How to Get American Netflix in Australia [May 2024]

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Netflix US offers a more extensive content library than Netflix Australia, leaving Australian subscribers with fewer TV series and movie options compared to their American counterparts. Unfortunately, geo-restrictions prevent access to the US catalog of Netflix from Australia. If you’re curious to know how can I get American Netflix in Australia? fret not We’ll teach you how to get American Netflix in Australia while vacationing.

However, a VPN like ExpressVPN, serves as a game-changer in this scenario. By encrypting your internet traffic and rerouting it through a server in the United States you can easily change your IP address. Allowing you to access websites and material that would normally be inaccessible to those outside of that nation.

American Netflix has 5,750 titles, whereas Australian Netflix only has 601 titles. That’s why here’s a guide on how to use a VPN, change your IP address, and start streaming American Netflix from Australia.

How To Get American Netflix in Australia (5 Easy Steps)

Do you want to know how to watch American Netflix from Australia? Well, don’t worry here are five easy steps you can follow on how to get American Netflix in Australia in 2024 using the best VPN for Netflix Australia:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN provider. For reliable, uninterrupted, and HD-quality Netflix streaming in Australia – We highly recommend selecting ExpressVPN as your VPN provider.
  2. Download and install the ExpressVPN application.
  3. Log into the application using your ExpressVPN account details.
  4. Locate and connect to either the Atlanta, Dallas, or Chicago server.
  5. You can now stream American Netflix in Australia via Netflix’s official app or through Netflix’s website using a browser.

Why do you need a VPN to Access American Netflix in Australia?

Due to geo-restrictions, you cannot access Netflix’s US library in Australia. As a result, users are unable to view some episodes and movies accessible on American Netflix. However, ExpressVPN allows you to access American Netflix in Australia quickly, you can get US Netflix on any device consistently.

Remember that, if you don’t use a VPN, and directly try to access the American Library from Australia, then you will see the following error message:

Whoops, something went wrong


How to get American Netflix in Australia? Use a VPN, or else you will see Netflix Geo-blocking Australia

So, is Netflix America different from Netflix Australia? Yes. Most of us know that some Netflix libraries provide far more content than others. And one of them is the indisputable content king. Netflix USA has a massive collection of over 5,500 titles — yet Australians can only access 38% of this programming.

Best VPNs for Netflix USA: at a glance

A reliable VPN is the solution if you are confused about how to get American Netflix in Australia, we have tested the best VPNs for you.

expressvpn-logo-new surfshark-logo NordVPN-logo
Ranking for American Netflix 1 2 3
Avg Speed (US) 90+ Mbps 88+ Mbps 75+ Mbps
US Servers 25 US locations 600+ servers 1970+ servers
Simultaneous Connections HBO, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and others Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and others Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney+, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, and more
Other services Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TVs, Routers Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire TV Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux
Best deal (per month) AU$ 9.99/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free AU$3.73/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee AU$5.97/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free

Best VPNs for watching US Netflix in Australia (In-Depth Analysis)

I tested different VPN providers on various parameters such as connection speed, American Netflix unblocking capability, number of simultaneous connections, robust online security, customer support, and a money-back guarantee to bring you the best VPNs to get American Netflix in Australia.

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN To Unblock-US Netflix Australia


Total Servers: 3000+ | Countries: 105| American Servers: 25+ server locations | Trustpilot Rating: 4.7 | Maximum Devices: 8 | Money-back guarantee: 30-days

ExpressVPN is the best VPN Netflix in Australia due to its speed of 84.64 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.


Unblock Netflix US using ExpressVPN.

It has a network of over 3000+ servers, including 25+ locations in the US, allowing you to unblock us not working in Australia.

If we talk about speed, ExpressVPN delivers an average download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.64 on our 100 Mbps connection, which is terrific for bufferless streaming.


ExpressVPN speed test.

ExpressVPN’s unique feature is its Smart DNS feature called “ExpressVPN MediaStreamer.” This Smart DNS service lets you unblock different streaming services from across the globe on devices that are not so friendly for VPN configuration.

Nothing concerns you or your online activity stored on its server with a complete zero-log policy. Military-grade AES-256-bit encryption ensures that your internet traffic is encrypted at such a level that it can never be compromised. Advanced security features such as an Internet Kill Switch, RAM servers, and Private DNS are always available to safeguard your online data and real identity in cyberspace.

You can also enjoy American Netflix on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux, as the provider proudly supports eight simultaneous connections on a single account. You can get ExpressVPN for only AU$ 9.99/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, with a 30-day refund policy.

