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PandaVPN Review

We conducted substantial research to create a comprehensive PandaVPN review in New Zealand that yielded stellar results. Despite the fact that PandaVPN isn’t known to be on top of the list, it still has an extensive server count of around 3000 servers in 80 different countries, including 1 server located in New Zealand. but it is not a matchless or premium VPN in New Zealand.

However, the question still arises about its safety and speed as those two are the main components we base our judgment on. PandaVPN is known to have started its services from Seychelles in 2018, and thus far has been shown to rise higher in ranks.

We did a deep dive into its policies and tested it according to our standards to find out whether it can be recommended or not or the question “is Panda VPN free in New Zealand?” Continue further to find all the critical details of reviewing VPNs and security policies that make PandaVPN unique and answer all your questions.

Our Verdict

Overall Rating :

4.7 / 10

Ranked #47 out of 56 VPNs

While PandaVPN has one of the best server networks, we found out that its encryption protocols aren’t up to the mark. Along with unreliable streaming, it also has a below-par customer support system which lowers its ratings for us. All in all, after conducting our PandaVPN review, we believe that it can be a good choice if used for low-risk activities.
PandaVPN Category Ratings
  • 4.5 / 10

  • 4 / 10

  • 4.5 / 10

  • 4 / 10

  • 6.5 / 10

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  • 5 / 10

Why Should You Trust Us?

We have spent thousands of hours and days testing 160+ VPN services using our carefully curated testing process to recommend you the best VPN. Here are a few statistics:

  • tick_doneTotal Hours of Testing1000+
  • tick_doneWeekly Speed Tests110
  • tick_doneVPN Services Reviewed160+
  • tick_doneStreaming Platforms Tested Daily50+
  • tick_doneIP & DNS Leak Tests Performed100+
  • tick_doneHow Much we have spent on testing$30,000+

Key Findings for PandaVPN Review in New Zealand

  • Provides unlimited bandwidth for faster streaming
  • Has a global network of 3000+ servers in 80 countries
  • Has a free version that works by watching short ads
  • Provides antivirus services to protect your device from malware

  • Unsatisfactory customer support services
  • Doubts about its security protocols and unreliable streaming
  • Only has a 7-day money-back guarantee

Pricing – How Much Does PandaVPN cost in New Zealand?

PandaVPN offers a free, albeit brief 3-day trial time, which can be followed by a paid premium membership.

When compared to other VPNs we’ve tested, PandaVPN isn’t the most costly in New Zealand, but it’s also not the cheapest. A 7-day money-back guarantee is also provided, which is significantly shorter than the industry standard 30-day guarantee offered by most services.


PandaVPN pricing plans are quite decent.

However, it offers a wide variety of low-priced membership options, with the monthly cost going down dramatically for lengthier subscriptions.

Plan  Total Cost 
1 Month NZ $16.13
3 Months NZ $33.86
6 Months NZ $38.65
12 months NZ $48.24

When compared to many of its rivals, PandaVPN is reasonably priced, although it is not one of the most inexpensive VPNs in New Zealand, which can offer costs that are low like US NZ$4.02 per month for a two-year plan. The overall experience with PandaVPN did not leave us feeling like we got our money’s worth. PandaVPN accepts in New Zealand payment through the following channels:


Server Network – How Many Servers Does PandaVPN Have?

PandaVPN boasts more than 3,000 servers in 80 different nations, including 1 server located in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a VPN service that has servers in both China and Russia, your search ends with PandaVPN. If you’re hoping to watch material that’s limited to these countries, then this is good news: they have higher security protocols than other countries.


PandaVPN covers a number of countries around the world.

However, it’s not possible to select a majority of specific locations from within the app itself. Instead, you can select a specific “server address” within the app. As soon as you make your selection, you’ll be connected to the optimal server in that area that connects well and provides stable speed.

Moreover, PandaVPN also has a game proxy server and other torrenting ones too in New Zealand.

Security and Features – Is PandaVPN Secure in New Zealand?

