The Best VPNs for Australia in 2018 – with Max Servers in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

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Highly invasive laws regarding online privacy in Australia is extremely annoying. Australia is now performing online surveillance on its citizen since it has become a part of the Five Eyes Countries. It is an agreement between its member states to share intelligence assistance between their citizens.

As a result, Australia has now blocked piracy websites that restricts internet freedom for many living in the country. However, Aussies can unblock censored websites while keeping their identity hidden at the same time via the best Australia VPN. We are here providing you with leading VPN providers with highest server count in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and other cities of the country.

Let’s move on!


Are VPNs Illegal in the Land of Kangaroos?

No, VPNs are not illegal in Australia. Websites and services from overseas can be accessed with a VPN without any legal repercussions. However, if clear copyright violations are occurring by download torrent files, then this act would be considered illegal whether you used a VPN for this or not.

10 Best VPNs for Australia in 2018 – with Server Count and Locations

RankProvidersServersLocationsPrice ($)DiscountMore Info
NordVPN 208N/A
$3.99Per Month
66% Off
2 Years Plan
Private Internet Access 181Sydney, Melbourne
$2.91Per Month
58% Off
Two Year Premium
PureVPN 78Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
$2.99Per Month
73% Off
1 Year Deal
IPVanish 61Sydney, Melbourne
$4.87Per Month
60% OFF
Exclusive Offer
CyberGhost VPN 50Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
$2.75Per Month
77% Off
18 Months Plan
Ivacy VPN 23Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
$4.08Per Month
77% OFF
2 Years Deal
ExpressVPN 6Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane
$8.32Per Month
35% OFF
No Exclusive Offer
VyprVPN 3Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
$5.0Per Month
Annual Plan
PrivateVPN 1Sydney
$2.55Per Month
67% Off
Limited Time Discount
SaferVPN 1Sydney
$2.74Per Month
80% Off
Two Year Premium


1. NordVPN

With 48 dedicated servers just for Australia out of huge network of 1260+ servers, NordVPN should be your 1st choice because it just not offers impeccable on-line security but also provides untraceable anonymity.

NordVPN - Australia VPN Service

NordVPN is a Panama based VPN service making waves through its 1269 servers in 60 countries worldwide. What makes the provider different from the other VPN services is the availability of 48 dedicated servers in Australia. The service provides different tunneling protocols for its Australian users like PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv2 and OpenVPN along with an efficient 256-bit encryption level.

The Australian users can select any server of their choice to obtain anonymity and online security hassle-free. Furthermore, they can attain various decisive features like multi-login, 24/7 live chat support, no log policy, automatic kill switch and others. Likewise, the service is highly compatible with all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Hence, you can experience Australia VPN Android feature on your Android devices to another level.

You can watch your favorite movies by streaming Netflix US on your preferred devices even from Australia. You just have to connect to the US server and after connecting, you are ready to explore tons of unlimited online entertainment instantly.


Speed: 4.0 Mbps

Best Server: P2P-Enables servers in all Major cities i.e. Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

Protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec

Reliability: Zero percent drop outs in connection

User Experience:

It takes less than 5 minutes to setup NordVPN app. All you need to do is to sign up for an account, make a payment via PayPal, credit card or Bitcoin and download the software from website and app stores i.e. Google Play and Apple.

This website has extensive tutorials to help a person setup NordVPN on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and router etc.

For those Australian users, who want to use torrenting sites- They must use ‘Obfuscated servers’ mode in the ‘Advanced Settings’ area which masks VPN traffic that makes it impossible for authorities to detect binge-watchers and online gamers.

Since, NordVPN has over 4000 servers in more than 60 countries which tells the story of its mastery over other mediocre virtual private networks.

An interesting thing about this service is that you can see current server load on different to pick the best server with least traffic.

Whereas, you should keep one thing in mind that with ‘Obfuscated server mode’ you can benefit from few server locations.

