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Missing popular Italian content and thinking “How to watch Rai Italia in UK?” Well, since Rai TV is geo-restricted in the United Kingdom, you need a VPN to access it. Continue reading and we’ll provide you with quick steps to watch Rai TV in UK.

Rai TV is a super-famous Italian on-demand platform offering a bucketful of popular titles, including Ladies Paradise, The Sea Beyond, Do Not Hate, and Rocco Schiavone. It even lets you enjoy various Italian channels and catch up on Italian football.

But, if you live in the UK, you may face a slight hindrance while accessing the streaming platform. That’s because Rai TV is available only within the boundaries of Italy. So, to find out a workaround to bypass this geo-block, we tested various hacks and found the best one to watch Rai TV in UK – a VPN service! This is why you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to stream Rai Italy in the UK region.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all about accessing Italian TV Rai in UK. We’ll go through its sign-up process in detail and how to watch it on multiple devices. So, without any further delays, let’s begin!

How to Watch Italian Rai TV in UK [Easy Steps]

Due to Italian Rai TV’s geo-restrictions, you need a VPN offering Italian servers to watch Rai TV in UK. Follow the steps below on how to watch Rai TV in UK:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service (ExpressVPN is our top choice).
  2. Download its app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN app and sign in using your credentials.
  4. Connect to an Italian server (We recommend the Italy – Cosenza server). 
  5. Visit Rai TV’s website and enjoy its Rai TV streaming in UK.

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Best VPN to Watch Rai TV in UK – Quick Overview

Here are the 3 best VPN services to easily watch Rai TV in UK:

  1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN to Watch Rai TV in UK. Offers 2 Italian server locations, fast speeds, and excellent unblocking capabilities to access Rai TV within seconds. Also offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to Watch Rai TV. Comes with a super-affordable cost and offers 2 Italian server locations along with unlimited multi-logins.
  3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network to Watch Rai TV. Offers 60+ servers in Italy for unrestricted access to Italian TV Rai, great security, and fast speeds.

Depth Analysis – Best Rai TV VPNs

Why Do you Need a VPN to Unblock Rai TV in UK

You need a VPN to unblock Rai TV in UK because it is geo-restricted and subjected to content licensing agreements with entertainment companies. Hence, a VPN will be required to bypass the geo-restriction and to make it seem like you’re accessing within the permissible region.

However, if you try watching Rai TV in UK, you will see the following error message:


We got the “The Streaming of the content is available in Italy only. We apologize for the inconvenience” error (translated in English) while accessing the service in UK without a VPN.

This is why you need a good VPN service for unblocking Rai TVin UK. By connecting to an Italian server, you can get an Italian IP address in UK.

This way, you’d be able to trick Rai TV into believing that you’re accessing the streaming service from within Italy. And the streaming platform would let you bypass its geo-blocks and access its content easily.

Best VPNs to Watch Rai TV in UK

We tested 40+ VPN services on the basis of servers, unblocking capabilities, speeds, multi-logins, and more. Out of these, 3 VPNs lived up to our criteria and got listed as the best VPNs for watching Rai TV in UK:

1. ExpressVPN The Best VPN to Watch Rai TV in UK


Key Features:

  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries, 2 server locations in Italy
  • Exclusive MediaStreamer feature
  • Super-fast speeds of 89.38 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, Roku, Kodi, Smart TV, and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Italian Rai TV in UK. This is an all-rounder VPN offering multiple servers in Italy, great unblocking capabilities, amazing speeds, and robust security. It even comes with a MediaStreamer feature that lets you enjoy unrestricted access to Rai TV on devices that are incompatible with VPNs.

ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers worldwide, with Italian servers located in Cosenza and Milan. We connected to its Milan server and unblocked Italian TV Rai within a few seconds. With this Italian server, we could enjoy a variety of Italian content in HD quality and at super-fast speeds.


Streaming all our Rai TV shows with ExpressVPN was pretty easy.

ExpressVPN Recommended Servers: Milan

When tested ExpressVPN for speeds, we had a bufferless streaming experience, delivering a download speed of 89.38 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.66 Mbps on our 100 Mbps base connection.


