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Netflix can be crowned as the king of streaming platforms due to its availability across 190 countries worldwide. But, Netflix libraries vary from region to region simply because of copyright laws and restrictions. Amongst all libraries, Netflix US is a well-liked option since it has all the latest movies and TV shows.

Now, Netflix is renowned for its robust VPN-blocking technology. However, ExpressVPN proves to be the best VPN for Australia when it comes to accessing Netflix. This exclusive combination easily circumvents the streaming platform’s anti-VPN techniques, ensuring Australian users can enjoy unlimited access to all their favorite Netflix libraries.

ExpressVPN is the top choice for consistent Netflix access, masking your VPN usage and regularly updating its IP addresses. However, Netflix’s VPN-blocking technology can cause occasional disruptions. Taking real user accounts from ExpressVPN Netflix Reddit forums, we’ve compiled solutions to address any issues, ensuring access to the vast library of American Netflix from anywhere.

We’ll show you how to utilize ExpressVPN with Netflix and optimize this best Netflix VPN in Australia for faster streaming and enhanced Netflix access. Thanks to its global network of fast, masked servers, it can access Netflix libraries.

ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia: How Do I Unblock Netflix with ExpressVPN – 3 Easy Steps

Here is a quick guide on how to unblock and use ExpressVPN with Netflix in Australia, follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Get a VPN service. ExpressVPN cost in Australia for the yearly plan is reasonable.
  2. Connect to a VPN server. We choose the US server to connect to our AU account. Just select a server in the location in which you require the Netflix library in Australia.
  3. Start streaming! Sign in to Netflix and stream all your favorite movies and TV shows in Australia.

Note: You might face minor inconveniences which may hinder your Netflix streaming experience with ExpressVPN in Australia. Facing ExpressVPN not working when using Netflix issue? – Here’s how to fix that!

ExpressVPN Not Working When Using Netflix in Australia? – Here’s How to Fix!

There’s barely any possibility of you facing any errors with ExpressVPN in Australia. However, if you still do, then fixing it is quite easy. To solve ExpressVPN not working with Netflix on macOS and Windows, just connect to a server that works. After that, refresh the page. If this doesn’t fix it, clear your browser’s cache and switch to the Lightway protocol.

If our quick tricks just confuse you, then fret not; we have a detailed guide of some common troubleshooting actions you could perform to enjoy using ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia together.

1. Try a different server

The most common reason you cannot access Netflix with ExpressVPN in Australia is that the streaming platform has identified VPN usage on your network and blocked your IP address.

While this may seem distressing, the solution is simple: just connect to any other server in the same region. For example, if you’ve been using the US – Los Angeles server and have now been blocked, then opt for any other US server and enjoy unrestricted access to US Netflix in Australia.

Switching to a different server would provide another IP address that Netflix wouldn’t block. This way, you’ll be able to continue streaming your favorite content in Australia without any issues.


ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers to choose from for accessing Netflix in Australia.

For your convenience, we tested multiple servers of ExpressVPN in Australia to change the Netflix region in Australia. Here are the best servers you can use for the following libraries:

Netflix Libraries ExpressVPN Servers
Netflix US New York, Miami, New Jersey – 3, San Jose, and Atlanta
Netflix Germany Frankfurt – 2
Netflix India India (via Singapore)
Netflix Australia Melbourne and Brisbane
Netflix UK East London and London
Netflix France Marseille
Netflix Canada Montreal and Vancouver
Netflix Japan Tokyo – 2
Netflix Italy Cosenza
Netflix Spain Barcelona

Once you connect to any of these servers for your desired Netflix library, refresh your browser/relaunch the Netflix app, and enjoy using ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia.

2. Use MediaStreamer

If you’re unable to find a working US server of ExpressVPN in Australia, then you need to use MediaStreamer. ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature is a SmartDNS service that doesn’t require you to pay any additional costs.

MediaStreamer circumvents the geo-blocks of Netflix by replacing the DNS address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) with an ExpressVPN DNS server present in Australia. As per our tests, this was more difficult for Netflix to identify than a normal VPN connection.