6 devices multiple logins with single account is what that you are going to love about NordVPN and straight money back guarantee for 30 days is even more client-friendly.


How to Setup?

In four easy steps, you can set up NordVPN on your Windows and Mac PC. Get NordVPN App from Google play and Apple app store for smartphones and tablets and enjoy complete protection.

  1. Go to the order page
  2. Choose a plan
  3. Create an account
  4. Select a payment method



NordVPN is the best VPN for Australia so far. Nord’s VPN app is built with high-end masking technology to shield privacy- that’s the bedrock for internet freedom.

Visit NordVPN


2. Private Internet Access

PIA is another US-based VPN service with a considerably strong server infrastructure that effectively breaks down sites.

PIA-VPN for Australia

PIA (PrivateInternetAccess) is a VPN service based in US. The server list consists of 3145 servers having a physical presence in more than 33 countries. This includes Australia with 185 servers exclusively operating Down Under.

Speed: 3-4 Mbps

Best Server: Sydney

Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, SOCKS5, OpenVPN

Reliability: Excellent for torrenting and browsing


How to Setup:

  1. Buy a PIA subscription plan
  2. Install PIA client on your server
  3. Login with your username and password in the installed app
  4. Launch the service and access blocked services at a click


User Experience:

PIA boasts simplicity with top functionality. It delivers great server speeds that allow users to bypass any restrictions without facing any obstacles. PIA is also a relatively cheap VPN service compared to the main competitors in the market.



PIA has a moderate server reach, having a geographical presence in only about 32 countries. Nonetheless, the level of security and speeds it offers outperforms many VPN services, and it is particularly effective in Australia with its 185 servers divided in Melbourne and Sydney.



3. PureVPN

Armed with high-end features and fastest servers, PureVPN takes security to the next-Level with hassle-free connectivity. Bypass geo-restrictions & enjoy favorite video content in Australia.

PureVPN - The Best VPN for Australia

PureVPN has around 500+ servers spread out across 140+ countries. But the part that concerns this Australia VPN review is that PureVPN has 6 servers in Australia, 100+ in the US and 60+ in the UK. Not too shabby! Is it?

The VPN service provider offers PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols combined with AES 256-bit encryption for the Australian users to ensure the sense of security still prevails in the Australian region. It is definitely one of the Best VPN providers for the users that are looking for online security. PureVPN offers VPN software for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone


Speed: 4-5 Mbps

Best Servers: Sydney (Ozone Enabled Server), Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Best Protocol:
Equipped with first-rate security protocols i.e. PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN and ‘Stealth’ protocol to IKEv2, it can shield you from potential threats. With this plethora of protocols, it becomes as easy as A-B-C to combat threats and keep your online documents safer.

It is 100% reliable VPN software which leaves no stone unturned in keeping your protected. It has big number of servers that no mediocre VPN provider can think of having.

Likewise, it’s affordable with amazing discount offers. Technically, it’s an outstanding tool as it doesn’t compromise on the customer satisfaction.

User Experience:
Especially, the user interface of PureVPN retains the attention of internet user looking for pocket-friendly and easy-to-use VPN provider. It’s clean, quick and extremely easy to change servers without needing to type each address or even protocol types.

Most important of all, customer service and account management is satisfactory. Though, it does not offer free trial but you can ask for refund anytime and it really enticed… Period.

As I have stated earlier that it have all protocols i.e. OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP as well as revolutionary ‘Stealth’ protocol which would be like by serious cyber security enthusiasts.

Ease of 5 Multi-logins simultaneously with one account adds value into this VPN and unlimited bandwidth is what they will impress Australian users at first sight.

Plus, ease of usage on all devices and operating systems makes it stand out clearly.


How to Set Up:

  1. Sign up for PureVPN from the table provided above
  2. Receive an email with link to a setup page & it will be having an activation code that you would copy.
  3. Now, download PureVPN app for your smart device or computer.
  4. At this step, open the app- follow all installation instruction and you are free to use app.
  5. Paste that copied activation code and you’re set to use this app for flawless protection and anonymity.