Yes! According to its policy, PandaVPN does not keep records of user behavior such as web searches, IP addresses, websites visited, data transferred, or DNS queries. Also, they claim to have a kill switch, but we were unable to activate it. If your server link is ever compromised, a kill button can immediately disconnect you from the web.

To top it all off, it employs 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption, the industry standard for providing the utmost protection for your private data in New Zealand.

As a service based in Seychelles, PandaVPN is shielded from any legal requirement to disclose customer information to any governmental agencies. Because of this, it also employs a strict no-logging policy. Nonetheless, if the service follows its published rules, it ought to do a respectable job of safeguarding users’ privacy. You can go through our VPN logging policies to learn what exactly should a VPN is allowed to log.


What VPN Protocols Does PandaVPN Use in New Zealand?

PandaVPN uses a number of protocols in New Zealand. It is essential to look out for the VPN protocols provided by the service of your choice in New Zealand. It’s a set of guidelines for how your computer and the server should interact with one another. It is also heavily dependent on the kind of usage you have with VPN, as it will be different for streaming services in New Zealand as compared to using it for other reasons.

There is an option for selecting the protocols called “route selector” that can help you choose the right one based on the reason for your usage. It also helps in simplifying using a VPN in New Zealand.

Below is the list of the protocol options and what they help with:

  • Smart Mode 

Shadowsocks, a VPN protocol derived from the Socks 5 proxy technique, is used for the automated connection. It offers the highest potential rate of transfer. You should probably transition to a more private protocol if you’re engaging in high-profile usage where anonymity is of the uttermost importance.

  • PAC Mode 

Some websites can be blocked from being accessed through the VPN service in New Zealand by using PAC mode. In the configurations, you can select which sites can use the VPN tunnel and which should not.

  • Proxy All 

It functions in a similar way to PAC mode, but by default, all traffic is redirected through the VPN only except if you clarify otherwise. Settings for Proxy All can be modified in the same way that PAC mode can.

  • OpenVPN Mode 

It’s more secure than Shadowsocks, but it’s also weaker. You might want to consider this option or Wireguard if you have serious privacy concerns.

  • Global VPN 

Not all of the contexts are made explicit. Once you choose Global VPN, it’s obvious that all traffic travels through the VPN and it’s hard to pick and choose which sites go through the proxy. There is no information about the encryption protocol used in this setting in the PandaVPN instructions.

  • Wireguard 

It’s a cutting-edge strategy that’s quickly gaining adherents. The degree of security Wireguard gives is comparable to that of OpenVPN, and can also be considered to be higher than that. If you prioritize anonymity and a smooth way of using a VPN, then it can be a premium option.

Does PandaVPN Have a Kill Switch in New Zealand?

No, PandaVPN lacks a kill switch in New Zealand, which can be considered one of the major flaws in its security policy. We tried to use that option on its app on various platforms but we were unable to find it, despite them claiming they have it.

Many VPN services include a kill switch function, which disables your network connection in the event that the VPN connection drops. If your device ever loses contact with the VPN server, this will help keep your info secure. This will ensure that your information never comes in contact with threats even during mistakes and unstable connectivity.

Privacy – Is PandaVPN Private in New Zealand?

Yes. According to their privacy policy in New Zealand, PandaVPN chooses to not maintain records of your activity or personal details. This no-logging policy can be one of the reasons you can choose to trust the VPN as it means that the service wouldn’t retain your information.

You aren’t even required to use your personal email address while registering, which can be a direct indicator that they don’t employ logging of your important data.

In order to sign up, PandaVPN provides a random series of numbers that act like your identity. This random number generator is fantastic for protecting your anonymity and helped allay some of my fears regarding the VPN’s Russian and China server locations.

Speed and Performance – Is PandaVPN fast?

Yes! Despite other failures to comply with certain privacy protocols, PandaVPN still has one of the best connectivity speeds in the market. We conducted some speed tests that really surprised us, and what shocked us more was the limitless bandwidth it provides its users with for uninterrupted streaming in New Zealand.