We did not notice the slight speed drop on our connection while streaming at all.

That’s not all. You can also use its global server network and access streaming platforms from across the globe. We could easily watch Channel 4, ViuTV in UK, BBC iPlayer, Channel 5, Citytv, and Hotstar in UK.

ExpressVPN offers 5 simultaneous connections and can be set up on all popular OSes, thanks to its dedicated apps. These include iOS, Windows, Android, macOS, FireOS, and Linux. By using its MediaStreamer feature, you can also set up ExpressVPN on Roku, Kodi, Smart TVs, routers, and more.

Moreover, thanks to ExpressVPN’s AES 256-bit encryption, your data will never be compromised while streaming Italian Rai TV. It also offers a kill switch that shuts your internet off if the VPN connection drops. we were also confident to stream other Italian channels such Timvision Plus even on its free trial, because it provides us the same security and encryption. Therefore you can count ExpressVPN as a good free VPN for TimVision Plus in UK. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s no-logs policy in UK and DNS leak protection features are also quite robust.

The best thing about this VPN is that you get such a premium service at a price of just GB£ 5.44/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). It also offers users a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee for testing its features.

To learn more about this service, you can always go through our ExpressVPN review in UK.

  • Servers in 2 locations in Italy
  • Fast speeds
  • Unblocks Rai TV and other popular platforms
  • Robust security

  • Offers 5 multi-logins only

Watch Rai TV in UK with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN to Watch Rai TV


Key Features:

  • 3200+ servers in 100 countries, 2 Italian server locations
  • Speeds of 81.32 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • MutiHop feature
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with Kodi, iOS, Android, Roku, Smart TVs, FireStick, Apple TV, and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Surfshark is a budget-friendly VPN to watch Italian Rai TV. While the VPN is affordable and costs only GB£ 1.87/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), it offers quite good speeds and unblocking capabilities to users in UK.

Surfshark offers 3200+ servers across the world, including Italian servers in Milan and Rome. We connected to its Rome server, which unblocked the streaming service within 30 seconds.

We then picked up an Italian drama and started streaming. Using this cheap VPN service in UK, we could enjoy an entire season of a TV show in HD video quality with no buffering.


Our favorite content was easily accessible with Surfshark on Rai Italian channel.

Surfshark Recommended Servers: Rome

We got quite curious about this VPN’s speeds and decided to conduct a Surfshark speed test in UK. On our 100 Mbps connection, the VPN delivered a download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an upload speed of 76.12 Mbps.


We faced a speed drop of only 19%, which was not too bad.

You can also use Surfshark’s global servers present across 100 countries to unblock platforms like BT Sport, STV Player in UK, Zattoo, Foxtel Go, and Sky Sport.

A significant feature of Surfshark is that it offers unlimited simultaneous connections to users. We could its user-friendly apps on various operating systems, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. We could also set up Surfshark on FireStick, Smart TV, routers, PS4, Xbox, and other devices.

That’s not all. Surfshark keeps its users encrypted at all times through its AES 256-bit encryption and protects their actual IP addresses with DNS leak protection. Moreover, it also offers MultiHop, which routes your traffic through more than a single server for complete security. With such security and complete protection, we were confident enough to stream different Italian channels such as Rai TV and MioCinema in UK.

Finally, Surfshark offers users a 30-day refund policy for testing the service out. If you don’t like the service, you can cancel your Surfshark UK subscription and claim a refund within the 30-day period.

You can always go through our Surfshark review to learn more about this service.

  • Servers in 2 locations in Italy
  • Unblocks all major streaming platforms
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Affordable VPN service

  • Long-distance servers may be slightly sluggish

Watch Rai TV in UK with Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. NordVPN – Large Server Network to Watch Rai TV in UK


Key Features:

  • 5500+ servers in 60 countries, 60+ servers in 1 Italian location
  • Obfuscation technology
  • Fast speeds of 86.18 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Compatible with Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Smart TVs, PS4, Xbox, and more
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

NordVPN has a large network of servers to watch Italian Rai TV. Not many VPNs offer such an extensive server network of 5500+ servers in 60 countries.