PureVPN is the first-rate service that guards users from potential threats and provides safer environment for streaming and torrenting. With the abundance of servers worldwide, it does provide best experience which you can’t enjoy with other services.

With split tunneling, unlimited bandwidth and huge network of servers, this VPN service would provide your advantages which will take your security to the next-level and it’ll be easy for you to prevent hacking, data snooping and so much more.

Visit PureVPN


4. IPVanish

Break the shackles of geo-restrictions and become anonymized with IPVanish. With over 1000 countries, you can access all websites with ease and protect yourself from potential online threats.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish makes your personal internet connection secure while connecting to one of its servers. Access all websites available in and out of Australia and get around censorship filter. With over 1,000+ servers in 60+ countries, get unlimited bandwidth with zero traffic logs.


Speed: 4-5 Mbps

Best Server: Sydney

Reliability: 10 Simultaneous connections at the same time from one account

Protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec


How to Set up IPVanish for Watching Netflix?

  1. Sign up for IPVanish Pro package from the order page
  2. Install this app and then download on your Windows and Mac. This VPN app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store
  3. Launch IPVanish netflix app now and choose VPN server, it will determine your IP location. For instance, if you just want to watch Netflix then you should use ‘U.S.A’
  4. Connect and watch your favorite shows or unblock geo-restrictions


User Experience:

IPVanish is handy VPN software which provides ultimate best features to the clients. It comprises all features and protocols for flawless protection and hi-end security.

If you’re fond of streaming. Then, trying your hands around this tool will not only be precursor of impeccable but also you can enjoy first-rate torrenting as it’s offering P2P support to the clients.

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited server switching and SOCKS5 web proxy are what that ensure amazing performance, so that you could amazing services.

IPVanish has 1000+ anonymous servers across the globe which deliver fast and unrestricted internet access to every netizen and internet user.



IPVanish is incredible VPN for those Australian users who love torrenting. With 1000 servers across the globe, your protection is guaranteed and anonymize yourself to avert all types of threats.

Rest assured, you will find this VPN truly when streaming and downloading because this service takes things seriously especially when it comes to the protection of the users’ private documents as it strictly follows ‘Zero Traffic Logs’ policy and keep hackers, data snoopers and government ISPs away from manipulating your key information.

Visit IPVanish VPN


5. CyberGhost

Known for its P2P supported servers, CyberGhost is a fairly strong VPN service in the low price bracket that can bypass Netflix restrictions with ease.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost lacks the service quality and features to rise to the top of the leading providers. In spite of this, it is still bests many other VPN providers. CyberGhost offers advanced security features such as start Killswitch and protection against IP and DNS leaks. Out of its 2,900+ servers, it offers more than 50 servers located in Australia alone.


Speed: 1.5 – 2 Mbps

Best server: Sydney

Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP

Reliability: Excellent user-interface and responsiveness


How to setup:

  1. Obtain a monthly or yearly subscription
  2. Download the VPN client for your device from the website
  3. Enter your username and password in the app
  4. Start using CyberGhost


User Experience:

CyberGhost offers a good user experience courtesy of its well-designed clients and cheap rates. It prevents IP and DNS leaks with its good security features. Moreover, it has a considerably large server network spread across 60+ countries, so users in Australia can easily access local as well as foreign content with CyberGhost.



CyberGhost is decent VPN service that has all the elements that make up a good provider. Nonetheless, it is a cheap VPN service with features that many other VPNs in the same price bracket do not offer. Australian users looking for a safe way to download torrents and streaming videos on Netflix will find CyberGhost a good enough service at the rated price.

