ExpressVPN Review Spain: Best VPN for 2024 [In-Depth Analysis]

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A VPN can protect you by routing your web traffic through an encrypted connection to a remote server, enhancing your privacy against surveillance capitalism. It conceals your identity and secures your data. In this ExpressVPN review Spain, I’ll thoroughly examine its pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

I’ve rigorously tested the performance to share my VPN reviews with you; ExpressVPN is a great choice for those seeking numerous server options and high-speed performance, thanks to its extensive global network and robust privacy practices.

Quick Summary – ExpressVPN Review Spain – Is It Worth The Hype in 2024?

According to VPNRanks’ proprietary VPNScore system, which aggregates thousands of user reviews and ratings, and as per Express VPN reviews, it has a 7.2 rating. This score reflects its user-friendliness, overall quality, and customer satisfaction levels, underscoring its reputation as a solid choice for internet users seeking privacy and performance.

Per my Express VPN review Spain, ExpressVPN offers robust security features, including 256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy, which enhances user privacy and security. The service supports various devices and platforms, making it versatile for different users. ExpressVPN stands out as one of the pricier VPN providers available; however, its exceptional value justifies the cost entirely.

Also, ExpressVPN has over 4 million subscribers who benefit from strong security protocols, high-speed connections, and a reliable global server network, making it a solid investment for anyone prioritizing comprehensive digital protection.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Fast connections
  • A broad range of server locations
  • Strong privacy and security practices
  • Sleek, stylish interface
  • Offers an Advanced Protection suite


  • MultiHop connections not supported
  • The DNS leak protection feature doesn’t work properly on a few devices
  • Offers only 8 simultaneous connections
ExpressVPN Specifications
Features Details
Servers in Countries An undisclosed amount of servers
Ad Blocking Yes
Free Version Data Limit No Free Version
Geographical Server Diversity Yes
ExpressVPN Server Locations 105 countries
Simultaneous VPN Connections 8
Supported Protocols Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2

ExpressVPN Pricing and Plans: How Much Does ExpressVPN Cost?

While ExpressVPN is pricier than many competitors, the cost is reasonable, given the unparalleled quality of its VPN service. ExpressVPN offers pricing options of $12.95 per month, $59.95 for six months, and $99.95 for an annual subscription., compared to Surfshark’s $60 yearly fee post-promotion.

NordVPN’s prices are similar to ExpressVPN’s, at $13 per month or $100 annually after promotional rates. Although it’s on the higher end, the ExpressVPN pricing structure is straightforward in a market where VPN pricing can be overly complex.


ExpressVPN offers 3 subscription plans in Spain.

In my review of ExpressVPN, I found the annual plan is the most economical option, costing EUR 6.2/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, billed annually, and includes three months free, totaling 15 months of service. For those seeking long-term value, the annual subscription offers significant savings, effectively reducing the monthly cost by nearly 49% compared to the one-month plan.

Although the ExpressVPN price for their annual plan is above the industry average, I believe the advanced security features, expansive server network, and user-friendly experience across devices justify the investment.

Registering for ExpressVPN is straightforward, with payment options like credit cards, PayPal, and even Bitcoin for those seeking more privacy. Users paying ExpressVPN cost in Spain could benefit from expanding their cryptocurrency options beyond Bitcoin, as competitors like Surfshark and NordVPN accept various digital currencies.

Additionally, ExpressVPN supports numerous international and online payment methods, including Mint Prepaid, which offers secure payments without revealing personal or banking details.

Speed: How Fast is ExpressVPN?

In my ExpressVPN review Spain, the VPN showed a speed reduction, primarily due to the slow OpenVPN speeds on Windows, where it lost 20% of its internet speeds. ExpressVPN offers the OpenVPN protocol for security and its proprietary Lightway protocol, which is newer and typically faster.

Despite the speed challenges with OpenVPN, ExpressVPN focuses more on developing Lightway, which is used by most users, suggesting minimal future enhancements for OpenVPN speeds. Lightway, in contrast to OpenVPN, demonstrated a significantly lower average speed loss, proving to be more efficient, especially on newer operating systems.

