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TorGuard VPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

TorGuard VPN is one of those VPNs that we highly recommend for Tor. We have even recommended it in our TorGuard review for obvious reasons. We love TorGuard, but what about Redditors? Does it have what it takes to be added to our list of recommended VPNs suggested by Redditors?

If you’re confused, don’t be. We spent hours gathering all the TorGuard Reddit comments in one blog post for your convenience. For the latest comments, just keep revisiting this page.

  • Copyright Notice Despite Using Torguard

    I have been a subscriber to TorGuard for years. Last week, for the first time since using TorGuard, I received a DCMA copyright notice from my provider. Does this mean TorGuard is no longer effective? What can I check or do to make sure this doesn't happen again? Also, curiously the notice says I used bittorrent but I actually don't use bittorrent, I use qbittorrent. submitted by /u/Jeffy3 to r/VPNTorrents ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • How could an employer detect VPN usage?

    I'm currently in Mexico, working as an independent contractor for a call center. I got a message today telling me that they think I'm using a VPN and that if I am I need to stop. I am using a VPN, a dedicated Spectrum Residential IP from TorGuard, and when I lookup my IP it doesn't show as a data center, it shows as a regular residential IP (like my IP back home). How could they possibly know? I'm also using a personal computer and not a company-issued one. Help. submitted by […] ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • Need more info/advice for torrenting games.

    I recently got into torrenting games. I currently use TorGuard and have followed videos for binding it to qBittorrent. I have been reading some posts, and see people saying not to use chrome. What is the best way to navigate and download torrents? submitted by /u/Luhcaz to r/PiratedGames ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • TorGuard VPN

    Browse the web privately with TorGuard VPN & Proxy. ~ Source: Reddit / 6 years ago

I hope you found our TorGuard VPN Reddit post useful. If you’re not interested in getting TorGuard VPN, you can check out some free VPNs suggested by Redditors. Perhaps you might find something that you really like.

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