Visit CyberGhost VPN


6. IvacyVPN

Enjoy Internet freedom with Ivacy and benefit from military-grade 256-Bit Encryption. With consistent p2p support and No DNS log policy, this VPN worth its salt.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is the safest VPN for Australia that give you internet freedom and completely masks your IP. Ivacy has 275+ servers across the globe, while 2 servers in Australia. The reason why you need Ivacy in Australia is because of the Data Retention Law passed by the country’s parliament.

The Data Retention Law gives power to ISPs in logging your internet activity. Ivacy prevents ISPs to track your internet activity, makes your online payment secure, and keeps you protected from cyber-criminals.


Speed: 4-6 Mbps

Best Server: Melbourne, Brisbane

Protocols: PPTP, SSTP, L2TP-IPSec and OpenVPN

Reliability: Blazing Fast P2P File Sharing and Torrenting


How to Setup Ivacy?

  1. Purchase a subscription from the official Ivacy website.
  2. Download Ivacy VPN from the official website.
  3. Install on your system
  4. Launch the VPN client and enter your login details
  5. Connect to a server of your choice and access restricted content


User Experience:

Ivacy is customer-friendly VPN service and without iota of doubt it escalates the security of the users’ computers and smartphones to the next-levels. Generally, internet user plays down encryption and rate protocols higher, but, this service is good example of equality where you won’t just find best protocols but also 256-Bit encryption to ensure protection of the traffic.

With 450+ servers in more than 100 countries, this service has everything to ensure permanent protection from threats and data snoopers. For binge-watchers, having Ivacy will be mesmerizing experience as it provides Kodi optimized servers.

Likewise, Split tunneling and kill switch features would strengthen the trust of the users in this VPN who want to get maximum advantages in exchange of their investments. That’s why; pricing plans are very competitive and easily affordable.

I contacted to the customer support staff and found them really helpful and collaborative who provides in-depth information to satisfy you fully. As far as website interface concerns, it’s well-designed and you won’t have to roam around the website in order to find the required information.



All-in-all, Ivacy is well-engineered VPN software. Although, it has average amount of servers available globally. However, it is way much better than to the thousands of VPN services across the globe.

I liked encryption, protocols and ease of use. On the other hand, no availability of free trial version and limited Add-ons are two things which could be repulsive.

Anyways, with P2P open server- optimized for downloading, you won’t have to spend time waiting for a download to complete.

A good thing about this VPN provider is that it offers dedicated servers let digital nomads download torrents securely and secretively.

Visit Ivacy VPN


7. ExpressVPN

Get rid of geo-blocking and end up becoming vulnerable to online threats with ExpressVPN. Benefit from tunneling protocols and avail opportunities of internet freedom.

ExpressVPN Australia Service

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services to secure your online privacy in Australia. Moreover, you can experience a list of impressive features on your desired devices straightaway. Likewise, it offers a comprehensive list of tunneling protocols along with money back guarantee to Australian subscribers.

Furthermore, you can take huge benefit from its compatibility feature that allows you to protect your different online activities on your desired devices. Hence, you can perform your preferred online tasks such as web surfing or streaming media content from anywhere accordingly.


Speed: 6 Mbps

Best Servers: Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne

Protocols: Support of Four protocols i.e. OpenVPN with TCP/UP, PPTP, SSTP and L2TP

Reliability: Ultra-Fast Speed, User-Friendly Interface

How to setup?

ExpressVPN setup is like a walk in the park as it takes few minutes to get this VPN running on desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

  1. Just sign up for ExpressVPN (Avail 30 days money back guarantee)
  2. Receive an email with a link to a setup page. Copy activation code right away from the setup page.
  3. Now download the ExpressVPN app.
  4. Open the app- follow installation instructions.
  5. Paste the activation code which you copied from setup page (when prompted). You’ve completed the process.


User Experience:

ExpressVPN compared with some other VPN services is that we offer a better and more reliable service. It provides unlimited bandwidth to customers and ensure that our gateway servers are always unclogged.

Its encryption technology is the strongest in the industry. This VPN provider invests more in platform and provide a superior experience for our customers.