Truth be told, our research concluded that MediaStreamer is a much more reliable option for accessing Netflix in Australia. However, it won’t encrypt your online traffic or conceal your IP address.

Here’s how to use ExpressVPN MediaStreamer for Netflix in Australia:

  1. Disconnect from your ExpressVPN server and sign in to ExpressVPN’s website.
  2. On the left, click on DNS Settings. Click on Register my IP Address and make sure that you’ve enabled the Automatically register my IP address option.
  3. Change the DNS address of your device with ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer DNS address. You can now access American Netflix in Australia.

Enjoy a reliable connection while using ExpressVPN with Netflix in Australia.

With MediaStreamer, you can enjoy a VPN connection on devices that do not natively support VPNs. This means that you can use ExpressVPN on Roku, Smart TVs, Xbox, PS4, Kodi, and more to unblock restricted Netflix libraries easily in Australia. You can also try connecting ExpressVPN on a MikroTik router in Australia or ExpressVPN on pfSense in Australia

3. Check your IP address

If you’re still facing the ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia not working problem, then it’s time for you to look at your IP address. In case the location you’ve selected is closer to your actual location, it might cause trouble accessing a Netflix library. However, here’s a quick fix: disconnect from the server and reconnect!


After checking, reconnect to your ExpressVPN server.

4. Flush your DNS and then access Netflix in Australia

In case a leaking IP address is not the culprit, you might want to make sure that you’re not leaking your DNS. A leaking DNS can also block you from accessing Netflix in Australia. To fix this issue when watching Netflix in Australia, you can flush your DNS. Here’s how you can do it yourself:

  1. Hit the Windows R keys simultaneously.
  2. Click on Run, type Command Prompt and hit Enter.
  3. Next, type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt and hit Enter.
  4. Now you should see this: ‘Windows IP Configuration Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.’ 

This method only takes a few seconds.

Once you’re all done, you can run an online DNS leak test on to be extra sure.

5. Change to the Lightway Protocol

If you’re still figuring out how to make ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia work together again, then try switching to another VPN protocol – preferably Lightway.

The VPN settings can sometimes be interfered by the protocol settings, causing a minor glitch. However, this can be solved by choosing a different protocol.

ExpressVPN’s Lightway UDP protocol is our top recommendation as it tested to be super-reliable for bypassing Netflix’s geo-restrictions. When compared to other protocols, Lightway also offers optimized speeds for streaming Netflix in Australia.

Here’s how you can change the protocol in ExpressVPN’s app:

  1. Launch ExpressVPN’s app and tap on the hamburger menu. Then, click Options.
  2. Tap on Protocols and choose Lightway (UDP).

Lightway allowed us to stream US Netflix in 4K playback quality without any lags in Australia.

6. Contact ExpressVPN’s customer support

In case none of the above steps works for you, then you can go to ExpressVPN’s website and contact their live chat. The customer support representative can provide you with an updated list of the servers that can unblock your desired Netflix library in Australia.  

We tested the chat support by asking for optimized servers for Netflix US and got server suggestions within minutes. You can witness that in the screenshot below:


We were suggested to use the Miami and New Jersey servers for accessing American Netflix in Australia.

In our opinion, ExpressVPN’s customer support is practically the best. The agents are available 24/7 and provide informative responses every time.

For more information, see our ExpressVPN not working in Australia guide for assistance.

Why Use ExpressVPN to Access Netflix in Australia?

ExpressVPN’s servers allow you to have a throttle-free and fast access for streaming Netflix in Australia. Its 30-day money-back guarantee for Australian users means that you can try the VPN risk-free! If you face an error while using Netflix with ExpressVPN in Australia, just chat with ExpressVPN’s customer support to get online again.

ExpressVPN can greatly enhance your streaming experience, especially if you want to bypass the throttling of your ISP, stream anything on your network securely, or just want to keep your Netflix activities private. During testing, ExpressVPN managed to unblock 20+ Netflix libraries in Australia, which was very impressive.

All in all, ExpressVPN is widely believed to be a VPN service in Australia that can comfortably unblock Netflix content from a variety of different regions.