Among these servers, you get 60+ in Milan, Italy. We connected to one of its Milan servers and could unblock the streaming service within 20 seconds. Then, we tried streaming Inspector Rex, a popular Italian TV show, and could enjoy multiple episodes in HD quality with no lags or buffers.


Using NordVPN’s Italian server, we faced no delays while enjoying the Rai Italian TV UK combo.

NordVPN Recommended Servers: Milan servers #237 and #199

When tested NordVPN for speeds in UK, it delivered a blazing-fast download speed of 86.18 Mbps and an upload speed of 42.13 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


With these speeds, there was no buffering on our connection, and were able to get Raitalia live.

With such a massive server network, you can also watch ORF, Channel 4, BBC iPlayer, 9Now, DStv Now, TF1, and CBC in UK.

NordVPN offers 6 simultaneous connections and can be set up on various operating systems and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, FireStick, Roku, Kodi, and more. With its SmartPlay feature, we could set up NordVPN on PS4 and stream Rai TVon Firestick onto the big screen.

Moreover, this secure VPN in UK offers a no-logging policy which ensures that no one can trace or store your online activities while streaming Rai TV in UK. It further offers obfuscation technology, which hides the fact that you’re using a VPN from everyone.

Now that you know how to watch Rai Italia in UK, you can get it at a price of just GB£ 3.25/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan) and enjoy the platform easily. Moreover, NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to users, so you can cancel your NordVPN subscription if you don’t like the service.

You can always check our NordVPN review in UK to learn more about this service.

  • 60+ servers in Milan, Italy
  • Unblocks all major streaming platforms
  • Robust security features
  • Massive server network

  • Live chat is not the best
  • Interface can be improved

Watch Rai TV in UK with NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How to Sign Up for Rai TV in UK?

Here is a quick guide on how to sign up for Rai TV in UK:

Step 1: Connect to a VPN. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service, download its app, and connect to an Italian server (We highly recommend ExpressVPN).


Step 2: Visit Rai TV. The next step is to launch the Rai TV app on your browser and click Sign In.


Step 3: Create an Account. You can sign up using your email or your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Huawei, or Apple ID.


Step 4: Enter your details. Insert your name, email ID, password, and gender, and register easily!

Watch Rai TV in UK with ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Can You Use a Free VPN to Watch Rai TV in UK?

No, you cannot use a free VPN to stream Italian Rai TV in UK. That’s because free VPNs cannot circumvent geo-restrictions set by various streaming platforms.

Most free VPNs do not even offer an Italian server on their network. They further offer poor unblocking capabilities and slow speeds, which makes streaming extremely frustrating.

Free VPNs are also known to collect user logs and sell them to third-party websites. So, when they claim that the VPN is free, it costs you your privacy behind your back.

Even if you find the most reliable free VPN for streaming Rai Italia, it would still be unable to beat the streaming capabilities of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. Therefore, you should avoid trying to get the Rai Italia streaming free and stick to a paid VPN.

What Devices Offer a Dedicated Rai TV App in UK?

All the devices mentioned below offer a Rai TV app in UK :

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV

How to Watch Rai TV in UK on Kodi?

UK users can watch Rai TV on Kodi with the help of a VPN. As we mentioned before, we used ExpressVPN for this purpose. The geographical restrictions keep you away from watching Italian content over the internet. But a Kodi VPN in UK  enables you to access the blocked content by replacing your IP address.

Here’s how to get Italian Rai TV in UK on Kodi: 

  1. From the Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons.
  2. Then, visit the Video add-ons and click Rai On Demand.
  3. After opening the add-on, you can browse through its titles.
  4. The entire list of Rai TV channels will be available for you to stream on Kodi. 

Kodi Add-ons to Watch Italian Rai TV in UK

Fortunately, Rai TV is available in Kodi’s official repository. However, several users reported that the official add-on is not working anymore. So if the old version doesn’t work, we would recommend downloading the newer version from GitHub.

