The Unforgettable Love Odyssey: Exploring The Best Love Island UK Season

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As we get excited about 2024’s summer Love Island, Everyone wonder— Which is the best Love Island UK season? Since its inception in 2015, Love Island UK, a reality TV sensation, has enamored audiences globally. Across its various seasons, characterized by a mix of romance, Viewers often discuss their favorite contestants’ rankings. I’m here to showcase the best season.

Over ten seasons, the show has captivated audiences with beautiful young adults navigating love, lust, and intense drama. Love Island is a platform for contestants to launch careers and has fostered long-lasting relationships beyond the show. However, ExpressVPN is needed to watch all the seasons on ITVX in Australia. Let’s find out the most enthralling seasons of Love Island UK!

Which are the Best Love Island UK Seasons?

When it comes to the best Love Island UK season of all, two standout contenders have captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Although fans frequently rank the seasons, taking care that the best season of Love Island UK no spoilers are discussed.

Fans of the show have witnessed numerous moments of passion and turmoil across the how many seasons of Love Island UK are there. However, certain seasons have left an indelible mark with their unique blend of contestants, drama, and heartfelt moments.

Season 5 aired in 2019 and is hailed as a fan-favorite, known for its explosive moments, unexpected twists, and unforgettable couples.

Season 2, broadcast in 2016, introduced iconic catchphrases and intense recoupling that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Don’t miss out on these captivating seasons that have left a mark on Love Island history. Tune in and get ready to experience the rollercoaster of emotions that make the best Love Island UK season a must-watch phenomenon in Australia.

1 – Love Island UK Season 5 (2019) | Watch now


Season 5 of Love Island UK remains the best Love Island UK season. With a stellar cast including popular influencers Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague, the effortlessly cool Ovie Soko, and the fiery Maura Higgins, it was underdog Amber Gill who stole hearts and clinched victory after enduring romantic turmoil.

Featuring Iain Stirling’s top-notch narration and witty quips, season 5 strikes a perfect balance between drama and entertainment. It boasts compelling character arcs and numerous iconic moments, like Amy Hart’s memorable confrontation with Curtis Pritchard.

Season 5 stands out as the best answer for those seeking the ultimate Love Island UK experience and wondering, ‘What is the best season of Love Island UK?’

2 – Love Island UK Season 2 (2016) | Watch now


Season 2 of Love Island was a rollercoaster of drama, with fights, gossip, and unfiltered behavior from contestants. It’s remembered as raw and authentic compared to later, more overproduced seasons. Winners Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey’s genuine love story, leading to marriage and starting a family, added heart to the season.

The season featured memorable moments like Sophie Gradon and Katie Salmon’s relationship, Zara Holland losing her ‘Miss Great Britain‘ title for having sex on camera, and Malia Arkian being ejected for a physical altercation shortly after arriving, making it one of the best season Love Island UK. The cast brought unpredictability and surprises to the villa.

3 – Love Island UK Season 10 (2023) | Watch now


The summer edition of Love Island 2023, Season 10, delivered drama and memorable moments, such as the roller-coaster relationship between Molly Marsh and Zach Noble. However, it didn’t quite manage to capture the public’s imagination like previous seasons.

While packed with classic Love Island moments, including high-tension Casa Amor recouplings and touching reunions, it fell short of delivering a standout love story that captured the hearts of the nation. Despite the series entertaining viewers, it lacked the emotional depth and character journeys that define the most beloved seasons.

4 – Love Island UK Season 3 (2017) | Watch now


Season 3 of Love Island introduced the now-iconic “Casa Amor” twist, solidifying its place as a pivotal element in the series. This season is renowned for its dramatic recouplings and the memorable bromance between Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay, leaving a lasting mark on the show.

Experience the enchanting love story of Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, which beautifully illustrates that true love can indeed arise in the most unexpected circumstances.

5 – Love Island UK Season 8 (2022) | Watch now


Addressing concerns that Love Island had become stale, Season 8 rejuvenated the series, marking it as one of the best Love Island seasons yet. The season featured captivating dynamics, particularly between Ekin Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti, whose banter and storyline captivated audiences.

The diverse cast, including Gemma Owen and Tasha Ghouri, brought fresh perspectives and diverse backgrounds to the villa, enhancing the show’s appeal. This mix of elements not only entertained but also solidified Season 8’s status as the best love island season UK to watch in Australia.

6 – Love Island Season 4 (2018) | Watch now


Season 4 of Love Island delivered its own brand of entertainment, featuring Adam Collard’s antics and Jack Fincham’s challenges. Noteworthy moments include Megan Barton Hanson’s coupling with Wes Nelson and Hayley Hughes’ unforgettable question about Wales and Cardiff.

Although not the most memorable, Season 4 contributed a unique charm to the series, adding to its claim as one of the best Love Island UK seasons.

7 – Love Island UK Season 6 (2020) | Watch now


Season 6 of Love Island introduced major firsts, including the inaugural winter season and a new filming location in Cape Town, making it one of the best seasons of Love Island UK. Experience the dramatic Casa Amor recouplings and the Disney-inspired proposal between Luke Trotman and Siânnise Fudge.

Learn about Molly Smith and Callum Jones, who, despite not making it to the finale, have remained together three years later, showcasing the lasting connections that can form on the show.