Since, it is based in the British Virgin Island, this service is not adherent to data retention laws. Which means it doesn’t keep activity logs or connection logs.

Pay with Bitcoin and start using Tor to browse ExpressVPN .onion site for anonymous browsing. Protect your identity with IP address masking as it lets users to change IP address via one of its secure VPN servers.

ExpressVPN offers native apps for all the major platforms e.g. Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, etc. The mobile iOS app is particularly amazing. It only connects on demand, when you need it most, so it does save battery by not always running in the background.



ExpressVPN is one of the pricier options for a VPN, but I think the money is well worth it. The service is reliable and their quick customer support is adept at resolving issues specific to China VPN users.

ExpressVPN could be the pricer VPN, but, it is worthwhile, no matter, how expensive it is. This VPN is completely reliable and assure fast customer support to resolve issues specific to Netflix streaming and accessing blocked websites.

Visit ExpressVPN


8. VyprVPN

The Swedish VPN brand is a popular and trusted provider offering proprietary features for strong protection and restriction-bypassing capabilities.


VyprVPN is an innovative VPN provider that offers good security features. For instance, it offer a Chameleon technology which effectively promotes anonymity of the user while preventing IP and DNS leaks. The network of VyprVPN consists of over 700 servers in over 70 countries. In Australia, VyprVPN has servers located in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

Speed: 1 – 2 Mbps

Best server: Melbourne

Protocols: OpenVPN, Chameleon, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP

Reliability: Offers great security features and user anonymity

How to setup:

  1. Sign up with a VyprVPN subscription plan
  2. Download the VPN app on your device
  3. Choose a server out of the list of 700+ servers
  4. Browse the web with robust security

User experience:

VyprVPN is a great security-enhancement tool that effectively prevents IP and DNS leaks. It has a useable interface which can be used to easily connect to a server in a matter of a few seconds. The major drawback is its shady privacy policy and speeds that reach only average values in most cases.


VyprVPN offers good overall service and features but is limited by its average speeds and less-than-ideal privacy policy. Nonetheless, it is a good VPN for general use with its Melbourne server being particularly effective for users in Australia.

Visit VyprVPN


9. PrivateVPN

The Swedish VPN provider focuses on user privacy and giving access to users to blocked services like Netflix and torrents.

PrivateVPN for Australia

PrivateVPN is a Swedish VPN service striving hard to come up to the expectations of users from all around the world. Through its 55 servers in 52 countries including Australia, you can unblock the geo-restricted content from anywhere instantly. The service offers a diverse range of features such as Australian VPN free trial, zero logging, seven days money back guarantee and so on.

Speed: 3-4 Mbps

Best Server: Sydney

Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2

Reliability: Dedicated support for P2P networking


How to setup PrivateVPN?

  1. Purchase a suitable PrivateVPN subscription
  2. Download and install PrivateVPN client from official website
  3. Install on your device
  4. Enter your credentials to start the VPN


User Experience:

PrivateVPN is an extremely useful service that offers great service features such as torrenting and reliable speeds. It offers unlimited bandwidth and 5 multi-logins to simultaneous devices.

The provider has three types of pricing packages those are enough to cater the needs of various kinds of users. If you live in Australia and you want to use its monthly plan, you will need to pay $10.95 per month.

Likewise, you will have to pay $7.50 on monthly basis to use three months pricing plan. The same goes for yearly plan that you can avail at the cost as low as $2.95 per month.



PrivateVPN also provides various tunneling protocols like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2. The Australian users may avail AES 256-bit encryption with 2048-bit DH key. This military grade encryption is sufficient to secure your data from hackers to the next level.

PrivateVPN is therefore a great option to have, since it is considerably cheap if you go for the yearly plan.

Visit PrivateVPN


10. SaferVPN

SaferVPN is an impressive service that enables anonymous browsing with considerably fast speeds through its Australian servers.

