How to Watch Annies Fire Movie Outside Australia on Stan

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Annie’s Fire is releasing on Stan on December 12th, 2023. Following our guide you can watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan using the most recommended VPN online, ExpressVPN. This VPN will help you watch Stan outside Australia easily.

Annie’s Fire, also known as Angry Annie, is a 1970 story based on Annie who finds out she’s going to have a baby, but she doesn’t want to keep it. She meets a group that helps with abortions, even though it’s against the law. Shen then encounters different people who either support or disagree with her decision.

How to Watch Annies Fire Movie Outside Australia on Stan? [Easy Steps]

You can watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan using the most recommended and easy steps:

  • Get a good VPN for Stan streaming (ExpressVPN)
  • Download ExpressVPN to your device
  • Connect to an Australian server (Melbourne)
  • Visit the Stan website and login to your account
  • Stream Annie’s Fire Movie online!

Note: Make sure to check how much is Stan in Australia before you subscribe.

Where to Watch Annies Fire Movie Outside Australia?

You can watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan, by utilizing a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

All those who are reading this blog right now are outside Australia will face geo-restrictions when they open up Stan. To get past this hurdle, ExpressVPN step is suggested. Once you get access to the platform, you can enjoy the best movies in Australia on Stan from anywhere.

What is the release date of Annie’s Fire Movie on Stan?

The release date of Annie’s Fire Movie on Stan is 12th December 2023.

My readers who are outside Australia can also access this movie on Stan. However, they will need a good VPN for it.

How to Watch Annies Fire Movie Outside Australia on Stan for Free?

There is only one way to watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan for free, and that is by utilizing a 30-day Stan free trial in Australia.

Once the trial period ends, then you can decide if you want to keep your account or cancel Stan’s subscription in Australia. But let us assure you the content library of Stan will definitely convince you to get the subscription.

The shows and sports on Stan and its smooth user interface is the reason why this streaming platform has a loyal customer base. Give this platform a try even if you are outside Australia. Get a good VPN and explore its content library.

What is the Storyline of Annie’s Fire?

In a 1974 French village, Annie, a mother of two, discovers she’s pregnant by accident. Unwilling to keep the baby, she meets the Movement for the Liberation of Abortion and Contraception (MLAC).

This group, made up of doctors and women, performs illegal abortions openly, advocating for free, safe, and respectful methods. As Annie becomes involved, she encounters allies and opponents, navigating the challenges of the 1970s. Joining the fight for reproductive rights brings a profound shift in Annie’s life, giving her a newfound purpose.

The story has a unique perspective. So even if you are outside Australia, get your VPN and watch this movie on Stan over the weekend.

What is the Cast of Annie’s Fire?

Here is the cast of Annie’s Fire who did an amazing job in the film:

Actor Character
Laure Calamy Annie
Zita Hanrot Hélène
India Hair Claudine
Rosemary Standley Monique
Damien Chapelle Jean
Yannick Choirat Philippe
Florence Muller Viviane
Cédric Appietto Richard
Lucia Sanchez Dolorès
Pauline Serieys Marie-Pierre
Louise Labèque Caroline
Leny Morand Paul
Jeanne Ferron Jacqueline
Éric Caravaca Dr. Chevals
Sara Verhagen Françoise
Iris Bry Christiane
Caroline Piette Michèle, la collègue
Nicolas Chupin Roger

Even though Stan is an Australian-based platform, you can still watch the movie and enjoy your favorite content outside Australia.

What is the RunTime of Annie’s Fire?

Annie’s Fire runtime is 1 hour and 59 minutes. It will be available to watch on Stan once it’s released. The writers of the script are Blandine Lenoir and Axelle Ropert while Blandine Lenoir is the director of the movie.

IMDB Rating & Reviews of Annie’s Fire

The IMDb rating of Annie’s Fire is 6.8/10 based on 609 reviews. The online reviews available on Google and Rotten Tomatoes audience gave it fair reviews like the ‘film feels populated with credible, complicated characters rather than convenient case studies.

One review on its official IMDb page says it’s ‘Bright and predominantly hopeful in tone.’ No matter how good or bad a review is, I always recommend my readers to watch the movie or series and experience it on their own.

Now, even if you are outside Australia, don’t worry; our quick guide will let you access the platform easily. So, enjoy it when it’s released, and share your reviews online too.

Is there any Trailer for Annie’s Fire?

Yes, the trailer for Annie’s Fire is available, and we are adding it here for you. Enjoy the trailer first and then continue to read the remaining guide on how to watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Annies Fire Movie Outside Australia on Stan

ExpressVPN stands out as the best VPN outside Australia to watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan, providing a seamless experience with its expansive network of over 3000 in 105.

On our speed test, it consistently delivers high-speed performance, reaching 89.42 Mbps download and 84.64 Mbps upload speeds on a 100 Mbps connection.


Watch Annie’s Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan via ExpressVPN

Recommended Server: Melbourne

Its robust server connectivity eliminates buffering issues and prevents disconnections. For Stan specifically, recommended servers include Melbourne and Sydney.

ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer is an added advantage, enabling VPN use on devices without native VPN software, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, PlayStation 4, and Roku.

This VPN supports 8 simultaneous device connections per account, so it makes it easier to share it with friends and family. Then it supports all devices, including iPhone, Laptop, router, Firestick, and many others.

Considering all these reasons, this VPN is considered the best VPN for Stan outside Australia. It is priced at AU$ 10.09/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free and comes with a free trial for mobile and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Annie's Fire

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Yes, it is possible to access Stan outside Australia however, not without a help of a VPN. The role of a VPN here is to change your IP Address which will allow you to get access to the platform no matter where you are. It is also very important that you trust a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN only.

It is legal to use a VPN to watch content on Stan outside Australia however, it is recommended to trust only a good VPN service like ExpressVPN so your digital privacy isn’t compromised.

The steps to watch Annie’s Fire on Stan with a VPN are very simple: 1: Subscribe to a VPN 2: Download the app and create your account 3: Connect to an Australian server 4: Then open the Stan website and log in.

That’s all you have to do, and you will get access to Annie’s Fire on Stan.

Wrapping Up

The story of this French abortion drama, Annie’s Fire, is pretty interesting, and Laure Calamy’s loveable performance makes it a must-watch. Watch Annies Fire Movie outside Australia on Stan.

Get a good VPN like ExpressVPN the content library of Stan is geo-restricted due to content licensing restrictions, and only a VPN can help you unblock it.

The movie will be released on 12th December, 2023 so make sure your subscriptions are sorted before that.

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