2. Surfshark – Runner-up VPN To Get American Netflix in Australia –


Total Servers: 3200+ | Countries: 100| American Servers: 500+ in 20+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.3 | Maximum Devices: unlimited | Money-back guarantee: 30-days

Surfshark is the runner-up VPN for American Netflix in Australia. While this provider is relatively new to the VPN industry, its monthly, yearly, and impressive AU$3.73/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee biannually subscription plans have made it a popular choice among affordable VPNs.


Using US server of Surfshark, you can unblock Netflix.

This provider offers a server network of 3200+ servers in 100  countries. With its 600+ American servers, I unblocked 15 different Netflix libraries such as US, UK, Canada, France, and Italy.

If we talk about speed, then Surfshark did not disappoint. It offered an average download speed of 88.48 Mbps, which was more than enough to stream Netflix in Ultra HD quality.


Surfshark speed test.

As for security, Surfshark offers features like Multi-hop, Camouflage Mode, and CleanWeb, along with AES-256-encryption.  Like ExpressVPN, Surfshark’s headquarters is based in the British Virgin Islands. A country that is safe from 5 Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes intelligence alliance.

You can get Surfshark on Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. It offers multiple features, but one thing excites customers the most, and that is “unlimited simultaneous connections.” Moreover, you can get a 24/7 live chat support system if you face any issues.

Read the Surfshark review and explore more about the VPN provider.

3. NordVPN – Fastest VPN for American Netflix in Australia –


Total Servers: 6000+ | Countries: 61| American Servers: 1,970+ in 15+ Cities | Trustpilot Rating: 4.5 | Maximum Devices: 6 | Money-back guarantee: 30-days

NordVPN is the fastest VPN for American Netflix in Australia. It houses some of the most state-of-the-art security and encryption technologies unavailable with most other VPNs.

Do you want to know how to watch US Netflix in Australia with NordVPN? Well, it holds a massive server network that consists of 6000+ servers worldwide and 1970+ servers in 15+ different cities in the US, which helps you to watch US Netflix by connecting to a US server.


NordVPN unblocked American Netflix Australia smoothly.

With NordVPN, the streaming experience was so natural and constantly fast that I sometimes forgot that NordVPN was connected in the background. While streaming American Netflix in Australia, the video quality never dropped from 4K Ultra-HD.

It proved itself during our speed tests by offering impressive download speeds of up to 86.38 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 80.42 Mbps on a connection of up to 100 Mbps.


NordVPN speed test.

Speaking on providing security, NordVPN uses an AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 4096-bit DH key to secure your data to such length that it can not be intercepted and decrypted by hackers, ISPs, or even the government. This provider’s other popular advanced features include Onion over VPN, Double VPN, Internet Kill Switch, and Obfuscated servers, which make it a top choice for privacy-conscious internet users.

NordVPN is easily compatible with major operating systems and devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers. Despite offering many features, NordVPN only costs AU$5.97/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free, offers 6 multi logins and a 30-day refund policy.

You can read the NordVPN review and explore more about the provider.

Other alternative VPNs for American Netflix

I’ve evaluated four other VPNs that guarantee 100% success in streaming. Nevertheless, my assessment positions ExpressVPN as the top choice, given its outstanding performance.

  • CyberGhost: operating outside the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, offers robust privacy with a strict No-Logs Policy. Providing secure browsing on 7 devices, it excels in security. Yet, occasional speed issues may affect streaming consistency compared to ExpressVPN, making it potentially less ideal for seamless streaming.
  • IPVanish: A top choice for security and speed, this VPN excels in unblocking services with unlimited data transfer and 24/7 support. However, compared to ExpressVPN, potential drawbacks include server speed limitations and limited global coverage, impacting connection speeds and regional access for some users.
  • PrivateVPN: With ultra-fast speeds and seamless Netflix unblocking, this VPN prioritizes video quality and privacy with military-grade encryption. However, its 200-server network may impact speed. Boasting 63 global locations, it offers unrestricted access and premium support. For users prioritizing extensive server coverage and slightly faster speeds, ExpressVPN is a better choice.
  • Hotspot Shield: Hotspot Shield boasts 115+ virtual locations across 80 countries, offering versatile online activities with its Hydra protocol. Yet, ExpressVPN takes the lead as the top choice, providing a larger network, diverse locations, and slightly faster speeds for an unparalleled and seamless VPN experience.

How to Subscribe to American Netflix in Australia

Here are the quick steps to subscribe to American Netflix in Australia:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN that works perfectly with Netflix (preferably ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the VPN application and log in with your credentials.
  3. Select a fast US server from the list (Recommended – New York server.)
  4. Go to the Netflix Sign Up page from a web browser or Netflix’s mobile app.
  5. Select the subscription plan that caters to your streaming needs.
  6. Follow the account registration process and provide the necessary details like your name, email, age, etc.
  7. Choose your preferred payment method.
  8. Voila! You have successfully subscribed to Netflix.
  9. Sign in to your account and start streaming in Australia!

