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fix Hotstar Playback issue in USA

If you frequently use Disney+ Hotstar, it’s a common question to ask “how do I fix Hotstar app’s video playback fail issue?” In this article, we will guide you on how to fix the Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand that might be causing some serious headaches for you.

So, before jumping to the solution, there are a few symptoms that you should pay heed to, such as outdated Hotstar app version, unstable internet connection, insufficient storage, firewalls on local networks, and geo-restrictions. For instance, your location might hinder you from playing any video due to Disney+ Hotstar error NM 4000, which you can fix with a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that is known for its quality Indian content as well as Live sports streaming. Millions of subscribers use this platform to stream their favorite content. However, like other streaming services, Hotstar is prone to certain errors that make users fuss.

Many users also ask how to watch Hotstar in New Zealand when they look forward to watching the latest TV shows and films. By following our guide, you can easily overcome these annoying Disney Hotstar issues.

Let’s delve into details of different Disney Hotstar fatal error interruptions, including the Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000.

What is Playback Streaming on Hotstar?


You can not watch your favorite content unless you get rid of this error!

Hotstar is an online video streaming service offering over 100,000 hours of entertainment content, including TV shows, films, and documentaries in 17 languages.

Due to healthy competition in the streaming industry, Hotstar deploys technically advanced video streaming technology as well as ensures a high-quality streaming experience with cross-platform compatibility.

Hotstar’s adaptive technology for video streaming ensures that you automatically get the optimum level of video quality based on your internet speed and bandwidth. Hence, you get the best quality for mobile data networks and Wi-Fi internet. Moreover, you can also choose from different video qualities, from standard to HD and 4K.

Check out all these features by opting for a Hotstar free trial. You can bear a nominal Hotstar cost if the service resonates with you. Besides that, you can cancel your Hotstar subscription anytime you like – no strings attached!

However, you might often encounter the Hotstar playback error on TV, mobile, streaming devices, or other compatible devices. This error indicates that your device’s information and preferences need to be refreshed.

What Causes Hotstar Video Playback Issues or Errors in New Zealand?

There are several reasons behind the Hotstar Playback issue. For instance, you can’t run Hotstar on 2 devices simultaneously. Moreover, it also doesn’t work properly on proxy networks and gives you a VPN Detected error.

You may also get video playback issues due to web browser or Hotstar app cache issues, non-stop web browser usage, wrong DNS settings, outmoded network hardware, or firewall restrictions. Moreover, lower bandwidth causing buffering and lag during the playback is another annoying issue.

Most of these problems can be solved by using the best VPN for Hotstar. Read along to find out how to fix Hotstar error, including the Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand.

How to Resolve Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand [100% Efficient]

Hotstar is a cross-platform compatible platform that you can use on all prominent operating systems and streaming devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In addition, you can also get Hotstar apps for Roku, Kodi, Fire Stick, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and other major streaming devices.

Although Hotstar strives to provide its users with the best streaming experience, it’s natural to run into Disney Hotstar not working errors, including the Video Playback issue. After extensive research, we have found the following 100% efficient fixes to resolve the Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand:

  • Check your VPN settings, proxy server connections, and other unblocking apps
  • Turn on the “Automatic” setting in the network settings
  • Delete cookies and clear the cache
  • Contact your ISP

Let’s go through the details of each fix separately:

  1. Check your VPN settings, proxy server connections, and other unblocking apps

If your device is connected to a VPN server, proxy server, or any other unblocking app, Hotstar might not be able to fetch the accurate location details from your device, hence giving you a video playback error. Disabling such unblocking apps might fix the Hotstar playback error on TV, streaming devices, smartphones, PCs, etc.

When you disable your VPN or proxy server, Hotstar gives you the best streaming experience with the correct connection details.

However, if you are currently in a region where Indian Hotstar isn’t officially available, such as in New Zealand, using a VPN is the last resort to access your favorite Hotstar content. Hence, we recommend using an ExpressVPN Hotstar combination to obfuscate your VPN connection, making Hotstar believe you are not using any VPN server.

  1. Turn on the “Automatic” setting in the network settings

The next thing you can do to fix the Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand is by changing your device’s network settings to the “Automatic” option rather than the “Manual” configuration.

For example, you can go to your Windows network settings through the “Control Panel,” click on the “Network Connections” menu, and access the Properties of your connection. After that, open the “Internet Protocol v 4 (IPv4)” settings, and select the options of “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically.”

  1. Delete cookies and clear the cache

Clear the cache and cookies!

Sometimes cookies and cache on your web browser can jumble up to mess up with your location information and device preferences. You can easily delete all cookies and clear the cache by following these steps:

  1. Open your web browser; Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other.
  2. Go to the settings of your respective web browser.
  3. Open your web browser “History” and click on the “Clear history and browsing data” option.
  4. Select the “Cookies” and “Cache” options under the sub-menu.
  5. Click on the “Clear Data” option to wipe everything.
  1. Consult with your ISP

If you are unable to fix the Hotstar Playback issue in New Zealand even after trying all of the above-mentioned solutions, you must contact your internet service provider (ISP) to reboot your network and change the DNS settings. Alternatively, you can also hard reset your Wi-Fi router or internet modem to overcome Disney Hotstar connection issues causing the video playback error.

Other Fixes

Reboot your streaming device

  1. Sign out of your Disney+ Hotstar account, close the app, and power off your streaming device.
  2. Reboot your streaming device after a pause of 10 to 20 seconds.
  3. Open your Hostar app and log in back to your account.

Clear Disney+ Hotstar app data

  1. Go to the settings of your device.
  2. Open the list of the apps that are installed on your device.
  3. Select Hotstar from the list.
  4. Locate the storage option and tap on the clear data option to remove the stored cache.
  5. Once you are done, reopen the Disney+ Hotstar app and start streaming.

Note: Keep in mind that clearing the app data will also delete preferences and any downloaded videos on your device.

Update or Reinstall your Disney+ Hotstar app

  1. Check for the updates of deleting the Disney+ Hotstar app on your device.
  2. Download the latest version of the Hotstar app on your device.
  3. Launch the app and access your account with your credentials.
  4. Start streaming your favorite content.


Here’s how to ​​resolve Hotstar Playback Error Code: 100000- 3321 on iPhone/iPad:

  • Use a web browser on your smartphone.
  • Check your time zone settings.
  • Sign out and sign in again to your Hotstar app on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Check the internet connectivity on your device.
  • Use a premium VPN service to access geo-restricted content.
  • Clear your browser and Hotstar app cache and cookies.

If your time setting isn’t synced with your internet server, you might get an unexpected error saying “NM-4040-Error playing this content since the requested URL was not found on Hotstar server.” Check the titles’ availability on the platform you are trying to stream.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN app that can easily bypass Hotstar in New Zealand by circumventing its geo-restrictions. It offers fast Indian servers, powerful unblocking features, and server obfuscation tools that make it impossible for Hotstar to detect your location.

Wrapping Up!

Disney+ Hotstar has become a widely-popular online streaming app that specializes in Indian content, including Telugu and Malayalam entertainment. Not just that, it’s an ideal platform for sports streaming lovers due to its excellent sports coverage.

Despite its popularity and amazing quality of services, you might encounter multiple Hotstar errors, technical glitches, and other nuances that may leave you frustrated while streaming your favorite content. Several users report video playback errors as a Disney Hotstar issue.

By following our guide, you can easily Fix hotstar playback issue in New Zealand and any other Disney Hotstar error that is not allowing you a smooth streaming experience. The best solution to these issues is using a premium VPN app like ExpressVPN.