ExpressVPN’s performance was stable across various tests in Spain, maintaining consistent speeds despite the OpenVPN issues. The local servers of ExpressVPN lowered the download speeds by 12-15%.

The long-distance servers came with a speed loss of around 20%, which was not bad and still better than all the VPNs in the industry. For more information, you can check out ExpressVPN’s in-depth speed analysis in Spain offered on long-distance and local servers.

ExpressVPN Security Features: Is ExpressVPN Safe in Spain?

ExpressVPN significantly enhances online security, particularly when connected to public Wi-Fi networks. ExpressVPN uses robust security measures to protect your online data in Spain. Moreover, ExpressVPN has introduced its new Advanced Protection suite, which offers features to block trackers, malicious sites, and ads.

The app includes split tunneling and a privacy checklist tool for Android users. Moreover, ExpressVPN’s password manager, Keys, is now included at no extra cost in Android and iOS applications. In the ExpressVPN Keys review, it was also praised for security and user-friendliness.

Additionally, ExpressVPN has begun issuing biannual transparency reports, enhancing its commitment to transparency by disclosing the volume of legal requests received and its responses to these inquiries.

ExpressVPN privacy policy emphasizes its commitment to user privacy. It does not log any online activity, browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries while connected to its services. It also maintains no connection logs, including not storing users’ IP addresses, VPN IP addresses, connection timestamps, or session durations.

The policy is notably clear and straightforward, specifying that all personal information related to ExpressVPN accounts is exclusively managed and stored by ExpressVPN and its subsidiaries, ensuring user data remains protected and private.

Secure Connections Via Tunneling

Split tunneling with ExpressVPN allows you to send data privately while exempting some traffic from the VPN tunnel. This is useful if you want to enjoy streaming with an international connection and access your banking site with a local IP. First, you must decide which app will use the VPN connection.


Please disconnect from your VPN connection to add/exclude websites and apps in Spain

You’ll find three options under the settings of split tunneling:

  1. All apps use the VPN
  2. Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN
  3. Only allow selected apps to use the VPN

In my ExpressVPN review Spain for testing, I chose the 3rd option and added a Netflix app to test the feature. Then, I connected to ExpressVPN’s USA – New Jersey – 3 server and accessed the streaming platform’s app. It worked great, and I could stream the exclusive US content while using my local IP for everything else normally.

This feature is only available on the Mac, Windows, and router apps for ExpressVPN. Sadly, you don’t get split tunneling on mobile apps.

Data Encryption — Military-Grade Protection

ExpressVPN utilizes the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption, matching the security levels of top VPNs like Surfshark and NordVPN. On the 256-bit keyspace, your data is uncrackable. Please note that this is the same encryption level that banks, governments, and militaries use to secure sensitive data.

AES 256-bit means 1.1 x 10^77 or 2^256 possible combinations. The number of bits tells you the potential number of combinations there are to make the key.

Moreover, ExpressVPN uses the SHA-512 HMAC authentication, which is super-secure for transferring all kinds of data, including torrent files. With a shared key, both the sender and receiver can determine the identity of the file. In case of any changes in the secret key, you’ll know that the file has been tampered with, so the breach would quickly be identified and dealt with.

It uses perfect forward secrecy, which changes the encryption key every time you log into ExpressVPN. So, even if someone decrypts your key, your past and future sessions will not be decrypted.

In the Express VPN review, I found that each security protocol will slightly change your level of encryption. For example, the Lightway protocol uses wolfSSL, which is not AES but still tends to be 256-bit encryption. So, it’s more open-source and pretty secure.

Security Protocols

Wondering, Is ExpressVPN risky? ExpressVPN offers different protocols, allowing you to customize the VPN for any situation. Security protocols are rules that a VPN uses to inform how to encrypt your data.

ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol recently upgraded to DTLS 1.3, significantly enhancing its encryption capabilities. This update improves protection against security threats like eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks, where sensitive data like passwords or financial information can be intercepted.


