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PerfectVPN Review in New Zealand: PerfectVPN is not operational anymore. Regardless, you can still secure your privacy with ExpressVPN.

PerfectVPN Review in New Zealand: Comparison between ExpressVPN & PerfectVPN

I have described the salient attributes of both these VPNs. This way, you can decide about your online privacy in the right direction.

Servers3,000 in 94 Countries (Including 1 server location in New Zealand)20+ in 24 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, Mac, Linux, Android,
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsUS
Logging PolicyZero LogsN/A
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportTicketing, Contact Us & FAQ
Trust Pilot Score4.7N/A
WebsiteExpressVPN PerfectVPN

PerfectVPN is a lesser-known VPN provider in New Zealand that has been in the market for over 6 years.

It boasts Dynamic and Static IPs along with four distinct pricing plans.

As per this PerfectVPN review in New Zealand, the server spread is not much conducive as ExpressVPN or PureVPN. Furthermore, they don’t have an OpenVPN protocol in their arsenal.

Similarly, the service does not encourage its users’ torrenting tasks, nor does it endorse US Netflix unblocking.

Therefore, I do not recommend this US-based VPN service to privacy-conscious users.

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PerfectVPN Review in New Zealand: My Rating Criteria

I have evaluated this US-based VPN service through my 8 steps rating criteria that include:

  1. Pricing – How much is PerfectVPN in New Zealand?
  2. Security – Protocols & Encryption
  3. Jurisdiction – Belongs to Five Eye Country
  4. Speed – On the Higher Side
  5. Streaming – Does it unblock Netflix or support Torrenting?
  6. Leaks – IP, DNS & WebRTC Tests
  7. Trustworthiness – Logs & Customer Support
  8. Compatibility – Is it Compatible with all Platforms?

PerfectVPN Review in New Zealand: Pricing – How much is PerfectVPN?

Interestingly, PerfectVPN has four extremely unique packages for its users.

You can get this VPN for different prices depending on your budget constrictions and online privacy needs.

All packages boast 5 simultaneous connections but differ in bandwidth limitation and number of IP addresses. Likewise, you can avail a free trial feature for an hour to check the service performance appropriately.

Static Plan

The static plan has a 100 GB Bandwidth limit and provides access to all of PerfectVPN’s shared IPs.

Dedicated Plan

It has unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated IP address, a personalized IP address for an individual user.

Unlimited BW

If you are not a fan of dedicated IPs, you can go for the Unlimited BW plan. It has no bandwidth restrictions and provides access to all the available IPs

Dynamic Plan

For budget-conscious users, Dynamic Plan provides access to +50 USA and UK IPs. It is the cheapest plan on offer.



There are plenty of online methods through which you can pay your dues in terms of online payment. These payment options are:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Liqpay
  • Credit cards
  • Online Naria
  • CashU

Once subscribed to this VPN, you can claim a refund within the first 7 days. This gives you plenty of time to test out its performance. However, the said refund policy is conditional.

If your VPN does not work at all, then only you can claim the refund.

Security – Protocols & Encryption

On the Security front, the provider does not offer an OpenVPN protocol in New Zealand. It only provides PPTP, SSTP, and L2TP/IPsec protocols to its users.

Surprisingly, the official site has not delivered any information regarding encryption levels whatsoever. I assume the service would be offering 128-bit encryption at best.

Keeping all this in perspective, OpenVPN is a notable absence in PrefectVPN’s service in New Zealand.

Jurisdiction – Belongs to Five Eyes Country

From users’ privacy perspective, the service mainly hails from an unsafe jurisdiction, i.e., the US. The country is the main partner of the 5 eyes alliance.

Therefore, the countries are bound to share their users’ data as and when needed.

Server Locations

The server spread of this VPN is not that impressive. Especially considering that many VPN providers are breaching the thousand mark with their server list.

Perfect VPN has 20+ servers spread across 24 countries.

It has a server in the United States while UK, Canada, Germany, and France are also in the mix.

Speed – On the Higher Side

In terms of speed, PerfectVPN server speeds are above average.

I used a 25 Mbps internet connection before connecting to its US server. As a result, I was able to get an 18.43 Mbps to download speed. Here is the screenshot:


You can see a drop of 26% in speed overall.

Streaming – Does it Unblock Netflix or Support Torrenting in New Zealand?

Unfortunately, PerfectVPN is not a suitable option for unblocking US Netflix in New Zealand. For that reason, you will have to consider using another VPN like Surfshark or PureVPN in New Zealand.

The same goes for torrenting as well because their servers do not permit P2P traffic. Hence, you would have to rely on other VPNs to achieve your streaming mission hassle-free.

Leaks – IP, DNS & WebRTC Tests

PerfectVPN does not expose your IP, DNS, or WebRTC data online. Here are the snapshots:

IP Leak:


DNS Leak:


WebRTC Leak:




Trustworthiness – Logs & Customer Support

As compared to other VPNs, PerfectVPN has not updated its official site whether they keep their users’ log or not.

Being an experienced online privacy service must deliver accurate information about its customer data usage in the right way.

To know about the logging policies of different VPNs, read this informative guide.

Customer Support

PerfectVPN in New Zealand does not have 24/7 live support. Still, the customer support is above average. Here is the list of different options you can avail through its support function that includes:

  • Contact Us
  • Client Area
  • FAQs

You can open a ticket to receive any support you may require. As I found out after using the service for this PerfectVPN review in New Zealand, the reply arrives within a working day.

Meanwhile, the knowledgebase is also stacked up with different guides and troubleshooting solutions.

Compatibility – Is it Compatible with all Platforms?

The VPN is compatible with different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Since the service is easy to download, the chances are that you will not find issues while performing the installation process on your preferred devices.

PerfectVPN Alternatives

Not impressed by PerfectVPN’s offerings in New Zealand? Maybe the following VPNs have the goods you desire.

PerfectVPN Review in New Zealand: Do I Recommend PerfectVPN?

No, I do not recommend PerfectVPN in New Zealand.

It does not possess OpenVPN and a limited server spread. Not to forget, one cannot use this VPN to access Netflix US in New Zealand.

Overall, the crux of this PerfectVPN review in New Zealand is that this service has some nifty features. But it cannot compete with the top VPNs with its current specifications.

Therefore, the service has received a 2.8/5.0 stars rating overall in New Zealand.