Safervpn for Australia

SaferVPN began in 2013. It offers more than 700 + servers in over 34 countries. The service is compatible with a wide range of devices and offers extensions for browsers like Google Chrome as well. It offers servers in Australia, which work reasonably well for browsing tasks and even streaming.

Speed: 3 Mbps

Best Server: Sydney

Protocols: IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN

Reliability: Anonymous browsing and good server speeds


How to setup saferVPN?

  1. Download SaferVPN and install it on your device
  2. Sign up for a free or paid subscription from main window once installed
  3. As soon as you have made an account, you can connect to its servers
  4. Enjoy unblocking content from all over the world.


User experience:

SaferVPN works best to get past the blocked websites. It offers decent speeds and a server network that include some 700 servers in over 30 countries including Australia.

The provider offers three different packages to its users.

If you are looking for a VPN connection for a monthly plan, you will be billed $107.88 annually, which will cost you only $8.99/month.

The one-year package is up for grabs for $71.90 billed as one payment, resulting in $5.99/month.

Likewise, you can avail 80% discount if you subscribe for a two-year plan. This plan will be billed as onetime payment of $83.77. It will cost you $3.49/month only.

All packages offer multi-login feature that allows users to connect up to 5 devices at the same time.



SaferVPN is a decent provider that can get you past blocked websites and streaming content with considerable ease. It has certain drawbacks for users in Australia however, such as limited torrenting capability and a less than ideal logging policy. If these aspects can be improved, SaferVPN would easily be one of the best VPNs for Australia.

Visit SaferVPN


Best Free VPNs for Australia

Free VPN services are watered down versions of premium VPNs. I usually do not recommend free VPNs because they are known for selling user data to third parties and even infecting devices with malware. I do not know of any VPN provider that offers servers within Australia for free. However, if you are looking for safe VPNs that you can use to access foreign geo-restricted content, then check out these VPNs:


1. Windscribe


Windscribe offers a free version that comes with 10GB/month bandwidth limit. It offers moderately fast speeds and servers located in Canada, US, UK, France, Germany for free. As such, if you want to access services like BBC iPlayer from Australia, you can take advantage of Windscribe’s UK server for this purpose.


2. SecurityKISS


SecurityKISS is a VPN provider that prioritizes anonymity of users above any other consideration. You can use this service for bypassing blocked content while making sure your identity is not revealed online. It does not offer Australian servers, but residents in the country can access geo-locked sites from foreign territories.


3. Hide.Me


Hide.Me provides a 2GB/month bandwidth in its free version. It is a trustworthy service which won’t sell your data to third parties and follows a good privacy policy. As such, it provides you with a safe passageway to the world of web for free.


VPNs to Avoid in Australia

Only a handful of VPN providers offer strong online security alongside the capability to bypass geo-restrictions. Every VPN provider would promise these features but only few would deliver. Below are the list of VPN providers that you should avoid when accessing from Australia:

  • Le VPN
  • F-Secure
  • Kepard VPN


Why do You Need a VPN in the Aussieland?

VPNs are not just to unblock geo-restrictions and online censorship. A user can safeguard himself from potential threats, bar data snoopers, hackers and governments ISPs from manipulating his privacy.

1. Ease of Access to Blocked Websites

Department of communications and arts of the Australian government has strict laws in place to block the netizens from accessing pirated materials for free. Here, A VPN comes for the rescue for the internet users.

2. Get Rid of Torrenting Ban

It’s totally illegal and banned to use streaming websites. It is the reason that a user can’t download their most-liked movies and TV shows using torrents. The only handy way in this regard is to download and stream all video content i.e. TV Shows and Movies through authentic VPN provider.

3. Simplistic Solution for Netflix Streaming

With 1157 TV Shows and 4593 movies, American Netflix is clear dominant over Australian Netflix which has just 443 TV shows and only 1585 movies that are more than half in numbers.

So, Australian viewers would be wishful to unblock geo-blocking and would love to watch US Netflix which swamped with entertaining, dramatic and action-packed movies and most watched TV shows.

