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Are you looking to watch a compelling British crime drama series? I have an amazing recommendation to make. Watch DI Ray, a thrilling series that delves into the themes of racism, identity, and a lot of other challenges. The show is set to release on January 5, 2024, on CBC.

Wondering how to watch DI Ray season 1 in Australia on CBC? Continue reading.

Unfortunately, CBC is regionally restricted and cannot be accessed from in Australia. A top-grade VPN will circumvent these errors and enable you to watch CBC in Australia. I recommend using ExpressVPN because it is fast, smooth, and secure.

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Watch DI Ray Season 1 in Australia on CBC – [Easy Steps]

Interested audiences can follow the below-mentioned easy steps to watch DI Ray Season 1 in Australia on CBC:

  1. Sign up for a swift VPN subscription plan. I highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in Canada, Toronto, preferably.
  4. Go to the CBC website and search for the DI Ray episode 1
  5. Now you can watch DI ray season 1 without problems.

Where to Watch DI Ray Season 1 in Australia?

Watch DI Ray Season 1 on CBC.. For the fans in Australia, ExpressVPN is here to help them watch DI Ray in Australia.

Unlock diverse content with CBC’s free trial offer, and binge-watch your favorite series and documentaries without any subscription charges for a limited time.

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Why do you need a VPN to Watch DI Ray Season 1 in Australia on CBC?

CBC in Australia is geo-blocked due to its licensing policies, which is why viewers from in Australia need to use a VPN to mask their IP, replace it with a Canadian IP address, and gain access to the geo-blocked streaming service on CBC.

No need to worry because they can use ExpressVPN to unblock the geo-restrictions on the website. ExpressVPN has built-in features that allow it to unblock geo-restricted websites. This, with its fast download speed, makes it the best VPN for Canada for those who need a VPN to access it.

What is the DI Ray Season 1 story about?

The story of DI Ray revolves around DI Rachita Ray who is promoted to join the investigation for a “Culturally specific Homicide.” She doubts that she has been chosen for her abilities but rather for her ethnicity.

However, she is determined to find the killer. She delves deeper into the world of organized crime whilst also calling out the biases being brought to the investigation by her colleagues.

When will DI Ray Season 1 be available to stream online on CBC?

Di Ray season 1 release date on CBC is January 5, 2024. Get ready for the pulse-pounding adventure as DI Ray Season 1 hits CBC’s streaming platform.

Who is in the cast of DI Ray Season 1?

The DI Ray season 1 cast features the “The Blacklist” star Parminder Nagra as the main star. The whole cast is listed down below:

Actor Character
Parminder Nagra DI Rachita Ray
Ian Puleston-Davies Supt Ross Beardsmore
Jessica Temple DC Carly Lake
Gemma Whelan DCI Kerry Henderson
Steve Oram DS Clive Bottomley
Sam Baker-Jones DC Liam Payne
Peter Bankolé DS Kwes Edmund
Michael Socha Dave Chapman
Patrick Baladi DI Patrick Holden
Dinita Gohil Anita Choudhry
Lauren Drummond Susie Chapman
Naomi Yang Hiroka McGregor
Witney White DC Charlene Ellis
Syreeta Kumar Sharon Mochani

What is the genre of DI Ray Season 1?

The genres of DI Ray season 1, according to the IMDb page, are crime, drama, and mystery. Due to this storyline, it will be delivering a compelling narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

How many seasons and Episodes does DI Ray have?

DI Ray TV series has two seasons. 4 episodes of the first season are available right now.

Is there any trailer for DI Ray Season 1?

The trailer for DI Ray season 1 is available on YouTube. Click on the link below to watch it:

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DI Ray Season 1


The first season of DI Ray has four episodes.

According to the information on the IMDb page, the genres of DI Ray season 1 consist of crime, drama, and mystery.

DI Ray season 1 is a thrilling, heart-wrenching mystery show that is going to be worth watching for fans of mystery and crime.

Wrap Up

Fans can watch DI Ray season 1 in Australia on CBC on the January 5, 2024 using ExpressVPN. The VPN is required because of the geo-restrictions on CBC due to their licensing policies.

For many reasons, I recommend ExpressVPN to access CBC in Australia. Prepare to enjoy smooth streaming in Australia as ExpressVPN can unblock geo-blocked websites and content smoothly and securely.

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