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Free VPN Australia For France Users may have limitations such as throttled speeds and data restrictions. Despite this, there are still good options available. These free VPNs offer security and privacy without logging your activity while connected. It’s important to be aware of the limitations before choosing a free VPN with Australia servers.

Using a VPN is crucial for protecting your online privacy and security. Both free and premium VPNs offer encryption and IP masking, but there are some key differences. Premium VPNs often offer faster speeds, more server locations, and unlimited data usage. Free VPN with Australia servers may have restrictions, but can still be a good option for casual users. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons when deciding which type of VPN to use.

We recommend ExpressVPN as the best VPN for Australia. While it’s not a free service, it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for risk-free testing. ExpressVPN offers fast and reliable connections. It’s ideal for streaming, browsing, and online gaming. Overall, if you’re looking for top-notch security and performance, ExpressVPN is a great choice.

In this article, you will find a thorough analysis of the best free Australia VPN For France Users that are available.

Quick Overview – Risk-Free VPN Australia For France Users

Searching for the best free Australia VPN For France Users? Let’s quickly go through our top picks of the best free VPN for Australia location before getting into details:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN Australia For France Users with a Free Trial. offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, and superior encryption. With over 3000 servers in 94 countries, including 7 server locations in Australia, it unblocks all streaming platforms with a remarkable speed
  2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN Australia For France Users for Privacy. Windscribe provides 10 GB/month of limited bandwidth along with unlimited simultaneous connections. It has servers in 60+ countries across 112 cities. This service can unblock any Australian platform in under a minute with 8 Australian servers but that comes with the Pro Plan.
  3. Proton VPN – Free VPN Australia For France Users with Unlimited Bandwidth. This Unlimited Free VPN Globally offers 3 server locations in Australia with unlimited bandwidth for streaming videos on Globe. Each account supports 1 device, and there are no data limits.
  4. TunnelBear – User-friendly Free VPN Australia For France Users. TunnelBear provides 500 MB/month of free data to effectively unblock Globe. It supports 5 simultaneous connections even on the free version and offers free access to multiple servers in 02 Australian locations.
  5. Speedify – Popular Free VPN For France Users  with Australian server.  Speedify is a reliable service that offers a combination of speed and security. With over 200 servers in more than 50 locations worldwide, including 3 locations in the Australian region.

Quick Comparison Table: Free VPN Australia For France Users | FAQs 

Why France users Should Use a Free VPN in Australia?

While internet access in Australia is generally unrestricted, the recent implementation of surveillance legislation poses a threat to individuals’ privacy. To safeguard your online activities and protect your connection from interception or unauthorized monitoring, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is crucial. However, it is important to note that many Australia free VPN services lack essential security features and may not offer sufficient protection.

Free VPNs often come with limitations, such as bandwidth caps, data restrictions, and slower connection speeds, which can negatively impact your browsing experience. Some free VPN providers may log your data and sell it to third-party advertisers, undermining your online privacy.

If France users are looking for a reliable VPN free Australia provider that offers fast speeds, advanced security features, and excellent customer support, ExpressVPN is a great option. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN service that operates over 3000 servers in 94 countries, including Australia. It uses state-of-the-art encryption protocols to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Top Free VPNs for Australia For France Users (In-Depth Analysis)

To find the best free VPN for Australia, we tested multiple best free Australian VPN For France Users on various criteria like speed, security, bandwidth, servers, and more. Here is an in-depth analysis of the top Australia VPN free in 2023:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN Australia For France Users with a Free Trial

ExpressVPN-For France Users

Key Features:

  • 3000+ servers in 94 countries, including 7 server locations in Australia
  • Provides an average speed of 87.18 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption & WireGuard protocol
  • A free trial is provided to evaluate the service before subscribing package.
  • Unlimited bandwidth

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Australia For France Users, offering a risk-free trial period. Even though it’s not entirely free, it’s worth a try due to its blazing-fast speeds, thousands of servers, excellent unblocking capabilities, and robust security features. Servers are optimized for seamless streaming and torrenting.

ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth and 3000+ servers in 94 countries. Among these, multiple Australia VPN server address are available in 7 Australian locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Woolloomooloo.

This is great because you can stream your favorite local and international websites and streaming platforms unavailable in your region. You can easily access SBS, ABC TV, SBS Viceland HD, and Stan in France. ExpressVPN Netflix France provides you with top-quality streaming apart from Netflix ExpressVPN with Disney+ in France and also ExpressVPN works with Foxtel Now in France. You can also unblock 9Now in the US because it is the best VPN for 9Now in France. Once you get an Australian IP by connecting to Australian server, You won’t be coming across any errors like Stan Not Working with VPN in France using ExpressVPN.

free-vpn-australia-expressvpn-For France Users

ExpressVPN is capable enough to unblock any streaming platform in Australia

Recommended Server – Melbourne Server

ExpressVPN is known for its super-fast speeds. That’s also because it offers a Lightway protocol that optimizes user speeds while providing efficient security. In our ExpressVPN speed test in France on its AU – Melbourne server, it offers a downloading speed of 87.18 Mbps and an uploading speed of 52.13 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

ExpressVPN-speed-test-For France Users

ExpressVPN’s servers deliver some of the fastest speeds available, ensuring smooth streaming.

To ensure user privacy and security, ExpressVPN has incorporated several advanced security features, including ExpressVPN kill switch  in France encryption, leak protection, split tunneling, and TrustedServer technology. ExpressVPN follows a strict no-logs policy, which means that it doesn’t collect or store any user data, ensuring maximum privacy for its users.

With ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer, users can gain access to geo-restricted content on their gaming consoles and smart TVs with ease. This smart DNS service works seamlessly with various operating systems, including ExpressVPN on iPhone in France, Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, making it highly compatible with most devices. ExpressVPN also works flexibly with different routers, you can simply check out our guide for ExpressVPN Router setup in France in this regard.

You can use ExpressVPN on Firestick in France apart from other devices, including Apple TV, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, and PlayStation, making it a versatile solution for various device needs. ExpressVPN costs in France is EUR 6.3/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan) and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, through which you can enjoy ExpressVPN free trial in France

ExpressVPN offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, making it easy to get help with any issues or questions you may have. With its reliability, flexibility, and affordability, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Australia For France Users.

To learn more about ExpressVPN, check out our ExpressVPN review in France.

  • Offers multiple Aussie servers in 7 locations
  • Keeps you unidentified online
  • Unblocks local Australian and international content
  • Fast speeds due to Lightway protocol
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 30-day refund policy

  • Doesn’t offer a free plan

2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN Australia For France Users for Privacy

Windscribe-For France Users

Key Features:

  • Over 500 Servers in 60+ countries including 8 servers spread out in 6 Australian locations.(Paid Version)
  • Provides free trial for users before subscription to any package.
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • 65.21 Mbps speed on a 100 Mbps connection.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth

Windscribe is a recommended Free VPN Australia For France Users, that offers users the ability to browse the internet anonymously without fear of their online activity being tracked or monitored. In addition to its advanced security features, Windscribe has optimized servers that support seamless media streaming.

Regrettably, Windscribe’s complimentary package does not have servers in Australia. Their website indicates server locations in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, and Romania. If you want to access Australian servers, you may want to upgrade to Windscribe’s paid subscription or explore other VPN providers. Moreover, you can use Windscribe torrenting in France, with a range of its secure P2P servers spread across various locations.

By utilizing Windscribe, you can easily access streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max, among others. It is also used as a free VPN for Amazon Prime Video Australia in France, free VPN for Hayu Australia in France and a free VPN for ABC iView in France. To optimize your streaming experience, Windscribe provides users with specialized servers, such as the Atlanta-US server, which are specifically designed for streaming. Also, Windscribe with Netflix France works really well making itself a great combination for seamless streaming.

