Google Cloud Blunder: $125 Billion Pension Fund’s Account Accidentally Deleted

  • Last updated May 13, 2024
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In a startling turn of events, Google Cloud and UniSuper accidentally deleted the financial service provider’s private cloud account, prompting a wave of concern across the financial industry about the security and reliability of cloud services. The error, which temporarily left UniSuper’s 620,000 members in the dark regarding the status of their retirement funds, began unexpectedly last Wednesday, with normal services not resuming until the following Thursday.


Peter Chun, CEO of UniSuper, and Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, jointly stated:

This event was extremely frustrating and disappointing for members,” attributing the incident to a “one-of-a-kind occurrence.”

They explained that the deletion of UniSuper’s cloud subscription was due to an “incorrect setup❗” of UniSuper’s Private Cloud services, emphasizing, “This is a one-time event that has never happened with any of Google Cloud’s clients around the world.”

Despite having backups in two different locations as a precaution, the cancellation of their cloud contract impacted both backups, complicating the recovery process. The recovery was eventually facilitated by using backups from another service provider, involving restoring hundreds of virtual machines, databases, and apps that comprised UniSuper’s private cloud environment.

The hard work and cooperation between UniSuper and Google Cloud have led to a full recovery of our Private Cloud,” the joint statement highlighted.

The incident has unsettled UniSuper members and sparked inquiries from other Google Cloud users about the security of their environments. Google Cloud has acknowledged the mistake and taken measures to prevent future occurrences, which is a step towards rebuilding trust.

This mishap underscores the vital importance of robust security measures and swift response systems as given by the best VPNs in managing private financial data, spotlighting the ongoing challenges of safeguarding financial assets in the digital era.

UniSuper is now intensively focused on fully repairing its services to ensure such an event never recurs. The incident is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in digital infrastructure and the critical need for stringent security protocols.

The broader tech community has reacted to this incident with a mixture of concern and critique, as seen in discussions on Reddit’s  post below:

Google Cloud accidentally deletes UniSuper’s online account due to ‘unprecedented misconfiguration’ | Superannuation
byu/CaptainDevops intechnews

Users debated the implications of such a failure, with some pointing out the ironies and expressing skepticism about the stability and safety of cloud-based solutions.

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