Best Anonymous VPN Services for Cost-Effective Privacy

Internet Anonymity means complete online privacy and security. It means that you can do anything you want, without worrying about any internet logs or background surveillance.

A casual internet surfing session can include anything from checking out your news feed, to reading a post, to online shopping, to a bit of hanky-panky on the side. Almost all major websites and online services demand that you enable cookies if you want a personalized internet experience. However, what they don’t tell you is that they use all your preferences and choices to collect facts about you. They are invading your privacy, steadily and sweetly!

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These are the best anonymous VPN services that millions of internet users trust to ensure privacy when doing any of the following:

  • Carrying out any online banking activity
  • Buying and/or selling online
  • Connecting to a public WiFi hotspot
  • Tagging, liking or sharing photos on social media
  • Browsing Facebook at work or school

Not sure how using an anonymous VPN service can help you? Internet surveillance and spying threats are increasing every day. Your life is the pie, and everybody wants a piece of the pie! There are millions of threats to the modern day internet user’s online anonymity, but the following remain undeniable:


Protection against Cyber Criminals

McAfee confirms that Cyber Crime costs the global economy over $570 billion every year! And all of this is possible thanks to the millions of internet users who check their emails, buy/sell on websites like Amazon, check their bank balance and other regular activities, without anonymity.

The battle against Cyber Crime cannot be won unless more people start using anonymous VPN services. These simple cost-effective services help save millions every year! They encrypt your data and tunnel all your information through secure servers. This makes it impossible for Cyber Criminals to zero-in on you or your data. You become invisible, and invincible.

But if you think cybercriminals are bad, then you will be surprised to hear that even your ISP cooperates with other organizations to sell them your data!


Zero Anonymity on E-Commerce, News & Social Media Websites

Did you know that news and political websites have more trackers than pornography websites? Trackers collect your data in the background while you surf the net. Together, Google and Facebook are responsible for around half of all the tracking that happens online.

For example, signing up on NBC shares your personal information with 7 other companies and simply watching an Ad on Home Depot shares your information with 13 other companies.

How bad is it? Every time you go online, the following information is logged:

  • Your internet session time and date are logged
  • Your IP address is recorded
  • All your search queries (everything you Google) are recorded
  • Your email address (every time you sign-in on any website) is recorded
  • All your clicks (on Ads, banners and buttons) are charted
  • Your physical location is detected
  • Your Operating System and details about its version
  • Your profile information (including your address and phone numbers)
  • Worst case scenario: your keystrokes are recorded

Unless you use an anonymous VPN service to encrypt your data, you have very little (usually zero) control over the distribution, circulation and sharing of your data. All of these websites promise 100% anonymity, but use legal loopholes to carry out data sharing.


An Anonymous VPN shields from Governments Surveillance

Government organizations like the NSA and the GCHQ hate it when regular internet users activate anonymous VPN services. Using an anonymous VPN service encrypts your data and hides you behind a second IP address that is not associated with your location – unlike your actual IP address which can be used to pin-point your physical location.

Government surveillance organizations coordinate with your Internet Service Provider and implement data duplicating practices to create and store copies of your data as it runs on the internet superhighway. An anonymous VPN service ensures your online privacy by securing your data and your identity. This makes it impossible for government organizations to track you or go through your data if they manage to capture it at any point.

The best anonymous VPN service providers like the few we have short-listed here come with military grade encryption and are trusted by millions of internet users around the world. These services also give you the choice to select the country from which you want your IP address to appear, giving you virtual global mobility at your finger tips, and making it impossible for government surveillance to track you.


Businesses Disregard Anonymity Needs

Businesses want your data so that they can learn about you. They think that studying you like a lab rat will help them create more convincing marketing plans. Businesses collaborate to share information about their customers and visitors.

Businesses collect your data any chance they get:

  • They collect your data when you visit their websites
  • They buy your data from third-parties that collect your data
  • They conduct surveys to understand your habits, choices and preferences

They mine this data to learn about your choices, habits and preferences. This might sound like a harmless activity, but the problem is that they don’t put any effort into protecting your data once they collect it.

In 2014, corporate giants like Apple, Target, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, UPS, Tesco, eBay, Staples and Wal-Mart made history when they got hacked. No money was stolen, but the accounts details of millions of customers were stolen! Countless people scrambled to change their passwords.

The personal information of everyday internet users and online shoppers had been collected to create better deals and discounts, but it ended up on the internet black market. It was sold and bought countless times over in cyber space, compromising people’s privacy and anonymity.

The damage of each of these hack attacks is expected to have long-lasting impacts. The worst part is that none of the damage can be detected or prevented until it is already too late. The damage is done, but using an anonymous VPN service can help make it harder for such incidents to happen again.


Back to Square One?

A lack of anonymity comes from the absence of data encryption and tunneling. So every time you think that it is ok to go online without ensuring your internet privacy, you make it easier for Cyber Criminals to hack your accounts, steal your data and drain your bank balance.

All of this could have been prevented if more people were using anonymous VPN services. There is no such thing as a free dinner and your data helps pay for all the no-cost services you use every day! Everybody tracks your internet sessions – as much as possible. Get smart – get an anonymous VPN service.

Using an anonymous VPN service while visiting websites and shopping online confuses businesses and makes it difficult for them to create an image of you and your personal data. Nothing secures your personal data and your privacy like an anonymous VPN service.

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