Recommended Server – Atlanta Server
free-vpn-australia-windscribe-For France Users

Using the Atlanta server of Windscribe we got success to unblock Netflix

Recommended Server – Atlanta Server

During our Windscribe speed test in France, we found that the download speed averaged at 65.21 Mbps, while the upload speed averaged 34.75 Mbps. These speeds are more than enough for seamless streaming and browsing activities making it one of the best free vpn for U Next in France, free VPN for Lightbox in France , free VPN for Madman Anime in France and also a top free VPN for Foxtel Now in France. With such reliable speeds, you can enjoy high-quality streaming of your favorite shows and movies without interruptions.

windscribe-speed-test-For France Users

Windscribe’s speeds are quick for streaming and online gaming without lag.

To safeguard online privacy, Windscribe offers robust security features. This Australia free VPN is fortified with AES-256 encryption and a “kill switch,” which allows users to browse the internet without fear of being monitored. The VPN’s powerful security measures ensure that your online activities remain private and secure.

In addition to its security features, Windscribe adheres to a strict no-logs policy, which guarantees that user data is not retained. Windscribe also supports several VPN protocols like IKEv2 and OpenVPN, providing users with the freedom to select the protocol that best fits their security requirements.

With Windscribe, users can enjoy a wide range of features and benefits, such as fast connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and a no-logging policy. The VPN solution offers multiple servers worldwide, allowing users to access restricted content and enjoy fast and secure browsing. Windscribe’s browser extensions provide an added layer of protection against online threats, including malware and phishing attempts.

Configuring Windscribe on Firestick in France is easy and hassle-free, and it works exceptionally well with streaming devices. And to test its compatibility we have setup Windscribe on Roku in France, Kodi and smart TVs. By setting up Windscribe on your router, you can protect your entire network with a single account.

Windscribe’s support team is available 24/7 via live chat to address any questions or concerns. Windscribe’s monthly package costs $9.00/month, and you can even get Windscribe free trial in France service for a limited time. According to the refund policy you can simply cancel windscribe in France and get refund within 3 days of canceling their subscription.

Windscribe is an awesome free VPN for iWonder in France. For more information, check out our detailed Windscribe review France.

  • Servers in 10+ countries
  • Speeds are good for accessing geo-blocked platforms
  • Advanced security features like ad-blocker and Stealth Mode
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • 5 GB additional data on tweeting about Windscribe

  • Slow speeds on long-distance servers
  • The free version does not include a server located in Australia.

3. Proton VPN – Free VPN Australia For France Users with Unlimited Bandwidth

ProtonVPN-For France Users

Key Features:

  •  1,800 servers in 64 countries – including 3 server locations in Australia
  • Provides free trial
  • The average speed of 43.27 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth

Proton VPN is a great free Australian VPN For France Users, that offers unlimited bandwidth to users. However, it only offers 3 server locations on its free version: Netherlands, Japan, and the US. It doesn’t offer an Australian server in its free version, though.

Sad to say this, but Proton VPN is not a recommended free VPN for Netflix Australia, as you cannot unlock Netflix with these servers unless you upgrade your subscription. Happily ProtonVPN worked with Netflix in France, but unfortunately, it does not work along with other popular streaming sites like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc. However, on its premium version you can use ProtonVPN, free VPN for Foxtel Go in France. Nonetheless, for private browsing in Australia, it is one of the best free VPNs Australia you can have.

free-vpn-australia-proton-For France Users

Proton VPN’s US servers are quick enough to unblock Peacock TV

Recommended Server – US Server

Proton VPN’s limited server locations can result in sluggish speeds, as evidenced by our Proton VPN speed test in France. On a 100 Mbps connection, we observed an average download speed of 43.27 Mbps and an upload speed of 21 Mbps, indicating a significant speed reduction of over 50% when connected to the VPN. The meager number of server options may be the reason for such speed drops.

protonvpn-speed-test-For France Users

ProtonVPN provides decent speeds for browsing the web

ProtonVPN is an excellent option for seamless downloads and streaming, even though its speed may not support Ultra HD videos. It comes with a Secure Core feature that overcomes restrictions and boosts connection protection from cyber threats and hacking attempts. ProtonVPN uses RSA-4028 handshake and SHA-348 hash to ensure data authentication, which enhances the overall security of your online activities.