According to the speed test, with a 1 ms jitter rate, we recorded 63.3 Mbps for download and 94.7 Mbps for upload. This staggering speed is coupled with a Smart Location System which helps you connect by choosing the best available server.


We found PandaVPN server speeds impressive.

We can conclude that PandaVPN is indeed extremely fast and gives uninterrupted loading speed. This makes it among the fastest VPNs in New Zealand in the industry.

Can PandaVPN Provide the Right Speed for Gaming in New Zealand?

No. Firstly, PandaVPN is not compatible with consoles and gaming devices in New Zealand, as there’s no application for them. While the lightning-fast streaming speed can ensure that one can boot their games through PandaVPN in New Zealand, it’ll be rather difficult for gamers to boot their games. This is due to the fact that the connection is somewhat unstable. This can be the deciding factor for gamers in New Zealand who want ultra-high speeds at all times.

Streaming – Unblock Streaming Platforms in New Zealand?

VPNs are widely used for helping people access streaming websites in New Zealand that are otherwise unavailable in their region or unlock content libraries from other countries. Thus, it is essential that a good VPN is able to unblock these sites in New Zealand.


However, we found it very difficult to do so through PandaVPN in New Zealand. Although it has fast streaming speed, it is of no use if all the important websites can’t be accessed directly or have connectivity problems.

From Hulu to Netflix in New Zealand, it was almost impossible to access such sites through the free trial service in New Zealand. This could mean that you don’t even know what you’re getting without paying for the service first.

That itself also seems far-fetched considering there is only a 7-day money-back guarantee on a premium subscription too. Subsequently, through a premium account, PandaVPN was shown to unblock streaming services in New Zealand and also make them work.

If you’re looking to find a VPN for streaming in New Zealand only, then PandaVPN can be considered a good resource do so.

Does PandaVPN Work with Netflix in New Zealand?

Well, not always! Unblocking geo-restricted material is a common use case for VPNs, and Netflix is among the most widely-used tools for doing so. Accessing Netflix from the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the globe may result in a distinct selection of movies and television programs that aren’t available everywhere.

From Sydney, Australia, we attempted to log into Netflix. It did not function as planned. Since our Internet address originated in that country, we were presented with the Netflix selections available in Japan. When attempting to access the Australian library via PandaVPN in New Zealand, we were unsuccessful.


PandaVPN didn’t help us unblock Netflix in New Zealand.

To determine if any of the PandaVPN servers could circumvent Netflix’s geo-restriction, we used them in a series of tests. The initial connection attempt was made from Canada. Certain servers worked just fine like the Montreal one, but there were some of them that we couldn’t get access to.

Overall, the experience was a hit or a miss. With a paid premium subscription, PandaVPN can be the reason to unblock a lot of streaming content in New Zealand, but not every server would work easily. If you like to stream Netflix casually, this might be the best Netflix VPN in New Zealand for you. Otherwise, it can get a bit tricky.

Torrent – Is PandaVPN Good for Torrenting in New Zealand?

Yes, you can choose from a selection of specialized servers at PandaVPN in New Zealand, each of which has been optimized for Torrent downloads. Only a few are available, but they all boast fast download and upload rates.

Even if you’re only downloading legally available material, it’s still smart to protect your online activity with a VPN before downloading anything via torrent in New Zealand. ISPs frequently presume that the ones torrenting are trespassing on copyrights, so even if you only torrent lawful material, you may still be charged with copyright violation.

Putting PandaVPN to the test, we got a big video via pirate and were happily pleased by how quickly it finished. This demonstrates that, when it comes to best torrenting VPNs in New Zealand, PandaVPN is unrivaled.

Device Compatibility — Which Devices Work with PandaVPN in New Zealand?

PandaVPN is known to work with all mainstream devices and platforms in New Zealand like iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. However, it doesn’t support gaming consoles like PlayStation, Roku, FireStick, and others.