Another bonus feature is that you can also watch Netflix on Chromecast with ExpressVPN. Netflix would work great on Android TV using ExpressVPN too.

ExpressVPN Best Servers to Watch Netflix in Australia

Following are the best ExpressVPN servers to watch Netflix in Australia:

  • USA: San Jose, Los Angeles 3, and Atlanta
  • Japan: Tokyo – 2
  • Canada: Vancouver and Montreal
  • The UK: London, Wembley, and East London
  • India: India (via Singapore)

Choosing the right server for watching Netflix in Australia is extremely important because your connection’s stability and playback quality depend on it. Most ExpressVPN Netflix servers that we tested offered great speeds, but a few were simply better than the rest.

Even if you travel outside your country, ExpressVPN will provide you with excellent speeds to watch the Netflix library back home from abroad.

How to Optimize ExpressVPN’s Speeds for Netflix in Australia

ExpressVPN’s app comes with a built-in speed test tool in case you want to test the servers yourself. However, we’d recommend using Ookla’s speed test tool for more accurate results. Just connect to a server of the location you want to access the Netflix library and go to to check out its speeds.

The following table represents the recommended speed for each type of picture quality:

Playback Quality Recommended Speed
Low (less than 480p) 1.5 Mbps
SD 3 Mbps
HD 5 Mbps
Ultra HD 25 Mbps

When we accessed Netflix US from the Australia, we got a blazing-fast speed of 83.29 Mbps while using its Miami server. These were fast enough to stream out favorite content in Ultra HD.


The speed drop recorded was only 17%, which is not bad at all.

ExpressVPN Not Working with Netflix in Australia (Issues with Devices)

Netflix’s VPN blocking technique differs from device to device. To fix these issues and make ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia work together depends on the device you’re using in Australia.

Here is how to solve these issues and enjoy the ultimate ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia combo on all popular device:

Smart TV, Games Consoles & Apple TV

If ExpressVPN stops working with Netflix in Australia on your smart TV, Apple TV, or gaming console, then you need to know that there’s an issue with MediaStreamer. Usually, registering an outdated IP address on ExpressVPN’s website is a common reason for this. You’ll be required to re-register your IP address every time your ISP changes your IP, which can be every 2 weeks.

To fix this, ensure that you’re not connected to a VPN server and sign in to ExpressVPN’s website > My Account > DNS Settings. Then, tap on  Register my IP address > enable Automatically register my IP address.


Refresh the registered IP if your ISP has changed it.

This should make ExpressVPN work with the above-mentioned devices again. If not, then try to disable IPv6 on your router. Also, make sure that your streaming device is not connected to any Wi-Fi extender and that you’re directly using your internet connection.

Amazon Fire TV

Netflix effectively blocks VPN connections on Amazon Fire TV in Australia. While testing, only around 60% of the servers that worked on a browser also worked on Fire TV. When we connected to a server that wasn’t compatible with Fire TV, we got the following tvq-pb-101 (1.10.5059) error:


Connecting to a Netflix-compatible Amazon Fire TV server can help bypass this error in Australia.

To fix this issue, you need to connect to the customer support of ExpressVPN and request a working server. The representatives will provide you with an updated list of servers that work with Amazon Fire TV Stick in Australia. Then, connect to the working server and clear your cache.

Here is how you clear your cache on Fire TV in Australia:

  1. Visit Settings and click on Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
  2. Scroll and choose Netflix.
  3. Tap on Clear Cache > Clear Data.

For a detailed guide on setting up ExpressVPN on FireStick to enjoy Netflix in Australia, use our easy ExpressVPN on FireStick in Australia guide.

Windows & macOS

If ExpressVPN stops working with Netflix in Australia on any of your desktop apps, you immediately encounter the m7111-5059 proxy error:


You get the “Pardon the interruption” error when Netflix detects VPN usage on the desktop.

Resolving this error on desktop PCs is the easiest one of all devices. To fix the ExpressVPN not working with Netflix on macOS and Windows, just connect to a working server and refresh the page. If this doesn’t fix the problem, switch to the Lightway protocol or clear the cache of your browser.

iPhone & Android

When it comes to smartphones, ExpressVPN cannot force these devices to use the DNS servers. As a result, Netflix can cross-check if the VPN server’s IP address matches one of your DNS servers.