ProtonVPN’s Windows app supports both WireGuard and OpenVPN UDP/TCP VPN protocols, while IKEv2 is available for other platforms. It has a kill switch that efficiently protects your online activity and DNS leak protection that secures your IP address. ProtonVPN follows a strict no-logs policy that ensures the privacy of its users.

This best free VPN Australia For France Users only supports one device connection, but it is compatible with a wide range of platforms. You can easily setup ProtonVPN on Roku in France or ProtonVPN with Kodi in France apart from other devices like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and FireStick. ProtonVPN also offers router support, allowing you to use its connection on multiple devices.

By offering a ProtonVPN free trial in France, users can test out the premium versions of ProtonVPN. With the premium version, users can take advantage of sixteen specialized servers for secure file sharing while torrenting. This allows for a safer, more secure way to share files without compromising personal information or data.

The monthly subscription to the premium version costs $5.45/month, and a 30-day money-back guarantee is available according to ProtonVPN refund policy, you can easily cancel ProtonVPN in France and get refund even after 30 days. ProtonVPN also provides live chat support for technical assistance. ProtonVPN torrenting in France abilities are exceptional given that it is compatible with various torrent clients. Still, thinking Is ProtonVPN safe in France? Indeed yes, you can get your subscription with full confidence.

Find out more about this service in our ProtonVPN review France.

  • Offers a kill switch, no logs, and other security features
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unrestricted browsing
  • Speeds are decent

  • 3 locations only on the free plan
  • No Australia server

4. TunnelBear – User-friendly Free VPN Australia For France Users

TunnelBear-For France Users

Key Features

  • 3000 servers in 48 countries, including two server locations in Australia
  • Doesn’t offer any free trial.
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • The average speed of 54.26 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is offered.

TunnelBear is a user-friendly free VPN Australia For France Users. TunnelBear’s free version offers access to over 49 server locations worldwide, including Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. This means that you can enjoy unrestricted access to content from around the globe without having to pay for a premium VPN service.

Using its Aussie server location, all Australian ex-pats can bypass censorship by using this free VPN to watch Australian tv and access local websites and streaming services, such as you can watch DocPlay with this free VPN for DocPlay in France and also you can watch Kayo Sports in France, ABC iView, beIN Sports, Disney+, and Stan.  Tunnelbear work with Netflix in France, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. Although the bandwidth is limited, it entirely supports unblocking and enjoying streaming online with ease.

free-vpn-australia-Tunnelbear-For France Users

The Australian Server of TunnelBear unblocked Netflix in no time For France Users

Recommended Server – Australia Server

TunnelBear is a trustworthy choice for a VPN provider in Australia. We performed Tunnelbear speed test in France on its Australian server, from US and it delivers an average download speed of 54.26 Mbps and an upload speed of 31.40 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection. With these speeds, you can stream and download content with ease and have a seamless browsing experience.

tunnelbear-speed-test-For France Users

TunnelBear offers fast speeds that enable smooth streaming.

With a free version that only offers 500 MB of monthly data, TunnelBear might not be the best choice for data-intensive tasks. You can get an extra 1GB of data by either tweeting about the service or referring it to a friend. This could be a useful feature for occasional or light VPN users.

TunnelBear has a logging policy that could satisfy privacy-conscious Australian users, although it does log some user data such as bandwidth usage and timestamps. Some users may still have concerns about this logging policy since it still collects non-identifiable data. It’s important to consider your own privacy needs and preferences when choosing a VPN provider.