Finding the Best VPNs to Access American Netflix in Australia – Our Methodology

With so many VPN services on the market, locating the best one for the task may be time-consuming. To address this issue, we tested the world’s major VPN providers for you. We employ a scientific VPN testing method to ensure that each service not only works with Netflix US in Australia but also provides complete privacy and data security.

We’ve included a list of the key things we looked for when suggesting VPNs for Netflix below.

  • Fast US servers: To watch American Netflix in stunning HD, you’ll need a VPN with enough speed and limitless bandwidth. However, it must be speedy and have servers in America that Netflix does not ban. Our options have all been carefully speed-tested, providing everything you need to watch Netflix US in Australia.
  • Apps for every platform: The top VPNs include applications for a wide range of devices, allowing you to watch Netflix on whatever device you possess. Custom applications are available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Strong security features: We double-checked all of our suggestions to guarantee there are no IP or DNS leaks. This ensures that they deliver the privacy you demand. We also double-checked the encryption to ensure your data is always tunneled securely.
  • Advanced features: We sought VPNs that provided not just the basics but also an extensive range of sophisticated privacy and security features. To allow you to stream on non-VPN compatible devices such as consoles, we looked at features such as a kill switch, obfuscation, DNS leak prevention, malware filtering, ad blocking, split tunneling, auto-connect, and Smart DNS.
  • Excellent customer service: To find VPNs that reply promptly and efficiently, we examined each VPN’s support department. All of our picks feature round-the-clock email and live chat assistance.
  • Unrestricted accessibility: Besides working with Netflix US, our suggestions are available on servers in Australia and other parts of the world. This means you may use the VPN to access Australian TV services from outside Australia, as well as torrent sites that have been restricted within Australia.

 Stream US Netflix in Australia on Multiple Devices

As one of the most popular streaming services globally, Netflix ensures that its services can be easily enjoyed on multiple platforms. Therefore, it offers a dedicated application for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TV, Apple TV, and gaming consoles.

Today we will see how to get American Netflix in Australia on Smart TV, Android, iOS, and Chrome using ExpressVPN.

How to get US Netflix in Australia on Apple TV or Smart TV

There are two ways to get American Netflix in Australia on AppleTV or Smart TV:

Method 1: You can simply use the casting feature of your device to mirror Netflix onto your Apple TV or Smart TV.

Method 2: You can set up a VPN on your router and then connect your Apple TV or Smart TV with it.

For Method 2, you can connect a US-based server on the router, connect your Apple TV or Smart TV to the same router, and stream American Netflix in Australia.

The good news is that ExpressVPN offers an official router application. You can configure the ExpressVPN’s router App on your router and connect to the US server. Once the connection is established, you can simply connect your Apple TV or Smart TV with the router and stream US Netflix.

Here’s “How to set up ExpressVPN’s App on Router for Smart TVs” so you can enjoy all the US-exclusive titles in Australia.

How to get US Netflix in Australia on Android

ExpressVPN offers a default application for Android. So Android users who have Android 11, 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow & Lollipop can simply follow the steps below to watch American Netflix in Australia.

  1. Download and install the ExpressVPN application on Android
  2. Log into the application
  3. Locate and connect to the US server location from the server list
  4. Once connected, launch the browser and stream US Netflix titles in Australia

How to get US Netflix in Australia on iOS

ExpressVPN iOS application is compatible with iOS versions 14, 13, 12, 11, and 10. It can be easily downloaded from the App Store.

Once you have downloaded and installed Expres VPN’s iOS application, to access American Netflix in Australia, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the ExpressVPN iOS App
  2. Log in to the application using ExpressVPN’s account details
  3. Locate and connect to a US-based server from the server list
  4. Once connected, launch your Netflix application

You will be able to stream US Netflix-exclusive content in Australia. Make sure to keep your device location service feature disabled.

How to get US Netflix in Australia on Chrome browser

To watch American Netflix in Australia on Chrome browser. You will require the assistance of the ExpressVPN Chrome Extension.

Follow these steps to access American Netflix in Australia with Chrome extension:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store of your browser.
  2. Search for the ExpressVPN Chrome extension and install the extension.
  3. Open the extension and sign in using your VPN account details.
  4. Connect to a US server from the list of servers.
  5. Head to Netflix online and enjoy US Netflix shows and movies in Australia on your browser.

Can a free VPN unblock US Netflix?