You can find the ExpressVPN protocols tab under Settings in Spain

Please note that every protocol is a bit different than the other. Let’s check all of them below:

  • Lightway: This protocol is exclusive to ExpressVPN. It seamlessly transitions between networks and doesn’t drain too much battery, making it an excellent choice for mobile phones. It offers two options: Lightway UDP and TCP. Per the ExpressVPN Lightway review testing, the TCP is 10% faster than UDP and is a better option for unreliable networks.
  • IKEv2: This was only 2% faster than OpenVPN, per the tests. The protocol isn’t too secure and can easily be blocked by firewalls, so you should only use it if the rest aren’t working. Moreover, it has no TCP option.
  • OpenVPN: This open-source protocol is one of the most secure options. It has TCP and UDP options but comes out faster than TCP.
  • L2TP/IPsec: This is the oldest and the least secure option. However, it turned out to be the fastest in the tests and can be used if you prioritize speed over security.

You can switch to different protocols using the Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android tabs. Whereas on Linux, you can use various commands in the terminal. Moreover, you get a different set of protocols based on your device:

ExpressVPN Protocols Android Windows Mac iOS Routers Linux

You can also use the Automatic selection option to choose the best protocol based on your connection. My Express VPN review found that not every server supports the L2TP/IPsec protocol. Furthermore, I appreciate that the Lightway protocol automatically includes obfuscation, eliminating the need to connect to separate obfuscated servers to hide VPN usage when using Lightway.

ExpressVPN Kill Switch Feature

ExpressVPN kill switch (also called Network Lock) is available on the app for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and routers. It keeps your activities safe if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. This kill switch mechanism ensures that not even a single packet of your data slips through the internet from your computer without ExpressVPN guarding it.


Enable the ExpressVPN Network Lock and secure your activities from leaking in Spain

To evaluate the kill switch for the ExpressVPN review Spain, I connected to ExpressVPN’s AU – Brisbane server and switched my internet off to see the results. I kept the ExpressVPN app open on a screen while doing so, and this is the error I immediately received:


Testing of ExpressVPN’s kill switch in Spain was a success!

Once this error was displayed on my screen, I could not access any site until I connected to the Wi-Fi network again. In short, ExpressVPN worked flawlessly without any issues and responded swiftly to my attempts.

You can enable and disable the kill switch on the Windows and Android apps using its toggle as your preference. The same function isn’t offered on the router app, though.

Additionally, the feature is known as Network Protection on Android devices, and you require setting the feature to ‘Always On’ in the settings to make the most of it. Not to mention, ExpressVPN’s kill switch is automatic on Mac, iOS, and Linux.

ExpressVPN’s DNS Leak Protection

Regarding the DNS leak, Is Express VPN 100% safe? As per my experience, I discovered a DNS leak issue in the Windows app while using the split tunneling feature, exposing my DNS requests to my ISP. This privacy flaw was significant, especially for users in strict surveillance regions.

After reporting the bug, ExpressVPN responded promptly, temporarily disabling the split tunneling feature and working quickly to patch the issue. They also communicated openly about the problem in a blog post and successfully fixed it, restoring the feature without further DNS leaks in subsequent tests.

Once fixed, I ran ExpressVPN through to check whether it leaked the WebRTC information. Since I was connected to the Canadian server of ExpressVPN for the test, the results below showed IP addresses associated with ExpressVPN’s servers, evidence that I did not encounter WebRTC leaks at all with this VPN.


ExpressVPN dedicated IP remains consistent in testing as well in Spain

Even if a VPN keeps you secure, leaks can still occur. That’s why it’s great to use ExpressVPN since it offers a built-in DNS leak protection feature, keeping you safe from all kinds of leaks.

Does ExpressVPN Keep Logs?

No, it does not keep any connection or activity logs of its users in Spain. No activity logs mean ExpressVPN does not view, store, or record the sites you visit. It also doesn’t log your traffic or destination’s content, session duration, timestamps, or source IP address.