TunnelBear uses strong encryption protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEv2 for traffic encryption, and it offers DNS/IP leak protection. It also supports up to 5 simultaneous connections and works on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Apart from Tunnelbear on Kodi in France, you can setup Tunnelbear on Roku in France as well.

You can reach out to the technical support team anytime using their live chat feature. You can opt for a subscription starting at $3.33 per month.If we talk about, TunnelBear free trial in France, it has no designated money-back guarantee. Yup, that’s right, if you plan on using the paid version of TunnelBear and want to get a refund later on, you’re out of luck. Therefore it is advisable to check their refund policy. So that you can cancel TunnelBear Subscription in Francewithin time.

TunnelBear torrenting in France servers allow you to bypass international restrictions and avoid encountering connectivity errors. If you want to learn more about this service’s safety and security, you can read the TunnelBear review France.

  • Known to be the best VPN for Australia free with multiple servers
  • User-friendly apps
  • Servers in 49 locations
  • Doesn’t keep logs

  • Low bandwidth limit

5. Speedify – Popular Free VPN For France Users  with Australian server

Speedify-For France Users

Key Features:

  • 50+ servers in 35+ countries – 3 server locations in Australia
  • Free trial
  • Speeds of 40+ Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection
  • Doesn’t unblock geo-restricted platforms
  • 5 simultaneous connections

Speedify is a popular free VPN For France Users with Australian server, offering 2 GB of data per month on its free version. What’s best is that Speedify offers the same number of servers to both premium and free users. You get access to 50+ servers in over 35 countries, including 3 server locations in  Australia, which is more than what any other free VPN is offering.

Speedify is a good free VPN Australia For France Users and is quick enough to unblock international streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu in France, Youtube in France, and Voot in France. Moreover, you cannot unblock Australian sites as well.

free-vpn-australia-speedify-For France Users

Speedify unblocks Netflix easily using its Australian server

When testing this VPN for speeds on its AU server using the Channel Bonding feature, we got an average download speed of 26.33 Mbps and an upload speed of 23.5 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

speedify-speed-average-For France Users

This is the average speed of Speedify speed test results.

Speedify is a secure option for Australia as it offers robust ChaCha 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch, and leak protection. This free VPN service is headquartered in the US, but it does keep a strict no-logs policy, so your privacy is secured with this free VPN. It even offers captive portal assistance to protect you on public Wi-Fi networks.

A great feature offered by this VPN service is called Channel Bonding. This feature boosts your connection speeds by combining your Wi-Fi with cellular data/4G. This way, it sends twice as much traffic, so you don’t face connectivity issues.

Speedify offers 5 multi-logins and dedicated Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS apps. On all its apps, you get real-time statistics about how much data you’ve consumed, your network’s details, and more. Speedify works with a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Speedify also works with routers that support OpenVPN, allowing you to protect all devices on your home network.

It offers different pricing plans based on the duration of the subscription. For a monthly subscription, Speedify costs $7.49 per month. Speedify offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a free trial period of 7 days that allows you to test the service and all its features before deciding whether to subscribe.

You can learn more about this VPN service in our Speedify review France.

  • Real-time stats on apps
  • free trial period before subscribing any package
  • 5 multi logins are allowed
  • Channel Bonding technology
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • servers are a bit slow while switching.

Comparison Table: Top Free VPN Australia For France Users

Even though all Australia VPN free on our list are reliable and safe, they do have a few noteworthy differences. The table below compares the best features like data, servers, and speeds of each VPN, so you know beforehand the issues you’ll be facing with your chosen VPN. Since few server locations and data caps subject you to slow speeds, we suggest you opt for a VPN with a good amount of data and servers.

