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best vpn service for poland

Polish laws protect freedom of speech, but the government imposes online surveillance of netizens for security and law enforcement purposes. The data retention laws in Poland are highly invasive, which is a serious privacy concern.

And the problems don’t end here. Geo-restrictions on streaming websites like Netflix and other sites are also commonly encountered problems in Poland.

Therefore, there is a high demand for VPN services in the country.

Best VPNs for Poland – Quick Overview

  1. PureVPN – Superior privacy features to protect Polish users from surveillance.
  2. Surfshark – Fast network of servers to enable efficient geo-bypassing for users in Poland.
  3. Ivacy – All-around strong VPN for unblocking websites outside Poland.
  4. ExpressVPN – Highly reliable service with a good combination of speed and privacy.
  5. CyberGhost – Decent VPN for privacy-seeking users in Poland with average speed.
  6. NordVPN – Offers 57 servers in Poland to access locally blocked websites from abroad.

PureVPN is the top recommended choice. It is chosen as the best because Poland’s issues with censorship and surveillance are adequately handled by PureVPN’s wide diversity of servers and a true commitment to protecting user privacy against surveillance.


6 Best VPNs for Poland

Here are top 6 VPNs for Poland to make ward off online surveillance and geo-restrictions:


1. PureVPN – Best Poland VPN for all Devices


PureVPN has 2,000+ servers in 140 countries. The large network has considerable geographical diversity which promotes internet accessibility. The provider includes 6 servers in Warsaw, Poland. PureVPN offers a escape route from geo-restrictions that may be preventing your access to streaming websites or other sites in Poland, including popular channels such as TVP1, TVP2, TVN, and Polsat

PureVPN is a based in Hong Kong, a jurisdiction that is favored by privacy advocates because of the lack data logging laws in the country. Since surveillance is a problem that pesters Polish people, PureVPN is a great solution to make yourself invisible from the eyes of local law enforcement and unwarranted government surveillance.

On the privacy and security fronts, PureVPN offers features such as ad-blocker and killswitch to ensure your security from online trackers and keeping your identity secure at all times. This is why PureVPN is respected by users and reviewers alike.

It is the best price VPN available at $2.91/mo . Coming with 5 simultaneous connections, and 31-day money-back guarantee, PureVPN is the best Poland VPN you can count on.


2. Surfshark – Fast VPN for Poland


Surfshark operates a network of more than 1,000 servers spread around 60+ countries. The provider supports stable connections with fast speeds for streaming and torrenting purposes. In Surfshark’s network there are servers in the Polish cities of Gdańsk and Warsaw. The local servers are excellent for gaining access to local channels if you’re traveling away from Poland, while the offshore servers are just as good for bypassing geo-restrictions as they are for removing censored content within social media.

Using Surfshark, you can also gain access to US Netflix in Poland since the local Polish Netflix is a pared down version of the American one, which has a large content library. In fact, its consistent fast speed enables instant unblocking local Polish channels TVN and Polsat for users abroad.

The provider has its jurisdiction in British Virgin Islands, where you don’t have to worry about ISPs logging your data at all. This makes it advantageous from the privacy standpoint for users in Poland that want better privacy from government interference in online activities.

Surfshark also delivers extra value-added features such as CleanWeb and MultiHop. With these features, Polish users can further strengthen their privacy from cybercriminals and data harvesters lurking around the web.

Finally, the service has a 30-day refund policy and unlimited simultaneous connections, all for a cost of $2.49/mo . It’s hardly a surprise that Surfshark has the approval of many reviewers. It is the fastest VPN service we’ve found so far.


3. Ivacy – Efficient VPN for Streaming in Poland


Ivacy has a decent network size with 1,000+ servers distributed in over 100 countries. Within Poland, Ivacy offers 1 server. Using this server, expatriates can access local streaming services like Polsat and TVN. However, the real utility of Ivacy is for Polish users that are looking for offshore servers to unblock popular geo-restricted streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, and Hulu.

Ivacy is based in Singapore which is a country that does actually grant a lot of power to law enforcement for surveillance. However, it is not a direct member of the Fourteen Eyes but a cooperative ally, so you’re still relatively safe with this VPN. More importantly, Ivacy has a zero-logging policy, so even if the agencies wanted to acquire your data, they wouldn’t have any data to spy on you.

For privacy, Ivacy actually offers multiple features including IPv6 protection, DNS secure, killswitch, and split-tunneling. In addition, many of its servers support p2p and torrenting, making it pretty good for the strict anti-piracy Singaporean laws. This is why it continues to receive praise in VPN reviews.

You can purchase Ivacy for $2.25/mo for a 2-year subscription which has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


4. ExpressVPN – Reliable VPN for Privacy and Streaming in Poland


ExpressVPN has 3,000+ servers spread in over 94 different countries. The provider also covers Poland in its impressive server base. With these servers, people in Poland can acquire access to all types of blocked websites including torrenting and streaming services such as local channels (Polsat) as well as streaming movies with VPN (US Netflix).

ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Islands. The country follows the privacy-focused laws of the country and strictly follows a no-logging policy to preserve the privacy of Polish users seeking protection from government surveillance.

The service also delivers efficient performance on its apps, with one-click connectivity. With privacy and security features such as killswitch and split-tunneling, you can significantly enhance your web privacy with ExpressVPN. This is why reviews are full of praise for this service.

But ExpressVPN is more expensive than other alternatives as it costs $6.67/mo . Though, you can obtain a refund within 30-days if you’re not satisfied with the service or any reason.