ExpressVPN’s no-logging policy is stringent, and the VPN is confident enough not to over-advertise its no-logs policy on its homepage.

ExpressVPN does not keep the following:

  1. Your IP address or the IP address of the VPN you used.
  2. Information about your browsing history (which websites you’ve visited).
  3. Your Metadata.
  4. DNS queries (the websites you’ve tried to visit).

To summarize, no record exists of where you connected to ExpressVPN or what you did while connected.


There are no activity or connection logs collected as well.

If you’re not aware, ExpressVPN’s zero-logs policy was tested in 2017 when the Turkish government seized one of ExpressVPN’s servers. However, they discovered nothing because no data was stored, demonstrating the legitimacy of the no-logs policy because ExpressVPN is also the best offshore VPN. Additionally, ExpressVPN has been independently audited by Cure53, PwC, and F-Secure.

ExpressVPN independent audits

ExpressVPN has been audited by Nettitude Audit, Cure53, PwC, and F-Secure, proving that it has a legitimate privacy policy and can be fully trusted:

  1. PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit (2019): Verified their no-logs policy.
  2. KPMG and Cure53 Audits (October 2022): Confirmed adherence to privacy practices.
  3. Cure53 Penetration Testing Audits (December 2022): Assessed the mobile apps for vulnerabilities.
  4. Lightway Protocol Audit (November 2022): Validated the protocol’s security.
  5. Bi-Annual Transparency Reports (February 2024): Publish a biannual transparency report detailing third-party data requests.
  6. ExpressVPN Third-Party Audit (April 2024): ExpressVPN hired Nettitude, an auditing firm, to review its Windows app and ensure the DNS leak issue was comprehensively resolved.

ExpressVPN Compatible Devices:

ExpressVPN offers extensive compatibility across various devices in Spain, ensuring I can enjoy a secure internet experience on any platform. The ease of setup category by VPNScore rates it a solid 7.1 out of 10. I’ve found their applications user-friendly on operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and even Linux.

With a single subscription, you can secure multiple devices, including wireless routers, gaming consoles, and streaming devices like PlayStation, Xbox, FireStick, and Apple TV. Moreover, you can pair ExpressVPN Xbox in Spain together for both streaming and gaming, while the apps are intuitive across all devices.

Although the Linux app uses a text-based interface, it’s still easy to access features and switch servers via the command line. While features like Split Tunneling, Network Lock, and Threat Manager vary slightly across platforms, ExpressVPN consistently provides a comprehensive and secure online experience.

While the apps are similar, their features do differ from one another:

ExpressVPN Features Android Windows Mac iOS Routers Linux
Kill switch
Split tunneling
Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Use ExpressVPN on Windows

I had no trouble downloading and installing the ExpressVPN client on my Intel NUC 11 desktop, running the latest version of Windows 11. Instead of logging in with a username and password, you use an activation code found in the customer portal. While it may differ for those used to enter login credentials, it’s ultimately easier to enter one code.


The Windows app supports most versions of the operating system in Spain

The design of the ExpressVPN app uses soft colors and serif fonts, giving it a retro airline vibe that I find appealing. It’s built around a large on/off button, making it easy to connect and see if you’re still on the VPN. When connected, it turns green, and disconnected, it resembles a sunset. You can also add shortcuts to your favorite apps and websites.

An additional window lets you browse and search servers, although I wish it provided more details like usage stats. You can enable a kill switch from the Options panel, allowing internet activity to stop if the VPN connection drops. There’s also a split tunneling feature, letting you choose which apps to segregate or require to use the VPN.

Windows devices can enjoy unrestricted streaming on Netflix, Disney Plus, and other geo-restricted platforms. ExpressVPN hid my IP address, ISP, and DNS requests on all devices, and streaming worked flawlessly.

Use ExpressVPN on Android:

You can use ExpressVPN with all Android tablets and smartphones. The Android app of ExpressVPN is similar to its Windows counterpart, offering features like a kill switch, split tunneling, and auto-connect. The Protection Summary displays how often you’ve connected to the VPN since installation.

