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If you are eager to watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA, then get ready to access Fantastic Friends – watch online on Max with ExpressVPN, as the series is available on HBO Max Portugal (HBO Max EMEA).

Max users can access this series in USA and explore the enchanting cities with twin brothers. In Fantastic Friends Season 2, James and Oliver Phelps lead audiences on a whirlwind tour that includes daring flips in tiny planes, breathtaking underwater swimming, and even conducting trains.

Recently, HBO Max and Discovery Plus have collaborated to produce Max, which offers the highest quality content of both streaming services and exciting shows like Fantastic Friends Season 2 for people who are on a tight budget to easily access HBO Max Fantastic Friends.

International fans are unable to watch Max or HBO Max outside USA due to a licensing agreement with different Max libraries. A VPN is required to use the service and watch Fantastic Friends US.

Keep reading to learn how to access Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA.

How To Watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA [5 Easy Steps]

You can watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA by using the best VPN for Max or HBO Max and adhering to our instructions till the end.

  • Get a top-notch VPN (ExpressVPN is recommended).
  • Launch the VPN application on your smartphone.
  • Connect to a Portugal server.
  • Log in to the HBO Max Portugal app or website.
  • Search and access Fantastic Friends streaming USA.

Note: You must have a US debit or credit card that accepts automatic recurring payments in order to pay for Max or HBO Max. After that, you can watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA.

Where to Watch Fantastic Friends in USA?

Fantastic Friends is streaming on HBO Max Portugal (HBO Max EMEA). However, Max users can easily access it in USA.

If you are wondering about Fantastic Friends where to watch online other than HBO Max Portugal, Then you can access it on CW. However, HBO Max Portugal is the most suitable option for streaming Fantastic Friends USA, as it is extremely affordable and permits you to stream as much content as you want, even from Discovery Plus.

But the real question is: how much is Max or HBO Max? So it is very budget-friendly; anyone can purchase and maintain their subscription at such a low price. So, you can easily stream Fantastic Friends 2023 without any hassle using ExpressVPN due to Max’s geo-restrictions.

However, If you intend to cancel Max or HBO Max subscription, you can easily do so by simply canceling your Max subscription at any time without any hurdle.

Also, the recent merger of Discovery Plus and HBO Max has caused so much confusion between HBO Max vs Max. So, both are the same streaming service. However, on Max, you can access a larger content library in USA and also content from Discovery Plus.

HBO-Max geo-restriction-in-USA

An error message will appear if you accessed HBO Max Portugal in USA without a VPN!

We tried to give you the answer of where can I watch Fantastic Friends. Let’s find out the plot of the show below before streaming.

What is The Plot of Fantastic Friends Season 2?

The Fantastic Friends Season 2 plot follows James and Oliver Phelps as they take spectators on a frenetic tour that includes adventurous upside-down flights in minuscule planes, spectacular underwater snorkeling, and even conducting trains. The attention is also on the season’s special guests.

You cannot access this series in the Max US library as it is exclusively available on HBO Max Portugal library; therefore, to watch Fantastic Friends HBO Max, you should get your hands on a reputable VPN such as ExpressVPN. Additionally, if you use HBO Max Portugal, you will also get access to the exciting HBO Max Bundle.

Is There Any Official Trailer For Fantastic Friends Season 2?

Yes, the official trailer for Fantastic Friends Season 2 is available on Youtube, which gives the audience an insight into what to anticipate in season 2.

Check out the Fantastic Friends Travel Show trailer below:

Get a reliable VPN today and watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA. Also, you can watch Fantastic Friends online free using a reliable VPN service. Check out the details of Fantastic Friends Season 2 airing on HBO Max, below.

When will Fantastic Friends be on HBO Max?

Fantastic Friends Season 2 release date was announced for August 9. The first episode of Fantastic Friends season 2 has already premiered and is available to watch on HBO Max Portugal; episode 2 will be released on August 16.

Sign up for ExpressVPN to watch fantastic friends episode 1 on HBO Max.

What is the Cast of Fantastic Friends Season 2?

Here is the list of the talented and remarkable cast of Fantastic Friends Season 2.

Characters  Voice actors
Oliver Phelps Self – Host
James Phelps Self – Host
Haley Joel Osment Self
Maisie Williams Self
Bonnie Wright Self
Sophie Skelton Self
Evanna Lynch Self
Luke Youngblood Self
Alfred Enoch Self
Natalia Tena Self
Genesis Rodriguez Self
Corey Mylchreest Self
Alfie Allen Self
Matthew Lewis Self
Stanislav Yanevski Self
Mark Williams Self

How Many Episodes will be there in Fantastic Friends Season 2?

