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The Amazon FireStick has revolutionized streaming globally, and with the best FireStick apps in Italy for 2024, you can enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, live IPTV, and sports events.

These apps offer HD-quality streaming in Italy and are compatible with Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube, ensuring many hours of entertainment. So, it’s important to use a top-tier VPN before installing these FireStick apps in Italy to maintain anonymity online while streaming free videos on your device.

A VPN also helps to overcome regional restrictions, allowing you to access your preferred video content in Italy. For the best VPN deals in Italy, check out our guide for discounts and promotions.

Best FireStick Apps in Italy for 2024

Here is a list of the best apps for FireStick that I tested and are currently working fine. Let’s look at the categories of apps for FireStick apps that stream Movies and TV Shows in Italy:

Important Note: This is a combined list of official and unofficial FireStick apps in Italy. For some apps, you require a VPN to keep your online privacy hidden, while for others, you need a VPN for FireStick to bypass geo-restrictions in Italy.

Here are some of the bonus best VPNs for Amazon Fire TV stick in Italy for secure streaming.

Best FireStick Apps in Italy for Movies and TV Shows [Free + Paid]

1. Kodi (Free)


Kodi ranks as the premier choice for FireStick apps in Italy, and for several compelling reasons. As a widely recognized streaming player, Kodi facilitates access to a vast array of video content, from movies and TV series to live sports and IPTV channels.

With the aid of the best Kodi addons available in Italy, users can stream content equivalent to that of Netflix, Hulu, and HBO combined. To enhance this experience and ensure access to all features, using the best VPN for Kodi in Italy is highly recommended, as it unlocks add-ons and secures your streaming activities.

Kodi is a unique offering in the digital media player space due to its free and open-source nature. This characteristic sets it apart as the optimal FireStick app in Italy featured in this list. It offers an all-encompassing entertainment solution without the necessity of a subscription, catering to a diverse range of media preferences.

This app is a one-stop entertainment hub for your family, providing free access to movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and sports events. Its comprehensive capabilities make it an essential addition to any FireStick, ensuring long hours of quality entertainment across a variety of genres and interests.


2. UnlockMyTV (Free)


This app is a perfect clone of Cinema APK, offering movies and TV series from around the globe to viewers in Italy. It features an identical interface to Cinema APK, delivering high-quality streaming content.

A notable advantage of this FireStick movie app is its ad-free streaming experience. You won’t encounter any advertisements, enhancing your viewing pleasure. Additionally, it integrates with Real-Debrid and, ensuring that you can stream the entire library in HD.


3. CatMouse (Free)


CatMouse has quickly become a favorite among cord-cutters in Italy as the newest streaming app on the scene. Its interface is reminiscent of Terrarium TV, offering movies and TV series via high-quality links.

One of the major perks of CatMouse is its ad-free streaming capability. The app regularly updates its content; however, new releases initially appear in CAM quality. Users will need to wait for the HD versions to be available. To access CatMouse, simply use the provided link in the Downloader app on your Fire TV Stick.


4. Typhoon TV (Free)


Typhoon TV stands out as it doesn’t rely on Real-Debrid to provide high-quality movies and TV shows. This app is a derivative of the now-defunct Terrarium TV and features no advertisements.

It is compatible with the Amazon FireStick 4K and other Amazon devices. Typhoon TV enhances the streaming experience in Italy with its fast loading times, minimizing buffering. This allows you to enjoy seamless viewing of all content without interruptions.


5. CKay TV (Free)


CKay TV is a highly popular Live TV app that offers a variety of entertainment categories including Sports, Kids, Movies, Music, and more.

When you select any category, it provides several streaming options in Italy. While it may not offer HD streaming quality, CKay TV is considered one of the best free apps for FireStick because it consistently delivers the latest movies.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to choose the Android Player when streaming video content.


6. Live Net TV (Free)


This FireStick app serves as a comprehensive hub, offering access to over 800 Live TV channels directly on your TV in Italy, simply through installation.

Additionally, the app features diverse sections for Movies, News, Sports, Cooking, Kids, and more, catering to various interests.

Users can also conveniently search for Live TV channels by country name, making it easy to find specific channels.


7. Dream TV (Free)


Dream TV on FireStick operates in a manner reminiscent of the once-popular Terrarium TV.