To use the VPN on Android, you’d require an Express VPN sign in through ExpressVPN’s website and then install its app from the Google Play Store. Also, you’d need an Android version of 5.0 or over.


The interface is clean and user-friendly for your devices in Spain

The Android app also lets you add up to five website and app shortcuts. Switching servers was smooth, and I enjoyed HD streaming without any issues. However, it lacks the ‘Reinstall VPN Configuration’ feature found in other versions.

While testing the app on a Samsung A71 running Android 11, I found the layout to have the same cool ’70s vibe as the Windows app, with grays, purples, and orange tones. The large connect button in the center is easy to use, and below it, the “time protected” bar shows how often you’ve been connected to the VPN.

To ensure the VPN protected my information, I navigated to and ran an extended test while connected to a server in Toronto. My actual IP address was hidden, and my DNS information remained secure. I then tried streaming on YouTube and Twitch and could watch videos without interruptions or buffering, even in high resolution.

Overall, the Android app works just as well as the Windows version, with a consistent design and reliable performance that makes switching servers and streaming a breeze.

ExpressVPN on iOS:

ExpressVPN works flawlessly on all iPhones, securing your device on LTE/4G, Wi-Fi, 3G, and other mobile data carriers. You can select between IKEv2, UDP, and TCP protocols or let the app choose the best one. ExpressVPN’s iOS app is compatible with iOS 12 and newer, making it accessible to most iPhone users.

Installing ExpressVPN on iPhone was straightforward, and I found the app’s warm autumnal color scheme inviting. The large connection button in the center makes connecting to any VPN server easy. In my ExpressVPN review for iPhone, I also found a user-friendly experience packed with robust security features.


You can see the exclusive features that are offered only on the iOS apps in Spain

In addition, ExpressVPN includes exclusive features like an IP checker, DNS/WebRTC leak tester, and password generator. Despite some limitations due to iOS restrictions, you have Parallel Connections for faster VPN performance and Threat Manager to protect against malware.

I visited and performed an extended test while connected to a server in Stockholm, Sweden. My actual IP address and DNS information stayed private throughout. I also streamed videos on YouTube Premium and Twitch, experiencing no interruptions or buffering while watching high-resolution content.

ExpressVPN’s iOS app offers a seamless experience with a user-friendly design and reliable security, ensuring your iPhone remains protected on any network.

Use ExpressVPN on macOS

ExpressVPN doesn’t have a macOS VPN app in the App Store, so I downloaded it directly from the vendor’s website. I installed the app on my MacBook Air (2020) running Big Sur 11.2.2. The color scheme mirrors the iOS and Android versions, featuring a retro appeal with autumnal tones.

The app has a large connection button in the middle and a list of apps and sites you can pin to the dashboard. You can select your preferred server by city and country. While the macOS app has a kill switch, it’s disappointing that it lacks the split tunneling feature found in the Windows version.

To confirm my IP address wasn’t leaking, I visited and ran an extended test while connected to a server in Hong Kong. My information remained secure. I stayed connected to the Hong Kong server and tested speed and reliability by watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams. The videos loaded within seconds, and I experienced no lag or buffering.

Use ExpressVPN on ChromeOS

I downloaded the ExpressVPN Android app onto my Dell Chrome 3100 with an Intel Celeron Processor. The app’s user-friendly interface makes connecting to a VPN server simple and has a small screen footprint that can be expanded.


I easily used ExpressVPN on my Chromebook.

ExpressVPN on ChromeOS offers split tunneling and an auto-connect option. Most of the app’s features are in the Privacy and Security menu. There’s also an IP address checker, DNS leak test, WebRTC leak test, and password generator. I found it easy to navigate, and the split tunneling feature is beneficial for managing your connections efficiently.