Here are the steps you should follow to configure the add-on on Kodi:

  1. Download the ZIP file from GitHub using the following link and remember the file location where you saved the ZIP file as you’ll need it ahead:
  2. Launch Kodi and go to Add-ons.
  3. Click on the open box icon and hit Install from the zip file.
  4. Navigate to where you saved the ZIP file (it should look something like
  5. Once you click the file, wait until you get a notification confirming that the installation is complete.
  6. Now go to the home screen and click Add-ons.
  7. Go to Video add-ons and look up Rai On Demand.
  8. Once the add-on is open, you can enjoy any content of your choice.

Rai TV Channel List

Here’s a list of all the channels available to enjoy Rai TV live in UK:

  • Rai Premium
  • Rai Scuol
  • Rai Storia
  • Rai Gulp
  • Rai YoYo
  • News24
  • Rai Movie
  • RaiSport + HD
  • Rai (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • UniNettuno University TV
  • Ladinia
  • Südtirol (TV channel)
  • Rai Sport

What to Watch on Italian Rai TV in UK in 2023?

Rai International offers a plethora of movies and shows mainly Italian TV series to its audience. You can stream multiple originals, documentaries, hit shows, and trending movies on Rai TV in UK in 2023:

Best Show to Watch on Rai TV in 2023

You can watch the following best Rai TV Italy shows in UK in 2023:

  • My Brilliant Friend
  • Don Matteo
  • Leonardo
  • Blanca
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill
  • Inspector Montalbano
  • Vivi E Lascia Vivere
  • Suburra
  • Inspector Ricciardi
  • DOC – In your hands
  • Che tempo che fa
  • Wednesday
  • Vivi E Lascia Vivere
  • Medici
  • The White Lotus
  • People show with Geppi Cucciari
  • Sophie Cross
  • Outside Night

Best Movies to Watch on Rai TV in 2023

Following are the best movies that you can watch after you get Raiplay in UK:

  • Surface Tension
  • Silence
  • Little Women
  • The Things I Haven’t Told You
  • Pinocchio
  • 1917
  • Palm Springs
  • Spirited

What’s New on Rai TV in September 2023?

The new titles that are coming to Rai TV in September 2023 are:

  • Adventures in nature
  • Cobra Task Force 11
  • Don Matteo
  • Ballaro
  • Inspector Rex
  • Che Tempo Che Fa

What Other Streaming Services You Can Watch in UK?

Following are the other channels you can stream in UK:


Since Rai TV is geo-blocked in the UK, the VPN you choose should offer multiple Italy servers to watch Rai TV while travelling to UK. Thus, you’ll need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to watch Rai TV.

In case you want to know how to watch Rai Italia in UK, just follow the steps above.

Since Rai TV is a geo-restricted streaming platform, you can only access it within Italy unless you use a VPN. Using the best VPN like ExpressVPN, you can unblock Italian Rai TV in UK and enjoy its content without any issues.

Yes, it is perfectly legal to watch Rai TV in UK using a VPN service. You can use a VPN to unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms in UK without the risk of breaking laws. However, you should always use a premium VPN for Rai TV in UK – like ExpressVPN.

Here we summarize how to get Italian Rai TV in UK:

  1. Connect to a VPN server. Subscribe to a premium VPN, install its app, and connect to a server in Italy (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Visit the Rai TV website. The next step is to access the Rai TV app or site and click ‘Sign In.’
  3. Create a Rai TV account. Enter your details to create an account and get Rai Italia in UK.


You can now access your favorite Italian content anywhere in the world. So if you are obsessed with Italian TV shows, you wouldn’t want to miss an episode even when you are travelling to UK.

All you’d require is the best VPN to watch Rai TV in UK. Out of all the VPNs we listed, our top recommended VPN is ExpressVPN due to its multiple servers in Italy, fantastic unblocking capabilities, and fast speeds, as we did not experience any buffering issues.

Moreover, it also offers a 3-month free subscription on its annual plan, so you can get its premium service for 15 months while paying for just 12. How cool is that?

Do remember to share your feedback and queries in the comments below. Happy streaming!