Yes, some free VPNs can unblock Netflix. However, to watch American Netflix in Australia, you must use a DNS proxy rather than a VPN. The problem with free VPNs is that they are untrustworthy. They might potentially leak your server requests, revealing your location to Netflix.

Still, if you need to use a VPN, then to watch American Netflix in Australia, you must utilize a premium VPN service. However, aside from all these disadvantages, if you’re low on budget, you might ask is there any free VPN that works with Netflix? Windscribe is the only free VPN that streams US Netflix on desktop, according to our most current streaming testing. This means you can access the American Netflix library with a free VPN.

Is Netflix US Different than Australian Netflix?

The primary distinction is in content; The quantity of TV series and films available on Netflix US and Netflix Australia varies because of different licensing arrangements. The Australian library has over 6,395 titles, including 2,225 TV shows and 4,170 movies, compared to the American library’s more than 5,995 titles, which include 2,162 TV shows and 3,833 movies. Both regions offer huge content libraries despite the differences.

Australian Netflix vs. American Netflix Cost

Netflix offers three price options to consumers. There are three types: basic, standard, and premium. You can apply for the one that best fits your financial situation. Here are the Netflix membership options in detail.

Subscription Plans Netflix Australia Price Netflix America Price Simultaneous Connections Offline Viewing Availability
Basic with ads AU$6.99/month $6.99/month 1 No
Basic AU$10.99/month $9.99/month 1 Yes
Standard AU$16.99/month $15.49/month 2 Yes
Premium AU$22.99/month $19.99/month 4 Yes

As you can see from the above table, the price of Netflix Australia is lower than Netflix US. Therefore, you will not have to subscribe again to American Netflix in Australia.

In fact, with a VPN, you can use your same Netflix account to access the Netflix US library at a lower cost.

What’s New on American Netflix in Australia in May 2024

Want to know what’s on American Netflix? The following are popular US Netflix shows not in Australia:

The Brothers Sun Boy Swallows Universe
Annabelle Fool Me Once
Annie (1982) The 8 Show
Antz How to Train Your Dragon
Aquaman It’s Complicated
Beethoven John Wick, chapter 2-3
Bitconned Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
The Croods Peppa Pig, Seasons 3–6
Sonic Prime Chapter 3 You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment
Queer Eye, Season 8 Love Is Blind: Sweden (new episodes)

If you have been searching for how to watch American Netflix in Australia, don’t panic and just subscribe to a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN.

How Can I Watch US Netflix Without a VPN in Australia?

Accessing American Netflix from Australia is impossible without using a proxy, such as a VPN. This is because Netflix’s content library varies according to the region. To access the content library of other regions, you must use a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN.

FAQs: Get American Netflix in Australia

Now that you know how to get American Netflix in Australia let’s check out some frequently asked questions.

Yes, you can use the same Netflix account to watch US Netflix. Netflix shows you the content library depending on the location of your IP address.

The content library does not depend upon the account information. Therefore, you don’t need a new account for US Netflix.

Get a VPN and connect to a US server for an American IP address.

Similarly, if you’re wondering how to change the Netflix region, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to with a VPN. Instead, just connect to a US server and enjoy.

No, you don’t need a new Netflix account to watch U.S. Netflix. You can use the same Netflix account to watch Netflix US.

When you connect to a VPN, it automatically takes you to Netflix USA.

Yes, Netflix USA is good with an amazing variety of content. While it lacks live TV, its huge and increasing library should meet the demands of the majority of consumers. It also features some of the greatest mobile choices, allowing you to download movies and shows on your smartphone or tablet.

No. Although US Netflix is more costly than Australian Netflix, its streaming collection is vast. Australians can watch US Netflix in Australia at the same fee. This means you won’t have to pay any more to view your favorite US Netflix episodes.

Indeed! Simply turn off the VPN and reload or refresh Netflix. Netflix will find a suitable library for you and instantly update your location. If you experience any difficulties, you might need to delete your web cache and cookies.

Wrapping Up

The worldwide inconsistency of Netflix libraries is enough motivation for Netflix subscribers to change their location and access Netflix.  With an enormous difference of 89.46% between American Netflix and Australian Netflix, you will miss out on some of the classics such as Batman: The Killing Joke, Real Steel, The Game, and The Fall.

If you wish to stream from Netflix’s US content library in Australia, connecting to a US server is always good to bypass regional content restrictions. We hope you liked the American Netflix in Australia review.

If you wonder how to get American Netflix in Australia, I suggest trying ExpressVPN as it’s the recommended VPN due to its fast-speed servers. For a limited time, you can get its “12 months + 3 months free” offer with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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