At this point, VPNs are surefire solution to ease up Netflix streaming with ease. Certainly, Australian users should try their hands on VPNs in order to change their IP locations to servers available in the United States of America, so that they could access huge media library and enjoy first-rate streaming in HD quality.


How to Choose the Best VPN for Australia?

Make sure you assess the following factors before you decide to pay up.

1. Protocols and Encryption

Protocol and encryption matter when you come down to brass tacks. Make sure that PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols are available the minimum and you have got at least 128-bit encryption with you to keep the governmental snoopers and hackers away.

Ever since the data retention bill is passed, the need for solid and strong encryption has become the need of the hour. It has become essentially important to get a Australia VPN service to make sure you are safe from the constant stalking and snooping of the governmental agencies and ISPs.

2. Plans and Pricing

Ensure that the plans and pricing are affordable and do not place limitations on using/switching between the VPN servers.

3. VPN servers in Australia

The VPN you choose should have servers located in Australia. This becomes particularly important when you are traveling outside Australia and need to access online services and content that are only locally available.

The larger the number of servers, the lower will be the load on each, leading to better performance. So, always take a look at the server list before picking a VPN for Australia.

4. Customer Support

The availability of 24/7 customer support via live chat is always a welcome feature for any VPN service to have. Any queries or problems you might be facing can be immediately addressed through technical assistance only a chat away.

5. Device/Platform Compatibility & Tutorials

This factor is critical but only if you plan on using your VPN subscription over multiple platforms and devices. Under normal circumstances, this factor should have no direct impact on your use of an Australian VPN.

6. Payment Methods

Make sure that the payment methods offered include the one you are most comfortable with.

7. Connection Speeds

When it comes to deciding the success of any Australia VPN service, connection speed plays a crucial role. However, not all the VPN services provide lightning connection speeds. Moreover, the VPN services we selected above offer high quality streaming servers along with fast speeds. By connecting to these servers, you can watch your favorite content instantly in a hassle-free way.

8. Wi-Fi Protection

You should always connect to an efficient VPN service while using a public Wi-Fi within Australia. It must be remembered that WiFi operators can access your personal information and browsing details. Through an Australia VPN, you can use Wi-Fi in places like schools and workplaces safely.


Benefits of Using a VPN in Australia

  1. Privacy and Anonymity: Protection from government eyes and ensuring privacy of users. With a VPN, users receive enhanced security and confidentiality and can only perform secure browsing. It also allows users to stay anonymous online without undesirable parties learning what a user is accessing. Identity and privacy protection for business and personal use can be significantly promoted via a VPN.
  2. Download: It allows users to download movies through blocked torrent sites, perform streaming, and anonymous web browsing.
  3. Geo block: A VPN is effective for bypassing geo-block and providing direct access to in-house server since many ISPs do not offer a static and fixed IP. Additionally, these services provide better geographical coverage and easy access to sites.
  4. Streaming: Netflix and downloading are some of the main purposes that a VPN is used for. Whether you want Netflix USA, streaming video services outside of USA, or watch other TV programs in other countries, a VPN facilitates all of these tasks. If you are trying to achieve bufferless video streaming or want to access overseas TV, a VPN is effective for all.
  5. Sport: Another important reason that VPN is used for is sports. Sport is a huge category and a VPN can be used to watch International sport not on free to air on channels in Australia, F1, Irish sports. Cricket being a popular sport in Australia is also viewed by locals living abroad using a VPN. Furthermore, some users who are traveling abroad but are subscribed to channels like Foxtel can unlock its live stream irrespective of where you are located in the world.
  6. China: Many users enjoy Chinese content. Users can access exclusive content in China or access China drama site for entertainment. Some travelers might also be visiting China and will to get a China server to access local sites.
  7. India: Similarly, users can deploy a VPN for unblocking Indian sites. You can watch Hotstar from outside India, a VPN can be your best bet for this purpose.
  8. Kodi: VPN and Kodi are made for each other. You can use it with KodiV17.6 or try Kodi on Raspberry. For Privacy and unlocking features of Kodi, a VPN can be key.
  9. Traveling: VPNs offer immense value to travelers. Users can take advantage of a VPN to access worksite while traveling and using hotel Wi-Fi in various countries with high security.
  10. Security: You can use a VPN as a tool for adding security with gaming other users. In general, a VPN provides better security on the Internet, especially during overseas travel.
  11. Torrenting: Most countries ban torrent websites which remain blocked. You unblock and visit torrent sites and download P2P torrents through a VPN.
  12. Movies: There are a number of sites that offer online streaming to watch movies. Users can even download movies through sites blocked by ISPs for copyright related issues by using a VPN for unblocking.
  13. UK TV: All UK channels are geo-restricted and inaccessible from abroad. To watch UK TV overseas, a VPN offers the simplest solution.
  14. File sharing: Other than P2P filesharing, cloud storage is another reason you can use a VPN for better encryption of your data.
  15. Blogging: Bloggers, unfortunately, are warranted in their fears for their own safety owing to censorship and persecution against activists on web 2.0


