Google credit card Google to Snoop Your Credit Card- Say Hello to New Gen Ads
11:10 am, May-26-2017 Ali Yousuf

Freshly, the cyber giant Google has taken a controversial move, striking netizens’ privacy. The leading firm will now track each and every transaction performed through your credit card and compare it with online advertisements targeted on you. Google’s step to…

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BROWSER ACT Republican Woman Restores Privacy with the New BROWSER Act
9:56 am, May-25-2017 Ali Yousuf

Lately, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has bomb shelled every Internet service provider, authority, and FCC with her surprising BROWSER Act. The BROWSER (Balancing the Rights of Web Surfers Equally and Responsibly) Act when imposed will reinstate the long missed privacy rules,…

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nsa-surveillance-increases-by-three-times NSA Surveillance Boosts Than Ever Before
8:10 am, Oct-26-2016 Ali Yousuf

The United States: With the presidential elections just about to be carried out, NSA surveillance has escalated than ever before and seems to intensify even more in upcoming days. The long criticized US Freedom Act had been known for reinstating…

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google-changes-privacy-policy Google Secretly Changed Its Privacy Policy – Users’ Alert
9:13 am, Oct-25-2016 Ali Yousuf

Freshly, the tech giant Google has surprised users by silently altering its privacy policy. For years, the dominant mailing service kept its promise by not disclosing personal & confidential information of its users with any other Google services including “DoubleClick”.…

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summit-basecamp1 Facebook’s New Software Triggers Students’ Privacy Concerns
11:14 am, Oct-13-2016 Ali Yousuf

Chicago, Illinois, The United States: The dominant charter educational network Summit Public Schools has collaborated with the leading social networking platform “Facebook” for a project “Personalized learning”. The collaboration has ignited a wave of concerns among parents, students and privacy…

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Germany privacy watchdog challenges whatsapp Germany Denies WhatsApp Facebook Data Sharing Agreement
10:15 am, Sep-28-2016 Ali Yousuf

Germany, Hamburg: Privacy watchdogs have massively criticized the dominant tech-industry giant WhatsApp for an unfair data sharing policy with Facebook. The popular instant messaging service had claimed to retain users’ data for sharing it with social network Facebook last month.…

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Elcomsoft iOS 10 hack iOS 10 is Vulnerable: How To Protect Your iPhone 7?
9:49 am, Sep-24-2016 Ali Yousuf

Russia, Moscow: The digital forensic and IT security company ElcomSoft Co. Ltd has discovered a flaw in the Apple’s iOS 10 operating system, where anyone with a suitable set of tools can break into the backup passwords of iOS devices.…

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