ExpressVPN’s Compatibility with Other Devices

With an ExpressVPN subscription, you can connect up to eight devices simultaneously, which is fairly standard for VPN services. If you need more than eight simultaneous connections with this VPN, there are alternatives, though they might be expensive. Purchasing additional subscriptions is one option, but a more cost-effective solution over time could be to use a router.

You could set up ExpressVPN on Windows or any compatible third-party VPN router or opt for ExpressVPN’s own Aircove Wi-Fi 6 router. The Aircove router allows unlimited device connections and offers features like parental controls, including site blocking and internet usage limits. In the ExpressVPN Aircove review, users laud its seamless integration and intuitive controls.

Here’s the full list of devices officially supported by ExpressVPN:

Operating Systems Streaming Devices Routers Gaming Consoles
Windows Amazon Fire TV Asus routers PlayStation 3
MacOS Amazon Fire Stick Linksys routers PlayStation 4
Linux Android TV Netgear routers Nintendo Switch
Chromebook Chromecast with Google TV DD-WRT routers Xbox 360
Android Apple TV D-Link routers Xbox One
iOS Roku Netduma routers
Amazon Fire tablet WD TV Live Sabai routers
Tomato routers
TP-Link routers

While testing, I found ExpressVPN’s Apple TV app quite disappointing while streaming and encountered persistent SSL errors across multiple servers. Although ExpressVPN indicated their engineers had addressed the issue, my subsequent tests still showed SSL errors.

ExpressVPN is known for its supportive and interactive app across all devices, from Windows PCs to iOS and Linux devices. It installs easily and works perfectly. Thanks to its intuitive application for every device, users gave it 7.4 out of 10 in the ease of use category on VPNScore, highlighting its user-friendliness.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Streaming in Spain?

ExpressVPN unblocks various streaming content across multiple platforms, including regional Netflix libraries, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Customer feedback and my tests affirm its status as one of the best VPNs for Spain, renowned for its ability to unlock virtually any online content.

The service provides fast, reliable speeds that facilitate smooth, high-definition streaming without compromising privacy. Its compatibility with various streaming devices ensures accessible content across different platforms and screens. I couldn’t find a single website that the VPN couldn’t access.

I tested around 50+ servers and unblocked this entire list of streaming platforms with ExpressVPN:

Netflix HBO Max Hulu Disney Plus
Amazon Prime Video Apple TV Peacock 6play
Showtime DStv Sky TV Globoplay
NOW TV Rai TV ORF beIN Sports
ESPN+ BBC iPlayer Locast CBC Gem
Channel 4 YouTube ProSieben Motor Trend
Crunchyroll ITV Paramount Plus Kodi
Vudu Rakuten Viki Sling TV DIRECTV STREAM
Zattoo Crackle Hotstar Discovery+
Spotify PBS CraveTV UKTV

Editor’s Tip: If you face issues unblocking a streaming platform, try switching browsers. I was having trouble unblocking Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video, and as soon as I changed the browser from Edge to Chrome, I could successfully access them within seconds.

How Many Servers Does ExpressVPN Have?

ExpressVPN offers 3000 servers across 105+ countries. Amongst all high-rated VPN services, ExpressVPN has the perfect balance of physical and virtual servers in most countries.

This server network is available across four regions worldwide:

Regions Number of Countries
Europe 47 countries
Asia Pacific 27 countries
Americas 16 countries
The Middle East and Africa 5 countries

While most servers in ExpressVPN’s network are bare-metal, physical servers, less than 3% of the servers are virtual.

However, this VPN still has many more servers in Europe and the Asia Pacific than any of the top VPN providers. Also, you can choose among the four locations in Africa, while other VPNs only offer one or two.

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of ExpressVPN’s network is its RAM-only servers compared to most providers’ hard disk-based servers. Therefore, any information related to the user gets instantly deleted whenever their servers are restarted and refreshed.

ExpressVPN Obfuscated Servers

ExpressVPN is known as a Stealth VPN, meaning a few of its servers use obfuscation technology. This feature masks your VPN traffic and makes it seem like regular internet traffic. Using stealth servers, even deep packet inspection would enable you to see that you’re using a VPN.

