How to Watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia

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Our favourite hilarious siblings’ duo of the show, The Other Two, is coming back for a new season. If you’re wondering how to watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia, don’t worry because ExpressVPN can help.

In the new season, Brooke endeavors to find meaning in her entertainment industry career, while Cary struggles with the modest recognition and anxiety of being a working actor. The Other Two Season 3 premiere date has been scheduled for May 4, 2023.

The show is exclusively available for streaming on HBO Max. So, if you are in Australia, you may encounter geo-restrictions errors. But don’t worry because a premium VPN will assist you in unblocking HBO Max in Australia.

Stay tuned as we reveal how you can get HBO Max free trial to watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia for free.

How to Watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia [Easy Steps]

Given below are the simple steps to watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia on HBO Max:

  • Subscribe to a price plan of a premium VPN. ExpressVPN is what we suggest.
  • Set up the VPN proxy or app on your streaming device.
  • Link up with a server located in the US. (Preferably New York or New Jersey)
  • Open the HBO Max website and sign in to your account.
  • That’s it! You are ready to watch The Other Two Season 3 HBO Max in Australia.

Where can I watch The Other Two Season 3?

You can watch The Other Two Season 3 on HBO Max exclusively. That’s where you could catch the first two seasons of the show as well. The show debuted on Comedy Central in 2019 before transferring to HBO Max for seasons 2 and subsequent ones.

However, if you watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia on HBO Max, you may have problems gaining access to the episodes due to geographic limitations.

But don’t worry; with the help of a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can easily bypass those constraints and enjoy The Other Two streaming.

How can I Watch The Other Two Season 3 online using a Free Trial?

An HBO Max free trial is a tempting option if you are looking for The Other Two Season 3 where to watch for free. Unfortunately, the VoD service no longer offers a free trial upon subscription.

Don’t lose hope; you can still watch The Other Two Season 3 Free via Hulu or Amazon Prime Video Channels. These streaming services have a generous 7-day cost-free trial period when you get an HBO Max add-on with your subscription plan.

What is The Other Two Season 3 Air Date on HBO Max?

The Other Two Season 3 release date on HBO Max is May 4, 2023, Thursday. Season 1 first premiered on Comedy Central on January 24, 2019, then after an extended delay, it moved to HBO Max in 2020, where Season 2 premiered on August 26, 2021.

The show was immediately renewed for the next season after the Season 2 finale aired on September 23, 2021. However, the pandemic paused the series, forcing the show’s devoted followers to wait for two years. Finally, the wait is over.

What is The Plot of The Other Two Season 3?

The Other Two Season 3 plot summary focuses on the lives of the struggling Dubek siblings, Brooke and Cary, who successfully stand on their own two feet.

After years of comparing themselves to their much younger pop singer brother Chase Dreams, who has grown into a mature adult, and their talk-show host mother, who is now far stronger than she could have ever envisioned, the Dubek family just to jump into a new time in their lives.

Yet, somehow, they find themselves comparing themselves again to new people. Because while other things will change, some will always remain the same.

Is There Any The Other Two Season 3 Trailer Available on HBO Max?

Yes! The Other Two Season 3 HBO Max trailer is available to watch on HBO’s official YouTube page. It was uploaded two days ago ahead of the premier of the show.

The Other Two Season 3 Trailer suggests that the show would use a time-jump technology to flash past three years to the current day, skipping over the COVID lockdown entirely.

Make sure you have ExpressVPN installed on your device so you don’t miss what changes await the Dubek family in the latest season.

Who are in the Cast of The Other Two Season 3?

The show creators have confirmed that all the main characters, including Molly Shannon, Heléne Yorke, Drew Tarver, Case Walker, Ken Marino, and Josh Segarra, will return for The Other Two Season 3 cast.

Besides them, the season also ensemble stacked lineup of guest stars. Check the list of The Other Two HBO Max cast for Season 3 below:

Drew Tarver as Cary Dubek Heléne Yorke as Brooke Dubek
Case Walker as Chase Dubek Josh Segarra as Lance Arroyo (Brooke’s ex)
Richard Kind as Skip Schamplin Molly Shannon as Pat (the family matriarch)
Brandon Scott Jones as Curtis (Cary’s best friend) Wanda Sykes as the PR guru, Shuli
Ken Marino as Streeter Jimmy Fowlie as a guest appearance
Simu Liu as a guest appearance Fin Argus as a guest appearance
Ann Dowd as a guest appearance Edie Falco as a guest appearance
Ben Platt as a guest appearance Dylan O’Brien as a guest appearance
Lukas Gage as a guest appearance Kate Berlant as a guest appearance

How many seasons of The Other Two are there?