How to Unblock Rarbg Movies in Australia via VPN

Rarbg according to TorrentFreak, a large number of movies and TV shows in different torrent indexes have a Rarbg tag attached with them. But sadly, in 2016, Australian Federal Court ordered ISPs to block all major torrent sites including Pirate Bay, KickAss, Rarbg, ISO hunt and many more.

To bypass or unblock Rarbg, Netizens find Australian VPN as the safest and affordable solution. The Australian VPN will not only unblock tons of torrent sites, but it will allow you to access hundreds of on-demand entertainment sites such as BBC iPlayer, Fox Go, HBO now and more from within Australia. We thus recommend Australian VPN to netizens for safe, restriction-free and one-click torrenting experience.


Is P2P File Sharing Possible in Australia?

Australia is one of those countries where the government has passed the data retention laws. Therefore, the ISPs are bound to record the online activities including metadata of the users for two years. Thus, you may face the music in the form of DMCA notices if you are caught while performing P2P activity. Hence, you should connect to one of the best VPNs for torrenting to stream your favorite content without leaving the footprints.


Communications Alliance Introduces New Scheme

The Australian has managed to get ISPs backed up against a corner and have pushed them to the point where they have been forced to bring for an anti-piracy plan. The Communications Alliance (Australia’s primary telecommunications industry body), recently published a document called the ‘Industry Code C653:2015 Copyright Notice Scheme’.

This document mandates ISPs to work with media companies to track the downloading of material from the internet. IP tracking will be used to identify copyright violations and a three stage warning process will culminate in legal proceedings against the identified Australian user.


Wrapping Up:

We expect you would have liked our guide on best VPN for Australia in 2018. If you find issues while using any of the VPNs from the list given above, feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. kim jong lee says:

    Does data retention bill passed by Australia will hurt online users as well who aren’t using any illegal means to watch movies?

    • VPNRanks says:

      Hello, it will affect everyone living in Australia. The new cyber law will retain confidential data of internet users such as their IP address, name, address, billing details, phone call history, and everything personal. So everyone’s included here, that is why some people term it as draconian data retention scheme.

  2. marisa lazo says:

    Can I make use of VPN on more than one device? I do not want to setup vpn on each mobile, television or laptop separately.

    • VPNRanks says:

      To avail privacy benefits and unblocking advantages of a VPN service on many devices, you can setup VPN on your internet router. After installing VPN on router, you will be able use internet on a range of devices with reliable security and complete freedom. In addition, you can find instructions to setup Australian VPN on router by visiting official site of provider specified in this guide.

  3. Impala says:

    Which VPN for Linux Mint 16 would be suggested please

  4. Impala says:

    What VPN for Linux Mint 16 would anyone suggest please

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