This makes the VPN solely for streaming purposes or for web surfing sessions where you intend on using it on your AndroidTV or iPhone in New Zealand. With the blazing fast speeds, it was expected that PandaVPN would at least work with games as that’s what more gamers require, but unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case.

However, it does have one gamer proxy server in Japan to access Japanese gaming sites and servers. This gives us hope that maybe they will increase the kind of devices that are compatible in the near future.

Installation of Apps and Ease of Use

Installation is a rather easy process for PandaVPN on every OS in New Zealand; you can download it from the website and follow the given commands to further install and set it up. PandaVPN has a very simple user interface that can be straightforward except for a couple of instances where it requires you to manually put in the location.

Next, enter your account number that was created earlier and click the link icon to begin using Smart Mode while you browse. First-time users must go through the full registration procedure.

It took us some time to locate the server we needed among the many links available. Although a search box is available to help you find specific results, users really shouldn’t have to use it. The VPN’s Smart Connect and Auto Connect functions, however, make the overall experience a pleasant one.

PandaVPN Bypass Censorship

With its large server count and a substantial number of protocols that help in providing fool-proof anonymity, PandaVPN has been able to bypass censorship quite easily.

Does PandaVPN Work in China?

Yes, it has been reported that PandaVPN is functional within China. The business provides a smart proxy service that bypasses censorship restrictions in Mainland China. This method was built to serve both smartphone and PC users, though the latter has fewer customization choices.

This is one of the surprising features, as using a proxy or VPN to reach sites outside of China is extremely difficult due to China’s stringent censorship policies. The stringent steps taken to prevent entry to banned websites or material are to blame for this.

By contrast, PandaVPN makes hiding your online identity and evading restrictions a breeze by letting you alter your IP address.

In mainland China, the mobile client’s Smart Mode allows users to avoid the Network and China-specific webpages. The LAN censors of other nations can also be avoided using this method. On Chinese websites, you can also choose not to use a VPN or local area network.

PandaVPN Review in New Zealand Customer Support

If there is one thing that disappointed us the most, it was the lack of customer support which is the most important. Despite them providing a round-the-clock live chat feature and an email centered around receiving queries and complaints, none of them seemed to work.


You can refer to PandaVPN’s FAQ section for resolving your queries.

This poses a question on the credibility of the connection service as it’s supposed to ensure that even the least tech-savvy people are able to use it through prompt response on their customer support line. These lines are also used in case you face slow connectivity or choose to cancel your subscription, and such issues need to be dealt with on the spot.

Alternatives to PandaVPN in New Zealand

There are a number of alternatives that you can use instead of PandaVPN in New Zealand as they provide the best connection at better rates. They also have better encryption protocols that ensure your online session is completely secure.

FAQs – PandaVPN Review in New Zealand

Overall, yes, PandaVPN is safe to use in New Zealand with a number of encryption protocols in place and AES 256-bit encryption. However, it lacks a kill switch and certain more protocols that would’ve made it foolproof.

PandaVPN is owned and operated by Panda Security which is an IT Solutions company. This is one of the reasons we can trust the legitimacy of the service provided.

Yes, PandaVPN is able to stream Netflix in New Zealand. With certain hiccups along the way in regards to some servers not working, PandaVPN can still access Netflix from various locations and stream it at high speed.

Do we Recommend PandaVPN in New Zealand?

Overall, we do recommend using PandaVPN in New Zealand for streaming and non-risky activities that don’t require rigid anonymity. Other than that, we choose not to rate it highly for other activities where you fully rely on the VPN network.

Though it has a few low-priced plans and easy-to-navigate applications, it cannot compete with the dependability of other VPNs in New Zealand for the same or lower cost. And on top of that, there are a plethora of servers located in various parts of the world to ensure easy navigation and streamlined access.

Accordion to our PandaVPN Review in New Zealand, it is not recommended if you need to avoid being traced online while in a country with repressive restrictions or while engaging in extremely covert activities. Certain nations have very strict anti-privacy policies, and this, combined with the absence of a disable button, can have serious repercussions for you.