However, there’s barely any information about ExpressVPN’s obfuscation technology. To confirm it, I raised some questions in the live chat support of ExpressVPN. I asked if they supported obfuscation technology and how many servers they have and got the following reply:


Any server you connect to would be viewed as regular internet traffic.

Does ExpressVPN Allow Torrenting in Spain?

ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for torrenting due to its fast connection speeds and solid privacy measures. ExpressVPN lets you freely torrent and share peer-to-peer (P2P) files on all its servers, enabling private file downloads. However, download speeds can vary based on the file’s location and the number of seeders involved.

Per my testing and user reviews, a lot of people prefer ExpressVPN for torrenting as this VPN’s stable speeds and high degree of security make it a perfect companion for torrenting.


You can see that speeds were fast while downloading torrents with ExpressVPN.

Suppose you see other apps on your device affected by the VPN connection. In that case, you can enable split tunneling, separating your VPN traffic (torrent client) so the rest of the sites and apps you use remain unaffected.

You’d never face a throttled connection since there are no bandwidth caps or limitations. Moreover, its no-logs policy and crypto support make ExpressVPN torrent an excellent combination.

Is ExpressVPN Good for Gaming in Spain?

I’ve found that ExpressVPN offers fast and stable connections, essential for activities such as gaming and streaming; if you use ExpressVPN for gaming, you can access games at a reduced price and unlock exclusive maps and skins by changing your region. ExpressVPN stands out for gaming and overall quality. It also allows you to play games outside your regional zone, protects against DDoS attacks, and more.

I evaluated the performance impact of ExpressVPN during online multiplayer gaming sessions, testing it with games like Counter-Strike 2, Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, Modern Warfare 3, League of Legends, and Minecraft. I opted for the nearest servers without specialized gaming servers, often using the Smart Location feature to ensure optimal server selection based on my location for enhanced performance.

How is ExpressVPN for Traveling?

ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN for Frequent Travelers, as someone who often travels, the global server network of ExpressVPN has been indispensable. With 3000 servers in 105 countries, I’ve always been able to connect to a server that offers me the speeds and access I need, regardless of my location.

This extensive server network ensures that I can maintain access to content from home while abroad, which is critical for both my personal and professional online activities.

ExpressVPN’s commitment to placing physical servers in strategic locations worldwide has provided me with reliable speeds and access anywhere I go. This global footprint is one of the many reasons I find it an ideal choice for travelers who require consistent and secure internet access across borders.

How to Use ExpressVPN While Traveling?

  • Sign Up and Install the App: Visit the ExpressVPN website, choose a plan, register, and download the app.
  • Log In and Choose a Server: Open the app, log in with your credentials, and select a server location based on your needs.
  • Connect to the VPN: Click the “Connect” button to establish a secure connection.
  • Access Geo-Restricted Content: Open your browser or streaming app to access content as if in the server’s location.
  • Stay Secure on Public Wi-Fi: Always connect to ExpressVPN to protect your data from potential threats before using any public Wi-Fi.

ExpressVPN Customer Support Review

According to my ExpressVPN review Spain, the VPN outperforms other providers in this category. The service has divided the support section into subcategories: live chat support, troubleshooting guides and installation instructions, email support, and support ticket submissions.


The answers through all these are prompt and informative.

If you need help with something, you can contact the customer support team of ExpressVPN any time via its chat box at the bottom-right corner of your screen. You only need to visit their website and enter your Express VPN login credentials to get started.

Does ExpressVPN have a live chat?

My experience with ExpressVPN’s 24/7 live chat has been outstanding regarding customer support. The support team is incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, addressing any concerns I’ve had, whether about ExpressVPN pricing or technical issues.

The availability of a wide range of support resources, such as troubleshooting guides and setup tutorials, makes managing my account straightforward. This high level of customer support, combined with the service’s premium pricing, leads me to conclude that ExpressVPN is worth it for users who prioritize privacy, security, and customer service.