5. CyberGhost – Decent all-around VPN service for Poland


CyberGhost has an impressive network of 5,500+ servers distributed in 90+ countries. Out of these, 60 of these servers are located within Poland itself. Many of these servers are optimized for p2p as well as streaming on platforms like Hulu, Netflix, as local Polish channels.

CyberGhost is headquartered in Romania, a country where laws are quite lenient when it comes to online censorship and also respect user privacy. As such, it has a zero-logging policy that the Polish can surely take advantage of for enhanced privacy from local cybercriminals and intelligence agencies.

Additionally, the provider offers a good balance of privacy and security with a strong server network, all at a cost of $2.75/mo . In fact, its 45-day money-back guarantee and 7 simultaneous connections deserve special mention since none of the big names in the industry offer that much. For its well-rounded set of features, CyberGhost remains reputable VPN among reviewers.


6. NordVPN – Large VPN Network with 57 servers in Poland


NordVPN consists of the largest server network, having over 5,000+ servers covering 59 countries. The provider hosts of a considerable number of servers in Poland with 57 of these. Many of these servers are optimized for streaming and torrenting to allow for the safe performance of these activities in Poland.

Service is headquartered in Panama, where no data logging requirements are applicable on VPNs/ISPs. In line with these laws, the provider promises zero logging of any personally identifiable information of users, which is a great benefit for Polish people, where the power of agencies to curb free speech and monitor user activities is continually increasing.

In the department of extra security/privacy features, NordVPN offers Onion over VPN, CyberSec, and DoubleVPN to consolidate your online privacy from Polish government. Overall, the privacy features and server network make, NordVPN highly rated in reviews.

Although it is slightly more expensive than its counterparts above, costing $3.71/mo , but more than makes up for it with above-mentioned features, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 6 simultaneous connections.


Free VPN Options

When it comes to free services, there’re some providers who offer entirely free of cost service. But, not to forget, such services work more like an activity tracker for ISPs and law-enforcement agencies.

Also, these services sell users’ activity logs to marketing agencies to make a profit, since they don’t have a legit revenue stream of their own. This is why in order to achieve a reliable online protection and top-grade data privacy, it is recommended for users to opt for premium providers mentioned above.

Nonetheless, there are a few reliable VPNs available for free, which you can learn more about in this article on free VPN services:

  • TunnelBear
  • Windscribe
  • Hotspot shield


Why you need a VPN in Poland?

The online privacy situation in Poland is worse than it seems at first and geo-restrictions continue to exasperate Polish people. Here are a few reasons why VPNs have become necessary in Poland:

  • Privacy protection: Law enforcement agencies in Poland have the power to access metadata of Polish people without needing a warrant. That means all your activities online have a record stored within databases in Poland which may be accessed without your consent, which is a violation of the basic democratic right of individuals to maintain their privacy.
  • Geo-restricted websites: There is the problem of geo-restrictions such as Hulu and Amazon Prime as many streaming services and other websites are geo-restricted in the country. VPNs come in handy for bypassing these geo-restrictions as well. Moreover, if you are an expat living away from Poland for a while, you won’t be able to access local streaming channels. Some Polish channels that you can access with a VPN from abroad are: TVP1, TVP2, TVN, and Polsat. VPNs having servers in Poland can take care of this problem effectively.
  • Staying safe over public Wi-Fi: It is relatively easy to hack public Wi-Fi because of lack in built-in protection. VPN adds layers of encryption to detract potential malicious users from tracking your activities and breaching your data without authorization.


How to Choose a VPN for Poland?

Now that you know about the perks and advantages of using a VPN, there’re few things that you need to consider. Following are the top considerations that will help you to finalize your decision when choosing the right VPN for your needs:

Servers Locations

Server destinations play a key role while choosing any VPN service. As a VPN provider that offers numerous servers in various countries can unblock a wide range of geo-restricted sites. For instance, Netflix US library offers largest collection of popular TV shows and movies, but requires a VPN with the US server to get unblocked in Poland or any other nation.

A large number of servers ensure high-speed streaming and optimally functioning network at all times. That said, all services mentioned above offer variety of servers in different regions of the world.

Internet Kill Switch

An internet kill switch is a powerful feature that saves a user at times of VPN connection failure. When a VPN connection fails, your actual IP address becomes visible to ISPs, law enforcement agencies, hackers and every other person on same network. This can put you in trouble if you’re downloading torrents or .Internet Kill Switch

Also, you might face copyright infringement penalty or legal notices in such case. But, a stops your entire traffic at times of VPN connection failure, protecting you from cyber threats and copyright trolls.

Logging Policy

A VPN provider with doubtful privacy policy can be highly dangerous for any user. Generally, a reliable VPN strictly avoids keeping any logs of your online activities or your personally identifiable information. Thus, I recommend users to carefully inspect privacy policy of a provider before subscribing to VPN.

Plans & Payment Methods

A user cannot surely use a VPN service before paying for it through a payment mode. As many providers accept payment through a range of payment modes i.e. credit cards and PayPal, there’re some providers who protect users identity by accepting anonymous payment through Bitcoin.

By paying through Bitcoin, a user can conceal his identity and use VPN service with premium anonymity. You can always check if a provider accepts anonymous payment though Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.


VPN Guides for Other Countries

Online surveillance is not confined to Poland only. Many other countries are also involved in keeping track of their citizens’ online behavior. Here are a few articles focusing on how users can improve privacy in these countries:


Best Polish VPN: Final Words

Poland provides considerable freedom on the Internet, but law enforcement possesses too much power than should be admissible in a democratic state. This is why it is recommended to use a VPN for Poland like PureVPN, which is equipped with the right set of privacy features to keep your identity safe from Polish state elements. At the same, you get the fringe benefit of unrestricted access to any website/streaming service around the world.


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