Regarded as one of the best movie apps for FireStick in Italy, Dream TV streams movies and TV shows in 4K quality and features an interface similar to Terrarium, making it an ideal alternative.

The app includes a variety of categories such as Comedy, Family, Drama, History, Crime, Romance, and more, catering to diverse viewing preferences.


8. Bee TV (Free)


This recent app for Movies and TV Series on FireStick and Android TV Box delivers HD quality videos in Italy.

It ranks as one of the best free movie apps for FireStick, with the added advantage of integrating Real-Debrid for enhanced streaming options.

The interface is user-friendly, and the app performs smoothly on Android TV Boxes and NVidia Shield. However, when using Bee TV on Nvidia Shield TV, it is advisable to use the best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV in Italy to ensure optimal performance and security.


9. OneBox HD (Free)


OneBox HD is often thought of as the go-to alternative to Terrarium TV.

This app offers streaming of movies and TV series in HD quality in Italy, which is a key highlight.

Navigating through the content is straightforward, with options to browse recently added movies and TV shows.


10. Cinema HD (Free)


Cinema HD is a specialized movie app that offers a vast selection of Recent Movies, Popular Movies, and more, categorized by genre. When you select a movie, the app presents multiple viewing options. It provides choices whether you wish to watch the trailer, view the entire movie directly, or download it to your Amazon FireStick device in Italy.

Additionally, the app prompts you to choose the video quality for the download. It’s important to ensure that your FireStick has sufficient storage available to accommodate the file size of the high-quality video options.


11. CyberFlix TV (Free)

CyberFlix-best-FireStick-AppCyberFlix is an absolute clone of Terrarium TV that had shut down for whatever reasons. Just like Terrarium TV, It brings you Movies & TV Shows in Italy that cost you not a single penny. If you have a Real-Debrid account, you can get more links in HD and 3D. It also provides support for subtitles.


12. TVZion (Free)

Best-FireStick-app-TV-ZionTVZion is all the answers you need to free yourself from buffering videos on FireStick in Italy. For buffer-free viewing, TVZion should be your best FireStick app. It is the same application as Terrarium or CyberFlix that streams Free Movies & TV Shows. You will find all the recent media content that you couldn’t find elsewhere are available in this app.


13. The Movie DB (Free)

the-movie-db-firestick-appThe Movie DB is one of the best FireStick movie apps in Italy. It consists of a huge library of TV shows and movies that users can enjoy for free. Following the ban on Terrarium TV, the Movie DB is the most likely contender for being the best working alternative to Terrarium. It is a third-party app that you can sideload through the downloader on your FireStick in Italy.


14. Morpheus TV (Free)

morpheus-tv-firestick-appMorpheus TV is one of the best apps for FireStick in Italy in 2024 and is another great alternative to Terrarium TV. It has a considerably large catalog of TV shows and movies. The quality of streams you get on Morpheus is excellent for a free service. Although it is primarily an Android app, it integrates perfectly well with FireStick and can be controlled with its remote. As such, it is the best app for jailbroken FireStick in Italy in 2024 if you are a movie enthusiast.


15. Forja TV (Free)

Forja-TV-Plus-Best-FireStick-appsForja TV or Forja Plus has tons of Live TV Channels that you can watch on your FireStick device in Italy. It does not require a subscription and streams Live Sports channels including PPV channels that are otherwise require a subscription. A few of the sports channels include beIN Sports, Alkass Sports, BT Sports, Sky Sports, etc.


16. Stremio (Free)

Stremio-Best-FireStick-appStremio is a great FireStick app serving its users with the latest Movies and TV Series in Italy. Its APK is easily downloaded onto FireStick with the Downloader app. After downloading Stremio, you’ll gain access to high-definition video content, enhanced by the best Stremio add-ons in Italy, which provide multiple resources for media content. It is the best app for FireStick when it comes to watching free copyright video content. Use best VPN for Stremio in Italy to make yourself anonymous while streaming.

Read More: How to Install Stremio on FireStick in Italy

17. Netflix (Paid)

Netflix-best-FireStick-appNetflix is a streaming app giant where you can watch Netflix Movies and TV Shows. It is one of FireStick’s best apps that is currently available in over 190 countries, but each country has its media library. American Netflix has a huge library containing video content from other streaming services such as Hulu and HBO, and access American Netflix in Italy with the help of a VPN mentioned above.