Fantastic Friends Season 2 will feature 8 episodes. The complete overview of the fantastic friends episodes of season 2 is given below:

Episode No. Episode Description Airing date
01 Alfie Enoch leads James and Oliver Phelps on a jungle trip through Belize, where they discover Mayan ruins, mysterious caves, Mennonite culture, San Pedro’s street food, the enthralling Blue Hole, and magical coral reefs. Aug 9, 2023
02 James, Oliver, and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) tour vivacious Singapore, taking in the city’s sidecar trips, Chinatown, Lion Dancing, and Peranakan culture. For the whole family, a compelling fusion of culture, adventure, and luxury Aug 16, 2023
03 James, Oliver, and Corey Mylchreest tour charming Melbourne, taking in the Yarra River, the Penguin Parade, a go-kart race, a surf lesson on the Great Ocean Road, the Puffing Billy train, and WWII plane stunts. A memorable trip to Australia. Aug 23, 2023
04 James and Oliver travel to Istanbul with Natalie Tena, experiencing the Galata Tower, a Bosporus cruise, an excursion on the Eastern Express train through the mountains, skiing, and an entrancing spice bazaar. A delightful voyage through friendship, cuisine, and culture Aug 30, 2023
05 James, Oliver, and Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen experience Ybor City, ice hockey at Amalie Arena, baseball with the Tampa Bay Pirates, and spooky hotels in sunny Tampa. A captivating display of the magic, culture, sports, and cuisine of Tampa Bay Sep 6, 2023
06 James, Oliver, and Genesis Rodriguez travel to Santiago, Chile, on a fantastical voyage in “Umbrella Academy.” They study the Cueca dance, unearth the mysteries of lapis lazuli, take in captivating circus shows, and explore Chilean vineyards. Sep 13, 2023
07 On a risky road trip to Lake Como, James and Oliver join Stan Ianevski (Harry Potter’s Victor Krum). They learn watchmaking, bike through French vineyards, cross the perilous Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps, and take in the natural splendor. TBD
08 Neville Longbottom’s Matthew Lewis, James, and Oliver travel to Chile’s magnificent Patagonia. They hike to Camp Las Torres, take horseback riding lessons, and see wild pumas. a magnificent journey abounding in the splendor of nature and friendship. TBD

What Happened in Fantastic Friends Season 1?

The Phelps twins traveled the world with prominent performers and former Harry Potter cast members in Season 1 of Fantastic Friends. Bonnie Wright, Luke Youngblood, Evanna Lynch, Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, Haley Joel Osment from The Sixth Sense, and Sophie Skelton from Outlander were all part of the ensemble.

Oliver Phelps referred to the experience as a “perfect combination,” highlighting the need to make the audience feel involved in the voyage. They were successful in giving spectators an extraordinary experience.

Fantastic Friend Season 1 Episodes List:

Here is the complete list of Fantastic Friend episodes from Season 1. You can access Fantastic Friend episode 1 watch online on HBO Max Portugal.

Episode No. Episode Description Airing date
01 James and Oliver interrupt Maisie Williams’ peaceful vacation on the lovely Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Be prepared for swimming and sailing challenges, breathtaking scenery, heroic hikes, lots of rum, and a chocolate massage. July 9, 2022
02 James and Oliver Phelps follow Bonnie Wright to Iceland, a refuge for the environment, where she spends time with whales, explores amazing tunnels on small horses, converses about Harry Potter, and hikes up an active volcano. July 9, 2022
03 Luke Youngblood was transported by James and Oliver to Dubai, a desert oasis, where they played with jetpacks, dove into the deepest pool in the world, talked about Harry Potter, raced speedboats, and played a challenging round of golf. July 9, 2022
04 Sophie Skelton’s relaxing weekend trip to Krakow, Poland, is interrupted by James and Oliver, who take her to the Tatra Mountains in quest of adventure, river rafting, perilous hikes, and the chance to see an operational salt mine. July 9, 2022
05 Haley Joel Osment is visiting the Austrian city of Innsbruck when James and Oliver spot him. They entice him to the mountains to talk about kid stardom and partake in an exhilarating concoction of skiing obstacles, bone-rattling bobsledding, beer, and witchcraft. July 9, 2022
06 James and Oliver take a flight to Ireland to meet up with Evanna Lynch; there, the twins hang out with the Lynch family for a date with the spirits, hurling, dancing, and conversation about the Harry Potter films. July 9, 2022

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Fantastic Friends Season 2

Max is a leading platform since it offers its users an extensive selection of exclusive content. Here are some of the recommendations for the most famous series and movies on Max. Check out the following:


You can watch Fantastic Friends with James and Oliver Phelps on various streaming services, such as Netflix, CW, Max, and Amazon Prime Video. However, Max is comparatively the most suitable service for streaming due to its affordable rates and free trials.

Yes, Fantastic Friends is a reality show that explores the exciting journey of the Phelps twin brothers, who travel all across the world to meet the bewitching guests.

Yes, Fantastic Friends is available in the US; you can watch fantastic friends season 2 in USA free Online on HBO Max EMEA using a powerful VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Yes, The Season 2 of Fantastic Friends is available to watch on HBO Max EMEA. The Fantastic Friends Season 2 has an official trailer that debuted, and according to Deadline, James and Oliver Phelps and their closest friends should expect even more wonderful experiences.

Wrapping Up

Let’s wrap up our discussion on how to watch Fantastic Friends Season 2 in USA on Max from the HBO Max Portugal library. You can easily access this series from the luxury of your home and immerse yourself in the experience of meeting enthralling visitors, touring enchanted cities, and taking on incredible tasks with twin brothers.

HBO Max Portugal is geo-restricted in USA; therefore, to access this captivating series in USA, you must use ExpressVPN, which is the top-recommended VPN to unblock any restricted website with its blazing fast speed.