I also tested the service response by canceling the subscription with this VPN and could do it without the representatives probing the issue or asking any irrelevant questions.


ExpressVPN refund policy is exceptional.

The VPN also offers an extensive list of troubleshooting guides that can help you if you face frequent connection drops, slow speeds, error messages or want to cancel your account or change your password. These guides are well-written and offer multiple solutions in layman’s terms instead of assuming you already have technical knowledge.

The setup guides are even better. They cover every topic from generic to techniques to help you, including installing the ExpressVPN app, configuring manual connections, or using OpenVPN GUI. Also, you get these guides for almost every operating system or device you own, including Windows, Mac, routers, Smart TVs, Android, iOS, Linux, Chromebooks, and more.

Its search bar is so robust that you get all these guides when you enter a single keyword. The tests discovered 126 results for Mac, 56 for DNS, 31 for Asus, and 113 for Android.

Finally, I decided to shoot a question to check out its email support. While the VPN claims to answer within 24 hours, I got ours within an hour!

ExpressVPN With Other VPNs [Comparison]

I have also compared the VPN with various top competitors in the industry. You can check the comparisons below:

FAQs – ExpressVPN Review Spain

Yes, ExpressVPN is an excellent VPN to use in Spain. An offshore VPN makes the user’s online activity private and secure. This VPN works great on every front, including security, customer support, unblocking geo-restricted streaming platforms, circumventing censorship, and speed.

While it’s great that ExpressVPN offers a secure and audited password manager at no additional cost, it has a significant limitation: it only works on smartphones and Chrome browsers. This restriction means it’s incompatible with desktop devices and privacy-focused browsers like Firefox, reducing its overall potential and versatility.

Yes, ExpressVPN is a safe, trustworthy, and capable VPN provider. Using ExpressVPN for streaming is useful as it has super-fast connection speeds and works with streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

No, owning an ExpressVPN account and running it on your PC is not illegal. It is safe to use for all legal activities. If you travel to a foreign country, it’s likely to be not illegal to have it installed on your device.

No, ExpressVPN is not free. It is a premium VPN service that requires a paid subscription.

ExpressVPN is considered safe by multiple expert reviews. While no service can promise 100% safety, ExpressVPN stands out for its industry-leading encryption, privacy protections, and security practices.

Yes, ExpressVPN allows users to connect up to eight devices simultaneously with a single subscription. For those requiring more connections, ExpressVPN’s router app can secure all devices on a network, effectively removing the device limit.

Yes! The servers of ExpressVPN offer fast and unthrottled access to Netflix. This means you can access a wide variety of Netflix libraries, including those in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and many more.

Running a secure and ultra-fast network on the scale of ExpressVPN is costly. Unlike budget VPN providers, ExpressVPN invests in a superior and more reliable platform to offer you a secure and high-quality experience.

ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for travelers or anyone needing reliable server access in specific locations. Its minimal reliance on virtual servers and emphasis on secure hardware set it apart from other VPN services. More importantly, the company prioritizes customer privacy and security. Additionally, the retro aesthetic of the app gives it a distinctive appeal.

Yes, you can trust ExpressVPN to protect your data from ISPs. If you’re using ExpressVPN, ISPs cannot view what you’re downloading and from where. They can only see that you’re downloading something using a VPN.

When comparing ExpressVPN vs NordVPN, ExpressVPN is better for its consistently fast speeds, user-friendly interface, and extensive server network across 94 countries, ensuring reliable access to global streaming services and robust online privacy.

Final Verdict

ExpressVPN continues to stand out as one of the top services I’ve tested, thanks to its user-friendly interface, outstanding privacy features, and exceptional customer experience. After an extensive ExpressVPN review Spain, my final verdict on ExpressVPN is that it offers excellent speeds, security, and unblocking ability so that you can enjoy its well-rounded service.

If you prioritize usability, transparency, and privacy, ExpressVPN is your best choice. It earned an impressive industry-leading score of 7.2 in the VPNScore system evaluation.