Also, check this article to determine which are the best VPNs for Netflix in Italy in 2024.

18. Crackle (Free)

best-FireStick-app-CrackleSony Crackle is a free video streaming network and has an app that works well with FireStick. It shows full-length Movies and TV Shows in Italy without any subscription. Thus, making it the best apps on FireStick that can easily be installed on a mobile device, TVs, and game consoles. However, it is not available in many countries and therefore may be regionally restricted in Italy. For that, you require a VPN.


19. Pluto TV (Free)

Pluto-TV-Best-FireStick-appPluto TV, a free FireStick app for 14 different platforms offers over 100 free channels. It has over 6 million monthly active users and has a license directly with content copyright owners. It distributes free video content from Hulu and other streaming services through funding raised by the app itself. Watching content on Pluto TV is absolutely free. Thus making it the best free apps for Fire Stick in Italy.


20. Crunchyroll (Paid)

Crunchyroll-Best-FireStick-appCrunchyroll streaming service entirely focuses on content from East Asia media that largely includes Anime, Drama, and Music. It has a monthly subscription, but you can avail of its services with a 14-day trial period. It brings you the HD quality, is ad-free, and shows over 900 Anime shows, which is why it makes the best FireStick app in Italy.


21. Sling TV (Paid)

best-FireStick-app-Sling-TVSling TV is the best streaming apps for FireStick in Italy that shows video-on-demand for cord-cutters. It requires a subscription and has currently over 2.2 million subscribers worldwide. It has been over 3 years since the app has been around and doing a wonderful job entertaining people by showing major cable channels.


22. FreeFlix HQ (Free)

FreeFlix-HQ-Best-FireStick-appFreeFlix HQ is entirely free, but the best FireStick app in Italy is available on various devices using an APK. By saying it is an ultimate entertainment hub, it means it shows Free Movies and TV Series with just a single click download. Since it is a free app, you would require a VPN to keep your online privacy protected in Italy.


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Best FireStick Apps in Italy for Sports

23. Tea TV

Tea-TV-on-FireStickTea TV is a Movie and TV Shows app on Fire TV Stick in Italy that also streams the latest sporting events such as UFC and Wrestling.

Before you stream Movies, it helps you to watch its trailer so you get to know the content prior to watching.

Once you click on the Play button, it will present you with numerous streams that differ in quality and size.


24. Live Lounge (Free)

Live-Lounge-Best-FireStick-AppsLive Lounge is probably the best FireStick app in Italy for Live TV, Sports, Movies, and Kids TV. Upon opening, you will find many different channels such as BT Sports, Sky Sports, and Eurosport. To access channels according to countries, you will find it in the World IPTV menu. For movies, you will find it inside the Cinema Theatre Movies. All in HD and SD.


25. Fite (Free and Paid Both)

Fite-Best-FireStick-AppFITE FireStick app is exclusively designed for Boxing and MMA fans. Bringing you all the Live Boxing and MMA PPV events in Italy. It includes free and paid PPV content. You will find various matches on its free page which is absolutely wonderful. You get to see all the live matches at your fingertips.


26. Set TV IPTV (Paid)

Best-FireStick-app-Set-TV-IPTVSet TV IPTV is a paid service that offers 500+ channels using its basic plan while viewing premium channels costs an additional amount. Although it may not be considered a better app than Sling TV or Crunchyroll in Italy, it is still the best FireStick app. Here are some more best VPN for IPTV in Italy.


27. Mobdro (Free)

best-FireStick-app-MobdroMobdro APK is a free FireStick app in Italy that offers a ton of video content that includes Live IPTV channels from all over the world without spending anything on paid subscriptions. It is also available as a Kodi add-on, but not close to what you get in FireStick device as an APK. It certainly justifies as the best FireStick app in Italy for Sports.


28. Watch ESPN (Paid)

ESPN-Best-FireStick-appESPN is a popular sports channel based in the US that covers Live Sports and has over 13 sister channels. It is undoubtedly the best sports apps for FireStick in Italy where you can watch all of the Sports videos where experts talk about certain matches and give their insight. Also, watch highlights whenever you have missed a live match.

