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Torrenting without a VPN is a risky business in New Zealand. In fact, it’s banned in many countries. If your ISP suspects you of torrenting, it can throttle your internet connection or even send you DMCA notices. Let’s not forget that if you end up downloading a copyrighted file, you might get into trouble, so we recommend the NordVPN torrent in New Zealand before use.

NordVPN is one of the best VPN services in New Zealand, all thanks to its extensive server network, specialty servers, and security features. Moreover, the VPN ensures that it doesn’t collect or share users’ data. The best thing about NordVPN is that it openly supports P2P file-sharing, combined with leak protection and other features.

In today’s article, we will analyze NordVPN’s P2P capabilities to assess whether it’s a good choice for torrenting or not. Moreover, we’ll get you through multiple ways you can torrent using this VPN in New Zealand. So, let’s get into the guide!

NordVPN torrent in New Zealand- Does NordVPN Work with Torrenting in New Zealand?

Yes, NordVPN works with torrenting in New Zealand because it offers more than 5500+ secure servers and excellent P2P support. Even though many VPNs allow P2P activity, nobody claims to support file-sharing openly. Then comes a few daring VPN services with servers specifically created to support P2P traffic. Even though NordVPN is not the only service that allows torrenting, it’s the most deserving option of all.

NordVPN fits perfectly into the type of VPN provider in New Zealand that dedicates time and effort to enhance its user’s torrenting experience. Moreover, it is compatible with almost all popular torrenting clients, such as uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitLord, qBittorrent, Vuze, and Deluge.

Furthermore, we’ll go over why NordVPN is a good choice for torrenting and other P2P file sharing in more depth below based on its server speeds, server selections, and logging & privacy rules.

Why You Should Use NordVPN for Torrenting in New Zealand?

You should opt for the NordVPN torrenting combo in New Zealand because it offers dedicated servers for P2P file-sharing that equip a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, and DNS leak protection. Since it’s also compatible with all popular torrent clients, it’s pretty easy to start torrenting quickly and securely in New Zealand.

Although torrenting is legal, many Internet Service Providers throttle torrenting traffic because of the risks involved with copyright infringement. As your real IP address will be visible to all the users or peers connected with that file, multiple security risks are involved.

If you use NordVPN with torrent clients in New Zealand, then you can easily conceal your IP address, bypass the snooping of your ISP, and allow fast torrenting speeds. Check out our DNS leak test guide with testing tools.

Now, what makes NordVPN good for torrenting in New Zealand, and why should you use it over other VPNs?

Well, simply because NordVPN comes with the following features:

1. SOCKS5 proxy:

NordVPN offers support for the SOCKS5 proxy, but only on limited servers. You can easily request them from NordVPN’s customer support team. Once you’re done, you can use this NordVPN torrent proxy on clients like BitTorrent, qBittorrent, and uTorrent.

We highly recommend using SOCKS5 if you’re worried about your ISP/authorities bypassing your VPN-offered IP address and enjoying faster P2P downloads.

2. P2P servers:

NordVPN’s dedicated P2P servers are available in multiple countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom. All these NordVPN torrent servers allow seeding on torrent clients for the best experience in New Zealand.

3. Internet Kill Switch:

NordVPN’s kill switch in New Zealand is super helpful when torrenting. It guarantees zero IP leaks in case the VPN goes offline. We tested it and found it to prevent our IP from leaking within seconds.

4. DNS Leak Protection:

Another reason to use NordVPN for torrenting in New Zealand is its DNS leak protection feature. It uses its own DNS servers and prevents even your ISP from snooping on the DNS requests travelling through your network.

5. Auto-Connect Option:

One thing most torrenters often forget is enabling the VPN connection before torrenting. What makes NordVPN special for torrenting is its Auto-Connect feature which automatically connects you to a secure server whenever you launch the VPN app or even whenever you power on your computer. This way, you’ll never accidentally download any torrents without enabling your VPN connection.

6. Legit Logging Policy:

Another concrete reason to use NordVPN for torrenting is that it does not keep logs of any user activities. You can torrent anonymously while keeping your ISP in the dark. NordVPN’s logs policy has even been independently audited and found to be completely legit.

7. Encryption and Protocol for torrenting:

Last but not least, if your connection is not encrypted, torrenting anything will expose you to your ISP. Fortunately, NordVPN offers an AES-256-CBC encryption cipher and a 2048-bit strength SSL key for rock-solid privacy. This makes P2P file sharing a completely secure experience with NordVPN.

Although we always recommend the NordVPN torrent in New Zealand combo, we can not ignore that many users cannot afford premium VPN providers. Therefore, we have also compiled a list of the best free VPNs for torrenting in New Zealand that is perfectly secure and anonymous.

How To Do Safe Torrenting with NordVPN in New Zealand?

Follow the steps below to torrent safely with NordVPN in New Zealand:

1. Subscribe to NordVPN and create your Nord account (NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test the service for a month before you commit to a long-term plan).

nordvpn-subscription-plan (2)

2. Activate your account through your email and download its app on your device.


3. Launch the app, sign in with your credentials, and select a server from its P2P section.


With NordVPN in New Zealand, you can easily torrent without any snooping or internet throttling by your ISP.