8– Love Island Season 7 (2021) | Watch now


Season 7 took audiences on a tumultuous ride full of intense arguments, emotional makeups, and surprising couple formations. Audiences were kept on the edge of their seats with the dramatic arcs of Chloe BurrowsFaye Winter, and Liberty Poole. The season also celebrated the triumph of Millie Court and Liam Reardon, whose relationship overcame significant obstacles to emerge victorious.

It was a season that combined the best elements of Love Island: unpredictability and the genuine search for connection. The success of this series lies in its ability to keep fans guessing and rooting for their favorite couples against all odds.

9 – Love Island UK Season 9 (2023) | Watch now


Season 9 of Love Island UK is commonly seen as the least engaging, suffering from a lack of compelling storylines and airing two seasons in the same year. However, viewers found solace in the endearing winners, Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan, the first Casa Amor couple to clinch victory.

Despite introducing popular host Maya Jama, the season lacked memorable moments and felt over-produced, leading to a less memorable experience compared to others.

While Season 9 had its merits, such as the charming winners, it struggled to stand out due to repetitive challenges and a sense of over-production. The formulaic nature of the show, coupled with a lack of surprising twists, contributed to its reputation as one of the less memorable seasons in Love Island’s history.

10 – Love Island UK Season 1 (2015) | Watch now


Season 1 of Love Island, the origin of the entire series, delivered a nostalgic feel characterized by profanity and chain-smoking, setting it apart as one of the best UK Love Island seasons.

Dive into the beginnings of the Love Island phenomenon, staged in the idyllic summer locale of Majorca, Spain. Relive the memorable proposal in the finale, a moment that laid the groundwork for the dramatic flair and romantic gestures that have become hallmarks in subsequent seasons.

Where to Watch the Love Island UK Best Season?

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Love Island UK Rankings Are Heating Up!

It’s showdown time in the Love Island UK season ranking, and the drama is just as intense as the show itself! Season 2 advocates are on a campaign trail, championing its legendary status with fervor.

This season delivered the classic drama, unpredictable romances, and scandalous twists that set the gold standard for reality TV. Fans are rallying hard, pushing for a major leap up the rankings, proving that the original flavor of Love Island still has a massive fanbase.

Meanwhile, the newer seasons are under the microscope and facing some tough love from the audience. Season 9, you’re in the hot seat, with many fans thinking you belong at the bottom of the love pile.

But let’s not forget the defenders of the underrated Season 6—the winter warriors who brought warmth to our chilly evenings. This vibrant discussion has everyone buzzing, as old school clashes with the new school. What’s your take? Dive into the Love Island UK and find out which season really steals the heart of the fandom!


While opinions may vary, the show’s ability to engage viewers with captivating storylines and genuine relationships demonstrates the popularity and memorable moments from the seasons of Love Island.

To illustrate the magnitude of Love Island UK’s popularity, Season 1 drew an average of 570,000 viewers per episode in the UK, while Season 5 witnessed a nearly tenfold increase, with an average of 5.61 million viewers per episode.

Fortunately, viewers in the Australia can enjoy Love Island at no cost since the show is accessible on-demand via the free-to-air channel ITV2. If you happen to be traveling abroad, you can easily access Love Island by utilizing a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN, enabling you to watch the show from any location.

Yes, while you can opt for a free VPN, I wouldn’t recommend it due to potential risks such as data copying and security vulnerabilities. Instead, I personally prefer premium VPN services like ExpressVPN for enhanced security and reliability.

Deciding whether the UK or US version of Love Island is better largely hinges on personal preference. The UK version is celebrated for its originality, British humor, and deeper cultural resonance, enjoying a broad and dedicated fan base. Conversely, the US version caters to American audiences with tailored cultural nuances and entertainment styles.

Season 2 stands out not only as the best USA season but also as one of the best Love Island seasons. It faced numerous challenges: Season 1 had not won over the fanbase, it was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, and rather than a tropical setting, the cast was situated on the rooftop of Caesar’s Palace. Despite these obstacles, it emerged as a standout season.

The debate of which Love Island is the best UK or US version, continues to ignite passionate discussions among fans.

Undoubtedly, the UK edition of Love Island stands as the epitome of excellence. With six seasons under its belt, the British version has had ample time to refine its captivating drama and find out the Love Island UK season 10 cast, while its counterparts are still playing catch-up in this regard.

The recently concluded Season 9 faced a significant decline in ratings, marking one of the show’s lowest points. It becomes evident that our concerns are shared by many. While it may be tempting to attribute this solely to a less impressive line-up of islanders, the challenges faced by the series extend far beyond the selection of contestants.

Maya Jama is set to resume her role as host for the 11th season of Love Island UK, which will premiere on June 3 and feature a blend of new and returning contestants.

The season 1 finale of Love Island UK holds the record as the highest-rated episode. Jess and Max emerged as the winners, securing an impressive 42% of all votes. Hannah and Jon secured the second spot with 36% of the votes. However, I’m sure Love Island UK season 10 full episodes would be no less!

Wrapping UP!

Watch the best Love Island UK Season in Australia on ITVX as it has solidified its status as a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with its addictive blend of drama, romance, and unforgettable characters.

As you explore the best seasons of Love Island UK, it’s important to note that access to these seasons may be subject to geo-restrictions. However, with the help of ExpressVPN, fans from around the world can bypass these limitations and indulge in the captivating world of Love Island UK season 10 unseen bits.

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