeds, old servers, malware, trouble bypassing or even invasions of privacy by recording your data and selling it off to third parties.

Free VPNs to avoid in Finland For German Users

Below listed are three VPNs that should be avoided at all costs when it comes to choosing a free VPN Finland For German Users.

  • HOXXVPN: HoxxVPN is notorious for keeping logs and selling private user data to third parties. The protocol that they do run is also an outdated OpenVPN protocol. So be careful. For detailed information on HoxxVPN, refer to our HoxxVPN review Germany.
  • HolaVPN: HolaVPN is highly unsafe with many users reporting intrusive ads and even malware injection. There have also been suspicions of the VPN keeping logs and selling user data to advertisers. To know more about HolaVPN, refer to our HolaVPN review Germany.
  • Hide.me: Hide.me is not even a VPN. It is a proxy and has no security or privacy protocols to speak of. Any activity is immediately tracked and logged by Hide.me servers. Our Hide.me review Germany covers pretty much everything you need to know about this VPN.

FAQs – Free VPN Finland For German Users

If Germans pick the right free VPN, yes. It can protect them from governmental surveillance. Unfortunately, surveillance is on the rise, so we highly recommend investing in a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to get the most security out of your VPN.

ExpressVPN is one of the few VPNs with numerous servers in Finland For German Users. You can get a free trial for ExpressVPN by clicking here.

Yes, free VPNs are legal to use in Finland For German Users. Although, we do advise caution as to how you use your VPN and for what purpose. The right VPN will be able to make you untraceable.

Wrapping Up!

This has been a detailed discussion of the best free VPN Finland For German Users. A free VPN is a good option for Finland if you do not want your ISP or the police to look at what you are doing on the internet.

Finland is a nice country but with such sensitive internet regulatory laws, you can never be too careful. If your priority is to access geo-blocked content without restrictions on bandwidth or server count, our recommendation is to opt for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Don’t waste your time and get a subscription today! If you don’t like the service, you can just avail the 30-day money-back guarantee!