That’s exactly why bypassing Netflix’s geo-restrictions on Android and iPhone is more difficult than the desktops. If Netflix stops working on mobile devices in Australia, you will only be able to access Netflix’s Originals.

As a workaround, you can ask the customer support team of this VPN for a server that works on mobile in Australia. Connect to this server and clear your device’s cache.

Why Does Netflix Block Content?

Netflix blocks content due to the enforcement of royalties and copyrights as every country has different regulations and laws around copying media content and intellectual property. VPNs are a way around these restrictions as they can make your IP appear as if it’s from the Australia even while traveling.

International Content Rights

Netflix is a geo-restricted streaming service, so every country gets a different content library due to content licensing policies and distribution rights. Content deals with Netflix and studios are country-specific.

Therefore, Netflix only has the right to stream any movie or show in a few countries. If Netflix does not have the right in one country, it will not provide that content in that region.

IP Address Geo-blocking

To make sure the company is following the laws and terms of service, Netflix uses IP-blocking technology to restrict access to content based on your location.

When you visit Netflix in Australia, your IP address is detected, and then you are presented with a library. For example, if you live in Australia and want to access US Netflix, you will get a proxy error.

This is where ExpressVPN will help you out. It will let you connect to a US server and easily access American Netflix in Australia.

How to Unblock Geo-restricted Content in Australia

There’s a super-easy method around geo-blocking: connect to a Virtual Private Network. VPNs route your traffic through a server in another country. This conceals your actual IP address – which is mostly used to distinguish your location – and replaces it with a country-specific, temporary IP address.

More About VPN for Australian Users

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  • Best VPN for Stremio – Enhance your Stremio experience with our top VPN recommendation, providing secure and unrestricted access to a wide range of streaming content.

FAQs: ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia

Now that we’ve mostly covered everything let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia.

We tested 100+ VPNs for Netflix and can say that ExpressVPN is absolutely the best VPN for streaming in Australia. The VPN unblocks Netflix libraries in over 10 countries, including Japan and the US. ExpressVPN is super-fast for international connections and you can install it on a vast range of devices.

If your internet speed seems slow and doesn’t meet your expectations, then the reason can be: the server location you chose is far from your physical location, there’s slow internet speed at your location, or suboptimal interconnectivity between your ISP and VPN.

Yes, by using ExpressVPN with Netflix in Australia, you can bypass geo-blocks and access foreign Netflix libraries in Australia. This makes a VPN quite useful if you’re traveling abroad and want to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows as if you were still at home.

ExpressVPN can be blocked by Netflix in Australia if the IP address you were assigned has been detected and blocked by the streaming platform. Switching to a different server will offer you a different IP address, and if that IP has not been blacklisted by Netflix, then Netflix will start working with ExpressVPN again in Australia.

ExpressVPN can unblock 20+ Netflix libraries in Australia and is quite easy to install on any device – it just takes 2 minutes. You can also use it to access Netflix on gaming consoles, smart TVs, and other devices that most VPNs don’t work with. In short, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming Netflix from Australia.

Yes, absolutely. ExpressVPN’s servers offer fast and throttle-free access to stream Netflix in Australia. Its 30-day money-back guarantee also means that you can try the VPN completely risk-free!

As per our testing, ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia is a perfect combo. We were able to unblock 15+ different libraries of Netflix in Australia easily. As for quality, due to fast speeds, streaming content in HD quality was not a big deal for ExpressVPN.

Overall, ExpressVPN is a top-tier service for users who want to access geo-restricted shows on Netflix in Australia without any trial and error. It is fast, secure, and highly reliable at Netflix unblocking. Even Reddit users recommend ExpressVPN for Netflix in Australia! You can’t go wrong with this one.

In case you face any issues or just want a guaranteed optimized server, then you can use ExpressVPN’s live chat support and get an answer immediately. Read our in-depth ExpressVPN review in Australia for more information.

We hope you enjoyed our ExpressVPN Netflix in Australia guide. Feel free to comment in case of any questions. Happy streaming!

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