Moreover, we highly recommend you turn on NordVPN’s kill switch while torrenting in New Zealand. The purpose of this feature is to shut off your internet connection completely in case the VPN disconnects for any reason. This will prevent your real IP address from getting leaked online.

To turn on the internet kill switch, go to the settings section of the application, navigate to the “Kill Switch” tab and turn it on.

nordvpn-kill-switch (1)

This feature kept us safe from ISP snooping while we downloaded torrent files in New Zealand.

If you want to apply the kill switch to a specific app, such as your torrent client, then NordVPN has an “App Kill Switch” feature as well. Select “App Kill Switch” in the settings menu, then choose your torrent client (qBittorrent, uTorrent, Azureus Vuze, etc.).

Moreover, NordVPN offers features like AES-256 encryption, DoubleVPN, and Onion Over VPN, further enhancing your online privacy from all sorts of threats lurking around. So, if you are located in a country with strict laws and want to perform torrenting with a VPN in New Zealand, you should definitely go for NordVPN.

How do Torrent with NordVPN’s P2P Servers?

You can use NordVPN’s P2P servers to torrent activities in New Zealand. Follow the steps below for it:

1. Download and install the desktop app of NordVPN in New Zealand.

2. Launch the VPN and sign in using your credentials.

3. From the left-hand navigation, click on P2P to connect to the best-optimized server.


4. Click on the three dots for a specific server and choose a country for your P2P activity.


5. Enjoy torrenting in New Zealand once you’re connected to that NordVPN server.

How to Torrent with NordVPN’s SOCKS5 Proxy in New Zealand?

Use our guide below to torrent with this VPN’s SOCKS5 proxy on multiple torrent clients in New Zealand:

SOCKS5 on uTorrent, BitTorrent and qBittorrent

1. Open uTorrent, qBittorrent, and Bittorrent once you subscribe to your NordVPN account.

2. Go to Preferences > Options.


3. Then, visit Connections, and from the dropdown menu labeled as ‘Type,’ select SOCKS5.


4. In the proxy field, insert one of the addresses.


5. In the port field, enter “1080″ and tick all the boxes present (Checkmark only Authentication and Use Proxy for peer connections if you’re using qBittorrent); insert your username and password > click OK.


6. The NordVPN torrent in New Zealand setup is now done.

Are NordVPN’s P2P Servers better than SOCKS5?

Well, the VPN’s P2P servers are a better option in terms of security since SOCKS5 does not encrypt your internet traffic. However, you can use the SOCKS5 proxy with NordVPN for torrenting in New Zealand, which will be faster than the VPN encrypted tunnel. You can also combine SOCKS5 and your VPN using your torrent client to make the most of it.

How to test NordVPN for Torrenting in New Zealand

Before trying out NordVPN for torrenting in New Zealand, you must double-check a few things. Verify the server’s speed, data security, and privacy protections.

We tested NordVPN on various factors that are much needed for torrenting in New Zealand. These include security, speed, logging, servers, and more. However, the two significant ones were speed and security:

1- How to test NordVPN’s torrenting speeds in New Zealand

There are two methods to test the NordVPN torrenting speed in New Zealand. The first one is to connect to NordVPN’s dedicated P2P server and then visit for a detailed speed analysis. Not every VPN reduces your speeds due to long-distance servers or encryption. Therefore, checking your speeds with NordVPN and your regular connection is important.

Let’s check if NordVPN offers slow torrent speed or not using the comparison table displaying speeds with and without VPN:

Without VPNWith VPN

As you can see, the speed drop was pretty low after we connected to NordVPN’s P2P server. The next thing you need to do is to test the download speeds while torrenting. For this, you can use any file and torrent client. When downloading torrents with NordVPN using uTorrent, we got an average download speed of 8.5 mB/s and an upload speed of 7.5 mB/s. It took us around 2 hours to download a 2 GB file with these speed rates.


Looking at these speeds, you can call NordVPN one of the fastest options for torrenting in New Zealand.

NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs in New Zealand out there, as per our latest NordVPN speed test in New Zealand demonstrated. Please note that you can also torrent using NordVPN’s standard servers, but the P2P ones would always offer faster speeds and would be a better option for torrenting in New Zealand.

2. How to test NordVPN torrenting security in New Zealand

An effective way to test NordVPN torrenting security in New Zealand is to run a DNS leak test both before and after connecting to the intended VPN server. The two tests should ideally each provide results from different servers with unique IP addresses.

NordVPN offers the best DNS leak protection, ensuring that your IP is not leaked to anyone while torrenting. We tested this feature by connecting to an Australian server, and you can see in the image below that NordVPN did not leak our actual IP address:


This ensures that the VPN keeps users secure at all times.

These results show that your VPN is not exposing your IP address via DNS. We further tried torrenting with NordVPN, which used our VPN IP as it was supposed to. You can see in the image below that NordVPN’s Netherlands server is being used for torrenting instead of our actual one:


You can see our VPN-offered Netherlands IP among the torrent peers.