Now, let’s compare the Australia VPN free side-by-side:

VPNs expressvpn Windscribe ProtonVPN TunnelBear Speedify
Speeds Super Fast Fast Fast Above-Average Average
Data Usage Limit Unlimited 10 GB/mo Unlimited 500 MB/mo 2 GB/mo
Server Locations (with Australia) 3000+ servers in 94 countries (Multiple servers in 7 Aussie locations) Servers in 10+ countries 3 locations (USA, Netherlands, and Japan) Servers in over 49 locations 50+ servers in 35+ countries
Kill switch Available Available Available Available Available
Outside the jurisdiction of 5/9/14 Eyes? Yes No Yes No No
Sign Up Required Yes Yes Yes Yes No
P2P Support Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Unblock Australian Channels Australia Plus TV, iWonder, Foxtel GO, 10play, 9Now Australia Plus TV, iWonder, Foxtel GO, 10play, 9Now Australia Plus TV, iWonder, Foxtel GO, 10play, 9Now Australia Plus TV, iWonder, Foxtel GO, 10play, 9Now Australia Plus TV, iWonder, Foxtel GO, 10play, 9Now
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Tips on How to Choose the Best Free VPNs for Australia For France Users

Choosing the top free VPN Australia For France Users can be a challenge, especially with so many options available. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision:

Number of Australian Servers

Look for a VPN provider that offers a significant number of servers in Australia to ensure fast and reliable connections. Having multiple server locations in the country also helps you bypass geo-restrictions and access Australian-only content.

Australian Channel Unblocking Capabilities

If you’re looking to unblock Australian channels such as ABC iView or SBS On Demand, choose a VPN that has a proven track record of bypassing their restrictions.

Fast Speeds

Check the VPN provider’s speed test results to ensure that it offers fast and stable connections. This is particularly important if you’re planning to stream high-quality content or engage in other data-intensive activities.

Security Features

Make sure that the VPN provider uses strong encryption protocols, has a no-logs policy, and offers additional security features such as a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and malware blocking.

Enough Data

Look for a VPN provider that offers sufficient data allowance for your needs, especially if you plan to use the VPN regularly. Some free VPNs may have data caps, which can limit your browsing and streaming activities.

How Do France users Set Up a Free VPN in Australia to get An Australian IP Address

By utilizing a free VPN such as TunnelBear or other similar services that offer complimentary Australian server options, France users can acquire an Australian IP address without incurring any expenses. Here’s how you can get a free VPN in Australia to get an Australian IP address in France:

  1. Subscribe to a reliable VPN service. TunnelBear is the most reliable VPN for Australia free.
  2. Head to the VPN provider’s website and download the VPN app for your device.
  3. Enter your credentials to sign in.
  4. Connect to your preferred server from the list and start browsing securely in Australia.

Risks of Using Free VPNs in Australia

Alongside slow speeds and data limitations, numerous free VPNs in Australia are unsecured and unreliable for safeguarding your data. This list features VPNs that underwent thorough safety testing to guarantee the protection of your personal information.

Logging Your Data – One of the main risks associated with using free VPNs in Australia is that they can log your data. Many of these VPNs collect and sell user data to third-party advertisers, compromising your privacy. To avoid this, it is essential to choose a VPN with a trustworthy no-logs policy.

Exposure of Data – Free VPNs often lack the necessary security features, such as military-grade encryption and leak protection, which can put your data at risk. Since they don’t have the resources to keep up with the latest security vulnerabilities, data leaks can occur, leaving you exposed to various cyber threats.

Malware Exposure – Some free Australia VPNs may bombard users with malicious ads that can infect your device and compromise your privacy. These VPNs may expose you to malware, which can put your personal information at risk. To protect yourself from malware, it is crucial to select a reliable VPN provider with a good reputation.

Although free Australia VPNs may seem like an attractive option, they come with several risks. To ensure your personal information is protected, it is essential to choose a Australia VPN provider that offers trustworthy security features and a strict no-logs policy.

Free VPN to Avoid in Australia

Using a VPN can help protect your online privacy, but it is important to be cautious when selecting a free VPN. Here are some free VPNs in Australia that you should avoid:


HoxxVPN has been flagged for its lack of transparency and possible data leaks. The company is based in the US, which is known for its strict data retention laws. Moreover, the VPN has been accused of not having a clear privacy policy, which raises concerns about what it does with users’ data.