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Best Fire Stick Apps in Italy for News

29. Haystack (Free)

Haystack-TV-Best-FireStick-AppsHaystack is one of the best FireStick apps in Italy when it comes to viewing local and world news. Although it doesn’t show up on Live News, it frequently updates content so you get the most recent news. Most importantly, it’s free. You can view any news channel for any part of the world in Italy, which is its most important feature.


30. TD Ameritrade (Free)

TD-Ameritrade-Best-FireStick-appTD Ameritrade is a business and stock app that brings you the latest news in Italy on world trade alongside the recent ups and downs of the stock market. It fetches data from various websites including Bloomberg and others. It covers 7 different categories i.e. Featured, Market News, Fast Market, Real News, Virtual Trade, and others.


31. Sky News (Free)

best-FireStick-app-Sky-NewsSky News is a free app for FireStick where you can watch Live News coverage, read news and entertainment articles, and learn about world politics and business in Italy. It is a simple app and is easily available on Amazon App Store with a simple interface.


32. BBC News (Paid)

BBC-News-Best-FireStick-appBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a news app for FireStick, which is free and brings you all the news alerts within seconds in Italy. It shows Live News and gives you an option to personalize feed pertaining to thousands of topics. It brings you only the news that matters to you the most. However, Live News is only shown to UK users. People in Italy can use VPN to change their location to UK and access Live News.

Unblock News app with VPN 30-day money-back guarantee

Best Music Apps for Firestick in Italy

33. YouTube (Free)

best-FireStick-app-YouTubeYouTube is the best app for FireStick for all types of users in Italy that love watching videos and listening to music. When watching on the TV’s big screen, it presents an extraordinary experience. It is a must-have Amazon FireStick app that never fails to excite users because you can watch millions of YouTube videos instantly in Italy. Here are some best VPN for Youtube in Italy to watch YouTube without restrictions.


34. Twitch (Free)

Twitch-Best-FireStick-appTwitch is also the best Live TV apps for FireStick in Italy where you watch video content and listen to music all day long. Other than this, you can also post your own content similar to YouTube and go live anytime. This way, you can earn money by creating original content when you sign up for its affiliate program.


35. Spotify (Free)

best-FireStick-app-SpotifySpotify is a blockbuster music app for FireStick that is available on the Amazon app store in Italy. You get to listen to millions of songs once you download and log in to FireStick. It is also possible to use the Spotify account on different devices by using the same Wi-Fi network. Just synchronize your mobile phones with Amazon FireStick.


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Best Utility Apps for FireStick in Italy

36. Blokada (Adblocker)

Blokada-Best-FireStick-appsBlokada is an ad blocker for FireStick that gets rid of unwanted advertisements found in the device. Advertisements could lead to malware installed on your device that could potentially corrupt your TV and FireStick in Italy. It automatically blocks ads and is completely free.


37. Downloader (Free)

Downloader-app-Best-FireStick-appAnything that is not available on the Amazon app store will be available in the Downloader app. It works similar to a browser where you insert a URL and helps you download APKs for an app. There are many apps that are not available in the Amazon Store due to various reasons, but with the Downloader app, you can get it installed instantly in Italy. This is why it is the best FireStick app in Italy for utility.


38. FireStick App Store (Free)

appstore-Aptoide-Best-FireStick-appFireStick is an Android-based streaming device, but the official Google Play Store app isn’t available yet. However, you can find an alternate app store i.e. Aptoide that serves the exact same purpose as Google Play Store. It has close to million apps on its store which is more than you can consume in Italy. For other apps, you have the Downloader app as mentioned above.


39. Browser (Free)

Broswer-Firefox-Best-FireStick-appThe browser is an essential element for streaming various websites in FireStick. That is why you need either a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome that will open any website you need to access in Italy. These apps are not available on the Play Store, which is why you will be accessing Downloader app for downloading. Also, if you’re looking for a VPN, check out our best browser VPNs in Italy.


40. Amazon Silk Browser (Free)

Silk-Browser-Best-FireStick-appSilk browser is more popular in FireStick than any other browser mainly because it is designed to work well with Amazon Fire devices in Italy. It manages other features such as saving passwords and works well with the FireStick remote while using the Play, Pause, and Stop buttons.