Moreover, NordVPN other super-efficient security features include NordVPN’s CyberSec, which is quite famous for blocking malware attacks from pop-up ads on torrent websites. We enabled NordVPN’s CyberSec, and it literally blocked all the pop-up ads on a website. Just check out the image below for this:


How to Choose NordVPN’s Best Server for Torrenting in New Zealand?

NordVPN offers 5500+ P2P-enabled servers in its vast network. It can be cumbersome, if not difficult, to choose the most optimized P2P servers based on your location with so many available choices. However, NordVPN is all about convenience and has thought this issue through.

If you head over to NordVPN’s website, you will find a specific tool that suggests to users the best server according to their location and purpose. The tool has a separate section just for torrenting that recommends the best P2P-optimized server to users. This is clearly something that is lacking from many other top VPN providers out there.

Here’s how you can find a P2P-optimized server on NordVPN’s app:

In the “Country” selection tool, you can specify your desired location, and the NordVPN application will connect you with the most optimized server in that country for torrenting.

nordvpn-p2p-servers (1)


In the “Server” selection tool, you can pinpoint the exact server you wish to connect to for torrenting.

Is NordVPN BitTorrent not working in New Zealand? Go to NordVPN settings > Connections > VPN protocols. There you will choose the Nordlynx protocol. You can also check an easy guide on its official page. If the issue persists, go through our comprehensive NordVPN not working in New Zealand guide.

What are the Best NordVPN Settings for Torrenting in New Zealand?

The best settings that offer the fastest speeds and ensure high speeds and security are for downloading torrents with NordVPN in New Zealand. Follow the tips below to get started:

  1. Connect to NordVPN’s recommended torrent server. You’ll find these servers worldwide while encrypting your traffic and offering a speedy connection. Open your NordVPN app, and under the Specialty tab, choose a dedicated P2P server according to your location.
  2. Connect to the OpenVPN or Nordlynx protocol of NordVPN. These servers are more secure than L2TP/IPSec and PPTP, making them the ideal choice for torrenting activities that require a high level of privacy.
  3. Ensure using a kill switch with the NordVPN torrent in New Zealand combo.

FAQs – NordVPN Torrent in New Zealand

Yes, NordVPN allows torrenting in New Zealand. It offers p2p-optimized servers and strong security features to support torrenting activities. It uses obfuscation technology that camouflages your VPN activities, inhibiting torrent sites and ISPs from identifying/analyzing your VPN traffic.

NordVPN has apps available for all major devices in New Zealand, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, these operating systems support well-known torrent applications like uTorrent and BitTorrent as well.

Yes, you can use NordVPN with uTorrent and BitTorrent software in New Zealand. NordVPN BitTorrent provides a specifically configured server to make your torrenting experience easy and enjoyable. However, t ensure a smooth torrenting experience, we recommend using a full-fledged NordVPN app, as its browser extension will only encrypt browser-related traffic.

Yes, NordVPN is definitely enough and a safe option for torrenting in New Zealand. It offers dedicated servers for P2P file-sharing that equip a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, and DNS/IP leak protection.

NordVPN is compatible with multiple torrent clients in New Zealand. However, uTorrent and BitTorrent software are the ideal choices for this VPN. Using torrent software that takes advantage of quick SOCKS5 proxy servers is not difficult. Additionally, you can use NordVPN’s website-based setup instructions for the torrent client.

Every NordVPN server supports torrenting in New Zealand. However, there is NordVPN’s specialist P2P servers are optimized for torrenting and better prepared to manage big data transfers. As a result, you’ll probably see greater speeds for significantly quicker file downloading.

Yes, NordVPN is safe for torrenting in New Zealand. It offers dedicated servers for P2P file-sharing that offer a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and AES 256-bit encryption.

Yes, anyone can be caught torrenting in New Zealand, even if they use a VPN. However, this is extremely rare because VPNs disguise IP addresses and web traffic. But if the VPN you’re using doesn’t include a kill switch, you can get caught.

No, NordVPN does not restrict bandwidth or speeds on its P2P servers. In fact, it is possible to download files quickly with NordVPN during file downloading in New Zealand.

uTorrent and BitTorrent as two of the best torrent clients that work great with NordVPN in New Zealand. Therefore, it should not be challenging to set up NordVPN for torrenting clients that utilize the SOCKS5 proxy servers.

Wrapping Up!

So, to answer your question, is NordVPN good for torrenting in New Zealand? Then let us tell you, NordVPN is a great option for P2P file sharing. This VPN offers a massive server network, fantastic speeds, effective P2P-optimized servers, and a reasonable price.

NordVPN offers a wide range of privacy-boosting features, including obfuscated servers, Nordlynx, AES 256-bit encryption, and more that can protect you while torrenting in New Zealand and save you from unsavoury possibilities that include receiving legal notices for copyright infringement and other privacy breaches. 

It further offers advanced torrenting features in New Zealand, including port forwarding and SOCKS5, to users, dedicated P2P servers, and blazing-fast speeds. For further information about this VPN, check out our updated NordVPN review NZ.

We hope you liked our NordVPN torrent in New Zealand guide. Enjoy torrenting safely!