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TunnelBear is popular as a free VPN service even though the free version is hardly good for anything at all due to a severely restrictive 500 MB/month data limit.

To obtain unlimited bandwidth and other benefits, you’ll need the paid TunnlBear Kodi subscription which is far from the best VPN out there in itself.

Nonetheless, TunnelBear Kodi is good enough to preserve your online privacy and allow private streaming. Yes, TunnelBear Kodi in Australia indeed does work.Also it works with other platforms. It is also the best free VPN for PC in Australia.

Setting Up TunnelBear Kodi in Australia

Step 1: Subscribe to TunnelBear.


Step 2: Download and install TunnelBear in your system and launch the VPN.


Step 3: In the server selection menu, connect to a server location.


Step 4: Once connected to the server, launch Kodi and run a DNS leak test.

Step 5: If DNS is not leaking, you’re successfully connected to TunnelBear Kodi in Australia for private streaming.


If you’re experiencing problems with the VPN, see our TunnelBear troubleshooting guide in Australia.

Verifying TunnelBear Kodi Connection in Australia

Once you have installed TunnelBear and want to use it with Kodi, you should make sure that you’ve successfully connected and Kodi is able to see the VPN connection.

To verify this, you will need to install Kodi DNS leak as shown below:

1. Launch Kodi and click on the Add-ons menu on the left.

2. Scroll down to choose the ‘Download’ option.

3. Then, click on Program Add-ons from the list.

4. Find and click on the DNS Leak-Test add-on in the list.

5. Click on the add-on then press install.

6. After that, click on OK.

7. Now, Open the DNS Leak Test Add-on that you just installed.

8. Launch TunnelBear and connect to a server.

9. Run the Kodi DNS Leak test; if the message reads “DNS is not leaking“, then you’ve successfully connected to Kodi with TunnelBear.

Is TunnelBear Kodi a Good Choice in Australia?

TunnelBear Kodi in Australia is largely unsuitable for its users that want to access geo-blocked add-ons. As you’re well aware, some Kodi channels are blocked and work only within certain countries. TunnelBear is not known for its unblocking capability so you can expect to be disappointed if you try and access restricted channels in Kodi.

Indeed, TunnelBear is effective for Netflix in Australia as it can help you access a different regional Netflix library easily. We could access Netflix using TunnelBear Kodi in Australia.

However, the VPN does deserve some praise because TunnelBear supports torrenting in Australia and is fast enough to allow quick downloads. It is also one of the best free VPN for PS4 in Australia. Our TunnelBear speed test in Australia revealed the decent performance of the VPN and its ability to maintain speeds across its network.

So, if you’re unable to access blocked streams on TunnelBear Kodi in Australia, you can at least try to access these through the torrents if you happen to find a good one. In any case, TunnelBear does have a good logging policy in place and its privacy-protecting features, in general, are quite reliable, making it a good VPN as far as private streaming on Kodi is concerned.

Overall, TunnelBear is a decent choice for Kodi if your primary concern is privacy. But if you want to get more out of it in terms of accessibility of blocked Kodi add-ons, then you’re in for a disappointment.


TunnelBear is a bit of a mixed bag; it is strong enough privacy-wise to give users the peace of mind to stream Kodi in complete secrecy, but it lacks the steel to bypass geo-restrictions effectively.

If you’re unsure about getting this VPN, you can get the TunnelBear free trial in Australia first, but it is not quite representative of the paid subscription due to the limited nature of the free version. Another problem is that there is no definite refund policy, so if you cancel TunnelBear in Australia, there’s no guarantee you will receive your money back.

Other than TunnelBear Kodi in Australia, you can also set up TunnelBear on Roku in Australia, but due to poor unblocking capability, you won’t be able to access most streaming apps. But it’s good to know you can at least get it connected with Roku.

For more information about this VPN, see our TunnelBear review in Australia.