The critically acclaimed Max Original comedy series, THE OTHER TWO, has 3 seasons. Its story follows two siblings in their 30s who cope with the abrupt musical stardom of their young brother and discover amusement in every facet of the business.

As season 2 came to a conclusion, the family resolved all of their differences with one another. Therefore, they no longer have any secretive issues. So, for the forthcoming season, they make a small time jump into the next phase of their lives.

How Many Episodes Are There in The Other Two Season 3?

Similar to the previous seasons, Season 3 of The Other Two comprises ten episodes. Thursday, May 4, marks the release of The Other Two Season 3 episode 1 & 2.

Following the premiere, the next two episodes will release weekly on May 11 and May 18. After which, the release schedule will change to one episode per week (Epi 7 on May 25, Epi 8 on June 1, and Epi 9 on June 8) until the season finale on June 15.

What are the details of the HBO Max Subscription Plans for The Other Two Season 3 in Australia?

HBO Max presently provides two subscription tiers: With ads for $10 per month ($100 per year) and Without ads for $16 per month ($150 per year).

Both subscriptions let you watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia in HD and may be used on up to three devices simultaneously.

However, starting in May, you will have three alternatives: Ad-Lite, Ad-Free, and Ultimate. All plans include access to the entire Max library.

The details of the new Max’s price tiers are outlined in the table below:

Subscription Plan & Features Ad-Lite Ad-Free Ultimate
Monthly price $10 $16 $20
Number of screens used at the same time 2 2 4
Number of offline downloads 0 30 100

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia. Its streaming-optimized servers offer unrestricted access worldwide to stream HBO Max in ultra-fast HD on every device.


Subscribers can use 3000 servers to unblock censored sites of 105 countries securely. The count includes 23 servers in the US, providing ample opportunities to stream movies and shows on HBO Max smoothly.

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And also based on features above you can enjoy watching your favorite live events like AEW Double or Nothing on MAX.

Streaming goes best when you connect to a server location close to your location. So we tried it out on the New York server to get HBO Max on Roku. We rarely notice a difference in speed after connecting to ExpressVPN, making it the fastest VPN for HBO Max channel list.

With Split tunneling, Kill Switch, and 256-bit encryption, ExpressVPN protects your connection from tracking, interruption, and censorship, making the surfing list of series on HBO Max on Firestick or other gadgets more private and safe.

ExpressVPN offers easy-to-use apps for all kinds of OS and devices. You can set it up in minutes to access HBO Max on Windows, iPhones, Mac, and Android. One account supports a maximum of five devices at a time.

Moreover, the MediaStreamer tool of ExpressVPN is the smartest solution for game consoles and smart TVs that lack VPN configuration. Hence, you change your location for the best experience of HBO Max on Xbox, PS 4, Apple TV, and Android TV, even without a VPN.

Sign up for the ExpressVPN plan that works for you today, and you’ll get no-question money back for a month. We recommend its year plan that includes a Discount of 3 MONTHS FREE and cost AU$10.08/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free.

The Other Two Season 3

VPNRanks 2023 Ultimate Max Streaming Guides:


Yes. Only those with HBO Max subscriptions can take advantage of its free trial period and watch The Other Two Season 3 online for free. However, unless you cancel the membership before the end of the demo period, you will be charged a subscription cost. It is crucial to remember that if you desire to watch The Other Two season 3 in Australia, you will need a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.

You can watch all three seasons of The Other Two only on HBO Max. It is the sole broadcaster of the show, so the streaming of The Other Two is not available on other platforms at this time

Yes, you can watch The Other Two on Amazon Prime Video through HBO Max Amazon Channel. The add-on costs around$15.99 per month.

You require a VPN with global servers to switch HBO Max countries. Here’s how to do so to watch The Other Two season 3 in Australia on HBO Max:

  • Select a reliable VPN package (ExpressVPN is advised).
  • On your device, open the VPN app and connect to the server in the United States.
  • This is it. You have now successfully shifted your country on HBO Max.

Wrapping it Up!

We know you are excited to watch Season 3 of The Other Two, which is sure to bring even more laughs than ever. Hence, in this article, we have covered all the details about the premiere date, casting, storyline, and, most importantly, easy steps to watch The Other Two Season 3 in Australia using a VPN.

So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up for ExpressVPN to unblock HBO Max and enjoy streaming one of the best comedies you have probably known.

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