Arm Your Device with a VPN to Watch Spike TV Online

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Watch Spike TV Online with a VPN outside US

Spike TV, more commonly known as Spike, is an American cable and satellite television channel. The channel was originally launched as The Nashville Network (TNN) on March 07th, 1983. Since then, the channel has been revamped several times. Spike’s headquarters are situated in New York City.

Although the channel’s primary target audience is the male population, but according to a research, 45% of women watch Spike TV in America. The channel offers reruns of comedy and drama series and original programs and movies targeting the male audiences. As per the recent stats of 2013, it is accessible to 98.7 million paid subscribers in America.


Limited Access outside United States

As the time passed by, it became a mandatory obligation for the TV channels to restrict their contents to their particular regions only. The reasons may be different, but it is an undeniable fact that the restrictions come at the expense of viewers who just want to stream their favorite programs.

Like any other channel, all the programs (original and reruns) of Spike are strictly restricted for viewership in United States only. If someone tries to watch Spike TV online from his original non-US IP address, he will be denied the access upon entering the web address due to his geographical location. The below picture suggests the error that might halt one’s streaming process.


Bypassing the Geo-restrictions to Watch Spike TV Live

If you want to go past the restrictions to stream your favorite contents, you might consider using a VPN. A VPN will unblock Spike TV for you and will make you eligible to stream its contents while assuring you 100% safety against the likes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) masks your real IP address with one that is available on its servers to unblock all the blocked contents. In case of accessing Spike, it will assign you a US IP address. It protects your online identity with its strong encryption to make sure your data is safe.


Popular Programs on Spike TV Live

Ever since its re-launch, Spike has offered various popular programs to its viewers. Even though the programs are mainly targeted towards the male population, they are highly popular among women as well.

Auction Hunters

It is an American reality TV series and features Allen Haff and Clinton Jones. The show’s main plot revolves around the auctioning of guns and mysterious rare items at lucrative prices. It has four seasons till date and with the commencement of Season 5 in 2015, it will become the longest non-scripted TV show on Spike.


Catch a Contractor

Another reality TV series that glues the audiences to their TV screens is Catch a Contractor. The show is presented by former radio presented Adam Carolla, licensed contractor Skip Bedell and his wife Alison Bedell. They seek justice for homeowners who have been cheated by their contractors.


Bar Rescue

This reality series was on-aired on Spike on July 17, 2011. It features Jon Taffer who attempts to save the failing bars by offering his expertise, renovations and equipment for free. The show’s season 4 premiered on Spike on October 05, 2014.


Spike TV Online on Social Media

The popularity of Spike TV can be measured by its fans and followers on the social media. Their social media team is very active and keeps its pages updated. It has approximately 1.5 million fans on Facebook and 176K followers on twitter.



Spike TV offers many reality TV series and reruns of popular programs to its viewers in US. But when it comes to providing the access to non-US IP users, it restricts its content. A non-US IP user cannot watch Spike TV online unless he connects with a VPN.

A VPN makes sure you stream Spike TV on your laptops, smartphones and tabs. It provides you access to your favorite reality TV series on Spike while guarding you against the likes of cybercriminals and online surveillance agencies.

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