Other Apps for Fire Stick in Italy

41. ExpressVPN

expressvpn-logoThis is the VPN app you can use to protect your online identity in Italy and will keep your streaming activity anonymous from the ISP and government. ExpressVPN has extensive servers and in over 105 countries.

ExpressVPN is easily available on the Amazon app store so there’s no problem in downloading. If you happen to stream any free movies or TV shows on FireStick in Italy, you better protect your online security by installing ExpressVPN on FireStick in Italy.

Price-wise, ExpressVPN starts from EUR6.13/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.


42. VRV (Free + Paid)

VRVWant your kids to watch their favorite cartoons in Italy? VRV is a perfect entertainment platform with tons of Kids’ shows including cartoons, anime, science and tech shows, and so much more. It has free access to all the shows which is impressive as well. Some of the shows require you to subscribe to its service in Italy since it streams content from Crunchyroll, Funimation, and others.


43. Area 51 IPTV (Paid)

Best-FireStick-app-Area-51-IPTVIt is a special IPTV service that offers over 700 channels at just $5. It is the best app on FireStick because it features those channels in HD quality, and there’s no Live IPTV APK that shows tons of channels at such a low price. Some of the channels may require a VPN to unblock geo-restrictions, for that you will need a VPN that goes well with the FireStick device as mentioned in the guide above.


44. ES File Explorer (Free)

best-FireStick-app-ES-File-ExplorerES File Explorer is an important ForeStick app in Italy when it comes to sideloading APKs that are not usually found on Amazon Store. This app works well with FireStick where you only need to insert a URL and the pathname, while the rest will be taken care of by this app.


45. Plex (Free)

best-FireStick-app-PlexPlex is an alternative to Kodi software as discussed above which is also a streaming player and streams Movies and TV Series in Italy. In fact, it is the best Fire Stick app in Italy for current movies that are updated in a timely manner. It is a portable media player that can be played anywhere around the world if you log in to your ID and stream from your media library. Secure your streaming by using the Best VPN for Plex in Italy.

For more inside, you can read how Plex on Firestick in Italy works and what features you can use with this combo.


46. Mouse Toggle

best-FireStick-app-ToggleFireStick apps in Italy that are not normally made for TV screens have problems when navigating. To navigate these apps using a mouse pointer, we have a special app called Mouse Toggle. To launch a screen mouse icon, you will need to double-tap on FireStick Remote’s Play button. That way, you will be able to navigate with the remote’s D-pad.


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More Useful Guides by VPNRanks


The best app for a jailbroken FireStick depends on the type of content you want to stream. If you’re into movies and TV shows, Cinema HD and Nova TV are excellent choices. However, if live TV is what you’re after, you should consider Live Net TV, Ola TV, and HD Streamz. No matter what you prefer, one essential app for a jailbroken FireStick is ExpressVPN. It helps protect your online streaming by hiding your identity, ensuring your activities remain private and untraceable.

What is the Best Live TV App for FireStick in Italy?

There are thousands of channels that you can get for free with FireStick in Italy by installing the apps discussed in the guide above. The best free FireStick apps in 2024 include Kodi, Terrarium TV, FreeFlix HQ, and others.

To download movies from apps on your FireStick, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Your Content: Open your preferred app and choose the movie or show you want to download.
  2. Choose the Download Option: Look for the download button within the app and select it.
  3. Use a VPN: Ensure you’re using a VPN like ExpressVPN to encrypt your IP address and maintain privacy while downloading.
  4. Monitor Storage Space: Remember that downloading movies can quickly fill up your FireStick storage, potentially causing issues like buffering and overheating.

If you fail to install apps on Amazon Fire Stick in Italy, you might need to restart your device, disconnect the power cord, and then re-connect. Use the FireStick remote to restart your device.

The Wrap Up

The Amazon FireStick offers incredible potential, and it’s only a matter of time before more people switch from cable and satellite to internet streaming. It makes perfect sense, given the flexibility in choosing what to watch. Whether you plan to buy an Amazon FireStick or already own one, the above apps can significantly enhance your streaming experience.

Some apps are free, while others require a small fee for premium features. This list of the best FireStick apps in Italy includes both types, ensuring that your device becomes a complete entertainment hub.

Additionally, some apps are region-specific. However, with the help of ExpressVPN, you can easily access the best FireStick apps in Italy without any hassle, unlocking a world of entertainment beyond borders.

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