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Ever since the implementation of metadata retention law in Australia, the use of VPN services have sky rocketed. The data retention law requires ISPs and telecom companies to collect and record various information about Australian Netizens, which breaches their online privacy and security.

One way of protecting your privacy is by encrypting all your Web traffic and the best tool to do that is through an Australia VPN. That said, choosing a VPN can be difficult as there are numerous options available in the market.

When to start to explore for a VPN, you will come across some premium services and some Australia VPN for free.  Do note that free VPN services won’t match the service quality or the performance delivered by a premium VPN particularly for Australia but would serve the purpose for basic usage.

Popular Australia VPN for Free

Here are some popular Australia VPN for free that you can use. Since these are free services, there is no promise of how they will perform or the quality of service that will be delivered.

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Are Australia VPN for Free Worth It?

Now that you know how to get free Australia VPN, here is a look at if these services are worth it or not. A word to the wise, any service that is available for FREE’ should not be relied upon for long term use. Same is the case with free VPN services as all of them pose certain drawbacks, dangers, and  have various flaws.

Drawbacks & Flaws of Free Australia VPN

To explain if VPN to Australia free are worth it, take these factors into consideration:

Unreliable Performance

The speeds delivered by free Australia VPNs are inconsistent and can deliver poor performance. This can be troublesome when you are looking to unblock websites and want to stream content online. Similarly, many free providers have limits on bandwidth usage and number of server switches. In certain cases, users have also experienced IP and DNS leakages while using free VPN providers.

Weak Online Security

Many free Australia VPN services offer PPTP protocol as default along with 128 bit encryption. PPTP is not the strongest protocol to protect your privacy and although 128 bit encryption is adequate in certain circumstances, a brute force attack can decrypt the code.

Limited Customer Support

One of the key advantages that paid VPN services have over free services is the availability of around the clock customer support. Free services won’t offer live chat services, whereas the premium VPN service offer multiple channels for resolving customer’s queries.

May Contain Malware

This is perhaps the biggest drawback of using free Australia VPN services. Downloading and installing them from unsecure source could lead to malware. This can pose huge problems in the long term as some malware can hack your personal data while others deteriorate the performance of your system.

Limited Server Options

Free VPNs don’t offer servers all around the world and only provide limited server locations to use. So if you are looking to unblock a website or a streaming service in Australia but the free service doesn’t offer a server in Australia, then this could be an issue.

Vague Privacy & Log Policy

The privacy policy of different free services are unclear and very hazy to say the least. They have various loopholes and there is no guarantee that your privacy will be preserved if you use the service. Some may even record logs of your activities and even sell your data to third party entities.

Pros of Using a VPN to Australia Free

The disadvantages of using Australia VPN for free will leave your online privacy in disarray but there are certain advantages of using free VPN services:

  • Free providers are helpful in unblocking geo-blocked websites.
  • You can choose from numerous free Australia VPN.
  • There are no complicated sign-up forms.
  • It’s easy to swap between free VPN services.
  • Some offer browser extensions as well.

Final Words

After highlighting the pros and cons of free Australia VPNs, you can clearly see that premium VPN providers have an edge over free services. Australia VPN for free can only be used for specific purposes and for a short period of time. In the long run, they can cause damage to your online privacy by selling your data to third parties, recording all your internet activities, and exposing your true location.

So if you are user concerned about their privacy and security, then we recommend that you choose a paid VPN service. They offer far better security, leading edge protocols and military grade encryption to safeguard your sensitive data. In addition to this, premium providers also offer more server options, exclusive apps for different platforms, and 24/7 customer support.