HoxxVPN also lacks some essential security features, such as DNS and IP leak protection. For more information, you can read our HoxxVPN Review France.


HolaVPN, another free VPN for Australia, is notorious for its poor security and has faced several scandals. This VPN has been caught selling users’ bandwidth, using it to run a botnet, and allowing hackers to use its network to carry out cyber attacks.

Furthermore, It has been criticized for its lack of encryption and weak security protocols, making it easy for hackers to intercept user data.

For more information, you can read our HolaVPN Review France.


While hide.me is generally regarded as a reliable VPN provider, its free version comes with some limitations that make it less secure. The free version of hide.me has a monthly data cap of 2GB, which is relatively low compared to other free VPNs.

Furthermore, it does not support the industry-standard OpenVPN protocol, which may make it vulnerable to hackers. Also, it does not provide full access to its server network, which can impact its speed and reliability.

For more information, you can read our Hide.me Review France.

Some benefits of premium VPNs in Australia:

  • Premium VPNs offer stronger encryption and more robust security protocols.
  • Premium VPNs often have strict no-logs policies.
  • Premium VPNs have faster servers and fewer data restrictions than free VPNs.
  • Premium VPNs offer a vast network of servers located in Australia.
  • Premium VPNs have a dedicated customer support team.
  • Some premium VPNs offer additional features like ad-blocking and malware protection.

FAQs – Free VPN Australia For France Users

There are several free VPNs for Australia For France Users, but some of the best options for connecting to Australia are:

  • Windscribe: It offers a free plan with 10 GB of monthly data and has servers in Australia.
  • ProtonVPN: It has a free plan with unlimited data and servers in Australia, but it only allows one device connection.
  • TunnelBear: It has a free plan with a data limit of 500 MB per month and servers in Australia. However, the data limit may not be sufficient for heavy usage.

If France users have a suitable VPN like ExpressVPN, France users can watch Australian TV channels for free even while you’re overseas, as long as the channel is free-to-view. This allows you to access popular Australian channels like ABC iView, SBS On Demand, 7Plus, 9Now, and Ten Play while traveling internationally. Note that in order to access these channels, you must acquire a free VPN for Australia IP or premium VPN service.

The best free VPN for torrenting in Australia For France Users is not a free one, as most free VPNs have limitations that can hinder the torrenting experience. It’s recommended to use a paid VPN service such as ExpressVPN, which offers secure and high-speed torrenting with unlimited data and server locations.

There is no best free VPN for Netflix in Australia For France Users due to limitations in data and server locations, and Netflix actively blocking VPN traffic. Windscribe, ProtonVPN, and TunnelBear are some options that may not provide reliable streaming quality. It’s recommended to use a paid VPN like ExpressVPN for reliable and fast streaming.

Using a free VPN for online banking in Australia is not safe For France Users due to limitations and security risks. Free VPNs may not provide the same level of security and privacy as a paid VPN like ExpressVPN, which is recommended for secure online banking with strong encryption and a no-logs policy.

Yes, it is worth getting a VPN in Australia For France Users. A VPN can provide you with enhanced privacy and security while browsing the internet, as well as access to geo-restricted content. A VPN can protect you from government surveillance and ISP tracking, making it a useful tool for anyone who values online privacy.

Final Words

Using a free VPN Australia For France Users is becoming increasingly popular due to privacy concerns. Among the free VPN options available, Windscribe is considered the best after testing over 50 VPNs. However, free VPNs have limitations and security risks that make them less than ideal.

For a more reliable and secure VPN service in Australia, we recommend ExpressVPN. It provides fast connection speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and access to a large server network with servers in 90+ countries.

While Windscribe is the most reliable free VPN Australia For France Users, a paid VPN service like ExpressVPN offers a more reliable and secure solution for protecting your privacy online.